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  • Church of St Atanas, Leshok Monastery
    Church of St Atanas, Leshok Monastery
    by Pijlmans
  • Walled Houses
    Walled Houses
    by Pijlmans
  • Sarena Mosque
    Sarena Mosque
    by Pijlmans

Tetovo Things to Do

  • Monastery of Lesok

    While you are in Tetovo, do not miss the Monastery of Lesok. Leshok is a village a few kilometers northeast of Tetovo.See my Lesok page in the link below for more info about the monastery.

  • The Painted mosque

    Tetovo is the economic and cultural capital of the Albanians of FYR Macedonia... they live in the east, with the Albanian frontierthis region have had problemas some problems of separatist guerrillas during the recent times, because some Albanians of these zone want their independencethe Painted Mosque of Tetovo was made with Ottoman architecture

  • Sarena Mosque or Colorful Mosque

    One of the most beautiful mosques in Macedonia is the Sarena Dzamija, also called Colorful Mosque, Painted Mosque, Pasha Djamija (Prince's Mosque) or Motley Mosque.Allegedly 30,000 eggs were used to produce the paint.The bath house (Aman) on the other site of the river Pena used to be part of the complex. The bath house now houses the Tetovo Art...

  • Old Stone Bridge

    Just about 100m from the Sarena Mosque you will find this old stone bridge over the river Pena.

  • Church of St Nikola

    The Church of St Nikola is found in the north-west part of Tetovo, north of the river Pena and on the way to the village Lavce and the Tetovo Kale Fortress.St Nikola was closed at the moment of visiting.

  • Tetovo Art Gallery

    This old Aman (bath house) used to be part of the complex of the Sarena Mosque.It now houses an art gallery.See the pictures for the beautiful ceiling with the stars!

  • Tetovo Fortress or Kale

    On a hill above Tetovo is an old Ottoman fortress (kale) from the year 1820. It is not so well known as the Kale Fortress in Skopje or Tsar Samoil's fortress or Gradiste Kale near Ohrid, and it is certainly in a worse state. It's in a better state than the Kale in Kicevo though.But efforts are undertaken to renovate the fortress. At the moment of...

  • Church of St Bogorodica

    The Church of St Bogorodica lies in the north-west part of Tetovo, south of the river Pena.It was closed at the moment of visiting.

  • Popova Sapka peak

    Popova Sapka peak (A Hat of a Monk) is a peak on a near mountain, very known of hiking. It takes you like 3 hrs to walk to the top and 3 hrs to get down. The walk is very nice (if you can stand that much walking) but the problem comes when you get to the top - you realize there's nothing over there - no infrastructure, no water,no caffe or...

  • The Painted Mosque

    In my opinion, the painted mosque is the most beautiful thing to see in Tetovo. I know from a picture (see next tip) that it is also beautiful inside....though I have not yet gone in !!

  • The Painted Mosque - Interior

    I saw this picture on the internet ... and have to include it here so that you will know why you must go inside !!

  • Walk in the center

    The small stone bridges, old Turkish bath, and lively (but muddy and bumpy) streets make a walk through Tetovo interesting.


Tetovo Hotels

  • Hotel Tivoli Tetovo

    St. M.Tito no.19, Tetovo, 1220, Republic of Macedonia

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Couples

Tetovo Restaurants

  • ..pasul tetove

    Meza e Hajdarit ...gjelle popullore (pasul) qe ta knaq shpirtin. Ambient lokal me se shumti me njerez te katundeve perreth Tetoves

  • Tavce gravce - the most famous local...

    Restaurants offer mostly local cuisine - Albanian dishes, which are very good. Not expensive. Excellent service.The most famous local dish is 'Tavce gravce' (beens cooked with some meet). Don't forget to try it!

  • Hungry after skiing at Popova Sapka ?

    When you are heading home from skiing, stop in to Restaurant Matoshi for coffee or a nice meal. There are Macedonian and Albanian specialities on the menu, and it is a family run restaurant with nice ambiance and friendly service ! Last time we were there we had a fantastic mixed salad (which is rare in winter) and lovely toasted bread with herbs....


Tetovo Nightlife

  • Nightlife in Tetovo

    There is one good summer club with electro music in Tetovo (i can't remember the name), playing good drum'n'bass, techno, hous etc...If you come to Tetovo with friends, there are few interesting cafe-bars, like Medison, which are designed in the 'Western style'. Apart from that, many, many other places (caffe's, bars, restaurants) that you can find...

  • Crowded town!

    Nightlife in Tetovo is the nicest part of the day!Now with the built of two Universities the chances to have a nicer and greatest nightlife raised since now the percentage of students raised and of course they are the ones to make the city look wonderful, crowded and beautiful after all!..:) During the summer time the tempreture reaches up to...

