Copenhagen Warnings and Dangers

  • Public transport & tickets
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  • From the Bus Window , going the wrong way!
    From the Bus Window , going the wrong...
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    Cyclist on path
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Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Copenhagen

  • 1. Pickpockets

    Hello, after few days in Copenhagen enjoying my time with my family I've been robbed at the main railway station in my way back home. They first observed me whiles I was purchasing the tickets then...

  • 2. Cyclists & bicycle paths

    Many residents of Copenhagen have chosen the bicycle as their preferred mode of transport. The city has a significant network of cycle paths and most roads have a cycle lane. This can be challenging...

  • 3. Public transport & tickets

    Fisketorvet mall runs a sophisticated parking scam, legal unfortunately, and directed at foreign visitors and expats. Its free parking comes with a tiny disclaimer, in Danish only of course, to use...

  • 4. Christiania

    Christiana is well worth a visit, though perhaps not so much if you are a voyeur type of tourist. The community is pretty off-beat and generally laid-back and sitting having a beer and passing the...

  • 5. Costs & expenses

    Copenhagen is expensive, at least for some things a tourist do/need: accommodation, eating out, drinks. In addition, if you pay by credit card, in most places they will charge you a percentage (as far...

  • 6. Friendliest country, not so friendly after all.

    I don't know who named Denmark the world's "Friendliest and Happiest Country". The people here are extremely rude. They never smile, and they always looked...

  • 7. Mind your step!

    With many building entrances set lower than street level, you will encounter many steps immediately adjacent to pavements in Copenhagen.A night out with...

  • 8. Make Sure You Lock Your Bicycle!!

    Danes are in general a law-abiding race but for some reason they seem to have a thing about nicking bicycles. Maybe its just a "hygge" thing - after a few beers...

  • 9. Safe, very safe.

    I'd had a few Danish friends try to convince me that Copenhagen was at least a little bit dangerous, but after spending a week in the city I am convinced they...

  • 10. Child Friendly Copenhagen

    I'd read that Copenhagen was the most child friendly city on the planet. That may be true for older children, but for infants I'll take issue with that. First...

  • 11. Pedestrian crossings

    Always cross the road at pedestrian crossings and always wait for the little green man to turn green,do not cross when red as 1.there is likely to be traffic...

  • 12. Counting down the seconds

    Photos:1. Counting down the seconds at a red walk light2. Counting them down at a green walk lightForty-eight seconds can seem like an eternity if you are a...

  • 13. Strøget - game scams...

    When you are walking down the pedestrian shopping street, Strøget, you’ll quite often see people playing card games where you’re suppose to guess where the...

  • 14. Sourbugger makes a scene at the airport

    Copenhagen Airport, like so many institutions in the western world has been overrun by the dreaded inspectors of the Health and Safety mob.On a recent flight...

  • 15. How to make an idiot of yourself

    The little mermaid is Copenhagen's world recognised symbol. The little statue sits demurely on a rock just to the north of the city centre area.Even in the...

  • 16. Street Gambling

    Hi GuysI hope that you to be professional are not going to make a childish mistake which I made and not get excited when you see a Street Gambling and lose all...

  • 17. Never 2 Careful

    Copenhagen is in general peaceful city but like in most big cities you should hide expensive cameras phones and if you are driving take you GPS out of the car...

  • 18. Homestay/Bed and Breakdast

    In Denmark, one can stay in a Dane's residential home (e.g. I thought this was a good idea, since it was quite cheap. So I booked a place...

  • 19. Wheel chair users

    Please be aware that unless you have a helper it may be difficult for you to make use of the buses in Copenhagen. I note this through a friends experience. It...

  • 20. Second hand smoke, anyone?

    Copenhagen is a "late adopter" when it comes to banning smoking in public places. For example, smoking is allowed in many areas of the Copenhagen Airport. There...

  • 21. nyhaven canal

    nyhaven is a beautiful place to have lunch or enjoy a beer or two, however be aware of the street musicians. they are not there to entertain you but to distract...

  • 22. In Winter Look Up

    Narrow streets and tall buildings were a major hazard for me in Budapest, but that was during the early summer. Here in Copenhagen, in the winter, this...

  • 23. Street shows

    Eastern European gangs put on a show in Strøget where they let the audience guess where the silver ball is under a mug or something. It can cost you 500 DKK if...

  • 24. The Lord of the Ring...1 !!

    Friday night,I was coming back to my hotel when in front of me I saw appear a whole band of drunk not-local guys(politically correct,you know..).."now something...

  • 25. A big city is alway a big city,so... yourself when you hang around!Nothing to worry about,obviously.We are always in the way,expecially in certain area of Copenhagen is...

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