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  • Restaurant Damar
    Restaurant Damar
    by Pijlmans
  • Biljanini Izvori
    Biljanini Izvori
    by Pijlmans
  • Biljanini Izvori
    Biljanini Izvori
    by Pijlmans

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    Damar: Great atmosphere and vegetarian choice

    by Pijlmans Written Aug 9, 2014

    Restaurant Damar is located opposite to the Church of St Sofia in the old center of Ohrid.

    The dinner already started great with a complimentary rakija from the house. The rakija was so strong that we only had 1 extra 0.5l Skopsko beer during the entire dinner :-)

    Me and my friend both had a mixed grill, which was *a lot* of meat, and tasty as well. My friend could not even finish his plate...

    The two vegetarian girls both had a vegetarian plate, basically compiled from a selection of vegetarian starters. Although not everything that was listed on the menu was actually on the plate, it was a good vegetarian dinner. And those are hard to get most of the time in Macedonia!

    I addition, the service was very friendly, and there was live music.

    We were very satisfied with this restaurant.

    Restaurant Damar

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  • Pijlmans's Profile Photo

    Skara: Grill

    by Pijlmans Updated Aug 9, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    UPDATE 2014: This restaurant does not exist anymore at this location

    This is a very popular place for take-away skara (grilled meat).

    But you can also sit outside and have your skara there, although the location next to a busy road is not extremely inviting.

    Skara place Skara place

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  • Kopbo: Milk cake- Amazing alternative to ice cream!

    by worldctzn Updated Jul 4, 2012

    You can pass by this humble gellateria without even noticing that very delicious traditional macedonian cake is sold here. It is very commmon to find baklava or churros with honey in restaurants. But I haven't seen this cake offered anywhere but this bakery. This milk cake (the local name is too difficult to remember) is basically a cake drenched in cold milk and topped with caramel sauce. It's the prefect dessert for the hot summer days!! Amazing!!

    Favorite Dish: Milk cake. Price? only 35 denar

    Macedonian milk cake
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    MoMir: On the waters edge

    by littlebush Written Jun 8, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This place is just a short walk along from the harbour right on the waters edge.

    the water literally laps up to the restaurant.

    food is great and service too.

    i had bread, breaded cheese, pork medallions and a local spopsko beer for 600D (£8)

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    La Piazza Pizza Cafe: Great value pizzas!

    by SWFC_Fan Written May 19, 2012

    There are two similar looking pizza restaurants on the small side street of Petar Chaulev in Ohrid's old town; "Pizza Restoran di Angollo" and "La Piazza Pizza Cafe".

    We stood outside deliberating which one to eat at on our final evening in Ohrid in March 2012, before eventually choosing the latter.

    There were two reasons for us choosing La Piazza ahead of di Angollo; firstly, the menu on display outside La Piazza had been translated into English, unlike at di Angollo. Secondly, La Piazza was advertising 44% off the price of its pizzas, compared to the 40% reduction being offered at di Angollo. (Sorry, I'm an accountant, of course I'd pick the one with the biggest discount!).

    There were a couple of tables outside the front of the restaurant, but it was a cool eveving, so we made our way inside where we found a cosy dining room with photos of Venice on the walls and a hot fire burning.

    Unsurprisingly, the menu featured a large selection of pizzas, most of which will be familiar to anybody who has every been to a pizza restaurant (margherita, hawaiian, quatrostagione, capricciosa, fruiti di mare...). The restaurant's signature pizza, the "Pizza La Piazza", was topped with tomato sauce, cheese, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, olives, sour cream and oregano. There were also pasta dishes and salads available.

    Thanks to the generous discount on offer, pizzas ranged in price from 110 MKD (£1.50) for a small Margherita to 210 MKD (£2.80) for a large Pizza La Piazza. Most of the pizzas were in the 140-180 MKD price range.

    I opted for:

    Adriatic Pizza (large) - Price: 160 MKD / £2.20

    About 12 inch in diameter, with a thin and crispy base and crust and topped with cheese, onions and tuna. It was tasty, it was filling...and it was excellent value for money!