  • Koncerte popullore

    ...nje rast shume i mire jo vetem te defrehesh me muzikë shqiptare por edhe te mesosh shume gjera per kulturen dhe traditen e tetovareve, shqiptareve. Veshu ashtu s'i ta don shpirti...edhe pse Tetova eshte nje nder qytetet ku veshjes i jepet shume rendesi. Te rinjet e Tetoves vishen ashtu si gjithe rinia e Europes.


Tetovo Transportation

  • Bus, cars, bicycles....

    Best way with public transport to get to Tetovo is by Bus..Buses are a plenty , very cheap and frequentAddress;BUS STATION - TETOVOstreet: Boris Kidrich б.б.1200 Tetovo There are National tametables:06:00 GOSTIVAR ZAS BUS - GOSTIVAR local sat and sun not working06:15 STRUGA VAKCARE - 2 - STRUGA pass trough regular06:15 SKOPJE RULE -...

  • Take a cab

    The best way to sightsee in Tetovo is whether by feet or by cab. I would rather walk, cos it's the best way to see everything and not to miss anything, but you also can take a cab which will take 100 Denars (Macedonian currency) = less than 2 Euros = 2$, for any destination in Tetovo.

  • Tetovo Hotels

    1 Hotels in Tetovo

Tetovo Local Customs

  • Pepper season in Macedonia

    I have never seen such amounts of peppers being sold on the street like in Tetovo! There were about 8 distinct sorts. In september people buy huge amounts of peppers for making the "local chutney"/ winter stores called ajvar. You find it also canned at shops. It is not sweet, but mild (blago) or hot (luto) and delicious to be eaten on bread (whith...

  • Qyteti i bukur ku dhe flasët...

    Qyteti i bukur ku dhe flasët gjuha shqipe. Vendet turistike në Tetovë janë: Mali Sharrë, Xhamija e Pashës, Ali Baba dhe shumë të tjerë.Dhe sidomos korzat nëpër qytet që janë shumë të mirënjohur në tërë Maqedonin, dhe ëndra jonë si shqiptarë është me fitu krejt vendin dhe me e bë një Shqipëri të madhe.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Tetovo Warnings and Dangers

  • First buildings to attack by rebels

    are the ones on top of the hill. they were also destroyed after with a rsponse attack by the macedonian army.

  • River Pena

    River Pena is a living example of a dumping site and even old cars, tyres etc. can be found in the river bed. The waste waters from the plants flow into the river, and as a result the river is completely dead. What a shame...I took this info from a website, just a small description of the river used in a militar action strategy:"...Albanian...

  • Bombed building

    this building was one of the ones bombed during the past attacks of the Albanian rebels.you can also see some bullet holes on the walls. I think this kind of building can represent public danger.


Tetovo Tourist Traps

  • Kale fortress - don't bother

    In my opnion, it's not worth the trip up into the mountains to see what remains (very little) of the Kale fortress. It is now also a military "installation". We came upon a gate, asked to go inside, and were escorted by someone from the Macedonian Army. Parts of the area were off limits, which is understandable, and the officer was very apologetic...

  • ..sharri dhe bjeshket e sharrit

    ...."ec i lire e mos u tut" se ne keto troje jeton arbi! ...te gjithe qe vizitojne Tetoven me rrethine, duhet patjeter te ngjiten ne bjeshket e larta te malit Sharr. Qe nga kufiri me Kosoven e deri ne hyrjen e qytetit jane kufitaret, folete e luftetareve te UCK, bjeshket, qe me bukurine e tyre natyrore knaqin shpirtin e cfardo udhetari. Vete kam...

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Tetovo Off The Beaten Path

  • Muslim district

    this street was maybe the worse street i went in whole Tetovo. People were looking strange to me and my friends. I don't really mind but my friends (they live in Tetovo) were scared.

  • Destroyed Truck near river

    Muslim district.I think the writings YASIN is related to the Yasin Qur'an prayer of Islam, that is said when people (muslims of course) die.so I don't know what happed with this Van.

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Tetovo Favorites

  • Dont know name Monastery 2 pic4

    this was the dinning area of the monastery complex. the table was set waiting for the workers to come and have lunch.

  • Dont know name Monastery 2 pic3

    inside view of the monastery. i dont think i was supposed to make a picture of this. Im glad they showed me the inside part. i was very surprised about the wonderful artifacts and nice paintings it has inside.

  • Dont know name Monastery 2 pic2

    this was a very nice guy in the monastery complex. they were building a new monastery in front of the old one. everybody here was very nice.


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