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Tórshavn Things to Do

  • Føroya Náttúrugripasavn

    The Faroese Museum of Natural History is a nice diversion on a rainy day (and let's face it, there are a LOT of rainy days in the Faroes...) The interior is rather dark, but there are quite a few very nice exhibits on local animal life and plant life, as well as the geological history of the Faroes. There are also quite a few interesting skeletons...

  • Skansapakkhúsið (Prime Minister's...

    The building known as Skansapakkhúsið was built in 1749. It was converted from a storage building to the Løgmansskrivstovan, or Prime Minister's office. Unlike many seats of national power, tourists are able to wander around the grounds and explore the building if they like. The building is open to the public Monday - Thursday 8AM - 4PM and Friday...

  • Get into the movies!

    Perhaps not the movies - the Atlantic Airways web site has a list of active webcams across the islands. They have one perched on top of the Hotel Tórshavn - when I visited the city, I called a friend in Helsinki to access the link and take an image of me from the web cam.I am the black and brown dot near the statue.

  • Smiðjan í Lítluvík

    An old iron forge has been converted into a gallery. The gallery can be rented for exhibitions at the town hall. During my visit - there was an exhibition running, so I made a visit (and also to escape from the rain.)there is normally no charge for entry - and often many of the exhibits are for sale.

  • Street Sculpture and Statues (3) Kamban...

    There are several examples of the work of Faroese artist, Janus Kamban on public display around the city. Kamban was born in 1913, and studied in copenhagne at the Academy of Art. His favourite subjects tended to be those that highlighted day to day activities of life in the Faroes.Next to the parking space at Undir Glasheyggi there are two statues...

  • The Faroese Museum of Natural History

    The Natural History museum consists of one room with displays about the geology of the island, and another with information on the animals of the islands, prodominantly whales.Not everything was in English sadly, but the musuem staff are friendly and happy to explain things to you.

  • Kirkjubour

    The village of Kirkjubour was important in the Middle Ages, but it has a current population of 80. The Episcopal residence was here. At one time there were about 50 houses, but a severe storm in the 16th Century washed many of them away. There are still 3 buildings here that date from the Middle Ages--two churches and a farmhouse.

  • The old farmhouse

    This wooden farmhouse was built in the 11th Century — the same family has occupied it since 1550, and the 17th generation of the family is still living in it. Wood is very valuable here (no trees) and wooden buildings are rare.

  • St. Olaf's church

    The parish church of St. Olaf was consecrated in 1111 A.D. and is still in use. It was built as a Catholic church, but became Lutheran after the Reformation.

  • Tinganes

    Tinganes is the oldest part of Torshavn. The rocky area at the edge of the water was the 9th-century meeting site of the Vikings.

  • Memorial to Niels R Finsen

    The Faroe Islands also have a Nobel Prize winner and the memorial is to honour this important Torshavn born citizen of the Faroe's. Niels Ryberg Finsen was a Faroese/Danish physician and scientist. In 1903 he became the first Danish Nobel laureate. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology "in recognition of his contribution to the...

  • Gongin

    The small main street on the peninsula is called Gongin and is home to the oldest parts of the city. Many of the houses on Tinganes were built in the 16th and 17th centuries and are still in use today. The street is very narrow and picturesque.


Tórshavn Hotels

  • Hotel Foroyar

    I have not stayed in this hotel - but have actually been inside seeking directions. It is pleasant...

  • Hotel Streym Torshavn

    Yvirir vio Strond 19, Torshavn, FO 110, Faroe Islands

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Hotel Torshavn

    I found myself in room 213 - sadly with no real view of anything apart from the roof tops, but it...


Tórshavn Restaurants

  • Eating by the harbourside

    I decided to have late lunch at the hotel I was staying in - I discovered they have very strict rules about the times you can order certain things from the menu. The lunch menu is the lunch menu and by default so is the dinner menu - don't make the mistake of thinking they will cook to order.The staff were friendly and all quite young.It should be...

  • If it's good enough for President...

    ALV was founded in1956 by the General Accident Insurance Group (FUR) and acts as an independent institution. The main aim is to help people with limited opportunities for finding work to produce various homemade Faroese handicrafts. these items are woven, carved and knitted - limited numbers of each are held in stock.There is a cafe which seels...

  • A Faroese Coffee and Cake

    After a long walk from the city centre up to the heights of the Hotel Føroyar and the arriving at the Nordic House I really needed a coffee - so after a look round the building, I enjoyed a coffee, a bun and some water.friendly and professional staffDaily opening hours are 10.00 – 18.00 (monday - saturday)Sundays and Public Holidays 14.00 – 18.00.

  • An excellent dining experience

    Excellent Food! Excellent Staff! Excellent Experience!It was a rather wet Friday evening - and the whole city centre seemed to be a little quiet. The food was excellent and the waiting staff wonderful - professional, friendly and very attentive. I think I can safely say that this was one of the best meals and dining experiences I have recently...

  • A coffee stop in the SMS top floor

    It was a saturday afternoon, and I had previously visited Baresso in Copenhagen. This was a more intersting experience it was located on one floor and had similar furniture although there was significantly more open space and soft seating.Great staff and good atmosphere.

