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    The smith's wife
    by toonsarah
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    Emma Leppermann: Silks and textiles

    by toonsarah Written Aug 2, 2015

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I had browsed in this shop when in Tallinn in 2014 but not bought anything. However on this second visit I decided to treat myself to a small souvenir. The shop features textiles of various kinds, and in particular hand-painted silks and home furnishings. I loved the silk scarves but decided that €42 was a lot to pay for a souvenir, especially as I already have so many scarves. Then my eye was caught by some attractive necklaces made by stitching brightly coloured silk around the beads. I chose a peacock blue one, which cost just €10 (this is the price of those with smaller beads – larger ones were I think €12).

    The proprietor (Emma?) was happy for me to take photos but she asked that I only show this half of the table as the previous day she had been selling her crafts at the Medieval Days market in the Town Hall Square and had not yet arranged everything here as she would want.

    Next tip: the nearby St Catherine’s Passage

    My necklace

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    Kohvieri: Great coffees and teas

    by toonsarah Written Jun 23, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We stopped briefly at this attractive shop in the old town which sells lots of flavoured coffees (beans and ground), a wide range of teas, sweets, teapots and other crockery. Everything is nicely presented and the helpful staff will explain the various flavours and offer a taste if needed to help you in your decision.

    What to buy: I bought a packet of ground rum-flavour coffee for 1.90€ and a pack of chocolate covered coffee beans (sorry, I didn't note the price of these but it was reasonable).

    They also sell tea and coffee to take away or to drink on the premises (though space for this is limited). I had an espresso which cost 1.60€, other coffees ranged from 1.30€ to 2.60€, including any of the flavoured ones. A good spot for a break and a caffeine fix!

    Next door, and connected to this one, is a blacksmith’s shop with an amazing range of wrought iron and other metal work. This is much less practical as a souvenir or gift to carry home, being very heavy, but is interesting to see, as is the window display – if you insert a euro coin the figures of a medieval (I assume) smith and his wife will move, the latter’s bosom heaving convincingly as she works the bellows!

    Next tip: lunch at Meriton Old Town Garden Hotel

    Blacksmith next door The smith's wife

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    by LoriPori Written Jun 22, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One of the fun things to do in Tallinn is to experience its OUTDOOR MARKETS. I got my first taste of markets, on our first day in Tallinn when we met Mare at the Tammasaare Park where a large market day was taking place.
    Also, quite near our hotel and the Tourist Information Center, on Niguliste Street, there were small stalls set up along the street, selling things like handicrafts, knitted items, handmade sweaters, handmade material purses and these wonderful, whimsical felt hats pictured here.

    Small Market along Niguliste Street

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    by LoriPori Written Jun 17, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When I asked at the Desk of our Hotel, where I could find a grocery store, she suggested the SOLARIS FOOD STORE which was just a short walk from the hotel,
    As this was where we had our dinner Thursday night, I was quite familiar with it.
    The grocery store is located in the lower level of the complex, so I took the escalator down. The store is amazing and huge. Here you will find:
    Deli - salads, sushi
    Fresh produce
    Bakery - breads & pastries
    Meats & sausages
    Milk - juices
    Soda pop and snacks
    wines, beer & alcoholic drinks
    much much more

    Open daily 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

    What to pay: I found the prices reasonable, only slightly higher than Riga


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  • CatherineReichardt's Profile Photo

    Olde Hansa shop: Forage through a real life medieval trading store!

    by CatherineReichardt Updated Feb 11, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As you know only too well, it's a real drag when your favourite leather curly-toed jester shoes finally wear out and you struggle to find replacements in your local shopping mall. Well, take heart because you need look no further than the Olde Hansa shop!

    Ergonomically located next to the superb Old Hansa restaurant, they have established a store brimful of all sorts of medieval goodies which pay homage to Tallinn's Hanseatic trader roots. And, like the restaurant itself, what could have ended up as a cliched tourist trap has redeemed itself through meticulous research and offers high quality handmade items based on traditional designs that are fun to browse through whether or not you're in the mood for buying.

    The home decor items feature lots of wrought iron, with a range of glassware and crockery which have improved on the originals by being microwave and dishwasher proof! There is also a range of soaps, as well as a small range of spices which represent the seasonings that would have been available to medieval cooks (and which were a very profitable line for Tallinn's merchant class during the Middle Ages).

    There are also clothing and footwear ranges for both men and women - these are authentic in their design and are created out of the sort of fabrics that would have been made available at the time, which of course comes at a considerable cost. I can't imagine the tunics, jerkins and shoes having mass appeal unless you're going to a fancy dress party where authenticity is all, or are intent upon looking like a complete prat!

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    Hilpharakas: Rock attitude

    by Turska Written Dec 18, 2011

    This is little bit gothic and surely rock-attitude place. The one we do seem to find everywhere ;) My husband foun a silver chain in here, and I did buy pair of ear rings. There were also some clothes, lots of those jewellery, accesory etc.. Friendly service and many itresting items for us who seem not to grow old enoght ;) We are in our 40´s so my sister thinks we shouldn´t be so "rock" anymore.. But we disagree!
    Without goin to Kompressor to have the crepes, we would not have seen this.
    Also some t-shirts of rock-, heavy, hard rock- etc bands.

