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  • Porvoo
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  • Porvoo
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Porvoo Things to Do

  • Walking Tour in Old Porvoo

    I recommend to have a walk through the cobble stoned streets of Porvoo. You can follow the route that will open with the link below. That is covering the touristic part. Crossing Mannerheiminkatu will bring you to a newer part, that also covers some sights.

  • Old Porvoo

    Porvoo is one of Finland's six mediaeval towns, and in the Old Town, the district dating back to the time of Swedish rule. Porvoo was first granted town rights around 1380. The town was badly destroyed by fire in 1760. Finland was annexed to the Russian Empire as an autonomous Grand Duchy in 1809.

  • Brungerg

    For chocolates and candy lovers, this is the place to stop and spend time there. We did it and visit the shop but finally we did not buy chocolate. We ate samples and it was delicious.

  • The little church

    The Little Church, located beside Porvoo Cathedral, was dedicated in 1740. The Church accomodates 170 people and it can be booked for christening, marriage ceremonies and funerals at the parish office.

  • Shore Houses

    Red shore houses on the riverbank are one of the most photographed scenery in Porvoo. Red ochre paint was used to paint the shore houses in the late 18th century in honour of King Gustav III's arrival. All of the houses along his route were painted, in order to make them look more beautiful. The red ochre also helped protect the logs from wind and...

  • Porvoo Cathedral

    The church was dedicated to St. Mary, and the current Gothic-style appearance is mainly from the reconstruction in 1414-1418. The building has been destroyed several times. The interior is decorated with wall paintings from the end of the 15th century, and the pulpit was made in 1764. The church became a Cathedral in 1723, and has a seating...


Porvoo Hotels

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Porvoo Restaurants

  • Porvoon Paahtimo

    This a nice pub next to the river, the building (one of these old redbrick storehouses) has a history itself as it was built back in 1902!I didn’t notice any food on the menu except some snacks/cakes/pies so this is just a relaxed place for coffee, tea, beer or wine. They advertise their own coffee that is roasted daily. They also see it in...

  • Gluckauf

    We walked a bit along the river, it was a lovely sunny day and decided to have a beer there. Gluckauf is a boat restaurant with a terrace next to the river but also a sailing ship moored on the riverfront (pic 1) where you can take your drinks/food.Athough self service if you want just drinks we had to pay 5euros for the “cheap” beer but I saw many...

  • Nakkeja, pikkulämpimiä - Nakki Kustaa

    In Porvoo we were lucky enough to meet a famous local VT member, who showed us around and even led us to the hidden gems of the local cuisine."Nakkeja, pikkulämpimiä" is a Snack Bar, which is known as "Nakki Kustaa" among the locals. I ordered a Lihapiirakka which is a warm minced meat pie with homemade mustard. My Finnish VT friends had Nakkis...


Porvoo Nightlife

  • Beer beside the river

    If you want to enjoy a beer or coffe sitting over/beside the river then this is the place. Anything goes

  • Irish bar

    We didn´t know Porvoo-nightlife any,because this was first time we were over night there(allthough my husband has lived there as a child-but didn´t go to nightlife-then!).We just popped in to this place,and I was happy to find white beer there,witch I had tasted in London.Now it is served in many places.We didn´t actually even notice this bar as...

  • Small but intimate bar in Old Town

    Bar Mary is located just in Old Town, and it's an active live music place with friendly atmosphere. They have lot of musicants and other funny people on the stage, not just 'hot' names, the cathegory is very big. You can hear everything from jazz to rock. Like you would be in your own living room...;)


Porvoo Transportation

  • One parking option

    If you come to Porvoo you will notice that it is not possible to drive everywhere in the old part of town. Easiest is to park your car at the location that I marked on the google maps link below. During high season it might happen that it is already full, but I always found a place to park there.Btw, it is a good place to take pictures of the...

  • Cruise

    We made the cruise + bus to Porvoo with Royal Line. The cruise departs from Helsinki´s Market Square at 10.05 am continuing through the beautiful archipielago providing the chance to admire hundreds of islands and skerries along the coastline and make lots of photos. After 3 hours journey we arrived to Porvoo where we stayed for 3 hours, enough...

  • how to go there

    By busYou can take bus from Helsinki central bus station, there are 2-4 buses per hour and the ticket is about 11euro, the ride take about an hour. We were staying on east suburb of Helsinki so we took it from Siilitie metro station paying 9.30e (the bus fare in Finland is counted on the distance). Express buses don’t stop there as they go directly...


Porvoo Shopping

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  • shopping in Porvoo

    Old Town of Porvoo is full of small tiny stores and craft shops that sell anything from jewelry, art pieces, clothes, second hand items, toys, dollhouses, wooden items etc Most stores can be found on Jokikatu and Valikatu but there are many others in other streets too. Prices are expensive in most of them but you knew that before you arrive in...

  • Boutique to furnish your home

    Liina is a small home furnishing shop located in the Porvoo old town, focused on more traditional designs -- think of Lexington (one of their brands, in fact). The smallish wooden house has been filled from floor to ceiling with all kinds of items related to home furnishing.Most of the stuff is fabrics and other "clothware", such as linens,...

  • Truffels and brownies

    This is quite new candy-fabric,and very small.If in the shop there is 4 people,you might need to wait outside.Porvoo seems to be "unhealthy" town,because there´s two delicious candy-places.But these ones sold here are close Belgian-style,and two pieces is enough to satisfy your hunger for sweets.When we go there I cross my fingers,and hope that...


