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  • Off The Beaten Path
    by kylamees
  • A view in the former navy base
    A view in the former navy base
    by WanderingFinn
  • The empty scenery of today's Paldiski
    The empty scenery of today's Paldiski
    by WanderingFinn

Paldiski Things to Do

  • Pakri Windmill Park

    Few km from Paldiski towards the top of Pakri peninsula You can see Windmills. This is our green energy - with middle wind this windmills produce electricity more than paldiski town needs. Towers are 80 meters tall. It´s interesting to walk between them if they are working. Huge shadows of windmill wings run very fast accross the landscape.

  • Sights of the Paldiski

    The Russian navy searched the whole coastline to find a suitable site, and chose Paldiski as the location of its future port facilities. During Soviet times a naval base and training centre for atomic submarine personnel were situated here. (You can still take a look at the training centre, which is called the ‘Pentagon’ by Estonians.)PS! I was...

  • The Pakri Lighthouse in Paldiski

    The Pakri lighthouse (in Paldiski, Estonia) can be seen from far, it is 52 meters high. The present brick tower was built in 1889. It has surely seen a lot...The tower cannot be visited inside. Pakri lighthouse is still working and is an active aid to navigation.

  • The "Pentagon" - the headquarters in...

    This building used to be the headquarters and the main administrative building and training centre of the former Soviet navy and nuclear submarine base in Paldiski, Estonia. The locals (at least Estonians) call it "the Pentagon". Still now it is almost totally surrounded and closed off by barbed wire; the only place where I didn't see any wire was...

  • Former Russian navy and nuclear...

    Paldiski is a small town, also a port, by the Baltic sea in the north-western part of Estonia, only some 50 kms from the capital Tallinn. There are only 4000+ inhabitants in today's Paldiski. Paldiski became a Soviet Union Navy nuclear submarine training centre in the early 1960's. It used to employ as many as 16 000 people, and it was the largest...

  • Follow hiking trail to Pakri peninsula

    There is signed ( blue lines ) hiking trail on the peninsula which takes approx. day to walk and half a day with bicycle.*************************************************************************************************Left to its own devices for more than 30 years, nature was given the opportunity to grow wild in this area and you can find plant...

  • Naval base

    In 1939 Paldiski became the naval base of the Soviet Army with lots of submarines that patrolled the Baltic sea. Can you remember the Soviet submarine which stuck on the Swedish coast during 1980s? The main part of Paldiski was destroyed in World War II and remained therefor a closed town up to the restoration of the Republic of Estonia.

  • The limestone banks

    Take a look at the magnificent limestone banks in Paldiski. The banks are at times as high as more than 100 meters. It's really exciting to climb there and look into all the caves, but be careful not to fall and hurt yourself.

  • Visit Pakri Islands

    Suur-Pakri and Väike-pakri are two unhabitated islands near the Paldiski over the sea. They have great nature hiking paths around the island, long enough to spend a whole day or weekend on it.


Paldiski Restaurants

  • Valge Laev: not my favourite,...

    Valge Laev: not my favourite, but You can't choose very much. Railroad cafe: it's not European style clean and white, but they have friendly waitresses and good service, extremely cheap prizes even for Estona (imagine -- beer was 1 USD! coffee 0,25 USD!).Nice athmosphere, people going in and out, friendly service. They are almost russians but...

  • I had taken a picnic with me...

    I had taken a picnic with me in case I could find nowhere to eat. However, it turned out that the station had quite a nice cafe. I had a Saku beer there. For 0.5 litres it cost only 7 EEK as against 45 EEK for exactly the same thing in my hotel back in Tallinn

  • Paldiski Hotels

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Paldiski Nightlife

  • kylamees's Profile Photo

    It's not very much nightlife...

    by kylamees Updated Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It's not very much nightlife spots in Paldiski, some of them may be dangerous for tourists. Like Viking bar, when a local group og youngsters may terrorize others. Restaorant Valge Laev is peaceful place, sometimes with live music.

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Paldiski Transportation

  • Train

    There is good train connection between Tallinn and Paldiski. Therefor this is perfect daytrip with picnic destination from Tallinn. It takes approx. 1h15min to Paldiski.

