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  • Mill-stones
    by Pijlmans
  • Monastery of St Gavril Lesnovski
    Monastery of St Gavril Lesnovski
    by Pijlmans
  • Millstone Caves
    Millstone Caves
    by Pijlmans

Lesnovo Things to Do

  • Cave Church of St Bogorodica

    This Church dedicated to St Bogorodica (Holy Mother of God) is completely in a cave.There are some icons and a fresco is painted on the wall.In contrast to the Millstone Caves, this cave seems a natural cave, but i don't know for sure...

  • Eco paths

    Trails lead through the village of Lesnovo and to the Millstone Caves.There are 4 trails ranging from 20-40 minutes, see the pictures.Since everything is really close to each-other, you can also just walk around by yourself of course!

  • Etno Museum

    The former school (now a hostel) also houses a small etno museum.Entrance was free when we stayed in the hostel.

  • Former School building

    This former school building now houses a small Etno Museum and cheap accommodation for people who e.g. visit the Monastery of St Gavril Lesnovski or the yearly art colony.There are at least two rooms with single person bunk beds, so don't expect a romantic night with your loved one next to you (or you must both be anorexic).

  • Panorama point

    The Monastery of St Gavril Lesnovski is geographically located east of the road between Kratovo and Probistip, but you have to head for Zletovo and there take the turning for Lesnovo and follow the road up the mountain. The picture shows a good point to stop for a moment and to enjoy the view.The panorama from this point is fantastic!

  • Millstone caves

    In the hills surrounding Lesnovo you will find many man-made caves. These caves were made by many generations of people who were cutting millstones from the rocks.You will see unfinished millstones everywhere on the walls of the caves.Trails lead from the village to the caves.See the link below for more pictures.

  • Monastery of St Gavril Lesnovski

    Up in the mountain, south of the village Lesnovo is the Monastery of St Gavril Lesnovski, built in 1341.The monastery is famous for housing one out of three iconostases made by the famous Macedonian woodcarvers Frckovski and the Filipovski brothers. The other two are found in the church of St Spas in Skopje and in the monastery St Jovan Bigorski in...

  • Fountain

    This fountain / water source in Lesnovo has three millstones built into it. How appropriate for this village that is renowned for its millstones!

  • Monastery Lesnovski

    Drive up to the village of Lesnovo, and visit the monastery. The road up winds through breathtaking rock formations and caves. Women may be asked to put on a skirt before being allowed to enter the monastery. If you are wearing jeans and hiking boots, like me, this looks ridiculous....so take the camera away from your husband if you have any pride...


Lesnovo Restaurants

  • Pijlmans's Profile Photo

    by Pijlmans Updated Sep 26, 2010

    Actually I don't know the name of this restaurant (if it even has any), but the owner is called Zoran.

    Zoran also manages the hostel across the street.

    Because my girlfriend is vegetarian and Zoran had no idea what to cook for her, he invited her to prepare her own food, which she did. How hospitable!

    For me he prepared a great traditional steak (Leskovatski Burger).

    And I also had some of his home-made Rakija, which was one of the best I ever had...I am still mad at myself for not buying a bottle to bring home!

    The restaurant is housed in a former police station, and in the room downstairs you can still see the bars in front often for big groups that made reservations.

    The restaurant also functions as a little shop and as the Lesnovo eco-tourism information center!

    Restaurant with Lesnovo Monastery in the back Zoran's restaurant Zoran's restaurant Zoran's restaurant Zoran's restaurant

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