    Emma chose:

    White Pizza (large) - Price: 170 MKD / £2.30

    A similar size to my pizza, and topped with white goat's cheese, chicken and dollops of sour cream. Emma enjoyed it but couldn't manage to eat it all – she later regretted the fact that she hadn't taken the remaining pieces away in a box for the next day's breakfast!

    The drinks were slightly more expensive than we were used to paying in Ohrid, but not by much. We paid 70 MKD / £0.95 for 250ml bottles of Sprite. Emma also had a green tea for a very reasonable 40 MKD / £0.55.

    Great value pizzas in the heart of Ohrid town centre. Recommended!

    La Piazza Pizza Cafe, Ohrid Dining room at La Piazza Pizza Cafe, Ohrid Adriatic Pizza at La Piazza Pizza Cafe, Ohrid White Pizza at La Piazza Pizza Cafe, Ohrid

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  • SWFC_Fan's Profile Photo

    Pekara Lihnida: Gevrek and burek for breakfast in Ohrid.

    by SWFC_Fan Written May 19, 2012

    We ate breakfast at Pekara Lihnida during our visit to Ohrid in March 2012.

    We were introduced to this bakery, located on Bulevar Makedonski Prosvetiteli, by a taxi driver and guide that we had hired for the day. Prior to driving us into Albania for the day, they insisted on buying us breakfast. We sat drinking coffee at a nearby cafe while our guide nipped into Pekara Lihnida to purchase a bag of Ohridski Gevrek.

    Ohridski Gevrek is best described as a cross between a bagel and a pretzel. It is topped with sesame seeds and is apparently produced using water rather than cooking oil, making it a healthy breakfast option.

    We enjoyed the gevrek so much that we returned again the following day to purchase breakfast. On this occasion, we purchased an Ohridski Gevrek, a slice of meat-filled burek, a pastry filled with cheese and spinach and a doughnut filled with white goat's cheese. The total price of all this was just 115 MKD / £1.55.

    We took our baked goods down to the edge of Lake Ohrid and sat on a bench to eat them. They were all delicious and very filling. The burek in particular was very substantial – a meal in itself – lots of tightly packed flaky pastry and tender mince meat.

    Excellent value baked goods for breakfast. Highly recommended!

    Pekara Lihnida bakery, Ohrid Pekara Lihnida bakery, Ohrid Pastries at Pekara Lihnida bakery, Ohrid Ohridski Gevrek from Pekara Lihnida bakery, Ohrid Meat burek from Pekara Lihnida bakery, Ohrid

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    Antep Baklava: Sticky, syrup-drenched baklava in Ohrid!

    by SWFC_Fan Written May 19, 2012

    Antep Baklava is a Turkish cake shop located at the northern end of pedestrianised Sveti Kliment Ohridski, just to the north-west of the "Cinar" old plane tree and Zeynel Abedin Mosque. This area features a cluster of local and Turkish restaurants, cafes and shops.

    Antep Baklava is a small and simple place, with a couple of tables and chairs inside, no decor to speak of, and a glass counter displaying trays of sticky Turkish baklava.

    We popped in for dessert one afternoon in March 2012 after eating lunch at nearby Restoran Neim. There were several trays containing a selection of different shaped and sized pieces of baklava. Each piece cost just 10 or 15 MKD / £0.15 - £0.20.

    We each had three small pieces of baklava; each one varying in shape and in the amount of syrup and pistachio nuts that it contained. We also asked the man behind the counter to put us some more pieces in a box to take away with us for later.

    A few nights earlier we had eaten at the nearby Restoran Ariz. We ordered baklava for dessert and noticed that the waiter went to purchase the baklava from here. He charged us 50 MKD per piece – but we don't begrudge him charging a mark-up!

    Delicious, sticky, syrup-drenched baklava at great value prices! Recommended!

    Antep Baklava, Ohrid A plate of baklava at Antep Baklava, Ohrid A tray of baklava at Antep Baklava, Ohrid Trays of baklava at Antep Baklava, Ohrid

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    Restoran Neim: Good value Macedonian and Turkish cuisine

    by SWFC_Fan Written May 19, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My girlfriend and I ate at Restoran Neim one afternoon during our visit to Ohrid in March 2012.

    Restoran Neim is located at the northern end of pedestrianised Sveti Kliment Ohridski where it meets Goce Delcev. There are a cluster of local and Turkish restaurants and cafes in this area, all offering similar food at similar prices.