  • A narrow place to stop in for coffee

    As with other bars and cafes - thyere is a smoking and non smoking end to the building. As ever the non smokers must walk through the bar to get to their section. Mixed clientele - fairly young.Opening Hours:Monday-Wednesday 11.00-22.00Thursday 11.00-24.00Friday 11.00-02.00Saturday 10.00-02.00Sunday 15.00-24.00The cafe seems popular and has a real...


Tórshavn Transportation

  • Atlantic Airways

    The National Airline of the Faroe Islands is Atlantic Airways connecting the Faroes with Britain, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. Scheduled services land at the modern airport some 40 km outside of Torshavn with bus connections meeting all incoming flights.

  • Atlantic Airways

    This was my first set of flights with Atlantic airways, and I found them to be freindly, reliable and very punctual. As you may imagine, they have a very personal touch and my flights with them were staffed by cabin crew and trainees.Excellent food and excellent service.Indulge in the duty free service.

  • Ferry to Iceland and Denmark

    NOTE: Smyril Line discontinued ferry service to Norway, the Shetland Islands, and Scotland in 2009.Your other option besides flying to the Faroes is to take the ferry. The M/F Norröna, an absolutely enormous passenger ferry and cargo ship, departs on a weekly loop from Seyðisfjørður, Iceland, to Tórshavn, then on to Hirtshals, Denmark, then back to...


Tórshavn Shopping

  • A long term seller of books

    H.N. Jacobsen's book shop is located within a protected 3-winged building in a beautiful garden. It was built in 1860, and was initially a "realskúli" - a secondary school until 1918. It has been a bookshop since it ceased to be a school.It is one of the best in town for foreign language publications.Opening Hours:Mánadag - Mikudag: 09.30 -...

  • Open later on a Saturday - until 16.00...

    Clothes store for male and female styles. Staff pleasant, professional and well dressed.Opening Hours:Mánadag - Fríggjadag: 10.00 - 18.00Leygardag: 10.00 - 16.00This is one of the few city centre shops open later - by that I do mean 16.00.

  • Shopping by the harbourside

    Good array of knitted goods and a wide range of other Faroese and Nordic gifts. Partipates in the VAT Free scheme. Offers knitwear, Faorese design from Diana Borgnyardóttir, Snældan, Tøting and others.Mánadag - Fríggjadag: (uml) 08.00 - 17.30Leygardag: (uml) 08.00 - 14.00Handlin hevur opið, tá ið ferðamannaskib eru á havniniThe shop is open when...


Tórshavn Local Customs

  • Tórshavn Cathedral

    The Islands have a predominantly Lutheran population - and attending church still seems to be a normal practice for many many people.

  • Ráðhúsið

    The building was built from Faroese basalt in 1894. It served as a school until 1955. In the 1970s it was restored and converted into the town hall.It is located on the square at Vaglið.

  • Turf roofs

    Most of the buildings had turf roofs until the 18th Century. The birch bark layer under the sod is essential. It makes the roof waterproof. The sod on top of it holds the bark down, and provides insulation. A beam at the lower edge of the roof keeps the sod in place.


Tórshavn Off The Beaten Path

  • Old Cemetery

    The old cemetery, at the corner of Dalavegur and D R Jakobsens Gøta, is a very interesting place to stroll. While our guidebook described it as "spooky," we found it quite peaceful, especially with the flowers in bloom. A local cat (Bustopher Jones in White Spats?) even joined us for a bit, undoubtedly on the way to lunch at the tomb on cabbage,...

  • Viðarlundin Park

    This pleasant park is about a 10-minute walk north of the harbor on R.C. Eversøes Gøta. You'll see trees and a stone entranceway to your left before you reach the soccer stadium. Wander around and enjoy the trees, a few flowers, a nice flowing stream, a statue, and a good amount of bird life. Check the website below to see what type of birds and...

  • Internet and coffee!!!

    When looking for free e-mail checking in Torshavn go to a Coffee and souvenir/clothing shop in the city centre. It is next to the postoffice, in front of the small shop is a parking place. You can enjoy a good coffee there, a nice chat with the staff and check e-mail for free!! The shop has lots of genuine Faroese handicrafts also.


Tórshavn Sports & Outdoors

  • Football in the Faroes

    The stadia are located next to the swimming hall - and close to the SMS shopping centre.There are three pitches side by side. Two were in use, and the other, the national stadium was unusued.

  • Football Stadium

    The football stadium in Torshavn.I don't think it's open for tours, but you can get a pretty good view from the adjacent hillside, where this photo is taken from.

  • Tórshavn Hotels

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Tórshavn Favorites

  • Oldest European capital?

    There are 18 islands in the Faroes. Torshavn is the capital and the largest city (19,000 people.) Torshavn was founded in the 10th Century, and may be the oldest capital in Europe.

  • Faroe Stamps

    Postverk Føroya is the postal service of the Faroe Islands and was founded on 1 April 1976 under the Home Rule of the Faroe Islands. About 290 clerks work for Postverk Føroya. There are 34 post offices, and 90 postal carriers supporting the country's 17,000 households and 48,000 inhabitants - and Faroe Island stamps - therefore make sure you post...

  • Car License Plates

    Somehow the Faroe's are part of Denmark, but then again they are not. Hence the cars that are licenses on the Faroe Islands have their own license plates. License plate of the Faroe Islands as issued after 1996. It has the nation code FO, the Flag of the Faroes, and a number consisting normally of two letters followed by three numbers.


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