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  • Pickpockets
    by atomati

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    Magasin pick-pockets

    by Sjalen Written Oct 13, 2005

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    Magasin (du Nord) being one of the main department stores and right in the most touristy area, it is a great place for pick-pockets and they will not lose an opportunity to sneak up on anyone nicely dressed and tourist looking. This also spreads to the Kongens Nytorv square just outside. Other obvious areas to be careful with your belongings are pedestrian Strøget and the Central station.

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    Pocket thieves

    by Christina1881 Updated Jan 18, 2004

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    Actually I dont like writing this warning, since I basically find Copenhagen a safe place to be, but:
    Anywhere you go in Copenhagen - to a bar or a disco, the cinema, what ever! - dont ever leave your bag nor your coat or any other object behind.
    Many restaurants and cafees have problems with pocket thieves...

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  • Tivoli Pickpockets

    by mattalthor Written Jan 7, 2007

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    I spent maybe an hour here. Somebody tried to go through my friends backpack. Somebody picked the lock on my backpack. We were both wearing these at the time so the pickpockets mustve be good! Nothing was stolen but it couldve been! SO be very wary

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  • Copenhagen: A pickpocket spot

    by mimi147 Written May 28, 2003

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    Watch out for pickpockets in Studenterhuset on Kobmagergade: fast, semi-professional and count on students trusting each other and not paying attention to keeping an eye on their belongings. Take the warnings on the wall seriously!

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  • picketpocets in copenhagen

    by marcellopadovani Written Sep 5, 2012

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    Hello, after few days in Copenhagen enjoying my time with my family I've been robbed at the main railway station in my way back home. They first observed me whiles I was purchasing the tickets then they followed me to the train to rob my debit card with other items.
    I suspect that the ATM was, at least temporarily altered to read my PIN number so later they can use it.
    In less than 25 minutes, the time to get in touch with my bank in order to block the cards the thieves succeeded to make various operations with my debit card.
    My advise is to be very careful whiles using the debit card and to be accompanied by someone whiles doing the transaction and never answer anybody that you don't know in order not to be distrupted.You must also have the international tel number of your bank in order to block the card asap.

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    Be very careful of pickpockets in Copenhagen

    by hi5jnho Written Mar 5, 2008

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    Roving gangs of Romanian / gypsy pickpockets are prevalent in Copenhagen city centre, as well as other major European capitals such as Oslo, Paris, Amsterdam etc. Keep a very close eye on your purse or wallet at Copenhagen Central Station and other places that are frequented by tourists, especially on the "Stroget" pedestrian street. Copenhagen police warn that thieves blend in to crowds and strike surreptitiously when tourists are distracted looking at attractions, street performers etc. In 2007, the police reported a huge upsurge in such robberies and are powerless to stop them.

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  • Pickpockets

    by atomati Updated Dec 2, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As a victim let me post my experience.
    Mc Donalds, in front of Tivoli main entrance. My jacket was hanging on the back of the chair.
    When we set down, no-one was around us, but after a while two guys set down just behind me.
    I felt something vibrating in my back, I thougth, that my phone was ringing. I checked this two times, but there was no call or sms.
    After five minutes, when we finished, i saw , that my chewing gum is on the floor. This was the moment, when I realized, that the vibration i felt was my zip....
    (of course, the two guys went away before this. - as a comment, they don't looks tipical Danish).

    Lesson is learned.

    What can you do to eliminate?
    Hold as less thing as possible with you. Passport, creditcard, that's it. You should put it to your trousers, in the rear pocket (the main point is to place them in direct with your body). If you sit down somewhere to eat, drink etc. try to find some typical Danish looking people. Check, memorize if somebody set close to you, you will realize from whom you should beware.

    What to do if you are victim of pickpockets?
    Go to police station ~ 1km (see attached picture)
    They will make a report, including the estimated lost. With that you can go to insurance company.
    Very important to have Helpdesk number of your banks in your phone. Immediately deny all transaction. If your phone is went ... you can do it in the police station.

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  • Aug 20, 2013 at 2:09 PM

    I have been in Amsterdam, Oslo, Paris, NY and I've never fell so insecure like in copenhagen. This is my first day here and twice someone tried to robbed me. First, three guys who try to block me the way, just one block from central station. Later a guy who was folow me, close to Nyhavn.

    They like don't look like native. They always start by saying "Hey, do you spek english?" I'm sure they are not working alone, they are part of a gang, or a mob. Police need to make something, 'cause they are scaring tourist.

    • Aug 26, 2013 at 8:42 AM

      I´m sorry to hear about your experiences, I think that experiencing such two situations on the same day is somewhat uncommon, but I hope that you have spent some happier time afterwards in the city.

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