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  • Tallinn
    by gugi66
  • View over the old town
    View over the old town
    by Gerry_Hattrick
  • Tallinn Old Town from Upper Town
    Tallinn Old Town from Upper Town
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Estonia Highlights

  • Pro
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    cabessas says…

     The politeness of people, the woderfull landscapes and Tallinn Old Town 

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     Bus system Tallin 

  • In a nutshell
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     A wonderful place to explore, absolutely magical! 

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See all 1786 Tallinn Tips
  • Old Town

    Tallinn Things to Do

    Vanalinn, or Old Town, in Tallinn is a charming jumble of cobblestone streets, shops, cafes, a castle and some impressive buildings and churches all encapsulated in an area not far from the shores of the Gulf of Finland. The most impressive feature of Old Town, Tallinn, is the fact that it is so well preserved. At least 80% of the original stone...

  • Radisson Blu Tallinn

    Tallinn Hotels

    The Radisson Blu Tallinn is one of the new and modern hotels in Tallinn. It is right in the city...

  • Olde Hansa

    Tallinn Restaurants

    I think "Olde Hansa" is one of the most unique restaurants I've had the pleasure of seeing. I could not help but peek inside to see for myself though we did not eat here -- the dishes were a little more rustic and filled with game than I knew I would enjoy. The building it is housed in was originally the home of a wealthy merchant. The twist is, it...



See all 189 Tartu Tips
  • Good food in a nice atmosphere

    Tartu Restaurants

    Ülikooli Kohvik simply means University Cafe. This place used to be a student's cafe, albeit one of the better ones in Tartu. It is situated in an old building just next to the main building of the university. Light, wide open rooms with an ambience of an expensive cafe make eating more interesting. Prices are alright, the service is a little bit...

  • Antonius Hotel

    Tartu Hotels

    This is THE LUXURY hotel in Tartu. Nice small hotel -only 16 rooms- in front of Tartu University....

  • Dance the night away

    Tartu Nightlife

    Club Tallinn is a quite cool discotheque which is mostly pretty crowded. I went there only a few times, because the music was not really my kind (Drum and Bass / HipHop), but I enjoyed the atmosphere, especially in the chill-out areas: sofas, aquariums, an uneven ground, fake trees...Club Tallinn moves to Estonia's summer capital Pärnu in...



See all 80 Haapsalu Tips
  • Follow Tchaikovsky's footsteps along the...

    Haapsalu Things to Do

    The tourist information about Haapsalu makes quite a point about the fact that Piotr Tchaikovsky spent some time during the summer months of 1867 in Haapsalu and indeed was inspired by a folk song heard in the town from which he developed the melody for his sixth symphony.Apparently the composer would sit on the promenade and watch the sun go down...

  • Kongo

    Haapsalu Hotels

    Kalda 19, Haapsalu, Estonia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • A station for Steam Engine enthusiasts

    Haapsalu Things to Do

    I'm not a railway enthusiast but I couldn't help but be impressed by the small collection of engines that are located at the sidings at the old station. Sadly there is no longer a working rail service connecting the town to a national rail network but the building is itself a bit of a museum piece. The town's website provides further details about...



See all 84 Parnu Tips
  • Pretty Safe

    Parnu Warnings and Dangers

    It's a small town, and it felt safe, but there was a bit of an edge to it for such a small place. I guess it's that seediness that beach towns sometimes attract. Nothing major. There was the old pharmacist tut-tutting at the scruffy kid buying plastic cups for his drug addiction. There were the two ancient drunks stumbling out of the street leading...

  • Villa Ammende Parnu

    Parnu Hotels

    The building that houses the hotel is a valuable architectural and a historical landmark in Parnu....

  • The Almshouse

    Parnu Things to Do

    Originally built in the 13th century, it was converted into an Almshouse (a hospital and workhouse for the poor) in 1658. Today it is a hotel and restaurant, which might sound sad, but at least it means the place is very well looked after, unlike its sorry neighbour, the older Red Tower.



See all 56 Kuressaare Tips
  • Buses

    Kuressaare Transportation

    Local and cross-country buses all leave from the main station (Bussijaam) in Kuressare, on Pihtla Tee 2. Tickets can be bought here, or from the driver, but for the cross-country buses, especially to Tallinn, you'll want to book in advance. The cross-country buses require a ferry ride, but that this is included in the price of the ticket. Journeys...

  • Georg Ots Spa

    Kuressaare Hotels

    Georg Ots Hotel is situated overlooking the Tori Yacht harbour and the medieval Bishop’s Fort. It’s...

  • Pancakes: Ruunipizza

    Kuressaare Restaurants

    It's called Ruunipizza Pannkoogikohvik, which means it's a pizza/pancake cafe (literally Runestone Pizza Pancake Cafe). The pancakes are good, but the service indifferent the day I went. The location is great though, with a view over the main square. It's shame then that I got a sweet pizza with a savoury filling...The pancakes are good, and...



