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  • The city panorama from Isar
    The city panorama from Isar
    by Odiseya
  • Hil of Isar
    Hil of Isar
    by Odiseya
  • Active vacation
    Active vacation
    by Odiseya

Stip Things to Do

  • Who could resist the challenge to write...

    Between the Otinja and Bregalnica rivers, about 500 feet high on the rocky hill over the town of Isar, the Stip, or Isar, Fortress, stands guard.People say that the fortress was built by King Marko, while his sister Maria was building a road and bridge through the canyon so that the people could cross the Bregalnica River. Even though she advised...

  • City square "Freedom"

    City square "Freedom" (Macedonian: Градски плоштад „Слобода", read: Gradski ploštad "Sloboda") is central area of city's downtown. The focus point of square was relatively new statue of Alexander The Great. This monument was...

  • Isar fortress

    Isar fortress is one of main landmarks of Stip.Located high above, it guarded the town of Stip in the state of Czar Samoil. Today there is also a metal cross, in honor of 2000 year of Christianity in this region. Strategic position of hill is reason way Stip is refers like "The City under the Isar".The time of construction is unknown. Some...

  • Saint Archangel Michael Church

    Saint Archangel Michael Church is build under the fortress Isar. It estimate that was build in 14th century and it was documented that in 1334 Serbian Tzar Dušan Silni (as at the time this region was under his rule) devoted this church to famous Hilandarion Monastery on Atos. The church has one dome and it is on a cross-shaped basis. The outside...

  • Bezisten - what is that?

    For visitors of Štip unfamiliar with Ottoman architecture I believe that it could be quite intriguing to see a pyramid-look-a-like massive stone building in city center surrounding with typical towns building. I was been surprised and I must find out what is it. And... this is one of few "bezisten" on area of Balkan.Bezisten - what is that?Bezisten...

  • The Blues from Stip

    The Blues (Macedonian Cyrillic: Сини) are popular name for local soccer club FK Bregalnica Stip. It is a town honor. Correctly their play in Macedonian first soccer League. From Isar hill it can be seen the City Stadium Štip. It has a capacity of 4,000 seats. The club's most successful years were those between 1964 and 1984...

  • Walk along the Otinja river

    The walking by the river, no matter where is it, is always a good way to relax (at least for me).Otinja river is very interesting. It is small river who bisects the town.The river springs out near the town Čeprovka, flows into Bregalnica river little further from Stip, near the town of Isar (Novo selo).During the summer months often dries up...

  • The Church of St John the Baptist

    On the right bank of the river Otinja, on the south side of the Isar hill, a church dedicated to St. John the Baptist was built in 1350.It is a single-room church with no cupola. Its construction was supported by Jovan Probistipovic, Despot Oliver’s landowner. Today only fragments remain from the fresco paintings. The paintings of Czar Konstantin...

  • Monastery of St Petka

    This Monastery dedicated to St Petka is located outside of Stip, along the same road to the archeological site Bargala and Vrteska. It is located between Bargala and Vrteska.There are several sources with holy water.You can spend the night in this monastery.We where there only shortly, on our way to Mountain Hut Vrteska.

  • Ajducka Cave

    You can visit this cave from the Mountain Hut Vrteska, but only with a guide from the Mountain Club Lisec. Our guides were Lazar from the website below, and his friend Marija.The cave is closed with an iron gate, so even in the unlikely case you find it by yourself, you would not be able to enter. The Kup Cave, which we visited first, was about...

  • Kup Cave

    You can visit this cave from the Mountain Hut Vrteska, but only with a guide from the Mountain Club Lisec. Our guides were Lazar from the website below, and his friend Marija.The cave is closed with an iron gate, so even in the unlikely case you find it by yourself, you would not be able to enter. The Kup cave was about 90-120 minutes walking from...

  • Church of St George

    Next to Mountain Hut Vrteska, you will find the Church of St George.

  • Mountain Hut Vrteska

    Mountain hut Vrteska is about 40 km from Stip, near the village Vrteska on the Plackovica mountain.About 50 people can stay here, it has 6 rooms with 2, 4, 6 or 14 beds. There is a kitchen, where you can prepare the food that you have to take yourself if you stay here.The Church of St George was built next to the mountain hut. People from Stip come...

  • Church of St George at Bargala (II)

    Some pictures of what is left of the frescoes inside the Church of St George at Bargala.In 2010 the frescoes were being renovated. Even on the pictures you can see that there were several layers of frescoes made over the years.

  • Church of St George at Bargala (I)

    This early Christian Church dedicated to St George (Sveti Gorgi) is next to the argeological site Bargala, just outside its former defense walls. It is from the 9th or 11th century, and was renovated in the 14th century. When we were there in 2010, renovation of the frescoes was ongoing. You could clearly see 3 different layers of frescoes.See the...

  • Archeological site Bargala

    Bargala was one of the more important fortified towns in Macedonia in the Late Antiquity and early Byzantium. It was constructed between the 4th and 6th century AD. Its name is related to the river Bregalnica. The site is very well kept, not overgrown and easily accessible. In 2010 it was still free to visit.We wandered over the site for almost 2...

