Tallinn Warnings and Dangers

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    Cobblestone Street
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Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Tallinn

  • 1. Areas to avoid

    Tallinn seems to be a quite save destination for travellers. You need common sense like every else in the world; and like in many other places of our world there are sick people. West of Toompea...

  • 2. Taxis

    We were warned and told to use only Tallink taxis (which are mainly yellow) because some other taxis propably will cheet you. So when we needed a taxi we took a Tallink taxi from a station nearby Viru...

  • 3. Drinking

    Hello! I got quite worried when visiting Tallinn recently then I saw in the Old Town around street Viru group of young guys carrying another one on their hand to the car, the one carried was...

  • 4. Ethnic Tensions

    Hi There, WARNING: take a blanket with you to Estonian events, even in 20+ degree days (see below for the reason). The other reviews here were old, so I thought I'd give a perspective from July 2014....

  • 5. Pickpockets

    There are enough warnings about pick-pockets and bag snatchers around the town that you really should be on your guard, but don't be paranoid. It's a safe city, and as long as you aren't stupidly...

  • 6. Walk Hazards

    I'm not saying they're dangerous, but walking on the COBBLESTONE STREETS can be hazardous. The stones are not always laid out flat or even and some even stick out or have gaps between them. I always...

  • 7. Rain!

    I was in Tallin in late June, but still there was heavy rain for a whole day. Of course it's not a real danger, more of a warning actually. You miss out on the beautiful colours of Tallin, but at...

  • 8. Ferries

    In the high season (June to August) many ferriesof different companies serve the route between Helsinki and Tallinn. Please keep in mind that depending on bookings the ferry timetables might be...

  • 9. Well...

    ...This tip was empty for about 3 years, but then I got the idea to add this just to warn you and let you know that the Estonian girls are extremely beautiful...

  • 10. Babies in the Old Town

    The cobbled streets are not good for prams, but it is possible to move about without too much hassle. You can even climb to the top of Toompea if you push up...

  • 11. Avoid being impaled by falling icicles!

    When antistar first mentioned falling icicles in Tallinn as a safety hazard, I must confess that I thought that this was a bit of a wussy thing to say.Having...

  • 12. One of the more obvious warning signs!

    Given that it was -16C when we stumbled across this sign, a warning that swimming in the grey, icy Baltic was prohibited seemed somewhat superfluous!In fact...

  • 13. The birth of the Estonian euro

    We visited Tallinn in mid December 2010, ten days before the introduction of the Estonian euro.People seemed quite excited by this development, and the...

  • 14. Guidance on church photography: Homer's Rules

    Visiting churches is one of the absolute highlights of a trip to Europe, and provides a fascinating insight into the culture which has shaped European cultures...

  • 15. Its cold

    Be prepared to meet the wind from Siberia if you visit Estonia in winter.Bring warm clothes if you have any plans to stay outside more than 5 minutesat least in...

  • 16. Guided Tours

    Watch out for the guided tours with people coming from the cruise ships in the harbour. They stop only for a couple of hours and rush through the streets...

  • 17. Beware squirrels!

    I'm not quite sure what this sign means. I saw it at Kadriorg, at the edge of the park.Does it mean the squirrels may attack vehicles? Perhaps they throw nuts...

  • 18. How to validate

    As is often the case abroad, one buys a ticket for public transprt then validates (date-stamps) it once on board.I knew you had to do this in Tallinn, and I...

  • 19. Good job Dubya didn't go to Tallinn & see this!

    If George W.Bush had visited Tallinn in 2003, he might have ordered a US invasion of Estonia had he seen this sign indicating the location of "Sadam" (Estonian...

  • 20. The Opposite Really

    I have read other member's advice regarding possible pickpockets & theft and expected the worst but I have to say that I didn't come across anything. I suppose...

  • 21. Maestro Card

    Maestro Card is accepted in Estonia but it happened to me a few time that the electronic system was not able to handle my Maestro Card. This only happened with...

  • 22. Closed Restaurants on sundays

    Many local restaurants seem to be closed on sundays, even in the high season. Of course the touristy restaurants in the Old Town are opened on sundays, but if...

  • 23. As soon as we left the old...

    As soon as we left the old town to go to the new parts of town we ended up in a bomb alert.... I don't know whether there still is a problem with bombs now but...

  • 24. This place....

    Well, only if you never been to Helsinki and if you never ever planning to visit Helsinki or, if you are just that desperate and missing Helsinki very badly,...

  • 25. Takeing photo's.

    For security reasons they don't like or want you to take photo's of the inside of casino's. Even when there closed. Hopefully you'll respect this.

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