    We had previously enjoyed a nice meal at nearby Restoran Ariz, so decided to give Restoran Neim a try for lunch.

    The menu was similar to the one at Restoran Ariz. It was dominated by the "Grill" section which featured half and full roast chickens, burgers, kebabs, chicken steaks, liver, veal and sudgjuk (Turkish sausage). As well as the multitude of meat dishes, the menu included omelettes, sandwiches, salads and various bean and rice dishes.

    Emma and I both ordered exactly the same food and drink:

    Moussaka - Price: 120 MKD / £1.60

    A dish of mince meat, aubergines, potato and onions. It was tasty enough, but was only luke warm and I got the impression that it had been cooked some time earlier and had cooled down. We received a complimentary basket of sliced bread which was ideal for soaking up the sauce of the moussaka.

    187ml bottle of T'ga za Jug red wine - Price: 100 MKD / £1.40

    I came to enjoy this popular dry red Macedonian Vranec wine during our stay in the country. We each had a small bottle with our meal here.

    Turkish tea - Price: 10 MKD / £0.14

    A glass of piping hot Turkish black tea with sugar.

    One of the most enjoyable things about this meal was that Restoran Neim is a no smoking restaurant, so we enjoyed our food in an airy dining room that was free of cigarette smoke. We found this to be quite rare in Macedonia.

    Good value local and Turkish food. Our meals were tasty, but could have been hotter.

    Restoran Neim, Ohrid Dining room at Restoran Neim, Ohrid Moussaka at Restoran Neim, Ohrid T'ga Za Jug red wine at Restoran Neim, Ohrid Turkish tea at Restoran Neim, Ohrid

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    Caffe Millenium: Pavement cafe near Lake Ohrid

    by SWFC_Fan Written May 14, 2012

    We stopped off for a morning drink at Caffe Millenium during our stay in Ohrid in March 2012.

    Caffe Millenium is located amongst a stretch of cafes on the town square at the end of pedestrianised Kliment Ohridski, just metres away from Lake Ohrid.

    All of the cafes look similar; they all have canopies and outdoor seating which is perfect for people-watching on a sunny day. We chose Caffe Millenium over the other cafes for the simple reason that there were fewer people smoking at their tables.

    As we watched the world go by, I enjoyed a strong espresso coffee (40 MKD / £0.55) and Emma had a green tea with lemon and honey (40 MKD / £0.55).

    A relaxing cafe, ideal for people-watching near Lake Ohrid!

    Caffe Millenium, Ohrid Drinks with a view - Caffe Millenium, Ohrid Espresso coffee at Caffe Millenium, Ohrid Cafes on town square, Ohrid

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    Restoran Ariz: Delicious Tavche Gravche...tasty looking chickens!

    by SWFC_Fan Written May 14, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My girlfriend and I ate at Restoran Ariz one evening during our visit to Ohrid in March 2012.

    Restoran Ariz is located at the northern end of pedestrianised Kliment Ohridski, amongst a cluster of local and Turkish cafes, restaurants and baklava outlets.

    It is a simple place with basic decor, but a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a fairly extensive menu of local cuisine. The prices are also very reasonable. At the time of our visit, a TV set was showing a Turkish football match between Fenerbahce and Samsunspor and most of the other diners were male.

    The largest section on the menu is found under the heading of "Grill". This includes beefsteaks, liver, kidney, sausages, kebabs, burgers and ribs. It also includes full and half roasted chickens (350 and 180 MKD respectively). We had seen these cooking on a rotisserie outside the restaurant and saw them being served to other tables. They looked and smelled delicious!

    The rest of the menu was made up of salads, bean dishes, rice and spaghetti.

    We shared a couple of salads to start:

    Shopska Salad - Price: 100 MKD / £1.40

    Tomato, cucumber and lettuce topped with a large portion of grated white goat's cheese and an olive.

    Cheese Salad - Price: 80 MKD / £1.10

    Similar to the Shopska Salad except the cheese was whole rather than grated. A decent sized piece of white goat's cheese, similar to feta cheese, served with lettuce, tomato and cucumber.

