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  • Kerava town library
    Kerava town library
    by Zirpsis
  • Restaurant Pikku Buddha, Kerava
    Restaurant Pikku Buddha, Kerava
    by Zirpsis
  • Restaurant Hongyun, Kerava, Finland
    Restaurant Hongyun, Kerava, Finland
    by Zirpsis

Kerava Things to Do

  • Circus horses

    The circus horses (1979) commemorate the circus tradition at Kerava. The horses were meant to please and entertain the good people of Kerava but they got damaged in this duty and had to be renovated. Nowadays, they are on a higher pedestal (unlike the picture).

  • Modern Art Museum Sinkka

    This modern art museum used to be at Savio in the Klondike building, but it moved to a more convenient location closer to Kerava center a couple of years ago. There's also a museum shop and a cafeteria. Note: free car parking behind the museum.Oddly enough, the museum is closed during the summer months. You should check the opening hours from their...

  • Just another monument: J.K.Paasikivi

    You'll find this monument in Kerava's central park. It's the memorial of Juho Kusti Paasikivi (1870-1956), a great Finnish statesman and President of Finland 1946-1956. He created a new foreign policy, the so called Paasikivi Line, and lead the country during the difficult times of rebuilding the economy after WWII. The name "Paasikivi" refers to a...

  • Art and atmosphere

    Visit Kerava Manor and its art exhibitions (open in summertime only!). You can have some coffee and a bite to eat at the cafe and, if the weather is nice, you can enjoy the garden terrace. The history of the manor dates back to the 16th century. The present main building was built in 1810 and is said to be haunted. You might be surprised to see the...

  • Sun and wind statue

    In the middle of the Kauppakaari Promenade at Keskusaukio (central square), you can see this grey granit statue. It was placed here 1982, it's called "Sun and wind" and it's by Heikki Haivaoja, the sculptor. Originally, there was also the element of water involved. I distinctly remember trickles of water running from the middle, but they have...

  • Central Park

    It's a small but beautiful park in the middle of town. Notice the yellow paving: it's supposed to be the Kerava yellow. I've submitted pictures for all seasons.

  • Who's this guy?

    When in Kerava, you might come across this statue and wonder who this guy is. Well, I'm going to tell you. He's Volmari Iso-Hollo (1908-1969), nicknamed Vomma. Finnish runner who won two successive gold medals in the Olympic Games for the 3000-metre steeplechase (1932 Los Angeles, 1936 Berlin). In addition, he won Olympic silver in '32 and bronze...

  • Sampolan alikulku - artsy tunnel

    This is just another example of how a mundane thing like pedestrian passage can be designed. It could have been made of plain concrete all grey and uninteresting. But this is Kerava, remember? There are colourful painted details and details in granite on the walls and columns and what not.There's a rondell in the middle of the passage with benches...

  • Going for a walk

    There are good possibilities to go for a relaxing walk at Kerava for the network of footpaths criss-crosses around the whole town. There are both paved, gravel and natural paths. Here you have some pictures: a few summer, one autumn and one spring pic. In the wintertime, most paths in the woods are skiing tracks and then you should not go there...

  • KEUDA Building for Shows, Concerts &...

    This building is actually a college, but they have a good hall for shows, concerts and stuff like that. Also some conferences have been arranged here from time to time. It's centrally located opposite the library so it's rather easy to find.

  • Shoe box style

    Kerava church (Evangelic-Lutheran), designed by Ahti Korhonen, was built 1963 and it is a typical representative of that time's Finnish architecture of simplified functional spaces which create a peaceful atmosphere of silent worship. However, I'm not too impressed by this shoe box style.

  • Need some medical attending?

    You can get some first aid at the healthcare center, look for signs pointing to Terveyskeskus or signs with a red cross. The building was fully renovated and they also built a whole new wing about a year ago so the facilities are modern. The word "firstaid" is in Finnish "Ensiapu". The Ensiapu is open daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Kerava Restaurants

  • Excellent lunch buffet

    The buffet is ecxellent here and you can eat as much as you like at a reasonable price.Interior is rather uninteresting, but this is a good size diner, even for groups. There is also a terrace so you can even eat outside when it's warm enough.

  • Nepalese specialities

    Typical all Nepalese cuisine the way we are used to having it here in Finland. Nice exotic flavors (but not too spicy) on tin plates. They also serve Tikka and Kingfisher beers to add to the feel of originality. All in all, a nice experience. Try their lamb, chicken or veggies. I like their malai kofta and I'm especially fond of their spicy milk...

  • Popular deli & bakery

    If you feeling peckish, why not try this popular bakery-cafeteria at the Promenade. They have excellent fresh tea, coffee and coffee bread, pastries and salads. Also nice selection of icecreams.In the summer time, they have tables even outside where you can watch the passers by. Try their Korvapuusti cinnamon buns. Big and yummy!

  • Down to earth chicken place

    Very local restaurant, which servers deep fried chicken fillets. Deep fried chicken looks and tastes nice. Don't try hamburgers or burritos, they are standard stuff.Restaurant that belongs to Kerava. Fast service.

