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    St Jovan at Kaneo
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Ohrid Things to Do

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  • other churches & monasteries

    This Church was built in the first half of the 10th century. It is situated in the upper part of Ohrid, near the Gate. The belongings of St. Clement were transferred to this church from the previous church St. Panteleimon, which was burned and converted into a mosque by the Turks. The most important treasures of the church are the old...

  • on the lake...

    Lake Ohrid makes up part of the border between Macedonia and Albania. It is quite deep, 298m at its most, and 164m on average. Almost 31km long and 15km from side to side. It is said to be one of the oldest lakes in the world. There are some endemic species of fish in the lake, like a very popular but expensive kind of trout. When I visited the...

  • samuil fortress

    4 out of 5 stars

    When I titled this tip "You really shouldn't miss it" I actually meant it in both senses of the phrase. Physically, you shouldn't miss it as it completely dominates the city sat atop the large mount to the West of town and you shouldn't miss it as it is a wonderful place to visit with superb views over the city and the lake. I refer, of course, to...


Ohrid Hotels

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  • Hotel Gorica

    For 4 years we as a family are coming to Ohrid. This specially because of the nice fresh air, no...

  • Hotel Bellevue

    Having spent my first week in an excellent hotel in the centre of Ohrid (Millennium Palace) I then...

  • Hotel Tino

    During the VT Euromeet 2011 we spent two nights in a double room of Hotel Tino. The price for the...


Ohrid Restaurants

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  • Antico

    5 out of 5 stars

    Two restaurants were recommended to us as the best in the city – Antiko and Sveta Sofija. Both are very good, and it would be very hard to pick the better one, so we will not even try to do that. Antiko is probably the best known and the most popular restaurant in Ohrid. It is situated in massive, stone building of an ancient appearance (but we...

  • Ostrovo Sveti Naum

    4 out of 5 stars

    This is another place we visited as part of Euromeet 2011 when we had a lazy day touring by bus from Bitola to Ohrid. This is a spectacularly sited eatery occupying its own island on a mini lake at the source of the Black Drim River, just down the road from the St Naum monastery. For our pre-arranged dinner we had exclusive use of the whole of the...

  • Dalga Restaurant

    4 out of 5 stars

    With its decked terrace on the shores of the lake Dalga is one of the best located restaurants in the city - most of the other lakeshore places are more cafe/bar than restaurant. This was the venue for our final dinner of Euromeet 2011 and because most had been late arriving after the bus tour of Western Macedonia was a bit more rushed and low-key...


Ohrid Nightlife

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  • club nemo

    A nice cafe, with a lot of folks! Infested with youth, nice girls and not many guys! Overall music that's allright, good atmosphere most importantly! If you feel Funky then you'll also look that way!

  • the festival

    The festival has a lot to offer to lovers of classical music. Nightlife in general: not a place for those seeking a wild nightlife. There are clubs and places for the young to rave at night, but in general most people have a drink in the bars and restaurants and get to bed at a reasonable hour.

  • Lively cafe bar in Ohrid town centre

    We visited La Terrasse Cafe Bar one evening during our visit to Ohrid in March 2012.While Ohrid itself was quiet at that time of year, La Terrasse was bustling on the evening that we visited.La Terrasse is located on the upper floor of a small shopping mall on Sveti Kliment Ohridski, right in the centre of town. It enjoys a corner location, with...


Ohrid Transportation

  • getting to ohrid

    My girlfriend and I took a taxi from Struga to Ohrid during our visit to Macedonia in March 2012. We were staying in Ohrid and had caught a bus (cost: 40 MKD each) from there to Struga for the day. We intended to catch the bus back to Ohrid but, having walked to the town's inter-city bus station, we discovered that the buses to Ohrid don't stop...

  • getting around ohrid

    Taxis are a plenty in Ohrid andf they are not that expencive. Al licenced taxis are white and sky blue with nubler on the back side panels of the cars. all those numbers mean they are lincenced proper taxies.. Strating price is 50MKD denars, and if you do not fancy walking from the Bus station which is bit out of the way, to the center, than...

