Olde Hansa, Tallinn

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Vana turg 1, Tallinn, Harjumaa 372 627 9020

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  • Bowl of soup, bread, and flagon of mead
    Bowl of soup, bread, and flagon of mead
    by travelfrosch
  • The entrance
    The entrance
    by travelfrosch
  • Looking deep into the flagon
    Looking deep into the flagon
    by travelfrosch
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    Olde Hansa: Charming Medieval Eatery

    by starship Updated Mar 19, 2014

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I think "Olde Hansa" is one of the most unique restaurants I've had the pleasure of seeing. I could not help but peek inside to see for myself though we did not eat here -- the dishes were a little more rustic and filled with game than I knew I would enjoy. The building it is housed in was originally the home of a wealthy merchant. The twist is, it is still run as if it was the home of a wealthy merchant!! From the medieval character of the building, the medieval costumes of the servers, the types of food served, to the dining customs still used, it seems to be a good experience.

    There is a large outdoor seating area for 100 people right on a little cobblestoned plaza. The inside seats 300 hundred people, but the dark, cozy interior of Old Hansa itself appears much smaller. Servers and bar attendants scurry around as if the "master" himself is waiting to be fed. Just as in times of old, Olde Hansa chefs prepare dishes that would have been served in those days. Dishes change with what is available in any particular season. Game, fish, birds, fruits and sauces, all seasoned with expensive spices as it would have been in the house of a rich merchant!

    Some of the dishes you might choose from are "Wild boar plate favoured by Earl von Uexkyll", "Grand merchant von Hueck's mild game pot," "Frederic's game sausages made from Bear, Wild Boar and Elk, figs and almonds." If you are a little put off by game dishes (as I am), you might try one of the soups, salads, or fish dishes. If nothing else, a stop by to try one of the unique beers, such as dark honey beer, dark strong beer with herbs, or light cinnamon beer; spiced wines or house schnapps might be the ticket for you.

    Sample dishes taken directly from Olde Hansa's menu page: (prices in Kroons)

    "Grand merchant von Hueck’s mild game pot 18,90

    Himalayan lamb dish with warming spices Mountain people style 16,40

    Divine leg of pork with beer syrup 22,70

    The Honourable Cook Frederic's game sausages made from Bear, Wild Boar and Elk, figs and almonds 19,70

    Olde Hansa offers honourable Guests several vegetable dainties as side dishes "

    Favorite Dish: The Olde Hansa offers fantastic "feasts" for groups of 6 or more with guests being seated in the SAXON CHAMBER at long, wooden tables while period music is played by strolling minstrels to further draw you into the medieval frame of mind. Some of the feasts have names such as "Grand Merchant's Feast," "Royal Hunting Feast," "Martin Luther's Feast," and "Christmas in a Wealthy Home." The Christmas Feast would feature dishes such as Hansa house herring, wild boar pie,pickled cucumbers, smoked sauerkraut and ginger turnip, apple and hone under crispy coat with almond milk.

    Olde Hansa is an experience like no other! Reserve your table ahead of your visit as this place is really popular! reserve@oldehansa.ee

    Olde Hansa, a very unique experience!
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  • easterntrekker's Profile Photo

    Old Hansa: Old Hansa

    by easterntrekker Written Jan 7, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    e can't resist trying the touristy (but fun)
    Old Hansa
    Town Hall Square
    This is a wonderful warm , and it is getting chilly out, recreated medieval food.
    We notice right away , how expensive it is , but it's only lunch so we pass on the 48 euro Feast and have a big bowl of soup ...it's really good and cones with warm bread and flavoured soft cheese.

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  • travelfrosch's Profile Photo

    Olde Hansa: Going Medieval

    by travelfrosch Updated May 13, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    An establishment sort of adding to the theme park atmosphere of the Town Hall Square is Olde Hansa, a throwback restaurant with waiters and waitresses wearing throwback outfits serving throwback food and drink options. But no need to throw the food back - it's actually pretty good. The interior feels like a cross between that ubiquitous Medieval Banquet dinner show and Epcot Center. The outdoor seating lets you get your medieval victuals and libations while people watching the people walking around Town Hall Square who are people watching you. If you have the right mindset, it can be an enjoyable time.

    Favorite Dish: For a light lunch, I had a bowl of meat soup and a flagon of mead. It tasted fine, was filling, and didn't break the bank.

    Bowl of soup, bread, and flagon of mead Outdoor seating The entrance Looking deep into the flagon A fine flagon of mead
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  • CatherineReichardt's Profile Photo

    Olde Hansa: The best medieval restaurant I've ever been to!

    by CatherineReichardt Updated Feb 11, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I have had a fair few medieval-themed meals in my time - usually for events such as conference banquets - and although I have usually enjoyed the atmosphere, I can't say that I have ever been particularly impressed by the food.

