Denmark Warnings and Dangers

  • Public transport & tickets
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  • Ove going to Little Mermaid - he did not fall :)
    Ove going to Little Mermaid - he did not...
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Denmark Warnings and Dangers

  • Pickpockets

    Copenhagen Warnings and Dangers

    Hello, after few days in Copenhagen enjoying my time with my family I've been robbed at the main railway station in my way back home. They first observed me whiles I was purchasing the tickets then they followed me to the train to rob my debit card with other items. I suspect that the ATM was, at least temporarily altered to read my PIN number so...

  • Cyclists & bicycle paths

    Copenhagen Warnings and Dangers

    Many residents of Copenhagen have chosen the bicycle as their preferred mode of transport. The city has a significant network of cycle paths and most roads have a cycle lane. This can be challenging for pedestrians who do not look carefully when crossing the road as these silent modes of transport are easily missed and before you know it, one is...

  • Public transport & tickets

    Copenhagen Warnings and Dangers

    Fisketorvet mall runs a sophisticated parking scam, legal unfortunately, and directed at foreign visitors and expats. Its free parking comes with a tiny disclaimer, in Danish only of course, to use your parking disc. Overzealous parking attendants will them rake in the cash. This mall is best avoided - other malls like Waterfront and Fields do not...

  • Christiania

    Copenhagen Warnings and Dangers

    Christiana is well worth a visit, though perhaps not so much if you are a voyeur type of tourist. The community is pretty off-beat and generally laid-back and sitting having a beer and passing the time of day (or whatever) with the locals made for a pleasant afternoon. One thing they are not laid-back about however is photographs. I had no sooner...

  • Watch out for bicycles!

    In Copenhagen there´s a lot of bicycles and they drive like mad :-)Beware of the biketrail you have to pass when you go from the the sidewalk out into the road.

  • Remember the "Pant"

    If you go to a store be prepared that you will not pay the exact amount that you could calculate of the price tags (like I do - because I'm usually on a budget). This is because Denmark has a deposit system for plastic and glass bottles, as well as aluminium cans. So each time you buy a drink (beer,soda,water,wine, etc) you will be charged a...

  • Smoking

    As in many European countries there is a smoking ban law that took effect in 2007. That means that smoking is prohibited in public buildings that covers: restaurants, shops, schools, amusement parks, bars and public transport. Have that in mind as the fines are pretty high.


    Aquavit = Water of life. Maybe not exactly true, it is a apertif of Danish extraction. The best versions are called 'linieaquavit' meaning that the aquavit has fermented in the hull of a ship long enough to get to the equator and back. Hell, if it was good enough for Madiera, it should sure as heck work for aquavit? Aquavit is distilled from...

  • Driving in Denmark: Fines and Tickets

    As I mentioned before fines and tickets are very high, not only in Denmark but in whole Scandinavia. These are the consequences of breaking traffic regulations in Denmark:Most of all who need to know that traffic fines are calculated according to the net income of the one who committed the offence. Speeding tickets depend on how much you exceeded...

  • Driving in Denmark

    If you decide to drive in Denmark have all the restrictions in mind - as fines and ticketts tend to be very high!The limits are:Motorway - 110 km/h (some signed stretches130 km/h)Open Road - 80 km/hTown - 50 km/hAlcohol mg/litre is 0.5 but just don't do it. It's not worth it and if you'd have over 0.05 per cent and you could face anything up to...

  • Dont count on your Credit Card

    International credit cards without pins are not accepted in 99% of the places in Denmark so dont count on them, this is very problematic but there are no other options other than to use your electron cards to withdraw from ATMs. Period!Denmark uses Danish Kroners, not euros. The dollar is stronger than the Kroner rightnow, but it’s been falling so...

  • Smoke allergics beware!

    Denmark is along with Greece, the "old EU 15" country where people smoke the most and you may find yourself annoyed when going to restaurants and cafés. Some people lit up just about anywhere with no consideration to children or others :-( In fact, don't be surprised if you see pregnant women smoking - lots of them do it. The Queen is a heavy...

  • Smoking

    From August, it was prohibited to smoke in most public places, including restaurants, bars, and koncerthalls. So if you are a smoker, be prepared to go outside. As for now, you can still freely smoke om the streets.

  • Be careful at flat beaches

    Be careful at flat beaches : ebb and tide makes a difference in the coastline of 100 meters or more, depending on the place, on the shape of the coast and other situations. Rømø is one of these places and during a vacation with my parents back in 1964 I was able to watch this phenomenon and will remember it forever !My father parked our car close...

  • Gays in Østeds park

    I wouldn't advice single guys to go walk this park at night, there are the Butch gay guys that think you are looking for it (SEX) So if you're straight, only visit in the daytime. They will not mug or rape you, but are a irratating!

  • Who said Vampires do not exist?

    They do and they are Danish! They live in Danish forests and they will drink your blood in seconds . Never enter a Danish forest unless you immerse yourself in Deet and cover every possible exposed area of your body!

  • Drunk People

    I guess this can happen everywhere, use common sense when you come accross these guys around the Main Train Station in Copenhagen, especially during the early morning hours, when everyone is waiting for the doors to open.

  • prizes

    the only thing i can think of is the prizes. People who have been to Denmark often complain about the prizes and even I do sometimes.prize examples: a pint of beer in a cafe in for instance copenhagen or Aarhus: 5ý euroa drink in a bar ( vodka and juice): 5 euroso if you want to go out, do what i do: get together and have a couple of drinks at...

  • Parks at night

    be careful when walking through parks at night, Denmark is a very open city and if you walk through a park at night you may run the risk of being approached my butch gay men. It may sound fun, but it is actually scary when these leather guys come right over to you as you walk home to your hotel. (Orsteds Parken)

  • Cost of living :-(. Denmark...

    Cost of living :-(. Denmark is expensive - no I mean real expensive. I went some 10-12 years ago at least and a Cheeseburger in a ..well shack really - wasn't a smart Mcdonlads type place was UK £ 4 - Euros app 6

  • This caution should be made at...

    This caution should be made at all places...But, when we were shopping at a supermarket in Skagen, the cashier charged extra from my friend. He said that it would be, for ex, 20 DK. She gave him the money but he said there was 5 DK short so she gave him another coin. When we got out of the shop, she asked me if it did cost 20 DK and I heard him say...

  • Going crazy

    Don't buy anything from this guy at the window ;-) HAHAHAHA there were some funny times during the week we spent there!!!

  • Driving in Copenhagen was...

    Driving in Copenhagen was quite a challenge. It did not seem that there were any laws governing driving. Many bikes and they seem to have the right of way over cars and pedestrians. I actually had a man on a bike spit at me while I was waiting for a light to change. I can't imagine what I did to deserve that other than be to close to the curb when...

  • I really can't think of any...

    I really can't think of any dangers - this is a relatively crime free country. I used a supermarket trolley once to carry my bags, I swear it was on the news next day. The only danger to my mind is that it is expensive, very expensive, and your money will fall away from your pocket like leaves in autumn.

  • Try to avoid eating out,...

    Try to avoid eating out, especially McDonald's, it's ridiculously expensive. Also, when I was in Denmark my friends and I could only afford one icecream. We spent two weeks deciding which icecream we each liked to have and just before we went home we treated ourselves to icecream.

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Denmark Warnings and Dangers

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