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  • Mark enjoys a view of the village
    Mark enjoys a view of the village
    by sarams
  • M/F Brynhild departs Mykines
    M/F Brynhild departs Mykines
    by sarams
  • Huffin' and Puffin
    Huffin' and Puffin
    by sarams

Mykines Things to Do

  • Hike to Knúkur

    Another interesting challenge is to hike to the 560 meter (about 1850-foot) high Knúkur peak to the east of Mykines village. Our guidebook said to follow the road uphill out of the village to make your way to the peak, while our host Katrina recommended we follow the stream all the way uphill to the peak. Unfortunately, we decided to follow the...

  • Mykines Lighthouse

    If you make your way out to Mykineshólmur, you will see on the extreme western side of the island the lighthouse. This lighthouse, first built in 1909, is an extremely important landmark for shipping. Since this is the spot of land farthest west in this part of the Atlantic, this beacon points out the first land eastbound ships have seen in many...

  • Walk to the Mykineshólmur lighthouse

    Mark and I had a lot of fun walking to the lighthouse at the westernmost point of Mykines. The slopes to get there and back are steep, so watch your footing. And if you feel like it, stop and take a rest. This lighthouse is the on the first land ships see after several days of crossing the Atlantic, so it serves an important purpose to let the...

  • Neptun Memorial

    Atop the hill to the west of the village is an unmarked monument. This memorial was constructed in 1939, in honor of 9 Mykines fishermen who drowned when the fishing trawler Neptun sank in the stormy Faroese waters. It is certainly in ideal point from which to look out over the sea and ponder its dual nature.

  • "Indiana Jones" Bridge

    After your steep descent on the west side of Mykines, you'll come across a footbridge to Mykineshólmur, called the Atlantic Bridge. The first thing it reminded me of was one of those perilous bridges Indiana Jones had to cross during his adventures. Fortunately, the bridge is a lot sturdier than it appears from a distance. No sign of Nazis, hostile...

  • Hólmsgjógv

    The narrow strait between Mykines and Mykineshólmur is quite remarkable to see. Note also the large number of gulls and fulmars making their nests on the steep cliffs. This is definitely one of the highlights of the hike from Mykines to the "Holm."

  • Hike to Mykineshólmur

    The most popular hike on the island (for good reason) is the hike to the twin island of Mykineshólmur. From the village, work your way towards the ferry dock until you get past the electrical generation building. Then, hike up the grassy path to the ridge. After that, turn left and follow the ridge line past a memorial stone. Awhile after that, the...

  • The gorge!!

    Between Mykines and Mykinesholmur you have to cross a bridge over a gorge. This is nice and you again will have some exciting views. You just have to experience it!! I cannot explain, I just loved everything on/about Mykines!!!!!!!

  • Make a stroll through town

    Mykines is a nice small town. Just make a stroll and enjoy the views and the people, the nice houses and just the quietness.

  • Birdwatching

    The best place to watch birds on the Faroe Islands is on Mykines. You will get to see an enormous amount of puffins if you do the walk towards the lighthouse. When we were on our way back the puffins decided to start flying. Hundreds of puffins flew over my head!

  • Walk... walk.... walk

    On Mykines you can do a few walks. The most favourite walk by visitors is to the lighthouse on Mykinesholmur. It is a walk of around 3 hours, there and back.It is a quite difficult walk. You have to climb a lot, on narrow edges. But you get lots of rewards... you get to see so many birds, so many puffins. Really awesome!!

  • Visit the church!!!

    Mykines is only small and after doin' the long walk you can go for a stroll around town. You can visit the church and go inside!! There is lots of place in the church, so all the islanders can take many visitors along if they hold a mass. Still nice to see!! The Mykines Kirkja was built in 1879.


Mykines Restaurants

  • The Best Restaurant on Mykines! :-)

    Here it is: the finest restaurant on Mykines! Of course, I'm joking a bit, because it's the ONLY restaurant on Mykines... 8)Seriously, though, the food is well-prepared and tasty. For day-trippers, lunch, snacks and coffee are served. The waffles appear to be a special favorite among those who arrive on the morning ferry. Bottled Föroya Bjór and...

  • small and cosy!!!

    There is not much for sale at Kristianshus, but is enough, you can have warm and cold snacks, and coffee, tea and cold drinks. Kristianshus is the only place on the Mykines and it also has small rooms for people that like to stay a night or get stranded when the weather turns bad and the boat or helicopter cannot go!!The people working at...

  • Mykines Hotels

    0 Hotels in Mykines

Mykines Transportation

  • Helicopter

    A unique way to get to Mykines is by helicopter. It's not nearly as expensive as you think, because the Faroese government heavily subsidizes passenger traffic so helicopter crews can get practice for their primary mission: search and rescue. But if no rescues are required, tourists can be ferried to remote locations (such as Mykines) for very...

  • Ferry From Sørvágur

    The most common method of getting to this remote island is to take the ferry from the town of Sørvágur. The ferry dock in Sørvágur is accessible by bus from Tórshavn or Vágar Airport. It's also a scenic 20 minute walk from the Airport or Airport Hotel if you're so inclined. The Mykines harbor is a very small inlet with extremely steep cliffs on all...

  • Take the helicopter!!!

    A great way to go to Mykines is by helicopter, this is a sensation!!! The price is only 145 DKK for a trip from Vagar Airport to Mykines. It is I think the best way to go Mykines. Make sure you make a booking, a helicopter has only 8-10 seats!On the Mykines the whole islands was awaiting our arrival!! Such a nice island, nice people, beautiful...


Mykines Warnings and Dangers

  • You Could Be Stranded!

    Be aware this island is quite remote, and the ferry harbor is not exactly storm-proof. A good southwesterly gale can make the harbor totally unaccessible. Even the helicopter has been known to be canceled due to bad weather. Because of this, always leave a slack day or two in your trip itinerary, just in case. Don't worry -- the islanders won't let...

  • Take some food!!!

    If you decide to take the walk to Mykinesholmur, to the lighthouse, make sure you have enough clothes with you, it can get windy. Also take some food and drinks, because it will take about 3 hours before you get back into town and you can get food and drinks!!

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Mykines Favorites

  • Puffin

    If you really want to see a puffin up close, come to Mykines. Scratch that: if you want to see LOTS of puffin up close, come to Mykines. This is only one of the dozens of wonderful puffin photos I snapped (Sara took many even nicer puffin photos!). I'm not a birdwatcher, but I must admit, these guys are quite photogenic!

  • Puffin!

    It was a lot of fun looking the the HUGE flocks of hundreds (possibly thousands) of puffin. Walking up the steep hillside to start the walk to the lighthouse is an excellent way to see lots and lots of puffin. So there is absolutely no lack of puffin photos to choose from to put into this tip!

  • Gannets

    These large sea birds have a colony on the western edge of Mykineshólmur, the twin island to Mykines. You can get a good view of them just past the lighthouse, looking down on the basalt columns. It's quite a sight to see -- I wish I had a telephoto lens.


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