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  • Ocean Fresh
    Ocean Fresh
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  • M/s Ritan leaving Nólsoy harbour
    M/s Ritan leaving Nólsoy harbour
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  • The Gate of Honour
    The Gate of Honour
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Nólsoy Things to Do

  • Nólsoyar Pall Monument

    The monument to one of Faroes' greatest heroes, Nólsoyar Pall; he battled the Danish Trade Monopoly. He was born on the island of Nólsoy in 1766.

  • Fish Drying

    Situated above the village overlooking the ocena and the football pitch there is a collection of ruined stone buildings. They were orginally used for fish drying. A number are being used by farmers, fish drying is no longer undertaken there.

  • The Gate of Honour

    The Gate of Honour is located at the harbour and is cosntrcuted from the jaw boone of a whale. It was constructed in the 1970s to commemorate a visit to Nólsoy by Queen Ingrid of Denmark.

  • Dian Victoria - the boat of Ove Joensen

    I should say that Ove Joensen, drowned in 1987. However to commemorate this proud son of Nólsoy - a monument is located by the harbourside. His boat the "Diana Victoria" is now located in the basement of the Tourist Information Centre.It is open to the public during the normal opening hours of the centre.

  • Jens-Kjeld Jensen - Ornithologist and...

    It is possible to visit his workshop, or even go on a guided walk around the island with him. This needs to be booked in advance.

  • Tourist Information Centre

    The information centre is located in a renovated building which the locals call Petersen's warehouse. The foundations being used were those first build in 1787 for one of the first shops in the village.The building acts as both a tourist information centre and a cafe - they can also arrange guided walks and overnight accommodation.NOTE: Don't make...

  • Ova Joensen Memorial

    This plaque is a tribute to local hero Ova Joensen, who rowed alone from the Faroes to Denmark. Unfortunately, he was killed in a fishing accident a few months after this remarkable accomplishment. If you would like to see his boat, you can inquire at the tourist office.

  • North island walk (west path)

    A shorter and easier walk than the hike to the south side of the island is to head in the opposite direction. A short distance out of town, you will come to a fork in the road. We first took the west (right) fork as far as we could go towards the north tip of the island. We thought we might be able to loop around, but this area was fenced off and...

  • The "Jawbone"

    Up from the harbor, you'll see "the jawbone," an arch made from, you guessed it, the jawbone of a sperm whale. The arch, officially known as the Gate of Honor, was constructed in the mid 1970s to honor the visit of the Queen of Denmark.This more or less marks the village main square, with several benches for sitting and various places of interest...

  • North island walk (east path)

    After coming to the dead end, we recalled Yogi Berra's sage adivce: "When you come to a fork in the road, take it!" So we decided to go back to the fork and take the eastern path. We took in some excellent views as we walked by dogs, sheep, and irritable terns.

  • Tourist Office

    The first place you should visit upon arriving is the tourist office. You'll see it just up the hill and to the left of the "jawbone." You'll be able to get the latest information on hiking paths and other activities on the island. You can also get coffee, waffles, and various other snacks here.

  • Hike to the Lighthouse (or try to...)

    The most famous thing to do on Nólsoy is to take the 4-5 hour round-trip hike to the lighthouse at Borðan, on the southern tip of the island. We were eager to take this hike and set out immediately (after buying some provisions and reporting our presence on the trail to the tourist office). The hike started up well enough, following a well-marked...


Nólsoy Restaurants

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    by gordonilla Written Apr 10, 2008

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    During my visit the coffee shop was shut. It is located in the centre of the village and serves tea, coffee. Faoese beer and fast food. They also serve lunch and dinner, but for this you must book a ahead. They also offer bed and breakfast services.

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Nólsoy Transportation

  • Ferry from Tórshavn

    To get to Nólsoy, the M/F Ritan makes the 20-minute journey from Tórshavn several times per day. The ferry departs Tórshavn from the Bursatangi dock in the eastern harbor, about 150 meters (yards) from the bus station. Fare is Kr20 each way; pay on the boat. 4 and 7-day Travel Card valid.One warning: on Tuesdays (and sometimes Thursdays) there are...

  • The Boat to Nolsoy

    The boat to Nolsoy leaves from the harbour in Torshavn just down from the main terminal.There are about 4 crossings a day.It can be quite rough as it's quite a small boat, but the crossing is only 20 minutes so even the most queasy should be ok in all but the roughest of weather.

  • Nólsoy Hotels

    0 Hotels in Nólsoy

Nólsoy Shopping

  • Buy Stuffed Stuff

    Want a stuffed puffin? Then you're in luck. Nólsoy resident Jens-Kjeld Jensen is reputed to be the finest taxidermist in the Faroes. He presents his stuffed stuff for visitors to buy and stuff in their packs. We were just passing by, so we didn't enter. Therefore, I cannot say for sure whether his workshop is stuffy or not.During the summer, he...

  • Grocery Store

    Nólsoy has a grocery store, where you can buy food and supplies for your walk. The store is small but the selection of items is good.

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Nólsoy Warnings and Dangers

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    When hiking on Nólsoy, be especially careful of the Arctic Terns who have taken up residence. It doesn't take very much provocation at all for them to tern on you. They are highly possessive of their nesting areas and will attack anyone or anything that terns up. Their tactics are to screech loudly, then tern into a deep dive on the invaders' heads. Trust me, this is one ternpike you don't want to travel down.

    To avoid having cuts and bruises terning up on your head, be sure to wear a hat. Also do not tern from the main paths. If their attention does tern in your direction, keep on a steady pace and direction. Should they tern on you, hold a stick over your head so the birds attack that instead of your head. Finally, if all else fails, tern around and get out of the area. They won't chase you too far.

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Nólsoy Favorites

  • Village Amenities

    The island has a number of amenities for tourists and of course residents:The post office is located close to the harbour. Open Monday to Friday from 12.30 to 13.30.The supermarket open Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 17.30 & Saturday from 09.00 to 12.00.They have a football pitch, a community centre and of course a fire engine. There is a nursery...

  • Road Sentinels

    While we were strolling around the north side of the island, we found our paths blocked by a pair of sheep. From the looks of them, it was mother and lamb. Still, it was quite amusing to be stopped in our tracks by these guys.Eventually, the pair determined we were no threat and returned to their regularly scheduled grazing.

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