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  • Mavrovo National Park
    Mavrovo National Park
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  • Golem Krchin Peak
    Golem Krchin Peak
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Mavrovo Things to Do

  • Church in the lake

    A point of interest is the half-submerged church in the lake, which was flooded when a dam was built. From a distance, looks like the water is shallow enough so you could walk all the way to the church. Haven't tried that though.

  • Monastery Sv Jovan Bigorski (St John the...

    WARNING: Parts of the Monastery burned down September 2009. The church was spared. Keep this in mind when you plan to visit the Monastery!The Monastery of Sveti Jovan Bigorski (St John the Baptist) is located on Mount Bistra in the Mavrovo National Park in the west of Macedonia, close to the village Galicnik. Sveti Jovan Bigorski was first build in...

  • Church in Lake Mavrovo

    There is an artificial lake in Mavrovo National Park, Lake Mavrovo, accumulated in 1953 after a dam was build. This caused a church to be flooded, parts of which still can be seen in the lake. The pictures were taken after a dry period in 2007, when the church fully emerged from the lake.A new church was build close to the old church on a slightly...

  • Deer Leap Bridge (Most Elenski Skok)

    They say that the bridge is build by an Ottoman lord (also called a "bey") during the 14th century. The bey and his army were hunting a deer, which was wounded but kept escaping. Despite its wounds, the deer was not caught. When it reached the river Garska, it jumped over the river, but died on the other side. The bey build the bridge to...

  • River Radika in Mavrovo National Park

    The road from Gostivar to Debar through the Mavrovo National Park follows the river Radika. It is quite a spectacular river!Because the Radika is not always very well visible from inside the car, since it flows a couple of meters below the road, it pays off to make a stop and have a good look.

  • New church close to flooded church

    When the artificial Lake Matka was constructed, this caused a church to be flooded.A new church is being build close to the old church to make up for this!

  • Mavrovo National Park

    Mavrovo was proclaimed National Park in 1949 and is the biggest National Park of Macedonia, located in the north-west and bordering Albania. It covers an area of more than 73,000 square hectares.The structure of the park is diverse, covering a part of the alpine mountainous region from the Shara Mountain and Pind Mountainous system. This area...

  • Sveti Gjorgj Pobednoset (St George the...

    In Debar in the west of Macedonia, close to the Mavrovo National Park, is the church and nunnery of Sveti Gjorgi Pobedonoset, or St George the Victorious. The nunnery, which was completed in 2001, can be found just before you exit Debar on the road to Skopje. If the main gate is closed, enter through the door a little further down the nunnery outer...

  • The village Galicnik

    The most famous village in Mavrovo National Park is Galicnik, with its yearly traditional Galichnik Wedding.

  • World War II Monument, Mavrovo National...

    This statue commemorates 17 people from the village Belicica and 21 soldiers that were brutally murdered on September 19th 1944.

  • Sharkova Dupka Cave, Mavrovo

    The cave Sharkova Dupka is located in the National Park Mavrovo at 280 degrees west from the Mavrovo Lake in Mavrovo.The cave slit (entrance hole) is at the same height as the hotel Bistra roof on the hill just opposite it.The cave as a well-like entrance with diameter of 2 m, goes down 2 m straight, then 6 m oblique under an angle of 20 degrees,...

  • A high adrenaline mountain ride

    Mavrovo has the best terrain in the region for mountain biking. I have tried it with a rented bike (you can rent a good bike there at the solid cheap prize of 5 Euros per hour) and am just waiting now for the snow to melt so I can go there and ride my own bike now!


Mavrovo Restaurants

  • Hotel Alpina

    We just had a very big and tasty sandwich for lunch here, on our way from Skopje to Ohrid through the Mavrovo National Park.

  • Caffe Restaurant Stone, Mavrovo

    Small cafe/restaurant in Mavrovo near the lake.You can ask here for information about the Sharkova Dupka Cave in case the cave is closed.They also rent rooms.

  • Mavrovo Hotels

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Mavrovo Transportation

  • Dragecc's Profile Photo

    Proleter Bus

    by Dragecc Written Jan 11, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Although poor in quality it is basically the only way to get to Mavrovi Anovi, other than by a car. The busses of Proleter leave each day from the Central Skopje Station at 08:00, 10:00, 13:00 and 14:15h.

    This is basicaly the route of the bus from Skopje.
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Mavrovo Warnings and Dangers

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    by Pijlmans Updated Feb 15, 2014

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    Just like in any other place in the world, be careful with sheepdogs...

    They can be very protective of their herd!

    If you encounter them during a hike for instance, try to get the attention of the shepherd from a save distance BEFORE the dogs get to you.

    When you see the dogs but no shepherd around, the best thing to do is walk around them with a big, big circle.

    People have told me different stories what to do....Ranging from ignoring the dogs, shouting at them with a stick, to sitting quietly down and hoping for the best...As some of these dogs are as big as a small horse and look quite aggressive, I avoid them at all cost...

    It happened to us once that we were "caught" by the dogs, that came running and barking at us in the middle of nowhere, making it impossible to continue walking. We just stood there quietly until the shepherd came to our rescue....

    Sheepdogs in Mavrovo National Park Sheep in Mavrovo National Park Sheepdogs in Mavrovo National Park Shepherd with sheep in Mavrovo National Park
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Mavrovo Off The Beaten Path

  • Hike from Bituse to Golem Krchin Peak

    This 13 km hike starts near the village Bituse (Bitushe) in Mavrovo National Park. The hike starts at a place called "Draga" (1130 m) above the village Bituse. There is an old military building and a football field with goals. At this place there was also a sign describing this and other trails in the neighborhood. It first goes uphill to the Golem...

  • Info about hiking trails near Bituse

    This sign was placed at the place "Draga", a football field about 1 km above the village Bituse in Mavrovo National Park.It describes the trailsDR1: Trail to waterfall Duf from RostushaLenght: 1.6 kmElevation 180 mTime 30-60 minLevel: easy to moderateDR2: Skudrinje - Peak Krchin - BituseLenght: 27 kmElevation 1791 mTime 5-8 hLevel: difficultInfo on...

  • Climbing Mount Korab

    Mount Korab (2764 m) is the highest peak of Macedonia, located in the Mavrovo National Park in the northwest of Macedonia.Since Mount Korab is on the border with Albania, it is not allowed to climb this mountain without authorization from the Macedonian government, which allegedly is hard to get.However, once a year the Mountain Club Korab arranges...


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