See all 37 Paldiski Tips
  • Pakri Windmill Park

    Paldiski Things to Do

    Few km from Paldiski towards the top of Pakri peninsula You can see Windmills. This is our green energy - with middle wind this windmills produce electricity more than paldiski town needs. Towers are 80 meters tall. It´s interesting to walk between them if they are working. Huge shadows of windmill wings run very fast accross the landscape.

  • Train

    Paldiski Transportation

    There is good train connection between Tallinn and Paldiski. Therefor this is perfect daytrip with picnic destination from Tallinn. It takes approx. 1h15min to Paldiski.

  • Sights of the Paldiski

    Paldiski Things to Do

    The Russian navy searched the whole coastline to find a suitable site, and chose Paldiski as the location of its future port facilities. During Soviet times a naval base and training centre for atomic submarine personnel were situated here. (You can still take a look at the training centre, which is called the ‘Pentagon’ by Estonians.)PS! I was...



See all 63 Saaremaa Tips
  • The true Italian food :)

    Saaremaa Restaurants

    If you wish to have a really rich dinner with all that Italian best that only the Italian restautants can offer, certainly visit La Perla. Really tasty food.Very quick and pleasant service. Any pasta from their menu - is just delicious!

  • Fresh baked goods from early morning

    Saaremaa Restaurants

    Surely a best cafe and snack stop in Kuressaare. (- in Estonian only)Also has the restaurant and hotel in the same building: Like all their baked goods, salads, coffe :)And the homely atmosphere is not less important.Locates a bit "around the corner", two steps away...

  • Revived dignity - old Kurhaus in the...

    Saaremaa Restaurants

    The revived kurhaus Kuursaal is a recently re-opened restaurant with several local tastes mixed with the best practices from French and other cuisines.Closed in wintertime, but opened again since spring till autumn. Local fish dish for two.Cannot remember the name right now :)But the dish is called Päeva kalasaak/ The catch of the day - so just...



See all 41 Johvi Tips
  • Mountains

    Johvi Things to Do

    Jõhvi is surrounded by artifical mountains - spoil tips. Spoil tips grew in Johvi surroundings in result of minning. This mines were closed more then 20 years ago. Some of mountains are older - 30 years old and they are covered by trees and forests. They are interesting places for climbing up, hiking and looking nice panoramas. Terricons are...

  • Shop of local products

    Johvi Local Customs

    In december 2013 was opened shop of local products (mostly food) - Talupood (Farm shop). It is a good shop to buy local souvenire or food producted in Ida-Virumaa county. Some of products are "eco". For example local cheese, fresh milk, handmade breads, meat, bisquits, handmade souvenires like soap etc...It is worth to visit this shop!!Located on...

  • Windmill near Johvi

    Johvi Off The Beaten Path

    Old windmill locates in Kabelimetsa village (very close to Kukruse) on Tallinn-Narva motorway. Very beautiful view opens from the motorway - fields, nice houses and windmill. Kabelimetsa locate in 3 min drive from Jõhvi.It is possible to get there by bus or by light traffic/walk road on foot/bicycle. Sights worth a visit in this area - Kukruse...



See all 19 Narva Tips
  • View of the Ivangorod

    Narva Things to Do

    From the banks of the river narva, you can see this massive fortress on the Russian side of the river. However, you can't visit. Not from here.

  • Hermann Castle

    Narva Things to Do

    Hermann Castle is Narva’a most popular sight. It was established by the Danes as early as in 1256. It has witnessed many battles since then.It stands tall on the bank of the river narva and overlooks the much larger castle on the Russian side of the river: the Ivangorod fortress.

  • Soviet nostalgy

    Narva Restaurants

    Vana Mölder tavern restaurant near the centre of city. Interesting thing about this restaurant is that it is very Soviet style. Probably this simple interior is originally from Soviet era. The waiter of tavern is a simple russian man in about 60's. You can choose dishes from menu. Main dishes are 5-12 EUR.And you can order Day offer (Dishes of...



See all 17 Viljandi Tips
  • Ruins of the castle

    Viljandi Things to Do

    The construction of the castle started in 1224. After some reforms it got its final shape in the 16th century.

  • Grand Hotel Viljandi

    Viljandi Hotels

    Tartu 11 / Lossi 29, Viljandi, 71004, Estonia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Old Water Tower

    Viljandi Things to Do

    The water deposit was built in 1911, over a tower 30 m high. The deposit capacity was 300 m^3.You can visit the tower from 11.00 to 18.00 h, the entrance fee is only 1 €. You will climb a spiral staircase and on top you will enjoy a fantastic view of Viljandi, 360º. There are two levels, the main sights are pointed and there are many pictures of...



