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  • Prilep
    by Pijlmans
  • Fortress Towers of Marko
    Fortress Towers of Marko
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  • Mako's citadel in the distance.....
    Mako's citadel in the distance.....
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Prilep Things to Do

  • St Archagel Michael Monastery

    St Archangel Michael monastery is located on the slopes of dead vulcanoe towering over Prilep town. In the Varosh part of town.The monastery is build in the XIV AD by King Volkashin & his son Marko,and since than prospered and developed as one of the maing religious centers in this part of Macedonia.It has been dammaged and repared, extended and...

  • Itar Pejo, Macedonian Icon of wit and...

    Prilep is home of Itar Pejo (clever Pejo) very witty and vise viileger from Mariovo,imortalised by Macedonian writer Stale Popov.His statue is erected on the place where 200yrs ago was public water tap and where he usualy visited, on his trips to Prilep.Trought Pejo, and his escepades is portrayed the wit and visdom of Macedonian people, sometime...

  • The city clock

    The city clock is located in the old bazar, downtown. With its specific look it is recognised as a mark of the city Prilep. The locals also have another name for the clock, they call it ZERO POINT.

  • Visit Markovi Kuli

    Markovi Kuli is an archeological resort on the top of the mountain, close to the town. You will have a breathtaking view of the city and the fields, from there. Markovi Kuli means Marko's Castles. It was named by the national hero Marko Krale who built the castles in the 14Th. century.

  • Fountain

    This beautiful fountain with a lion on it can be found close to the Clock Tower in the old Turkish part of Prilep.

  • Clock Tower

    The Clock Tower of Prilep dominates the old Turkish part of the town.Next to it, the ruins of a mosque can be seen.

  • City Square, Metodi Satarov Sarlo

    This spacious pedestrian area, called Metodi Satarov Sarlo, is next to the old Turkish part of Prilep, where also the Clock Tower can be found.The pictures were taken on a national holiday, when it was extremely quiet on this otherwise crowded square.

  • Monastery of St Michael the Archangel,...

    The monastery can be found relatively close to the Towers of Marko, in a part of Prilep called Varos. It has a big 15th-century iron doorway. Underneath the main inn is a deep well, that can be entered through a small doorway. Take your flashlight!The second oldest Cyrillic inscription in Macedonia can be found here, carved at eye-level into the...

  • While you are walking downtown

    Marko Cepenko was a writer that recorded oral Macedonian Stories from the time of the Ottoman Empire. He was born in Prilep. This monument is deducated to him. The building beside the monument is a cultural centre and it has a name of Marko Cepenko.


Prilep Hotels

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  • Kristal Palas

    Good, but expensive hotel, with 22 rooms. A double room costs about 40-50 euros, including...

  • Hotel Salida

    Ul. Orde Copela BB, 97500

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

Prilep Restaurants


    "Makedonska Kuka" is a Restaurant in the hart of Prilep, and it's serves National dishes.The restaurant is decked in traditional Macedonian ambient. The another thing wich is very nice, is that, they have big courtyard, which gives impresion of Macedonian village stagecoach inn.Very nice in the hot summer days, as you can eat outside and the sound...

  • Traditional Food in a Museum-Like...

    Entering this restaurant you almost feel like in a museum, all walls are nicely decorated with tradtional Macedonian costumes, well preserved old farming tools and historic kitchen crockery. The place is nice and roomy and in the warm season the guests are served in a large nicely covered patio.The food, you guessed it, is also inspired by the...

  • National MK cuisine

    The restaurant presents a traditional Makedonian house with authentical furnishes and frescoes.The national foods are prepared according to the old original recipes, with complementary ethno music as a background.Wide building, with capacity of 200 people inside, and 250 outside.


Prilep Off The Beaten Path

  • Monastery of Treskavec, Prilep

    The Monastery of Treskavec lies 10 km outside Prilep. It is built on the ancient town of Kolobaise (3rd century BC - 7th century AD). The Church of St Bogorodica (Holy Mother of God) on the complex dates back to the 14th century, but was built on the foundations of a 6th-century basilica. You should take a flashlight to be able to see the frescoes...

  • Pesna Cave, outside of Prilep

    This cave has an enormous entrance. Before the entrance, there are the ruins of a Byzantine fortress.The legend has it that this fortress used to be the home of Pesna, the sister of King Marko (1335- 1395). The spring of the river Peshnica is located in the cave itself.The cave is close to the village Makedonski Brod. If you take the road from...

  • Monastery of Zrze, outside of Prilep

    After a trip with a rental car from Ohrid to Bitola, Heraclea Lyncestis, Prilep and the Towers of Marko, we decided to drive back from Prilep to Ohrid via Kicevo, in order to visit the Monastery of Zrze. The Monastery is also called the Monastery of the Holy Transfiguration (St Saviour).The Monastery of Zrze lies above the village of Zrze. To get...


Prilep Favorites

  • Tabaco fields

    Prilep is know as center od tabaco production in Macedonia.All around the town are endles fields where locals grow & prduce tabaco. Smell as tabaco drying in the warm early autmn nights

  • international call

    If you need to make phone call, the telecomunication office is a part of the Post Oficce Building. Ask the locals where is the Post Office. It is at downtown and easy to find.

  • Master Card

    This building at downtown is a bank where you can take money from your account. As I know they accept a master card.


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