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  • Castle and Vanajavesi Lake
    Castle and Vanajavesi Lake
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  • Häme Castle
    Häme Castle
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  • Wooden buildings
    Wooden buildings
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Hämeenlinna Things to Do

  • Architecture and oddities

    While strolling through the streets of Hämeenlinna, you might come across the one or other interesting buildings:The former Skogster warehouse from 1906 shows some nice art nouveau features. Today, it is used as a rock club.If you use the path along the lakeshore to get from the rain station to the own centre, you'll come along some ruins....

  • Market Square and Freedom monument

    Though the market square is modern in layout, there is still a traditional feeling through the market taking place on it. He most important buildings are the church (see separate tip) and the town hall from 1885.A monument dedicaed to the newly-gained freedom of the country was placed in the 1920s. What really surprised me was the use of the...

  • Hämeenlinna Church

    Hämeenlinna's Baroque Church was finished in 1798 and was modelled after the Pantheon in Rome. In the summertime, the church is open every day during daytime. In winter, it is only open daily for a short time around noon, for mass, special ocassions and upon request.

  • Häme Castle

    One of the best-known castles in Finland, Häme Castle has given its name to the city. The 13th century castle was altered and expanded several times. Between 1837 and 1980 it was used as a prison. Afterwards, it was refurbished and became a museum in 1991. Most rooms, however, are left with bare stones, partly with missing floors or walls. The...

  • The Railway station

    This is the nice structure of the local railway station building which you might be visiting anyway if you use the train but if not, still it is rather interesting one, the Hämeenlinna - Helsinki was the first rail line open between Finnish cities.

  • Hämeenlinnan kirkko

    The Hämeenlinnan kirkko or main church is located in the city central square. It is about 200 years old and the architecture structure of it is rather simple and typical classic Finnish church of that time period.

  • The Castle

    Hämeenlinna castle is one of the largest and most famous castle in Finland build during the middle ages. Today it is part of the city museum and open for visitors all year around.

  • The market square

    Like all Finnish cities also in Hämeenlinna the town market square is in the city centre and main attraction for tourist, buy something to eat or drink and some souvenirs shopping.

  • Hämeenlinna Castle

    The castle has been built in medieval time, and the town has developed around it on Vanaja lake. There are many museums: the Castle Museum, the Prison Museum, the Artillery Museum, etc.

  • Aulanko

    Colonel Hugo Robert Standertskjöld (1844-1931) grounded the Aulanko park and built the granite tower (1907). There is also a famous hotel and a bear-family statue by Robert Stigell.

  • The fortress

    Nicely preserved medieval castle, restored in 1970s after 300 years use as a warehouse and a prison. Contains a museum with ethnographic and archaeological exhibits.


    There's no real evidence of when Hämeen linna castle was built. Most probably it was built in the at the end of the 13th century after Birger Jarl's Crusade to Häme. During the Middle Ages the castle was turned into a home of the master of the castle. In the 18th century the castle was built higher, three storey building and was surrounded by a...


    Every castle needs a moat and Hämeen linna castle wasn't an exception. When we look at the pitiful ditch which separates the castle from the mainland it is hard to believe that the castle was able to protect its citizens against the enemy. A Russian story tells that in 1311 troops from Novgorod came to destroy Häme and indeed they destroyed...


    Interior is very much white giving it a convent like appearance. I love the serenity and symmetry of the vaults there. In the photo of the window you can again see how thick the walls are. When I walk there I like to imagine how life back then was. I "see" women in their long skirts and noble men living there. I can almost hear and smell them! But...


    Unfortunately there are no furniture in the castle, but still it is worth a deeper look and has lots of interesting things to see. If you have a closer look at the bench photo you can see how thick the walls were. They were not only to protect people in the castle from attacks but also to keep it warm/cool depending the weather. The only heating...

  • Harkatie (The Ox Road of Hame)

    Go for a trip on the Harkatie (The Ox Road of Hame) it is a road trip starting from Hameenlinna and ending in Turku. This road is full on interesting historical sites, villages and towns and beautiful nature.

  • Postcard museum

    Near castle Häme you find one of these cute little museums that are very typical for Finland, in this case it is a Postcard-museum.If you have the time, walk through the little rooms, watch different kind of postcards and take a coffee afterwards...