  • Architecture in Novo Selo

    Novo Selo is a settlement next to Stip, southwest from the center. Novo Selo means "New Village", which is funny because it is older than most of nowadays Stip. We passed through Novo Selo all the time, since our accommodation was at the Kezovica Spa, about 2 km from the center of Stip.The Church of St Bogorodica and the school where Goce Delchev...

  • Monastery of St Petka

    The Monastery of St Petka is located on the right (west) bank of the river Bregalnica.It is not really a monastery (yet). We spoke to the man who built the church. The church was built after he had a dream to built a church on this location. He had never built anything in his live before, but he built the church. While he was building, he found the...

  • Hot water spring Ldzi

    Close to the settlement Novo Selo, at the bridge crossing the river Bregalnica, there is the hot mineral water spring Ldzi. It is used by the locals, they come with buckets to collect the water.I read that this water has the highest level of radioactivity in Macedonia, because it contains radioactive Radon.The water is used by patients with a...

  • Monument for Goce Delchev

    This monument is on one of the walls of the school where Goce Delchev was teaching.

  • School were Goce Delchev was a teacher

    Goce Delcev (1872-1903) was a Macedonian revolutionary who fought against the Ottoman occupiers of Macedonia. His name is also spelled as Gotse Delchev or Goce Delčev.At this school in Novo Selo he met another revolutionary hero, Dame Gruev.When we visited the school in 2010, it was in scaffolding and I guess it is being renovated.In the...

  • Church of St Bogorodica (II)

    Some pictures of the inside of Church of St Bogorodica, among which the hiding place of Goce Delcev.Apparently, the surrounding wooden chairs have been removed or are being renovated, because at the time of visiting (2010) this hiding place was not hidden but very obvious!

  • Church of St Bogorodica (I)

    The Church of St Bogorodica (Holy Mother of God) was probably erected in 1809, and renovated in 1850 by the master-builder Andreja Damjanov (1800-1878) and his brothers. He also built the Church of St Pantelejmon in Veles, both remarkably big, basilica-like churches, which are rare in Macedonia.Several hiding places were built within the church,...

  • Stip views

    The river Otinja runs through the center of Stip. When we were there in August 2010, the river was just a very small stream, and grass was growing between the sides of the river.Allegedly, in the spring, the melting water from the surrounding mountains makes this a real river!Since the Otinja river runs through the center of Stip, dividing the city...


Stip Restaurants

  • just OK

    Mal Odmor means "small rest". It seemed the waiters take this name very seriously, because it took a long time before somebody even came to our table (although the place was almost deserted).We had a nice table outside.My dish (grilled meat with some fries) was OK, but for my vegetarian girlfriend it was hard to find something on the menu. Again,...

  • Famous Pastrmajlija from Stip

    When we asked the staff at our accommodation (Kezovica Spa) for a good restaurant, they recommended pizzeria Roma in the center of Stip. They couldn't have done us a bigger favor!We had dinner there twice, both of the times the Pastrmajlija Stip is famous for. Pastrmajlija is some sort of oval pizza, with dices of dried pork on top...It is quite...

  • Do not go here

    I wonder how they can call themselves Irish Pub without Guinness on draft?! I ordered a Guinness, expecting draft (of course???), but it came in a bottle...Nobody is waiting for overpriced bottled Guinness! I can get that in the supermarket...We want draft! Better order a pint of Skopsko beer next time...That was the first disappointment.The food...


Stip Off The Beaten Path

  • Visit Vinica

    Vinica is a village about 40 km northeast of Stip.It has an interesting and relatively well preserved fortress.You can also try to find the overgrown ruins of the Basilica at the archeological site Gorica just outside Vinica.See my Vinica page in the link below for more information.

  • Visit Morodvis

    In Morodvis you can see the remains of a 5th century Basilica .Morodvis is about 40 km from Stip, 7 km south of Kocani.See the link below for my Morodvis page.

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Stip Sports & Outdoors

  • Odiseya's Profile Photo

    Hiking the Isar hill

    by Odiseya Updated Mar 17, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Walking is one of the simplest forms of exercise for pleasure, which reduce everyday tensions, which leaves no consequences and do not require special preparation, equipment and etc.

    The Stip Fortress, or better known as the Isar stands guard, is on the top of Isar hill.
    The hill of Isar, named by the fortress that dominates Stip extending in the direction north-south, in length of 350 meters and height of 150 meters from the Bregalnica river and Otinja river.

    Fort can be approached from several directions, although there is easy access to the stairs from one side.
    The fortress offers a breath taking view on panorama of Stip and the rivers Bregalnica and Otinja.

    Equipment: Hikers generally carry water, it is not a long trip.

    Hil of Isar Active vacation Downstairs
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  • The panorama of Stip from Isar fortress

    To the Isar fortress from the town it can be be approach from several directions. Although there is easy path to the stairs, I was choose a little more complicated way. Through poorly blazed trails and wild grass with a little effort I climbed to the fortress.The hill offer a breath-taking view at town and river Bregalnica. The pictures speak more...

  • Visit to a typicle Macedonian Town house

    Shtip is great place to spend your day. From the arheological site Isar, to the Town Museum to the typical Macedonian town houses.Few of them are still standing in Shtip. The youngest one is 177 yrs old. Unfortunatly they are not preserved by the State as is done in Ohrid, and slowely falling in disrepare.The owners try to upkeep them, but...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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