Faroe Islands Local Customs

  • Turf roof construction
    Turf roof construction
    by JessieLang
  • Turf roof
    Turf roof
    by JessieLang
  • The Town Hall
    The Town Hall
    by gordonilla

Faroe Islands Local Customs

  • Föroya Bjór

    The Faroe Islands has its own brewery, and a fairly good one at that. Klaksvik-based Föroya Bjór makes 7 varieties of beer and ale, as well as an alcohol-free malt beverage and a number of soft drinks under the Jolly Cola label.The most common varieties you will see in your travels around the Faroes are the "Classic" and "Pilsnar" beers, which...

  • Grass roofs

    The grass roofs or turf roofs are something very typical of the Faroe islands. This natural material makes a very good insulation of the houses, which is more than necessary considering the amount of rain and wind and low temperatures!You will still find quite a few houses with grass roofs on the Faroes - both in Torshavn as well as in other...

  • The letter eth

    I can't get to grips with the pronunciation at all - except for three things:1.No place ame will sound like it looks.2. Residents are very patient in helping you get it right.3. The letter eth, descended from Old Norse, is never pronounced at all in Faroese. (ð Đ)

  • The Faroese Króna

    The unit of currency in the Faroes is the Faroese króna, the plural form is Krónur. It is identical in value to the Danish Krone; in fact, you will find Danish and Faroese notes circulating interchangeably in the Faroes. The Danish National Bank prints Faroese notes on behalf of the Faroe Islands.Faroese notes are circulated in denominations of 50,...

  • Faroese Language

    The Faroese have their own distinct language called, interestingly enough, Faroese. A relative of Old West Norse, Faroese is quite difficult for most outsiders to pronounce, much less understand. Two pieces of good news: First, it is very similar to Icelandic, so if you can speak fluent Icelandic, you should have no problem communicating. Second,...

  • The Saga of the Faroe Islanders

    The Saga of the Faroe Islanders was written in Iceland by an unknown author in the 13th century. The two main caracters are the sly and evil Þrándur í Götu (Thrand of Gata) and the christian hero Sigmundur Brestisson, friend of Olav Tryggvason king of Norway. The story describes the resistance of Faeroese leaders to Norwegian interference during...

  • Kirkjubøur

    Kirkjubøur, the residence of the medieval Bishop of the Faroe Islands (12th to 16th century) and cultural and religious centre, is a village today, situated 13km south-west of Tórshavn. Kirkjubøur has among many other historical relics an old wooden farmhouse from medieval times (Roykstovan), one of the oldest wooden buildings in Northern Europe....

  • Faroese language

    The Faroese language is a Scandinavian language and similar to Icelandic. It derived from the old Norse language. For some more information click here!I found this sign at the harbor, but had no idea, what it was all about ...Thanks to Simone (sim1) and Ake I found out, what this sign says:"Here it is not allowed to clean fish in the lake/water.The...

  • Akvavitt

    It is customary for hosts to give guests a shot of this caraway-flavored liqueur when they enter the home. Normally this custom is only observed on special occassions. Normally kept in the freezer to tone down its intense flavor, Akvavitt is quite strong. If you don't want any, simply touch the liquid to your lips. If you do not, it is considered...

  • Windows in Torshavn

    As it is often the case in most northern countries, the windows have no shutters. But they have curtains that are most of the time very decorative, mostly white laces. There are a great many designs of curtains and they give more personality to each house. Are they still home made, I don't know.

  • Music and dance

    The Faeroese have a rich oral tradition in music and they have managed to preserve great many ballads (some 80.000 verses) and other types of traditional songs, some of these from the Middle Ages. Others are more recently composed in the traditional style. Religious songs and rhymes for children are also important. The distinctive Faeroese dance is...

  • Mow your roof!

    In the Faroe Islands, many people have grass on their roofs as insulation or simply for aesthetics. Here you can actually see a guy mowing his "lawn" in Tórshavn. We just had to stop to get this shot.

  • Faroese Chain Dance

    If you get the chance, try to see the Faroese Chain Dance. It is a very simple, and very old traditional dance, and it is done with no musical accompanyment. They dance to ballads (some very old) that tell stories and history. One person sings the verses of any given song, and then the whole group sings the chorus.

  • Traditional food

    In traditional Faeroese food meat is the basis of every meal, and one of the most popular is skerpikjøt, well-aged, wind-dried mutton. The drying shed, or hjallur, is a standard feature in many Faeroese homes (as it was in Iceland in the old days), used for drying meat and fish. Other favorites are boiled mutton, boiled fish and seabirds, such as...

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Faroe Islands Hotels

  • Hotel Foroyar

    I have not stayed in this hotel - but have actually been inside seeking directions. It is pleasant...

  • Guesthouse Marknagil

    Marknagilsvegur 75, Tórshavn, 100, Faroe Islands

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Hotel Streym Torshavn

    Yvirir vio Strond 19, Torshavn, FO 110, Faroe Islands

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Hafnia Hotel

    I have not stayed at this hotel, but ate in the restaurant. The decor seems fine and the staff very...

  • Hotel Torshavn

    I found myself in room 213 - sadly with no real view of anything apart from the roof tops, but it...

  • Kerjalon Hostel

    This hostel has magnificent views... but you have to pay for the views, because it's a long uphill...

  • Undir Fjalli

    Vesturgota 15 & 17, Tórshavn, 100, Faroe Islands

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Skansin Guesthouse

    Jekaragota 8, Tórshavn, FO-100, Faroe Islands

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Faroe Islands Local Customs

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