    But, all that changed at the Olde Hansa, probably Tallinn's best known medieval restaurant. We read excellent reviews of this restaurant on VT and in the guide books, and as the town is quintessentially medieval, decided that that this was not an experience to be missed. And despite the hype, the place managed to more than exceed our expectations on every front.
    The beauty of the Olde Hansa is that although it has a historic theme, it doesn't reduce dining to a 'theme park' experience, and as a result, it doesn't compromise on the standard of food and service: something that is unusual for this sort of attraction.

    The first surprise is the size of the restaurant: it is located in an enormous historic building just off the main square, and has three levels, each of which was jam packed - booking ahead is non negotiable if you want to avoid disappointment. The sheer logistics of keeping a place of that size running smoothly are impressive, and (like the nearby Troika) the service is outstandingly good - staff were well informed and spoke good English, and, best of all, were welcoming, responsive but not overattentive.

    The decor could be described as 'cosy medieval': wooden benches and exposed rafters, leaded windows and lots of candlelight and I was amused to discover that this attention to detail even extended to the period lavatory fixtures (although mercifully concealing modern plumbing!). Medieval troubadours wander around the restaurant, and perform 'star turns' for organised groups, but it's not overly obtrusive, and it's nice to see that they are genuine musicians rather than actors playing a part.

    If you want to continue on this theme then be sure to visit the Olde Hansa shop next door selling good quality medieval-themed goods.

    Favorite Dish: We of us shared the Christmas set menu, which was spectacular but gargantuan - no wonder Hanseatic merchants look so well upholstered in their portraits! This was a good option as we got to try lots of different dishes, but the only problem was that the starters were so enormous that we were already flagging by the time that we reached the main course! We were ravenous when we arrived, but in hindsight, ordering a portion meant for two (rather than three) people would have been ample.

    The menu mainly comprises roast meats, which are served with preserves of local berries. Drinks include mead and several types of beer, as well as cider: the mead is interesting, and well worth a go, although I personally wouldn't want to drink more than a tankard at a time.

    My favourite dish was a roasted knuckle of pork that was flambeed at the table and then left for you to carve hunks off, which was meltingly tender and just fell off the bone. Neptune's Platter (a seafood mixed platter) is apparently also scrumptious. I really enjoyed the blood sausage - the prospect might set more sensitive stomachs aquiver, but here my Irish heritage wins out, and as I have a passion for black pudding, this was familiar gastronomic territory for me!

    It is heartening to know from regulars one of the restaurant's great strengths is the quality and consistency of its cuisine, and perhaps the best recommendation is that even locals frequent what you would expect to be solely a tourist attraction.

    The menu is available on the website so that you can start salivating in anticipation!

    Supper with travelchili at the Olde Hansa Outside the Olde Hansa

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  • Olde Hansa: Avoid at all costs!

    by glennb45 Written May 5, 2011

    without a doubt this was one of the worst restaurant experiences in Tallinn. The food was over cooked and tasteless, and the honey beer was one of the most disgusting things I've ever had the displeasure of drinking. Add to this the noise (especially the drunken noisy Russians at the table next to us) and you have a nightmare of an experience.

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  • JeffandMerliis's Profile Photo

    Olde Hansa: Medieval food and atmosphere

    by JeffandMerliis Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Went there for our wedding reception and a couple of other times before and after. This is a great place which, like most of the area, seems to cater more to foreign tourists more than to the locals. This is a shame because the food, unlike other theme restaurants that we have been to, is really very good. The menu includes food such as bear and elk, and a rose pudding complete with real rose petals. All of this being said, the honey beer is still my favorite thing on the menu!

    Favorite Dish: Dark Honey Beer! :-)

    Map from the website

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  • brazwhazz's Profile Photo

    Olde Hansa: Tallinn's oldest medieval restaurant, since 1993

    by brazwhazz Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Olde Hansa is a medieval-themed restaurant, the first of its kind to have opened in Tallinn all the way back in 1993. The atmosphere is great, thanks in great part to the live musicians, who move from one room to the next.

    It was among the most expensive restaurants we found in Tallinn, but remained a bargain compared to prices elsewhere in Europe.

    Favorite Dish: We traded bites from the thick meat soup (OK, so it was spoonfuls in this case) and the thematically-named "Honourable Cook Frederic's game sausages". Both were very filling, but we still made room for the delicious apple croustade.

    We give the restaurant 5 stars, but we personally preferred the nearby Peppersack because of its live swordfight show (see other Restaurants tip).

    A perfect location

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  • Gili_S's Profile Photo

    Olde Hansa

    by Gili_S Updated Nov 20, 2010

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Well, I guess that everyone is recommending this place and almost everyone who visit this city eat here one time or another. This is surely one of the highlight of this city, even that it is very touristy, it still worth it, I have been here many times and can always come back for more.

    Favorite Dish: Grilled Salmon or Beef.
    Must try to own local honey flavor beer.

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  • call_me_rhia's Profile Photo

    Olde ansa: touristy but perfectly delicious

    by call_me_rhia Updated Sep 25, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Definitely a touristy restaurant, a medieval-themed establishment with the staff wearing period costumes... in this former merchants' house the food is simply amazing.

