Tampere Nightlife

  • Kahdet kasvot(Two faces)
    by Turska
  • Telakka
    by Hockeylady
  • Paapan Kapakka
    by Gili_S

Most Viewed Nightlife in Tampere

  • 1. O'Connell's

    This is one of the best pubs in town. Very unique decoration, the owners went to Ireland to get the idea and created very nice pub with relax atmosphere. The only bad thing here that there are TV’s...

  • 2. Yo-talo (The Student House)

    Disco, clubs, live music, you name it and it is here! This is almost the most popular Nightclub in Tampere centre. There is live music in every week (usually on wednesday/friday/saturday) The ticets...

  • 3. Paapan Kapakka

    The legend says that in Tampere the people are even drinking more then in Helsinki, so, for Finland it is must be something. Tampere has relatively small centre with all of its nightlife attractions....

  • 4. Cafe Europa

    Café Europa One of the most popular places in Tampere is Café Europa and you will easily disocver why. It is a place with a 19th century style interior, including mirrors and chandeliers. However,...

  • 5. Kahdet kasvot(Two faces)

    We just simply like this place.And ther´many kind of people,music not too loud to talk,and not too disco-kind. I also like the fact,that in the beer-list there´s told by couple of words,what kind of...

  • 6. Artturi

    This place looks fun.It´s also a little cheaper-maybe because it´s opposite of students-house(Yo-talo),and students don´t have so much money. There is old Finnish "räsymatto",witch are colorful...

  • 7. Tullikamari

    This is oldest and most famous place to see bands at Tampere.It is even one of most famous in Finland. Today you hardly ever hear someone call it Tullikamari.It´s Klubi or Pakkahuone.Those are two...

  • 8. Hellä

    HELLÄ IS CLOSED SINCE 2009. There´s a little pun in the name.Hellä is "tender"in Finnish,so it sounds so soft..But as you see from the sign,there´s also a joke fot those people that think that...

  • 9. Telakka

    A special place for anybody who is interested in theather. Some actors put this place together with a huge risk some years ago. They even collected some building materials from junk yards to get it...

  • 10. Doris

    Doris.. hmms, that's a dark underground hang-out full of rock music and young people and students. Either you love it or hate it.. you can not be neutral about it :) I happen to like it very much....

  • 11. Teerenpeli

    This is quite popular pub/beerhouse at Hämeenkatu.I like it a lot,too.They have friendly staff(they are voted city´s friendliest staff many times) and not too loud music,if you want to talk.They have...

  • 12. Be-Bop

    THE BEST PLACE IN TAMPERE. Bepop has great furnishings, nice customers and staff and beer & cider is only 0,50 euros on wednesdays and thursdays! K-18 wednesday-thursday. K-20 weekends. You have to...

  • 13. