Skopje Travel Guide

  • Old Skopje
    Old Skopje
    by Pijlmans
  • Kale Fortress
    Kale Fortress
    by Pijlmans
  • Nerezi, near Skopje
    Nerezi, near Skopje
    by elgin99

Skopje Things to Do

  • Old Bazaar - Carsija

    The Old Bazaar or Carsija in Skopje is a very interesting part of the city and is probably the oldest part of the city. The Carsija is separated from the city by The Stone Bridge. In the daytime it is a hustling community of craftsmen creating leather, copper and clothes, restaurants, café and bars, and places of culture including churches, mosques...

  • Skopsko Kale - Kale Fortress

    Overlooking the city of Skopje is a large fortress. The Kale Fortress (Kale is Turkish for "Fortress") is on the highest point in Skopje and overlooks the river Vardar. Although building started in the 6th century, most of what we see is the building carried out in the 10th and 11th. Since the 1963 earthquake which destroyed much of the city, the...

  • Kameni Most - The Old Stone Bridge

    One of the most famous landmarks in Skopje is the Kameni Most, or Stone Bridge. It straddles the river in the middle of town close by Macedonia Square, and is something of a city icon, being featured on the town crest. Apparently historians are divided as to how long there has been a bridge here, but it is certainly several hundred years. I also...


Skopje Hotels

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  • Hotel Super 8

    My girlfriend and I stayed at Hotel Super 8 in Skopje for 1 night at the end of our visit to...

  • Hotel Duvet

    Great service and location. I was very surprised to find out that they also offer short term...

  • Hotel Mramor

    I was staying there for 3 nights, and have to say that staff is really friendly. They all speak...


Skopje Restaurants

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  • Dal Met Fu

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    After trying our hotel's restaurant, and typically failing to locate any of the other restaurants recommended by the LP guide, we decided we didn't need to go much further. Dal Met Fu offers a great range of Italian and international food, at very good prices, and with a taste that is excellent. Comparable to expensive restaurants in other parts of...

  • Pivnica An

    4 out of 5 stars

    Heavy, oily food served by disinterested staff. The location in an old Turkish inn is wonderful, but the restaurant does not match the local. The food does not seem fresh and takes forever to appear. A better option is one of the many open air grill restaurants in the area, and far less expensive too.

  • Gino Italian Restaurant

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    My favourite Italian restaurant in Skopje. There many Italian restaurants in Skopje, but I found Gino the best for the simple things. The food is great and personnel is excellent. I recommend dining in the outdoor part in summer.


Skopje Nightlife

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  • Cafes & Bars

    Well, this is quite a popular spot, during the whole year, but... the quay gets totally packed in spring, summer and early autumn, when the weather is still nice and warm and everyone is outside. There are so many places to go to, some nicer than others, but the choice is good. The list here includes: ALO, ALO (have had only daily coffees...

  • The Music Club Scene

    Personally, I am not a fan of the techno-music and I have to admit I am VERY GLAD that... well, people in Skopje have KIND OF gotten tired of techno music and there are much more live gigs, and jazz clubs, and rock-music places than before. Of course, there are still clubs where trance, goa, house and other "electronic-music-I-don't-understand"...

  • Kafanas/Traditional Music Clubs

    When in Skopje, or indeed Macedonia, you must go to a kafana. Live folk music, free-flowing alcohol & dancing on tables. It is just MAD. A lot of my friends laugh at me for liking kafanas, as folk music is not cool. Western music is what's 'in' with the Macedonian youth. I argue that I can listen to English music in England!! Anything goes. Don't...


Skopje Transportation

  • Buses

    As many of you probably know I am interested in public transport vehicles including buses. When I first visited Skopje in 2011, I notice the city had very old buses, but I returned in 2013, I noticed more modern buses including half-cab double deckers which reminded me of the red buses in London. However these buses are built in China. I did not...

  • Trains to/from Skopje

    The Macedonian rail network radiates from Skopje with all services departing and terminating from here. The station was built in the 1970’s (replacing the former station destroyed in the 1963 earthquake) as part of the city’s combined “Transportation Centre” and so shares its site with the main bus station. This is easy to find, being located...

  • Flying to Skopje

    The bus goes from the airport (when you come out of the arrival to thr right) to the bus / trainstation then to Hotel Holiday Inn and Hotel Alexander Palace, 150 Denar (€ 2,60) if you buy in the airport (next to the exchange offices) or in the bus terminal, the timetable depends on arrivals and departures. The bus to the airport stops at the...


Skopje Shopping

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  • Gradski Trgovski Centar

    Ask for GTC. A big mall with several floors and a lot of shops. You can buy anything from art to clothes and groceries here. Right next to Makedonija Square in Skopje.

  • Carsija & Bit Pazar

    On the left side of the river Vardar , in the ancient part of Skopje is the old Skopje bazaar. Up to the present time the bazaar has experienced several changes in respect of the appearance and the organization, but it has still kept the spirit of the past. In the small innumerable handicraft shops, the Skopje’s handicraftsmen can still be seen,...

  • Shopping for Food

    ....Leptokarija mall Small and cute shopping mall where you do not have to spend whole day for shopping. There are different kind of shops . From gift shops , clothes , flowers, food .... And many nice caffees .


Skopje Local Customs

  • Macedonian Traditions & Language

    There is a large ethnic Albanian population in Macedonia, particularly in the capital Skopje. Most of the Orthodox Christians are and speak Macedonian (a Slavic language), while the ethnic Albanians are of Islamic heritage and speak Albanian (Shqip). This is most evident in the Old City with its several mosques and at places like the Mother Teresa...

  • Food Shopping

    The residents of Skopje seem to snack all the time. Apart from the excellent and relatively inexpensive restuarants (see other tips), there are bakeries and small stalls everywhere selling burek and many other delicious things, both sweet and savoury. Burek is basically a cross between bread and pastry and comes in many shapes, but predominantly...

  • Respecting Islamic Traditions

    Muslims in Skopje are not recently immigrants to the city and as such are very much at ease displaying outwardly Muslim traditions and morals. One particular example is women's dress, which is usually conservative but not extreme among Albanian women. Typically they will wear loose and covering clothes (a skirt, no pants) and a head scarf. I did...


Skopje Warnings and Dangers

  • Street Safety

    when in skopje if you are surounded by begging gangs put your back up against a wall so they cannot get hehind you, also watch out for the news paper trick were they push news paper against you then go into your pockets, this happend to me once and only once i just cliped one of them round the ear told them to clear of then they leave you alone. or...

  • Taxi Scams

    I was also scared to drive with a taxi but i found on vt forum name of one taxi driver who helped me a lo. his name is Goran tel. 00389 71 22 75 71 and e-mail: He drove me to Pristine and back and he even did not charge the waiting.

  • Travellers Cheques

    Whilst in Skopje, I tried to change some travellers cheques (American Express) but without success. I tried a couple of banks and a bureau de change, but no-one would change them. I'm sure there are places that will change them, but you might have to hunt them out.I didn't actually need the money, as i had sufficient cash, but it might be a problem...


Skopje Tourist Traps

  • Heed those Roma gang alerts!

    After two months in Skopje, I have been impressed with the honesty of Macedonians. However, the alerts about Roma (gypsy) gangs were brought to reality to me last night, Good Friday evening. It might seem insensitive to stereotype a group of people that has been much maligned, but the danger is real.Coming out of the Opera House after seeing an...

  • Tourist Centre: no go area!

    Tourist Centre is not much; located in a very dated building they only have a desk right in front of the entrance. They sell some postcards and have some maps but that's it. When I asked for excursions in Skopje, they couldn't give me information about that. They only start talking about an excursion to Bitola.Not all the people that work here...

  • Skopje Airport taxi rip-off and...

