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  • Beautiful views from Valaste cliff
    Beautiful views from Valaste cliff
    by sihi
  • Beautiful views from Valaste cliff
    Beautiful views from Valaste cliff
    by sihi
  • Dish in Mio Mare (Toila, Estonia)
    Dish in Mio Mare (Toila, Estonia)
    by sihi

Toila Things to Do

  • Amazing views from high limestone shore

    Beautiful cliff is on the both sides of Toila west and east. To the west from Toila cliff has a highest point over the sea level.

  • Toila beach

    Toila beach (with Narva-Joesuu one) is the most popular beach in region and one of the best beaches in Estonia. In warm summer days beach is crowded by people. Much of inhabitans of Johvi and Kohtla-Jarve towns have a rest here. There is also lots of tourists - some stay in local spa-hotel, some were just driving on Tallinn-St.Petersburg motorway...

  • Rosarium - rose garden

    In the past roses had special status in Toila Oru park.In 1924 Estonian industrial activists bought Toila palace complex from Russian merchant Grigori Yeliseyev as a gift for Estonian president. In the Yeliseyev's time in front of palace decorative garden was situated with a grey granite walls preserved untill nowadays. Villa of rich russian...

  • Nõiametsa pavilion

    Nõiametsa pavilion locates in Toila park on high limestone shore. Great view to the sea and shore opens from this pavilion. This object is one of historical sights of Toila resort park. Nõiamets means "witch forest" in estonian.

  • Three fishes

    Three fishes is another legendary place of Toila park. It is an fountain. The water runs in to the huge plate from fishes mouths. This fountain is integrated to the stone wall of palace (ruined). This fountain was created before world war II.Three fishes is extremely interesting place for children.

  • Valaste waterfall

    Valaste is a small village in 10 km to the west from Toila. There is famous highest in Estonia waterfall. This part of sea shore is very high. On waterfall platform for visitors between waterfall and sea is created, so you can stay on platform and enjoy beautiful limestoneshore, waterfall and sea.

  • Boat harbour

    There is small harbour in Toila. It is situated near the beach where river Puhajogi falls to the sea. This harbour was and is used mostly for fishing. It is used also for sports. For example yachting. Youth yacht club exists there.

  • Silverspring Cave

    There is a cave in the park of Toila. It is really nice place to see, aspecially it is attractive for children.The cave is 1,7 metres wide, 1,4 metres high and 6 metres long. It has been formed in Tiskre sandstone layer. Sandstone can be widely found on the steep slopes of Puhajoe river valley. There is a crevice in the back wall of the cave from...

  • Ruins of palace

    Toila/Oru palace was a residence of first Estonian president Konstantin Pats before 1940s. In August this palace was burnt becouse of begining of World War II. Only base/fundament of the palace preserved nowadays. These ruins were nicely adopted to park landscape & "architecture".


Toila Hotels

Toila Restaurants

  • Restaurant in Toila

    Fregatt is one of the best and oldest restaurants in this resort place. It is located in the heart of village. Dishes in offer are the same like in the past.It is known of its good food and is often visited by city people and tourists.

  • Toila Sadama Kõrts

    Toila harbour tavern (Toila Sadama Kõrts) is a eating place on Toila beach, located close to harbour. It is simple place with simple food and drink in offer. Many vacationers on the beach visit tavern for eat, buy drink or icecream.

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Toila Off The Beaten Path

  • sihi's Profile Photo

    Trip to town of Sillamäe

    by sihi Written Sep 11, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Staying in Toila it is worth to visit also town of Sillamäe located very close to Toila (about 15 km).
    Sillamäe is one of TOP MUST SEEs in Estonia, known as pearl of Stalinist architecture. Town was created in Soviet time and was privileged town in Soviet Estonia. The nicest buildings of Soviet Era were created there.

    Sillamäe locates on sea shore and there is a port.
    Tallinn-St. Petersburg motorway goes through Sillamäe.
    Sillamäe has own brewery "München".

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  • Jun 12, 2013 at 11:05 AM

    Thank you, shihi, I live in San Francisco, USA, and want to travel with my 95 year old mother from Hamburg, Germany, to Toila this summer to visit my father's WW II grave site in Uru Park for the very first time. You just help me very much with all your valuable info about Toila to really plan this trip in July. Fantastic!
    Do you know how long the motorcar/ bus takes from St. Petersburg to Sillamae or the closest stop to Toila??And how much does the round trip ticket cost for senior citizens??
    Thank you very much, Ingrid Apter

    • leics's Profile Photo
      Jun 12, 2013 at 11:07 AM

      Sihi may not see your post on this travel guide. Post your questions on the VT Toila travel forum here:

      Toila Travel Forum

      Far more members, including Sihi, will see it there and you will receive some helpful replies.

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