Vevcani Travel Guide

  • Lake Lokva
    Lake Lokva
    by Pijlmans
  • Jankov Kamen
    Jankov Kamen
    by Pijlmans
  • Gorna Belica to Crn Kamen
    Gorna Belica to Crn Kamen
    by Pijlmans

Vevcani Things to Do

  • Hiking Trails

    Close to the Vevcani Springs in Vevcani, you can find this panel with information about hiking trails.It describes two hikes:1) Vevcani - Peak Crn Kamen - Gorna Belica - VevcaniStart 910 m; Crn kamen 2258 m; Total denivelation 3400 m; Distance 21.8 km; Average hiking time 8h15min; Grade moderate to difficult We did this hike in 2012 in the opposite...

  • House of Gogoski family

    This is the description of this house, on a sign mounted to the house. Typically Macedonian, this sign was mounted so high up the wall that it was impossible to read. I took a picture of it and had to magnify the text...The sign says:Deep house with double orientated central terrace (1887)This house is connected with an influential personality that...

  • Watermill, Vevcani

    There is a working watermill in Vevcani, close to the Vevcani Springs. The mill is used to grind e.g. corn.Very interesting to see how effective the simple construction is!

  • Fountain

    This fountain in the center of Vevcani is fed with the water of the Vevcani Springs.Remarkably, there are fish swimming in this fountain and they apparently don't jump out!

  • Green Market

    According to a sign attached to the Green Market, it was constructed with the help of the American people, through the United States Agency for International Development, in collaboration with the Municipality of Vevcani in February 2005.The Vevcani Information Center is right next to the Green Market.

  • Vevcani Information Center

    Vevcani has a new tourist information center! Unfortunately, the friendly woman who was working there, did not speak English...Typically the Macedonian way of doing things I guess :-)The information center has a useful free map of Vevcani, with all the important sights on it, as well as the restaurants and accommodation. You can buy the famous...

  • Vevcani Springs

    The village Vevcani, northwest of Lake Ohrid, has some scenic springs. The area has recently developed into a small park with picnic areas.The water from the springs flow everywhere through the village, and the sound of the running water really adds to the special atmosphere this village has.The springs are located on the eastern slopes of the...

  • Chapel at Vevcani Springs

    This little chapel can be found at the Vevcani Springs.

  • Church of St Nedela at the Vevcani...

    This Church dedicated to St Nedela (St Sunday) is located at the Vevcani Springs.

  • Church of St Rusa Sreda at the Vevcani...

    This Church of St Rusa Sreda (Blond Wednesday) is located at the Vevcani Springs.It was built in 1972.Inside the church is a source with holy water from the springs.

  • Pupin's House (I)

    Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin (1858-1935), also known as Michael I. Pupin, was a Serbian physicist and physical chemist. Pupin is best known for his numerous patents, including a means of greatly extending the range of long-distance telephone communication by placing loading coils (of wire) at predetermined intervals along the transmitting wire (known as...

  • Pupin's House (II)

    The hotel and restaurant parts of the Pupin House...

  • Lower Church of St Spas - White Slab

    The lower Church of the Holy Savior (St Spas) - White Slab is at the entrance to Vevcani, on its north-east side. It is called "Lower" (Dolni) St Spas because of the other Church of St Spas high in the mountains above Vevcani. It is also called "White Slab" (a white flat stone plate) because of a legend: The location of the church used to be at a...

  • Monastery of St Spas (II)

    The Monastery of St Spas is built on a rock, and the western wall of the church itself is natural rock.The iconostasis is from the first half of the 19th century, see the pictures.

  • Monastery of St Spas (I)

    The Monastery of St Spas (The Holy Savior) is located on the slopes of the Jablanica Mountain. The view from the monastery offers an exceptional view of the Struga valley and part of Debarca.The present location of the monastery dates back to the 19th century. the former locations were first near the village of Velesta, then at the entrance of...

  • Watermill for washing

    This watermill is located south of the Church of St Nikola, at the river.It was used for washing. You can see a carpet drying next to it.Unfortunately, it was closed when we visited.

  • Church of St Nikola

    Building of this church dedicated to St Nicholas started in 1834 and was finished in 1862.The church has the shape of a three naval basilica and it quite large for Macedonian standards.It is supposed to have beautiful frescoes painted by Dico Zograph and his son Avram, but the church was closed when we arrived.However, in the backyard were some...

  • Church of St Barbara / St Babbas the...

    This Church dedicated to St Barbara (Sveti Varvara) and St Babbas the Sanctified (Sveti Cava from Jerusalem) dates from the end of the 18th or beginning of the 19th century.It can be found on the graveyard of Vevcani.Several graves have been discovered that indicate that the site itself dates back to much older times, probably the Roman period.


Vevcani Restaurants

  • by merak Written Aug 4, 2010

    If you dismiss pork meat items, in principle there is nothing special compared to restaurants in Struga and Ohrid.
    Domackina Kuka has an open "house wine" which may be the best open Kratosija you have tasted, but 1 liter is 500 denar. For the same point Izvor wants 300 and another 250 denars a liter.
    The 'furnove' bread looks similar to the Spanish 'pan de payes", is more consistant than that today, but 'furnove' doesn't have a special taste compared to mass ware. The sheep cheese 'sopsimas' is very salty in taste.
    To say it shortly, Domackina Kuka is nicely decorated, Izvor has an unique situation besides the waterfalls. Both have in common that they write two of that rare to be found national specialities on their card which they never have the same day. They cost below 100 denar, so they should be available, or not?
    So, if you don't have much money to spend, better prepare a thorough picnic. Ajvar and Pindjur conserves are very good in Macedonia! Burek, cheese, fruit and a good bottle of wine from the supermarket (avoid Skovin, try T'ga za Jug of Tikves). Once you are walking up the waterfalls trail, there are plenty of benches and tables near the waterfalls.