Porvoo Local Customs

  • Gossip Mirror

    Gossiping seems to be quite popular in Porvoo. In the Old Town of Porvoo you still find some houses with gossip mirrors, which were quite common in old times. A gossip mirror consists of two mirrors and is fixed to the wooden window frame. It enables people in the house to see what happens outside in the street in both directions.

  • Official languages

    Finland has two official languages. About 93 % of the population speaks Finnish, whereas Swedish is the mother tongue for 6 % of the people. So all signs are bilingual in Finland. For example "katu" is the Finnish and "gatan" is the Swedish word for "street". Most of the Swedish speaking Finns live in the coastal areas; including Porvoo.

  • Enjoy a summer day on a terrace like...

    Locals enjoys from a nice sunny day at open air patios, which we simply call "terraces". Normally they serve little something to eat but mainly they sell drinks like beer, cider, soda but also some ice-cream.There are plenty of terraces by the river, one on a roof top of Seurahovi hotel next to the main market square.It is nice to enjoy a cider or...


Porvoo Warnings and Dangers

  • What life worth of in Finland?

    In 2007 a Dutch tourist been murdered in the middle of the day in the middle of the city by a person who stubbed him to death.The murderer been prosecuted and sentenced to prison for 11.5 years. After 50% reduction in sentenced he will probably served half of the time.That is what life worth of in Finland, 5 years about. Think about it.

  • In the summer...

    In the summer, there are lots of tourists in Porvoo, for such a small place in can be very crowded especially during the weekend.

  • Cobblestone and hills

    Even though Porvoo seems to be a great place for bikers, parents with small childen are well advised to leave their baby carriage at home. The streets are not only made of cobblestone but quite steep as well(especially if you want to go up to the church), which makes it quite exhausting to push the carriage. In any case: Wear comfortable shoes and...


Porvoo What to Pack

  • Brochure and map of Porvoo

    The Porvoo City Tourist Office provides free brochures of Porvoo. The brochures include all sorts of useful information for tourists, like: places to visit, accomodation, restaurants and a map. The brochure is available in various languages. If the Tourist Office is closed you will get the brochure at the outside of the entrance. The Tourist...

  • Reasonable shoes, Good choice :D

    It is good that you wear the reasonable shoes. As you can see from the pic, the streets of old town are cobblestones and the best way to explore the old town is to walk.

  • Porvoo Hotels

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Porvoo Off The Beaten Path

  • Take a boat from Helsinki to Porvoo

    Of course you can always take a bus from Helsinki to Porvoo, but you will see much more if you use one of the regular boat connections during the summer. The service that I used to go to Porvoo, or to my Porvoo, Pirttisaari (Pörtö in Swedish) island, was provided by MS J.L. Runeberg.If you want to see the island, feel free, but as the whole island...

  • Archipelago

    Many tourists who travel to Porvoo miss the archipelago. But I want to tell you that it is worth of visiting. The Porvoo archipelago is a marvellous place, specially in the summertime. There are lots of summer cottage but there lives also a bunch of inhabitants who do fishing and boat buildning. Check more of my Pellinki tip.

  • Archipelagocruises

    There is cruises between Helsinki and Porvoo during summertime (May-September). The ship is called m/s J.L. Runeberg. Return ticket is for adults around 30 ?.


Porvoo Sports & Outdoors

  • Downhill skiing and cross-country skiing

    Well, Porvoo has also a hill for downhill skiing! Tallest height difference is 55 metres, four slopes and the longest slope is 400 metres!Kids find it very popular at winter (December - March). There is a ski rental place so you dont have to bring your own skies! There is also a possibility for cross-country skiing and they rent skies also for...

  • Rent a bicycle!

    A good way to get around Porvoo is to rent a bicycle! This way it is easy to explore Porvoo. At summer time most of "life" is around the Porvoo river. Even local people come to check out terraces and other people along the Porvoo river. It is common that people living in Helsinki make a joy-ride from Helsinki to Porvoo, eat (drink coffees) and then...

  • Golf freak, Porvoo might be your heaven.

    We don't have sunshine around the year, but what we have is 24 hour sun light during the summer time. So if you are searching for the nice golf trip for your summer vacation, Porvoo can be your paradise. Golf has become a very popular among Finnish in couple of last years and new golf areas has been buildt a lot of. Porvoo is wonderful place, near...


Porvoo Favorites

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  • River Porvoo

    Porvoo is situated at the mouth of the river Porvoo (Porvoonjoki). The banks of the river invite visitors for a nice stroll. Porvoo's picturesque old town is located on the eastern side of the River, where at Jokikatu several restaurants can be found. Among them is the Restaurant Ship Glückauf (see my Restaurant Tips).

  • Best place to take picture of wooden...

    If you just walk past the bridge and go to the other side of the bank, you will see the best place to take pictures at Porvoo. This is where most photographers take pictures of the wooden houses. And you will look good in your pics too! Happy Kodak moment! (Just be careful and don't fall in the water...but the slope is not too bad)Porvoo is the...

  • Shoes!

    This is a general tip, not my favorite thing.Take comfortable shoes to your Porvoo trip as the old town has cobbled stoned streets. High heels might not be the perfect choice for this town visit.


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