    For my main, I opted for:

    Tavche Gravche - Price: 80 MKD / £1.10

    I'd eaten lots of Tavche Gravche during our visit to Macedonia and I was becoming something of a connoisseur of this famous baked bean stew. Compared to the Tavche Gravche I ate elsewhere, this one compared favourably. The sauce was thicker and meatier than anywhere else I'd had the dish and there was shredded meat in the sauce to accompany the beans. I really enjoyed it! At just 80 MKD, it was excellent value for money.

    Emma opted for:

    Beans with Gulas - Price: 120 MKD / £1.60

    This dish looked fairly similar to the Tavche Gravche, but came in a thinner and more tomato-based sauce and contained larger chunks of beef. We shared a large basket of sliced crusty bread, which was the ideal accompaniment for both of our meals; perfect for soaking up the tasty sauces!

    We'd enjoyed our meal, but we still had room for dessert. Although no desserts were listed on the menu, our waiter told us that they served various cakes including baklava:

    2 x pieces of baklava - Price: 50 MKD / £0.65 each

    We noticed that our waiter had left the restaurant to go and fetch the baklava. He returned a few minutes later with a couple of sticky syrup-drenched, nut-topped flaky pastries. It is likely that he bought them from the "Antep Baklava" shop opposite; we purchased delicious baklava there for 15 MKD a piece later in our stay, but we don't begrudge Restoran Ariz selling it to us at a mark-up!

    I had a large Skopsko beer (70 MKD / £0.95 for 500ml) and Emma had a cherry tea (30 MKD / £0.40).

    Excellent value local cuisine in a no-frills setting. The rotisserie cooked chickens looked lovely! The Tavche Gravche was delicious! Recommended!

    Restoran Ariz, Ohrid Shopska Salad at Restoran Ariz, Ohrid Cheese Salad at Restoran Ariz, Ohrid Tavche Gravche at Restoran Ariz, Ohrid Baklava at Restoran Ariz, Ohrid

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    Star Cinar: Local food, local prices...but a smoky atmosphere!

    by SWFC_Fan Written May 14, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Star Cinar was recommended in our Bradt guidebook as being a place that offered "local food at local prices". That's the kind of phrase that is guaranteed to grab my attention when I read it in a restaurant review, so we decided to eat there one evening during our stay in Ohrid in March 2012.

    Star Cinar is located close to the old plane tree ("Cinar") from which it takes its name, just off the pedestrianised Kliment Ohridski and Ohrid's central square.

    The first thing that struck us when we entered the restaurant's small dining room was the overpowering smell of cigarette smoke. The air was literally thick with smoke and it seemed that every diner in there was smoking. There was no way that we could enjoy our meal in those surroundings, so we asked if we could sit outside. It was a fairly cool evening, so we sat outside in the adjacent courtyard in our coats. The fresh air didn't last too long as we were soon joined by smokers at nearby tables; but it was still more bearable than being indoors.

    We thought about leaving and finding somewhere else to eat, but decided to persevere in the hope that the quality of the food would make up for a little discomfort.

    The menu was fairly extensive with a good choice of salads, soups, stews, grilled meat dishes and fish. The prices were also very competitive. I certainly wouldn't dispute the "local food at local prices" claim.

    To start, we shared:

    Star Chinar Mixed Oval - Price: 250 MKD / £3.40

    A decent sized plate of mixed meats, cheeses and salad. It consisted of slices of prosciutto and smoked pork, kulen (spicy salami-like sausage), hard sheep cheese, roast cheese in breadcrumbs, white cheese, kaymak (clotted cream), tomato, cucumber and a black olive. It was nice enough, but we had much better salads/starters than this one during our stay in Macedonia.

    For our mains, we both opted for:

    Tavche Gravche - Price: 100 MKD / £1.35

    The national dish of Macedonia – baked beans in a ceramic skillet. Compared to the Tavche Gravche that we enjoyed elsewhere in Ohrid and Skopje, this one was very ordinary, lacking the taste and thickness of sauce that we enjoyed in other restaurants. It was very good value for money, and we ate it all, but it was just average.

    To drink, I opted for a large draught Skopsko beer (80 MKD / £1.10 for 500ml) and Emma had a cup of green tea with honey and lemon (40 MKD / £0.55).