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Vevcani Transportation

  • by merak Written Aug 4, 2010

    Your first orientation point is Hotel Crni Drim near the shore (where you also will find kind touristical information in English at the reception).
    Walk towards Ohrid on the left side. The bus stop is 200m further, 20 meters after house Nr. 21. Maybe that you don't see the bus post before. In summer it is half hidden under trees and it consists just in some minimal iron structure painted red on the top and yellow down to the pavement. But you can observe as well that the pavement is even and restored not so long ago. The not that small buses are painted in orange (or red/ yellow) and depart about every 30 minutes. Last bus from Vevcani at about 20h, in summer maybe even later.
    Don't worry, you can see all that in few hours.

    You better don't ask anyone at the small international bus stops which come before.
    If you come from Ohrid, remember that there are taxis driving to Struga (going out from the market place to the left), picking up at least 3 people, for 50 denar each.

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Vevcani Shopping

  • Pijlmans's Profile Photo

    by Pijlmans Updated Sep 18, 2010

    We bought some very good burek here, not too fatty and abundantly filled with delicious cheese. You might want to get there early, because we had the last pieces of burek around 13.00 h.

    I brought the burek with me during our hike to the Monastery of St Spas, where you can have a good picnic since there is a table and benches next to the church.

    bakery Almiko bakery Almiko

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Vevcani Off The Beaten Path

  • Pijlmans's Profile Photo

    by Pijlmans Updated Sep 29, 2012

    We did this 20 km long hike in August 2012. It is one of the most beautiful and pleasant hikes we have done until now in Macedonia. This round trip starts in the mountain village Vevcani.

    Due to a ban to enter the Macedonian forests in 2012 because of forest fires, it was almost not possible to do this hike. Fortunately, we could arrange a permit through the Macedonian Forest Authoristies (Makedonski Sumi).

    We parked our car at the Vevcani town square, where also the bus to e.g. Struga stops.

    The hike starts at the Vevcani Springs, next to the Church of St Rusa Sreda. There is a sign there that points to where you have to enter the forest.

    It is relatively well marked with red/white marks on trees and rocks. At several relevant places however (turns for instance!) the marking was not so clear but we managed to find our way most of the time quite quickly. We had an outdoor GPS with us and I prepared a rough track of the hike using Google Earth beforehand, that helped a lot in determining the right direction. We also recorded the track that we walked, and you can download this track via the link below.

    From the Vevcani springs you walk uphill through forest until you reach the popular picnic place Jankov Kamen after about 2.5 km. Less than 2 km further you walk into the mountain village Gorna Belica.

    From Gorna Belica to the Crn Kamen (Black Stone) peak (2253 m) you walk about 8 km uphill, a very beautiful part of the hike. After you pass the tree line, you enter a plane between the mountains, where a small brook flows and where you may encounter herds of sheep. At this plane you are right at the border with Albania.

    You have to be careful in approaching the sheep, as they are protected by big and often aggressive shepherd dogs. The best thing to do when you encounter the sheep and dogs is to try to make contact with the shepherd (e.g. by waving or screaming from a safe distance), he will call off the dogs. In our case the shepherd was a bit too late and the dogs came running barking at us. We just stood still while the dogs surrounded us, and the shepherd came running after them to rescue us. Quite a scary moment as you cannot really predict what the dogs will do.

    There is also a peak that is just below the Crn Kamen peak. Both peaks give an excellent view of the glacial lake called Lokva below the peaks. You can also see Ohrid Lake from the peaks (on the upper right corner of the picture).

    From the Crn Kamen peak you descent towards Lake Lokva. The official trail passes Lake Lokva. However, another herd of sheep was drinking at the lake, accompanied by dogs. We did not see the shepherd this time, therefore we decided to walk around the lake with a big circle. So my GPS track deviates slightly from the official track at this point.

    After the lake, you walk downhill through a plane. We also found the ruins of a church here, that was probably dedicated to the Holy Mother of God (St Bogorodica), judging from the icon we could see when we made a picture through a hole in the pile of stones.

    The last part is through a forest again, protected from the sun, a very pleasant way of walking downhill. When we were very close to Vevcani, we lost the red/white marking of the official trail. This was no problem as it was obvious to us how to get to Vevcani, but my GPS track is also a bit different from the official trail at this point for that reason.

    The height difference from Vevcani to Crn Kamen peak is about 1350 m. I would certainly advice you to do this hike in the direction that I described here, since this way you climb the first 12 km and then descent for 8 km, making the climb less steep than when you would do the hike in reverse.

    It took us approximately 9 hours to complete this hike, including breaks.

    See here for MORE PICTURES

    Lake Lokva Jankov Kamen Gorna Belica to Crn Kamen Crn Kamen Peak Forest to Vevcani
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