  • SuperSeaCat -fast boat

    The fast boat trip from Helsinki to Tallinn takes only 1.5H unless you have your own or rented submarine,lol!

  • Transportation to Pakri Islands

    You must register Yourself in paldiski city office to go to Pakri Islands, then You must find transportation (boat). The best way to discover the beautiful islands is to ask from North Harbor. There are no official transport to islands but You can find a boat and sailor who can take You to island for about some hondreds of Estonian kroons.


Paldiski Local Customs

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    Pakry Bay

    by LysDor Updated Jun 11, 2004

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    Already in the middle ages there were several mooring places on Pakri Bay.

    Then Swedes and later Peter I built up here a fortress and a naval port.

    Before the war Paldiski was a fishing town.

    The end of the Bay is today peaceful and full of birds.

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Paldiski Warnings and Dangers

  • Paldiski - careful w. surroundings and...

    Just a couple of precautions that I think every sensible thinking tourist takes anyhow when going to an unknown new place. But in Paldiski especially it is better to gather some information beforehand. After you know it, you'll be fine like anywhere else. Common sense and cautiousness is enough!1) Be aware of bumpy side roads. The roads might be in...

  • WARNING! Bad roads

    ads are quite bumpy and full of big holes around Pakri bank.Drive very slowly.But the view is worthwhile after some hard time on the roads!

  • There are lots of sharp and...

    There are lots of sharp and nasty things lying around, and if you don't speak Estonian or Russian you will find it hard to explain you've been bitten/cut by something. I could only find two people who spoke any English.


Paldiski Tourist Traps

  • As I sat in the sun having a...

    by risgan Written Aug 26, 2002

    As I sat in the sun having a beer I was joined by quite an elderly man and woman. It became clear that they wanted money.They mentioned(in English, Estonian and Russian) the sum of 5 EEK which I gave them. It wasn't very generous since this is only about 20 p in British money. However, they seemed entirely pleased with this and departed expressing their good wishes.

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Paldiski What to Pack

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    Packing List

    by kylamees Written Aug 25, 2002

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    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Use good strong hiking or climbing boots, not with soft sole.

    Miscellaneous: There may be few places to pay with credit card, so use cash (ATM and currency exchange are available). Roads near Paldiski may be really bad but road to Paldiski is good. Climbing eqipment is necessary if You want to climb on a bank. You can find swimming beaches near Leetse village (clean and usually empty, no houses, no shops around) and Kloogarand (may be not so clean and more crowded than Leetse but have shop and bar near the beach).

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Paldiski Off The Beaten Path

  • The cisternian Padise Monastery

    It is one the oldest architectural monuments in Estonia. The monastery is dating back to the 13th century and was established by Latvian cisternian monks. The monastery had great power - the monks even had a fishing right close to today´s Helsinki area in Finland. The monastery has been destroyed many times during the history but even ruined it is...

  • Sea kayaking

    It´s new in Estonia, but raising popularity sea kayaking. There are shost distances and interesting coastline near pakri peninsula and islands. Kayaking is perfect way to see coast banks very close from seaside.

  • Pakri Banks

    Huge stone monuments near the Pakri Island North bank is must see, but it´s off the paths. See transportation tips how to reach Pakri Islands... if You are on island just walk on marked hiking path to north and You can see all this.


Paldiski Favorites

  • The steep limestone bankof Pakry

    The bank of Pakri Peninsula is 25 meters high. And steep and I mean very steep! I just could not go very near the edge as I'm afraid of heights!!On the high bank there is also Pakri lighthouse. The bank is hollowed out by the sea during storms. The hollows are actually the nests of black guillemots.

  • If you can, try and get into...

    If you can, try and get into the old Soviet base. A friend and I visited the Police station (The only people in the town who we found to speak any French/English) and were very kindly given a map and a stern warning.As for entrance to the base, there was just a guard who we managed to persuade *cough*bribe*cough* to allow us in. (NOTE: I was young...

  • Paldiski is a rather populat...

    Paldiski is a rather populat place among divers because of the fact that a couple of decades ago it was a soviet military base and you can still find a lot of interseting stuff in the bottom of the sea.


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