    Taxi drivers that will offer you a ride to the city at the airport may charge you too much money (well this isn't some news really lol, it happens everywhere around the world and it's not something specific solely for Macedonia)Most of those particular taxi drivers are not members of any relevant taxi company, so they make their own 'pricelists'...


Skopje What to Pack

  • Climate

    Bring an empty bag to carry all the stuff you are going to buy. I spent 4 days in Skopje in early June, at it was already between 35 and 40 degrees during the day. Light clothes, hats, and sunscreen are required if you are going to be spending any time outside during daylight hours. Evenings cool down nicely, so bring some nice clothes (AMERICANS:...

  • Mosquito Repellent and anti-histamine...

    Take a good mosquito repellent and e.g. anti-histamine creme...Mosquitos love Skopje as much as you do!

  • Spring vs Fall

    Bring an empty bag to carry all the stuff you are going to buy. I spent 4 days in Skopje in early June, at it was already between 35 and 40 degrees during the day. Light clothes, hats, and sunscreen are required if you are going to be spending any time outside during daylight hours. Evenings cool down nicely, so bring some nice clothes (AMERICANS:...


Skopje Off The Beaten Path

  • Neighborhoods

    If you walk the ulica Samuilova onwards, you will walk by the Topana district. Once it was here where most of the Gypsies lived. Nowadays (after the earthquake of 1963) they live mostly in Shutka. On the left side you will see the French military cemetery dating from WW 1, which is not accessible.

  • Getting Out of Town

    A huge steel cross, lit up at night, oversees Skopje from Mount Vodno. It is a good purpose for a short hike! The cross is 66 meter high and was built in 2002 to celebrate 2000 years of Christianity. It is divided in 33 stages, each for one year of the age of Jesus. We took a cab from the center of Skopje to the last big parking (Middle Vodno)...

  • Relaxing

    The Gazi Baba Woods are located on a hill north-east of the center of Skopje, north of the river Vardar. Most locals from Skopje that I asked about the woods did not even know about them, and we had to show the taxi-driver on a map! Consequently, it is very quiet there, and a perfect place for some jogging, a stroll, or a picnic in one of the...


Skopje Sports & Outdoors

  • National football stadium

    This is the national stadium where Macedonian national football teams play their matches. It is still under construction.

  • Arena for indoor sports

    When I arrived at my hotel, the Aleksandar Palace, I noticed this large building near it, so I was curious to know something about it. I learned it is the Boris Trajkovski Sports Hall, a sports centre with basketball and volleyball halls, a bowling alley and a fitness centre.For sports events it has 6000 fixed seats, plus another 2000 movable...

  • Tickets FOr Macedonia vs Scotland

    Sorry mate i just saw your post today and i think its too late but ill try any way lol,,,,, i have 3 tickets fot the south side of the stadium the price is 100 euros per ticket, so if u see this message send me an email on : or give me a ring on my mobile : +38971287984 and ill bring the tickets to you anywhere in skopje ....


Skopje Favorites

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  • Walking Around

    Start walking from the Fortress KALE (10th-11th century), moving to the church St Spas (lovely wood-carving, sth that Macedonia is famous for), then through the OLd-Bazaar, then Daut Pashin Amam (now an art-gallery, used to be as the name suggest Amam, public spa), and continue through the Stone Bridge, the square, have a cup of coffee (oh this is...

  • City Views

    Just a picture of Main Square in Skopje- Makedonija Square! It has been actually renowated some 3 years ago, so this is quite a new look. It is very wide now, but I prefered the older "version" of city square .

  • Skopje Facts & Figures

    Skopje , the Capital of Macedonia Standing on the banks of the Vardar River amid mountainous country, Skopje began as ancient Scupi. It became the capital of the district of Dardania (part of the Roman province of Moesia Superior) under the emperor Diocletian in the 4th century. In 518 it was totally destroyed by an earthquake. A brief Slav...


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