  • on the lake

    During a visit to Ohrid in March 2012, my girlfriend and I took a couple of boat trips on Lake Ohrid. The first of these was a pleasure trip; a round trip from the harbour past the old town and Sveti Jovan Kaneo Monastery (See tip in "Things to Do" section). The second trip was more about convenience. We had just visited Sveti Jovan Kaneo...


Ohrid Shopping

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  • pearls

    Ohrid is famous for its OHRID PEARLS. The Talevi family fervently guard the tradition and the single recipe for the manufacturing of this beautiful and unique jewelery. Since 1924, the Talevi family has been designing Ohrid Pearls. The secret of preparations of the emulsion has been passed from father to son. The pearl's origin begins with scales...

  • Market.

    This is mostly a market for vegetables but at one end of the market area there are also other things like electrical equipment, shoes, clothes and the like. It's an outdoor covered market.

  • Where To Get Your Touristy Bits!

    The main pedestrianised street leading off the main square (down by the harbour) has all the basic shops you could require for souvenirs, batteries, photo printing and etc. There's also a couple of ATM's, fast food places and clothes shops.Keep going up that street though and you get to the shops where the locals do their shopping - it's not that...


Ohrid Local Customs

  • Local fishermen boats

    Along the promenade, you will see many little motor boats and water taxis. They will offer to take you to the beaches or a relaxing ride to Saint Jovan at Kaneo, where you will have the opportunity to take some breath-taking shots of the monastery perched high up on the cliffs. Hardly a day went by that we were not asked to go on "their" boat. We...

  • Festivals

    Every year, from the middle of July until the middle of August, the Ohrid Summer Festival is held. There are concerts and plays in old locations, such as the Roman Amphitheater and the Church of St Sofia. At the square close to the new port, there is a small booth where you can get information and tickets.

  • Lake Ohrid Flora And Fauna

    Lake Ohrid is one of Europe's oldest and deepest lakes (with a maximum depth of 288 metres) and because its inflow is predominantly from mountain springs and the Black Drin River (which is also its only outlet) it has developed a unique ecosystem.The endemic species of flora and fauna aren't particularly exotic but rather are unique variations of...


Ohrid Warnings and Dangers

  • Toll for the road through Galicica...

    A road through Galicica National Park connects Lake Ohrid with Lake Prespa.To take this road, turn left into the Galicica NP just after the village Trpejca, when you are on the road from Ohrid to the south of the lake.At the highest point, at the small chapel of St George, you have a great view of the lake. If you climb the surrounding hills a bit,...

  • Hassle

    There are a lot of tourists in Ohrid, and so squeezing money out of them is big business. Four times in the first three hours in Ohrid I was tapped up by the local hawkers. The best of all was Alex the abstract artist, who wanted to paint my portrait. He was good. We must have talked for a good half hour before I twigged it was actually a sales...

  • Go prepared if walking in the old town

    Even though it was only the beginning of the summer, to get to the sights in the old town you have to do a fair amount of climbing and it was quite warm. Be sure to wear good shoes for walking on uneven surfaces and bring something to drink, I did find a small shop selling bottled water near the ampitheater but after that I didn't see any places...


Ohrid Tourist Traps

  • Sobe , zimmer , room . Everyone you see...

    When you arrive Ohrid autogar too many people call you , "sobe,zimmer,room"Do not intrest them. Because autogar is so far from Ohrid centrum. But their rooms are closer to autogar. Take a taxi (it costs you between 45 and 70 MD ) and go centrum.You will see all the same things. Generally old people call you. Their prices start from 6 euro...

  • excursions around Ohrid and another...

    Very nice one day's trips to national parks, monasterys, traditionaly vilagges and authentic thinks and historical places. Unbelievable and unforgettable excursions with helps of one profesional tourist guide wich prepear for as 7 excursions. Very day a diferent trip. 1day - Trip to national park Galicica mountan and vilagges at Perspa lake 2day -...