    Overall, we were a little disappointed with Star Cinar. In fact, that's not entirely true: I was a little disappointed with Star Cinar, while Emma absolutely hated it. Sitting in the cold in a futile attempt to avoid the cigarette smoke wasn't an ideal scenario and the pretty average food didn't make up for that fact. I will say that the prices were very reasonable, but we found that to be the case wherever we went in Macedonia, and we had better meals than this one at similar prices.

    Star Cinar restaurant, Ohrid Tavche Gravche at Star Cinar restaurant, Ohrid Large draught Skopsko beer at Star Cinar

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  • SWFC_Fan's Profile Photo

    Restaurant Belvedere: Good value, large portions!

    by SWFC_Fan Written May 13, 2012

    Restaurant Belvedere was recommended to us by our host in Ohrid (Tina at Villa Boban) as being a place with a great central location, excellent food and unbeatable value for money. With such a favourable reference, we just had to give it a try one evening during our stay in March 2012.

    Restaurant Belvedere is located on Kej Marshal Tito, just inland from Lake Ohrid, close to the centre of town.

    When we arrived, the large dining room was empty. It was off-season and generally very quiet, so the lack of fellow diners didn't concern us. We were impressed with the cosy, if somewhat unusual, decor of the restaurant. The walls of the dining room, and behind the bar, were covered in musical instruments and hunting weapons. There was a welcoming open log fire, wooden furniture and wine racks and the tables were covered in pristine white tablecloths and set with wine glasses and candlesticks. It was quite an intimate atmosphere all told.

    During the course of our meal, the restaurant filled up. Amongst the other diners was a large table of Turkish tourists (maybe 20 or more of them) who seemed to be there on some sort of package that included live entertainment from a traditional band that played music by their table.

    I started with:

    Fish broth - Price: 130 MKD / £1.75

    A large bowl of piping hot soup which the menu informed me contained 80g of trout. It was delicious, with flaky white fish (just a couple of tiny bones, as thin as hairs), red peppers and herbs. It was served with a basket of sliced crusty bread. I'd certainly recommend the fish broth to anybody who likes seafood.

    Emma started with:

    Onion soup au gratin - Price: 150 MKD / £2.00

    A similar sized bowl of piping hot onion soup topped with cheese toast. Emma enjoyed it a lot.

    For my main, I opted for:

    Spaghetti with prawns - Price: 300 MKD / £4.00

    A huge portion (I couldn't eat it all!) of spaghetti with dozens of small prawns and a tomato based sauce. Very nice, but very filling.

    Emma opted for:

    Chicken fingers - Price: 270 MKD / £3.60

    Tender strips of chicken covered in breadcrumbs and served with potatoes, beans, peas, sweetcorn and tartare sauce.

    During the course of our meal, we shared 5 small bottles of wine:

    Tikves Vranec red wine - Price: 190 MKD / £2.50 per 187ml bottle

    The food was delicious. In fact, Emma will tell you that it was by far the best meal that she had during our week long stay in Macedonia. I'd agree that it was very good (and exceptionally good value for money), but I would say that some of the local food that I tried elsewhere just shaded it.

    The portions were very generous; neither of us had room to satisfy our curiosity and order the "Ohrid Cake" from the dessert menu. Instead, we went for a long walk along the lake to walk off the calories!

    Great food, large portions and fantastic value for money – right in the centre of Ohrid. Highly recommended!

    Restaurant Belvedere, Ohrid Dining room at Restaurant Belvedere, Ohrid Fish broth at Restaurant Belvedere, Ohrid Spaghetti with prawns at Restaurant Belvedere Tikves Vranec red wine at Restaurant Belvedere

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    Zito Leb: Bake & Cake: Delicious flaky burek for breakfast!

    by SWFC_Fan Written May 13, 2012

    One of the foods that I was most looking forward to trying during our trip to Macedonia in March 2012 was burek. I intended to eat these flaky pastries for breakfast whenever I got the chance.

    Kristi (VTer: Dabs) had recommended Zito Leb: Bake & Cake as a great place to sample the meat-filled burek, so we located a branch one morning during our stay in Ohrid.

    We bought our pastries from the branch on Sveti Kliment Ohridski, next to the "Cinar" old plane tree, and sat at a bench in the square to eat them.