  • Castle Häme

    Hämeelinna's most important sight is the castle that dates back to the year 1260. It is one of the best conserved mediaeval brick-buildings in Finland. One reason for its good condition is the fact that it was never attacked. From 1837 to 1980 it served as a prison. After renovation works it was opened to public in 1991.


Hämeenlinna Hotels

  • Cumulus Hameenlinna

    Raatihuoneenkatu 16-18, Haemeenlinna, Southern Finland, 13100, Finland

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Sokos Hotel Vaakuna

    You do not really need hotel in Hämeenlinna unless you stay for a very late evening program as it is...


Hämeenlinna Restaurants

  • Hämeenlinna's flagship restaurant

    The „Gingerbread House“ has one of the best reputations among the restaurants in Hämeenlinna – and one of he highest prices as well. Look out for offers like lunch specials if you want to enjoy a classy meal for an affordable place.I had a reindeer dish which included all you can eat at the salad buffet. The food was excellent and worth to try, the...

  • Beer, beer and more beer

    Nice pub with friendly atmosphere. This place has and emphasis on beer culture with a large choice of usual and less usual beers on offer. Look out for the beer of the month! There is also some pub grub like sandwiches on the menu. The place a frequented by a large width of audience, though people n their late twenties seem to be in the majority....

  • Cafe

    Cafe Laurell is an old traditional classic coffee shop in Hämeenlinna. It is just by the town square in front of the big church and on a nice sunny day you can even sit outside and enjoy the warm sun with a cup of coffee.


Hämeenlinna Nightlife

  • Local pub with local drinkers

    This pub is known for cheap beer and is part of a small local network of pubs and clubs. The audience mostly consists of regular customers, some of them seem o spent every afternoon drinking there. Come here for price and some real life authenticity. However, for a cool and entertaining amosphere I would rather try out some of the other venues from...

  • Sirkus

    Ok, so if you decided to stay in Hämeenlinna over night after all, so this is the place to finalize your nightlife. The Sirkus club is the place where everyone ended the heavy night on drinking in this city. However, during the weekend, if you plan to take a taxi back home or hotel, better to leave half an hour earlier then the closing time,...

  • Tawastia Bank

    Well, same as for dining and restaurants this place is also my favourite here for drinking as well as they have stage and live gigs sometimes so you might catch some nice local band playing here.


Hämeenlinna Transportation

  • By train to Hämeenlinna

    Hämeenlinna is located at the line between Tampere and Helsinki which btw Finland's oldest train line. At least hourly, connections are offered in every direction. If you need to buy a ticket, be aware about the opening times of the counters which vary per weekday. At my last visit, the ticket vending machines had their menu only in Finnish and...

  • Taxi

    If you need to get anywhere in the city, Hämeenlinna is rather small and taxi ride will be short and quick and so wouldn't cost too much either.

  • Boat line from Hämeenlinna to Tampere

    There is a boat line that can take you through the lake from Hämeenlinna to Tampere, but the catch is that it will cost you much more then the train, but it is something special :)Check the link for more details.


Hämeenlinna Shopping

  • Gili_S's Profile Photo

    by Gili_S Written May 3, 2010

    Nice place to buy some souvenirs, local hand craft and such items are in the market square in the centre of town. But don't expect any to be cheap here, after all they are made for the tourist.

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Hämeenlinna Off The Beaten Path

  • Jean Sibelius birth place

    This is the house where the famous Finnish composer Jean Sibelius was born in 1865. Located in the city centre it is now a small museum dedicated to the composer, his life and his music.

  • Hame Visitor Centre

    Hame Visitor Centre located south of Hameenlinna by the national parks of Liesjarvi and Torronsuo surrounding by big lakes. Its a great place to get more information about the nature in the area, where to go hiking and camping of even just to take a short break and swim in the lake.

  • Hämeenlinna Hotels

    2 Hotels in Hämeenlinna

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Hämeenlinna Favorites

  • Gili_S's Profile Photo

    by Gili_S Updated Mar 24, 2004

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Hämeenlinna is a medium size Finnish city, there are only few nice things to see here, especially the castle.
    The city has a nice official web site including also tourist information.
    The site is available also in English.


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