    Favorite Dish: We had dinner twice there... each time we had dry elk meat with a glass of dark honey beer, then we tried game sausages made from bear, wild boar and elk and a portion of stewed bear meat.. delicious but a bit heavy... For dessert we found the Kitchenmaster Rickard`s filling cake with saffron pudding fantastic.

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  • gugi66's Profile Photo

    Olde hansa

    by gugi66 Written Jun 19, 2010

    Old style restaurant with good and staff that are dressed as they were in the old days. We did not eat here, we only took a break with a coffee and apple pie.

    It´s a ok restaurant to relax with a coffee but not eat, it´s too crowded and many tourist walk by taking pictures and pointing,

    Our waitress Apple pie Inside Olde hansa The building

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  • Kathrin_E's Profile Photo

    Olde Hansa: Dinner in Medieval Style

    by Kathrin_E Written Sep 19, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Dinner in medieval style with dishes according to 15th century recipes in 'medieval' setting? Try Olde Hansa. The restaurant and shop refer to Tallinn's past as member of the Hansa. The food was excellent, whatever we tried. The ambience made the dinner even more special. The price is higehr than average but it is worth it. Prebooking a table is recommended.

    You are received with a bowl of water to wash your hands in and fresh linen towels, so you can then break and eat the bread with your hands. The waiters and waitresses (ours was a particularly cute young man, woohoo!) are dressed in medieval fashion and talk in the way people did centuries ago. Most of them have very good knowledge of foreign languages.

    Favorite Dish: We got a choice of several dishes for each course. The bowls went round so everyone could try everything (we were a party of 12 so they made several kinds of food).

    The first course was fresh house-made dark and white bread with six different topics from baked cheese and pickled vegetables to berry jam.

    As main course whe had two kinds of meat, vegetables, lentils, grain mash etc., quite spicy and unusual but very good. Try their spiced beers.

    Olde Hansa Olde Hansa, shop Olde Hansa, corridor Candlelight dinner for 12

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  • Olde Hansa: Waitress tried to cheat

    by NaylandSmith Written Aug 6, 2009

    At this restaurant recently the waitress brought a pitcher of water to the table without being requested. Later on the bill she put "4 bottles of still water" with the charge of the equivalent of $10 US. We were told that this is normal. This type of overcharging appears to be a disturbing new trend in Tallin in restaurants.

    Favorite Dish: Not the $10 water

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  • SandiMandi's Profile Photo

    Olde Hansa: Medieval restaurant

    by SandiMandi Written Jul 15, 2008

    This is a nice medieval restaurant in the middle of the Old town and I think it must be the most popular restaurant in Tallinn. It's a bit of a tourist trap, but they do it well and serve great food, so why complain!

    The ambience is very medieval indeed and they only serve food that is from the medieval times so no sign of pasta or pizza in this restaurant. All the staff are dressed up in medieval costumes and they play their role very well.

    Favorite Dish: Not a dish from the restaurant, but they sell roasted and spiced almonds outside the restaurant and they're really yummy!

    Olde Hansa
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  • BillNJ's Profile Photo

    Olde Hansa: Go for the unique experience!

    by BillNJ Updated May 5, 2008

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are mixed reviews of The Olde Hansa Medieval Restaurant on VT. I think your opinion of this restaurant depends on your purpose in dining here. First, I will provide reasons against choosing this restaurant. Do not go if your primary desire is the quality of the food; there are certainly better choices in Tallinn if you seek haute cuisine. Also, do not go if you want to dine with local Tallinn residents; the clientele here are almost exclusively tourists.

    So why choose The Olde Hansa? THE EXPERIENCE! The owners of the Olde Hansa have styled the restaurant as the home of a rich merchant in the days of the Hanseatic League. The atmosphere is dark, and the wait staff dresses in medieval clothing. The result is a unique dining experience that you will always remember!

    I have been told that this restaurant is always crowded, so it is a good idea to make advance reservations. Highly recommended if you want a unique dining experience in Tallinn!

    Favorite Dish: I had the wild boar plate, and it was delicious.

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  • freezer61's Profile Photo

    Olde HanSa: Medieval Banqueting House

    by freezer61 Written Jan 28, 2008

    The food in Olde Hansa is not called medieval just by name or for fun. Masters who found these dishes and tried them have learned to think and feel in the way medieval cooks did. They know how the changing of seasons, lent, famine and laws influenced the choice of food on the table of a rich merchant in Tallinn.

    It is born on mind upon preparing all dishes if and how the raw materials reached the merchants in Tallinn. It has also been considered that suitable food should be available during lent and that guests could come with a larger company to enjoy the feast - food must never run out in the house of a rich merchant.

    Game, fish, birds, all kind of fruits and sauces in the house of a rich merchant make up a real experience and all that is seasoned with most expensive spices.
    Today all this is affordable for everybody.

    Front Entrance Ground Floor Third Floor

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