    I opted for a meat-filled slice of burek and Emma opted for a cheese-filled slice of burek. Each piece was large, flaky, dripping in grease and remarkably good value at just 40 MKD / £0.55 per slice. The meat was tasty and the portion was filling. I was glad of the paper bag that it came in as it protected my jeans from the dripping grease and the flakes of pastry that crumbled away as I made a mess of eating it!

    As well as the two slices of burek, we also purchased a pastry filled with cherries in a cherry sauce, a chocolate doughnut and a muffin. Our total bill was just 160 MKD / £2.20.

    Delicious flaky burek for breakfast. Recommended!

    Zito Leb: Bake & Cake, Ohrid Burek from Zito Leb: Bake & Cake, Ohrid Burek from Zito Leb: Bake & Cake, Ohrid Cherry pastry from Zito Leb: Bake & Cake, Ohrid Zito Leb: Bake & Cake

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    Beach Restaurant Potpes: A great place for a beachside drink!

    by SWFC_Fan Written May 13, 2012

    My girlfriend and I stopped off at Beach Restaurant Potpes for drinks and a snack one afternoon during our visit to Ohrid in March 2012.

    We had just visited Sveti Jovan Monastery and were walking back to Ohrid town centre, via Kaneo beach and fishing village, when we stumbled across this beachside restaurant.

    The location is idyllic – right on the small pebbly Potpes beach on the banks of crystal clear Lake Ohrid.

    The restaurant itself is located just back from the beach, with tables out front on the beach. There is also an elevated wooden terrace, connected to the mountainside, which offered slightly raised views over the beach and the lake. We sat on this raised terrace, all alone, as the warm sun shone but a cooling breeze blew incessantly across our table. The view was sublime – we overlooked a small wooden fishing pier jutting out into the clear blue lake with a backdrop of snow-capped mountains.

    We only intended to stop for a refreshing drink, but with the tempting menu in front of us we decided we might as well have a snack as well. We weren't hungry enough for any of the grilled fish or meat dishes, so we decided to share:

    Mixed Cold Snacks - Price: 250 MKD / £3.40

    A large plate filled with lettuce, 3 types of cheese (a crumbly white goat's cheese, a hard yellow cheese and a rubbery mild tasting cheese), salami, ham, chicken ham, black olives and a dip that was similar to cottage cheese. We both enjoyed picking at the tasty nibbles.

    Rather inevitably, I had a Skopsko beer (100 MKD / £1.35 for a 330ml bottle) and Emma had a bottle of blueberry juice (100 MKD / £1.35 for a 250ml bottle).

    The prices were very reasonable considering the superb lakeside location. They were no more expensive than the average prices found in the centre of Ohrid.

    A great lakeside beach location, with competitive prices. An ideal place for a relaxing drink overlooking Lake Ohrid. Recommended!

    Beach Restaurant Potpes viewed from Lake Ohrid Elevated wooden terrace at Beach Restaurant Potpes View from our table at Beach Restaurant Potpes Skopsko beer at Beach Restaurant Potpes, Ohrid

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    Luan Turkish Cafe: Turkish tea in Ohrid!

    by SWFC_Fan Written Apr 25, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Most of our evenings in Ohrid during our stay in March 2012 ended with a glass of Turkish tea at Luan Turkish Cafe.

    This simple cafe is located near the end of pedestrianised Sveti Kliment Ohridski where it meets Goce Delcev. There are several Turkish cafes, restaurants and baklava outlets clustered around this area.

    Luan Turkish Cafe is largely a male preserve; Emma was the only female I ever saw in there. Men of all ages were sitting at tables, sipping small glasses of Turkish tea and either playing dominoes or card games, chatting or watching live football (from England, Spain and Turkey during our visits) on a TV screen that was mounted in the top corner of the cafe.

    Piping hot glasses of strong Turkish tea were just 10 MKD (£0.15) and were very enjoyable once a small spoonful of sugar was added!

    The cafe is open until 11pm each night, which made it an ideal place to stop off for a late night drink on the way back to our accommodation.

    Luan Turkish Cafe, Ohrid Turkish tea at Luan Turkish Cafe, Ohrid

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