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  • Every houshold has one ore more boats
    Every houshold has one ore more boats
    by TheaIren
  • Fishermens island
    Fishermens island
    by TheaIren
  • Posing with the boat :)
    Posing with the boat :)
    by TheaIren

Manilaid Things to Do

  • Scotish Highland cows

    These animals are rarity in Estonia. Riida Farmhouse on the island keeps them. These massive cows were very friendly and curious about us. The same way we were about them....

  • Manijas Lighthouse - Estonias own Pisa...

    It is built in 1933, it is 8m tall Lighthouse. In 1967 there was a storm and since then the tower is a little awry.

  • Try carpet making

    Local women are doing a lot of handicraft. In the culture house ( which is also center of the island )you can ask, maybe they teach you and you can try carpet making.


Manilaid Restaurants

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    Riida Guesthouse: Only place to eat in Manilaid

    by TheaIren Updated Feb 17, 2009

    Preorder nesessary !!!!! We had traditional soup. Mmmm, it was delicious and contained three kind of meat's in it - sheep, pig and cow.

    Favorite Dish: Even, if you do not stay in their guesthouse and want to eat, you can't just walk in there and demand it but you have to preorder. Reason is - that the goods are ordered from the main land !

    We eat on the left, where the big windows are
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Manilaid Transportation

  • Walk over the sea

    In winter, when the sea is frozen and iceroad for car's is open you can walk over the sea.Our group did.It is quite an experience !

  • Daily boat from Munalaiu to Manilaiu...

    There is little boat AUL which runs daily between mainland and island. Look the picture...It's small boat so if you plan to go there with have to leave car to the harbour.Actually there is no point to take car into the island as it is so small.I found website with the boat's timetable :...

  • Bus from Pärnu to Munalaiu harbour

    I went there with naturelovers group and they arranged the transport but there is Bus stopat the Munalaiu harbour ( harbour in the mainland ), so there must be bus connection from Pärnu in there.I found two buses but there might be some minibus connection...


Manilaid Shopping

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    No shop in the Manilaid

    by TheaIren Updated Feb 21, 2009

    Please note that the Manilaid island is so small and only few people live in there that
    there is no use of keeping shop on the island. You have to buy all the goods from mainland or order
    dining from Riida Guesthouse.

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Manilaid Local Customs

  • In the Culture House

    Visit the Culture House, this is also the centre of the island.You can have information about the island in there and you can try making sometraditional handicraft.

  • Motorcycle

    During summer the local people are driving around with motorcycles.Well - not only in summer....I think that these soviet times motorcycle are only preserved in Kihnu and Manilaid island.

  • Manilaid Hotels

    0 Hotels in Manilaid

Manilaid Sports & Outdoors

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    Extreme Sport in Manilaid way

    by TheaIren Written Feb 16, 2009

    Local are using so called Finnish sledges during winter time.
    It is quite a sport actually...You should try it !

    Equipment: Sledge are held in the harbour as in winter local people are coming over the icy sea to mainland with them. You can try them but put back afterwards.

    Sledges in the harbour
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Manilaid Favorites

  • Scenery

    View Winter colours in that island are white ( snow and icy sea ), blue ( sky ), brown ( bushes ) and yellow ( rushes )

  • Abandoned houses

    There are also some abandoned houses on the island...candy's for somepeople. I just love the abandoned and dilapidated can make interesting pictures in there and there is always certain feeling around these houses. Old farmhouses. Look at all pictures !

  • There around 50 people registered... living in the island. But only around 20 people live there year around. Majorly theseare elder people. Other people are coming only for summer. Walking around the island you can understand, which houses are used only in the summer and which around the year.


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