    What to buy: I think I listed them allready :)

    What to pay: Prices were little cheaper tahn in similar shops in Finland and many European countries. Not REALLY cheap, but little less expensive.

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    Supermarkets: Bring home a taste of Estonia!

    by CatherineReichardt Updated Oct 27, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When visiting any new place, I make a beeline for the supermarket, as I'm fascinated by local products and what people choose to eat in a particular place. And given that we were visiting Estonia just before Christmas, the temptation to seek out unfamiliar but tasty treats was irresistable.

    We tend to bring back a selection of local produce from our trips ... a 'taste of [insert name of destination]' ... as gifts for friends and family, as it is more useful and interesting than a conventional dust gathering souvenir. However, if you're planning to do this, check in advance what the customs regulations are in your home country - certainly when you're travelling into countries with strict customs regulations such as Australia and New Zealand, all fresh foodstuffs (and a surprising amount of processed ones) are likely to be confiscated. In common customs unions such as the European Union and SADC, this shouldn't be a problem.

    What to buy: Usually I am pretty adept at negotiating my way around a supermarket and working out what's what, but in Estonia - as in Hungary - I really drew a blank as a result of the sheer incomprehensibility of the language. Usually you can work out roughly what something is from the label - if not the fine detail - but here I was reduced to identifying basic food groups (cheese, bread, jam and the like).

    My first impression was that that there was a huge amount of German produce - but we gave that a wide berth as we didn't travel all that way to find things we could have bought much cheaper in Bavaria.

    There was a considerable variety of locally-produced chocolate (look for the Kalev and Kaleo brands) as well as the Kamatahvel brand of 'ersatz' chocolate developed during the cocoa crisis of the 1970s (see my travel tip on this unique offering). There were quite a lot of local (mostly berry-based) jams, as you would expect of a Scandinavian nation: we brought back lingonberry and cloudberry. And as it was just before Christmas, there was an entire range of gingerbread confectionery - we fell in love with photogenic little star-shaped cookies flavoured with ginger, cinnamon and allspice and decorated with bright icing (which were unfortunately gobbled up by our appreciative family before we could photograph them!)

    The smoked fish counter was pretty straightforward, and we selected some well-priced smoked salmon and smoked sea trout. The cheese counter was another matter, and whilst we were careful to 'buy Estonian', I couldn't tell you more than that. One lovely mild cheese with a slightly 'squeaky texture' faintly reminiscent of halloumi had a reindeer on the label, but whether this means that it was reindeer cheese I have no idea! I was also tempted to bring back some blood sausage (having enjoyed it at the Olde Hansa) but given that we were staying with my vegetarian sister on our return, reluctantly decided that discretion was the better part of valour!

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  • Gili_S's Profile Photo


    by Gili_S Written Feb 11, 2011

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Salamander is a shoe shop in the old town. I wouldn't usually add here such tip but in one of my visits here I found very nice boots to buy here and so I thought to give this tip to others, you can get very nice shoes and boots in this shop.

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    Supermarket with local prices: Food

    by frockland Updated Apr 10, 2007

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are travelling on a tight budget then the restaurants in Old Town will empty your pockets quite fast. Your option is to buy food at local shops.
    The shop on Nunne Street between Pikk and Lai is selling their things for “normal” prices. As there are no benches in Old Town to sit down and rest, this is a good place because at least its possible to sit down on the wall on the other side of the street opposite the shop.

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    Kaubamaja: Central department store

    by nomadig Written Jul 13, 2006

    Kaubamaja history dates back to the Soviet era. It used to be a parody of a real department store just after Estonia gained independence, but it has completely washed its face -- in fact, you wouldn't guess the history, if you didn't know.

    The store can be accessed from Viru Keskus or from the old Kaubamaja building just across the street. The selection is large and caters most, if not all, your needs. The prices are in normal European level. There is also a large grocery store on the basement.

    Kaubamaja in Viru Keskus, Tallinn

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    by frockland Updated Jul 9, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    At many places (Hotels, Tourist Information Centre or at Kiosks ) the InYourPocket City Guide is available. With 5 € its a cheap guide and absolutely worth the money. If you buy a Tallinn Card you will get a free copy!

    For some basic information the free Tallinn Instant PDF – Guide can be downloaded here: Tallinn Instant PDF – Guide

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    Discount shopping

    by Gili_S Updated Jan 26, 2005

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I discovered this nice system in the store where after you select the item you want to buy they are giving you a wooden dice (see image with the sweet lady) to throw and try your luck and see the amount of percents discount you can get of the full price.

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  • Gili_S's Profile Photo


    by Gili_S Updated Feb 4, 2011

    Foorum is another of the small shopping malls in the city center. It seems a bit more of the classic stuff and not that of the places for barging for the prices.

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  • gugi66's Profile Photo

    Old town shopping

    by gugi66 Written Jun 19, 2010

    In old town you will find small shops kind of built in the wall, there you can buy souvenirs, knitted clothes and much more.

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    Viru Keskus

    by gugi66 Written Jun 19, 2010

    A great mall just before Old town, here you can find all the bigger stores. such as Zara, Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess and much much more.

    Inside the mall

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