  • Chicken specialities

    For over 15 years, this small restaurant "The Happy Chicken" has been serving good food in their warm and welcoming atmosphere. Chicken theme is present both in the menu and the decor. I often eat here with friends and family and we have never been dissappointed. Their terrace is very popular in the summer because it's towards the evening sun. And...

  • Good food - reasonable prices

    Belonging to one of the major restaurant chains, Rosso has a good standard menu, nice professional personnel, modern interiors and good location. They also have a small terrace outside and it's on the side of the afternoon sun. My first impression was just ok but after having a very tasty steak at a reasonable price, I was more than happy. Now,...


Kerava Transportation

  • Train

    Best and the easiest way to get to Kerava is by trains, there are few trains every hour connecting Kerava and Helsinki.

  • Getting from place to place

    Public transportation is not very good in Kerava meaning that there are very few busses going around and about (but those that do are very reliable). Bus time tables can be found at the the bus stops in front of the railway station. Taxis are reliable and always use a tariff meter so if you can afford it its ok. The tariffs are not negotiable and...

  • Nearest airport

    The nearest airport is Helsinki-Vantaa. If you are coming by air to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and want to continue to Kerava from there, it'll be most convenient to take a taxi or rent a car. The journey takes about 20 minutes.


Kerava Shopping

See all 4 Shopping in Kerava
  • Looking for handicrafts?

    Surrounded by big trees, this pink house is rather pictoresque place to visit. Actually, it's a small art gallery with changing exhibitions. You can also buy some local craft / hand made items at the red, smaller building called Allin Talli. Arts and crafts, unique items

  • Largest department store in the area

    This is a large department store with the normal day-to-day consumer goods and also many special boutiques and a restaurant. Also the local alcohol shop ALKO is under the same roof. Lots of parking space in the basement and a guy who offers to wash your car while you are shopping. I've provided a web page link to a map. Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8-21,...

  • Local grocery store

    If in the area and looking for a food store, this S-Market is fairly inexpensive and reliable place to go shopping. It's part of the S-group, one of the largest market chains in this country. There's also a separate flower kiosk and a Tiimari-shop inside. The parking lot is on the north side of the building.Open from 7 a.m to 9 p.m. on weekdays and...


Kerava Local Customs

  • Zirpsis's Profile Photo

    Washing rug carpets

    by Zirpsis Updated Jul 9, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    People like to wash their rug carpets with traditional pine soap every summer. It can no longer be done at river or lake shores in Finland so town council provides this carpet washing station for the towns people. The place is called Amanda and there are water outlets, basins and tables for scrubbing. The used waters go to town sewege system, not to the ground. The logs are for hanging wet carpets to drip dry. The smell of pine soap is a sure sign that the rug washing season has started. Many couples come together and men and women participate in the work equally. It's very relaxing and you can make new aquaintances while you scrub your carpets side by side.

    Carpets drip drying Carpet cleaning at Amanda
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Kerava Off The Beaten Path

  • Ollilanlampi - fresh in the midst of the...

    Ollilanlampi is a nice swampy pond area in the middle of the forest. My mum used to take me here in the very early summer mornings to see baby frogs jump for the first time. The feeling inside the quiet forest is quite heavenly. Cool place for picnics or walks in the woods. (It is hard to explain how to get to the spot, so ask locals for...

  • Nice stone bridge

    Take a walk to this old stone bridge over Kerava river near Kerava manor. The address is Kivisillantie (that translates to "stone bridge road" - what a surprise). If you are looking for a nice swim: don't even think about it. The river water is muddy and shallow. However, its great for kayaking and canoeing, and this is a good spot to enter your...

  • Take a step back in time

    How did folks live in the olden days? If you're interested in old customs and ways of life, then visit Kerava museum. It is an old farm with several buildings in their original surroundings (the main building was built at the end of the 1800th century) and exhibits artefacts of country life in southern Finland from the 1800th century til the...


Kerava Sports & Outdoors

  • Ice skating

    Kerava Ice Hall offers free skating time for the towns people (and others) on Sundays from 11 to 12 and on Thursdays from 14 to 15.Oh, and of course you can see some local ice hockey matches here, if that's what you're after. You should ask some local people to find out when there's a game on for you (unless you can read Finnish and check it in the...

  • Ice skating in the parks

    In winter time, you can go skating for free on the skating rinks provided by the city council. In this picture, they are making some ice on the sports field between the Central School (building on the right) and the Central Park of Kerava. You should bring your skates with you for there is no equipment rental.

  • Swimming, gym and sauna

    This is the local swim hall and even though it doesn't look like much, it was renovated recently and I've heard people like it better than for instance the halls in some neighbouring towns. Tickets for adults cost 3,00 eur for a morning swim (weekdays from 6 to 9) and 3,30 at other times. This price entitles you also to the use of the sauna...


Kerava Favorites

  • Gili_S's Profile Photo

    Local college

    by Gili_S Written Jan 21, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: This is the building of the local, college, or maybe it called vocational school. Its maybe the only new fresh design building I saw here.

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