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    Lake Bodom
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  • High Tide (Risto Suomi, 2007)
    High Tide (Risto Suomi, 2007)
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Espoo Things to Do

  • Bodom Lake

    Bodom Lake(Bodominjärvi) is a lake on north suburbs of Espoo, a friend from Helsinki took us there with his car, it was probably the best part of our trip in Finland. We went there for fishing, it was so relaxing looking at the beautiful landscape, having fun and of course eating the fishes afterwards right there next to the lake. It’s an ideal...

  • Tapiola

    Although this is a page of Espoo what we actually visited was the district of Tapiola (and next day the Bodom lake), a town that was created in 1953 to serve the needs of urbanization that was growing fast through an architectural experiment, it was actually one of the first post war projects about new town: it was designed as a garden city trying...

  • EMMA, Espoo Museum of Modern Art

    We wouldn’t bother to visit Espoo if it wasn’t for visiting EMMA(Espoo Museum of Modern Art). It is located on WeeGee house, a former printing house that now hosts 5 different museums.EMMA is the largest museum in Finland, focusing mainly on Finnish artists but I also many international exhibitions. As any Modern Art museum it has its ups and...

  • Helina Rautavaaran Museo

    After EMMA I visited Helina Rautavaaran Museum. It’s dedicated on non-european cultures and its named after Helina Rautavaara (1928-1998) who collected the objects on display and donated them, she dedicated her life on various cultures, she traveled a lot of course and published many of her travel diaries... There are more than 2500 items from...

  • Finnish Toy Museum Leikkilinna

    On my way out of WeeGee I passed by this Toy Museum. If you are interested about evolution of Finnish toys from early 20th century you may like it just because it will bring back sweet memories but you better visit it if you have kids with you. I guess they will love to see the large collection of dolls, bears, toy cars, miniature railways, small...

  • Gallen-Kallela Studio Museum

    Akseli Gallen-Kallela is the National artist of Finland. He was a leading figure of Finland`s golden age of the arts. Gallen-Kallela was a national cosmopolitan and a comprehensive reformer of the arts. The Studio Museum is a Jugendstil-inspired studio built by Gallen-Kallela in 1911-1913. At the present it is a museum. Studio is located in a...


Espoo Hotels

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Espoo Restaurants

  • Don't miss this cafe-restr on a 18th...

    Bembölen Kahvitupa, which is Finnish, means just "Bemböle Coffee House". Bemböle is the name of the neighbouring area. The history of the building is very interesting, it has been the main building of a 18th century farm. Now this wooden house has a traditional red painting on it. You can enjoy your meal or coffee either one of the two rooms...

  • Good lunch from the grill

    Restaurant Tempo is a favourite lunch joint for workers in Tapiola. Also women with small babies seem to like the restaurant, maybe due its excellent accessibility. Located on the third floor on Stockmann Tapiola, the restaurant has entrances both inside the department store and outside the building. Note that the restaurant follows the opening...

  • Restaurant by the sea

    Good place for lunch or dinner if you're sailing/boating/walking/cycling in Espoo. Serving good lunch, specialized in seafood and home-made style of food. Grilled goat cheese salad is famous and very delicious.


Espoo Nightlife

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  • A popular nightlife spot

    If you wanna see how the local young people party (thou I'm not sure it's anything worth seeing) come to Aladdin on a Saturday night. It's maybe the most popular of the few nightclubs in Espoo at the moment so prepare to stand in the line for a long time if you arrive after 11. And prepare to see a lot of drunken people..! On one side is the dance...

  • Iso Omena - BIG APPLE

    The restaurant BOOM is located in Matinkylä, less than 15 minutes by bus from Tapiola. The bus number is 11. The place is quite big, and it's become very popular place to go out. Casual, no jeans and sneakers

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Espoo Transportation

  • how to go there

    By busYou can take bus from Helsinki central bus station in Kamppi (there are many buses per hour, you can also catch in various points in Helsinki but the bus station was more convenient because we wanted to check the alternative routes, pic2 shows the timetable panel in the station). You can use a single regional ticket (4,50e) or better a...

  • how to move around

    It is much more difficult to move around in Espoo than in Helsinki without a car. There is a good bus network connecting different districts but it gets confusing with so many different residential areas in Espoo. We just took the bus from Helsinki because we wanted to see museum of modern art in Tapiola district, there was a map (pic 2) of the...

  • Excellent bus system

    Espoo is included in the regional transport system of Helsinki. If you travel from Helsinki you'll need a regional ticket that costs 3 Eur. The better option are tourist tickets that can be purchased for 1, 3 or 5 days. (I had a 3-day regional ticket for 16 Eur). You need to show your ticket to the driver when you board the bus. Buses to Tapiola...