See all 6 Keila-Joa Tips
  • Keila-Joa Castle and Park

    Keila-Joa Things to Do

    Keila-Joa manor was built in early 19th century by Alexander von Benckendorff, who was head of the police in Russia during the era of Russian Emperor Nikolai I. Later the Volkonsky family became the owners. Relatives of the family fought against Napoleon, and one, Pjotr Volkonsky, was the prototype for Andrei Bolkonsky in the book “War and Peace”...

  • Car break ins

    Keila-Joa Warnings and Dangers

    The first year that I traveled to Keila we left a purse in the auto and when we returned less than an hour later the side window was smashed in and the purse was gone. When we filed a police report they told us that it was very common for that to happen there, but OF COURSE they are too busy to do anything about it. So I reccomend two things while...

  • Keila-Joa Waterfall

    Keila-Joa Tourist Traps

    Usually, all tourists go to visit just a waterfall. They leave car to very expensive parking lot. But You can visit more than just a waterfall.. Visti the brand new energy station near waterfall. At this time, when I write this notice, energy station was renovated, but will be ready at the beginning of 2005. Walk towards the sea, nice park and if...



See all 8 Ruhnu Tips
  • Boat and plane to Ruhnu

    Ruhnu Transportation

    There are 2 ways to get there - by boat and by plane. Regular boat trip - from Saaremaa capital Kuressaare (Roomassaare harbour) (info about schedule see - Roomassaare-Ruhnu), occasional - from Latvian coastal town Roja (boat "Lasis"). Trip length - about 2 - 2.5 hours. In the rough sea waves can be quite high. :)My first...

  • Bear - part 2

    Ruhnu Warnings and Dangers

    I was not lucky to see him (or was I lucky indeed? LOL) but I swear we (my wife and I) have heard him roaring which (I admit) scared the hell out of me, because we were deep in the forest (on the way to the Limo beach) and who could tell how far he was from us... But nevertheless, he seems to be quite nice guy, I have never heard from locals of...

  • Paintball

    Ruhnu Things to Do

    You can play paintball in an abandoned soviet military base which is situated at the west side of the island. They are renting good quality paintball markers (tippmann) and the field is quite big (20 ha). Field includes old military buildings such as barracks and bunkers, forest and meadow.



See all 22 Rakvere Tips
  • Bus and Train

    Rakvere Transportation

    Rakvere is the main transport hub of this part of Estonia, and lies on the main route from Tallinn to Narva on the Russian border. So for a small town it's transport links are pretty good. The best bet is to take a bus - it's about a two hour journey from Tallinn. Buses run regularly throughout the day, especially on the Tallinn-Narva route. There...

  • Aqva Hotel & Spa

    Rakvere Hotels

    Parkali 4, Rakvere, 44308, Estonia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Town Square

    Rakvere Things to Do

    The wide, expansive town square has been renovated beyond recognition. Once a place to tie up your cows ready for market, it's now a pleasantly designed, well laid out and relaxing park. It has fountains, and marbled patterned surface, with big, clean benches sitting under the square's most distinctive feature: giant pixie hats hanging from white...



See all 25 Vormsi Tips
  • Pram to Vormsi island

    Vormsi Transportation

    There is pram connection between continent and island. There is Rohuküla port in continent what takes You to Sviby port in island. It goes once or twice in a day. Look into web page for more detailed information.

  • Check out coast near Ostergrunne

    Vormsi Favorites

    The best is to go there with bikes! Really, you can buy map of the island in the Hullo Kauplus (one of the shops). There you can see the lighthouse. It sounds pretty funny, i know :) But there are just those small and funny things! Anyway you can really enjoy it because the coast is so beautiful. Also there is a path, you will be able to see it on...

  • There is no many things to buy there

    Vormsi What to Pack

    Rain shoes, warm jacket, rain coat, umbrella! It can be really windy and cold. Mosquito spray. Anything what is necessary for you. Because when i was there, there were only 2 shops open. They have only the most important things there. So you the best what is really essential for you :) You should have battery - i was desperate for one :)! Also...



See all 12 Aegviidu Tips
  • Canoe trip on Soodla river

    Aegviidu Things to Do

    Soodla river is good to go for canoe trip - river banks are covered with Alnus glutinosa - this is tree what is not tasty to beavers who are usually building dams or just chop down trees onto river. Soodla is not wide and fast, it´s slow and narrow and very curvy. You can select different starting points, we started our trip for example from...

  • Kõrvemaa - You need a good map

    Aegviidu Transportation

    Yo need a good hiking map of Kõrvemaa, car route atlases are useless. Check the link above to look area map, or visit local tourism information for asking Kõrvemaa maps.Sport-hiking map is here:

  • Freight trains

    Aegviidu Favorites

    Despite the tranquility in Aegviidu, extremely long freight trains are a common site rumbling through Aegviidu station en route to or from Russia with oil or grain cargos.The locomotive in my photo may look familiar to Americans -- Estonia bought a quantity of these GE diesels second-hand from the USA in 2002.


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