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  • Things to Do
    by powerboat

Kosovo Things to Do

  • by powerboat Written Mar 26, 2009

    Kosovo Caves are near the beautiful village of Gadimje just 15 Kms South of Pristina, the capital city of Kosovo. Look out for the blue motorway sign for Gadimje, 10 Kms along the route from Pristina to Skopje. (Route Hawk if you are from KFOR or EULEX!).

    Follow the road for 2 kms to the village of Gadimje and park in the coffee shop car park beside the small town bridge. Buy your tickets in the coffee shop. A personal guided tour of these wonderful and spectacular caves from the owner or one of his family takes just 45 minutes and costs just Euro 2.50 per person. The caves are a constant 16 Degrees Celcius so warm clothing is not essential. It is reccomended however that you wear appropriate footwear as there are some large puddles of water throughout the caves (Don't wear your Gucci or Manolo Blanak shoes !).

    Kosovo Caves After your tour, relax in the coffee shop and river side terrace with views of the surrounding mountains.

    Like many places in Kosovo, this is very much a work in progress! Plans for future development in the area include a complete tidy up / make over / beautification of that section of their village. At the moment they have prepared over 1,300 meters of cave walks for visitors. Another 5,000 meters have been charted and await development and safety works. There is apparently, an underground lake the size of a football field which they hope to open in a year or so!

    This could quickly become Kosovo's most important tourism resource if it receives the right support.

    See www.kosovocaves.com for further info.

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  • FidanBela's Profile Photo

    by FidanBela Written Jun 21, 2003

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    iIf you are looking for jewelry, or just gold, vizit Prizeren, (located in south-western Kosovo) mention to the locals "Ura e shejt ", (oorah eh sheyt) and they will direct you there. when you find it it will be a bridge, look on both sides and go on the side that has a water fountain and just walk about and you will find mind blowin gold stores.

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Kosovo Warnings and Dangers

  • by alex97 Written Oct 23, 2011

    The country is not such a mess as it is presented, and the cost of amenities is quite low. However, be ready for a disappointment right as you arrive. The airport of Prishtina recently taken over by Limak will await you with bad services, rude staff and security and stale food at the restaurant. So be careful and move out of thee place as fast as possible or you will get the worst impression ever about the country just as you land in.

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  • posejc's Profile Photo

    by posejc Written Feb 19, 2007

    Mostly traffic - there is no traffic laws - lights are always flashing RED and no one ever obeys the rules of the road - beware of stolen vehicle - there is a very high black market for Mercedes - all stolen from Germany and elsewhere in Europe - you can get one very cheap!.. No guarantees - Hotels are decent - most 2-4 Star types - well maintain Restaurants have problems with the electricity being cutoff - but most have decent food - excellent places to eat - Life is leisurely - but always be on guard - never ever speak Serb in Pristina - or elsewhere for that matter - it will be a death sentence - YOURS!. - Never ever travel by yourself - I have - but I am European - so I can blend in very well - and my speaking French has helped me tremendously!.. Like they say - when in Rome (or Pristina for that matter! - Do as the Romans would do!.) - shopping is plentiful - the Albanians are not wanting for anything - shops are well stocked - unlike the Serb areas north near Mitrovica - who are lacking many foods and bare necessities! - even the one restaurant I went to eat at in the Northern Part of the city - had very few delicacies - but they did have a wonderful meal and it was half the cost of what you would pay in Kosovar - even in Pristina or Pecs!.. Now I have found memories of the good people there - both Serbs and Albanian - most young kids (young man and woman) - had no beligerency towards each other that I noticed - but they where willing to let bigones be bigones and live in peace - but each day you can see that the Serb are slowly being eradicated - burned out - and all are slowly moving out of Kosovo - in another 10 years all of Kosovo will be Albanian!..

    Anothe Orthodox Church going up in smoke Familiar view - Another Serb being burned out! Wonderful People!.. Lovely woman and Children! Life of a Roma Child (Gypsie)! Familiar view of Serb Housing (Mitrovica)!
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