Espoo Shopping

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  • shopping in Espoo

    After visiting EMMA we passed by the Heikintori mall opposite the bus stop, there are many discount stores there with several different items (from vinyl records to luggage) but also some food that we took to cook later at home. The mall is also full of restaurants and café to have a break before you hop on the next bus. If you approach Espoo by...

  • The Espoo Shopping Experience

    This was my first visit to the central area of Espoo. I was pleasantly surprised by the shopping centre, which seemed to have quite a few big name shops and several places to eat and drink.There were bus connections nearby, and it was all together a pleasant place to visit and do some shopping.

  • You need only one place to buy all you...

    Sello is a good place first of all because of its location. It is located at the train station of a place called "Leppävaara", which is one of the main stations by the Helsinki train line. You can walk in from the train to the mall.Also many buses pass Sello. For drivers there are 2500 free parking places.A place for returning empty bottles and tin...


Espoo Local Customs

  • Please do not disturb!

    Not only the trees were preserved during the building of Tapiola, but also a lot of the animal world is still co-habiting in this man-created environment. Be careful while walking on Tapiola's walking paths and try not to disturb squirrels too much (like I did while trying to photograph this one, that was scared to death thinking my camera is some...

  • Sand Scalpture

    I am not sure if this is local custom, but in the summer we had a Sand Scalpture competition and this one was my favourite.

  • Halo ?

    I haven't seen a lot of Finland, but from what I've seen this is not only a characteristic of Espoo. With central Nokia headquarters being located in the town, the use of mobile phones is enormous. You'll have a feeling that noone talks to other person face-to-face any more. But everyone constantly speaks to one phone while sending text messages or...


Espoo Warnings and Dangers

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    by Gili_S Updated Jun 25, 2007

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    There is a lots of water around Espoo, in summer it's swamps at winter it's frozen.
    In both cases you might drop in if you are not careful, just check out where you step.

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Espoo Tourist Traps

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    by ginte Updated Jun 28, 2007

    We were surprised when we wanted to buy the tickets for the train and asked about discounts for the students. We were told that international student cards - ISIC - doesn't valid there. I hope it's the same in the whole Finland. You should buy a finnish student card at the station and then you will be able to get a discound.

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Espoo Off The Beaten Path

  • The Nuuksio National Park

    The Nuuksio National Park is located in the municipalities of Espoo, Kirkkonummi and Vihti and it is administrated by Metsahallitus. In summer Nuuksio provides good opportunities for hiking, fishing, mushroom and berry picking, padling and nature trekking. Nuuksio also has an extensive network of hiking routes.The nature in Nuuksio changes from...

  • Not so nice places..

    Here is poor and ugly places in Finland too. Everything is not clean and beautiful. If you want to see different Finland, take a bus and make trip to suburbs.Bus 150 from Helsinki will bring you here..

  • Nice sea view

    We stayed at the Radisson Hotel in Espoo. This is conveniently near the Espoo convention centre (once the student's union building). Just inside the convention centre is an indoor spit roast big enough to take an ox. I don't know if they still use it.The immediate area is not all that exciting, but there is a nice coast with a road and path running...


Espoo Sports & Outdoors

  • The most popular sport in Finland

    Icehockey is the most popular sport in Finland so one of the must thing to do in Finland is defenitely to see the game. Espoo Blues was founded in 1984 (formerly known as Kiekko-Espoo). Kiekko-Espoo fought its way to SM-league (Finnish Championship Hockey league) in spring 1992. Year 1998 Kiekko Espoo's name was changed to Espoo Blues, now known as...

  • Tapiola Bowling hall

    This is maybe old bowling hall but in a great location just next to the Tapiola shopping centre. You can spend a nice afternoon playing here and go afterwards to one of the restaurants around here. You can get it all on-site.

  • Horse races in Vermo

    Vermo is the most famous horse racing track in Finland. All around the year, every wednesday from 18 to 22 there are horse races (check the websites front page - there is announcements for the next race). If you understand horses and are interested in betting - or even the other of the mentioned - this is the place to come.Tickets 4 euros at the...


Espoo Favorites

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  • Housing (3)

    The “Hip Flask” Towers designed in 1960 by Viljo Revell are one of the prominent features of Tapiola’s skyline. They are placed on the small hill close to the Tapiola Center, and as you approach from the lower area they seem to appear between the trees looking more monumental than the 7-floors towers can be. Beautifully designed curved line of...

  • Housing (2)

    Single-family houses in Tapiola usually come in form of row-houses, set freely in the landscape and usually with no fences around the plots. The division between public and private is usually made by placement of different plants. This type of flats was originally planned for families with children. Their contact with the terrain and nature remains...

  • Housing (1)

    The ideals of the Modernist architecture of the 1920s – lightness and openness; and life in nature – was successfully realized in the dwellings and the surroundings of Tapiola. One of the most important things of the settings of the buildings was the contact with nature, enabling nice views from the flats as well as the safe areas for children and...


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