  • Return bus ticket Skopje-Ohrid

    Even though I bought a return ticket from Skopje to Ohrid I had to confirm the reservation on the way back. You can make a confirmation not only at the bus station but also at kiosk where once old bus station was. Without the reservation you cannot take the bus to Skopje.


Ohrid What to Pack

  • Travel Guide

    During our 8 days in Macedonia, of which 4 days were occupied by the 7th VT Euromeet, we used a travel guide of the German company Trescher Verlag.They are specialised in individual travels in Eastern countries. Unfortunately their guides are only available in German.The Macedonia guide includes a wide range of information about sights,...

  • Free map and brochures of Ohrid

    Although Ohrid is one of the most touristy towns in Macedonia it doesn't have a proper Tourist Information Office. Nevertheless free maps of the town as well as some interesting free brochures with detailed descriptions of the sights are available from most accomodations and some private Tourist Agencies.Website: http://www.ohrid.com.mk/

  • Packing List

    Macedonia is rich of mineral water sources and you'll even take your bath with mineral water, so don't buy extra bottles.


Ohrid Off The Beaten Path

  • outside ohrid

    During a hike through Galicica National Park from the village Elshani to Konjsko we passed the Samotska Dupka Cave. Unfortunately, the cave was closed with a fence and it was impossible to enter. You may be able to arrange a visit to the cave through the Galicica National Park office (along the road from Ohrid to Velestovo) but I am not...

  • st. naum

    Some 30km south of Ohrid on the lake is the beautiful, if small, monastery of St. Naum. The monastery was built in 900AD by its namesake, St. Naum, who came to Ohrid after being expelled for his disobedience to German priests in Great Moravia. His body is now interred within the monastery, and he attracts many devoted tourists every day of the...

  • boat trips

    Crkvata Sveta Bogorodica Zaumska – the Church of the Holy Mother of God at Zaum is the beautiful, richly decorated edifice. It is located approximately 20 km from the city of Ohrid, at the stunning location, on a small secluded beach squeezed between almost vertical rocks of Mount Galicica on the east, and water of the Ohrid Lake on the west. It is...


Ohrid Sports & Outdoors

  • swimming

    First held in 1924 the Ohrid open water swim is a televised competition held by the city of Ohrid and now FINA and the World Swimming Association. Many national and local swimmers compete for a cash prize and a trophy. It is very fun to watch. When I lived in Ohrid I was on the swim team, but I never got the chance to compete in this. The...

  • Map of Galicica National Park

    Finally there is a map with hiking trails in the Galicica National Park near Ohrid.In 2012 the map was NOT available at the Galicica National Park Office, where you would expect it to be available since the National Park Office is located directly at the border of Galicica National Park.We only could find the map at "Mega Tours", in the center of...

  • Hike to Magaro peak near Ohrid

    This is a beautiful GPS hike in Galicica National Park near Ohrid, that we did in the summer of 2014. This round trip is 8.5 km in length, with a height difference of about 700 m.This hike is relatively easy because of its short length and not too much height difference. It is a good hike to start with if you plan to do more demanding hikes...


Ohrid Favorites

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  • the lake

    Ohrid is located at the Lake Ohrid, which is one of the oldest and deepest lakes in Europe. The lake is situated at a height of 695 m above sea level and it is surrounded by mountains of more than 2000 m. In 1979 the UNESCO declared the lake as a world heritage site. Ohrid is home to a wide and long lake promenade which leads from the harbour...

  • architecture

    Among Ohrid's treasures is its UNIQUE ARCHITECTURE. The old two-story houses are tall, with eaves, rectangular wooden windows and massive nailed doors. Many are near the old town section near St. Sofia's church. One being, the House of the Kanevce Family. It has a tiny ground floor and two stories slightly bigger (pic # 1). It really looks like a...

  • views

    During our 4 days in Ohrid the light over Lake Ohrid and the old town was always fascinating at around dusk, when the sky was darkening and turning into red colours. A walk along the promenade Kej Marshal Tito towards the old town and the harbour at this time of the day offered many photo opportunities of brilliant light plays in the sky and...


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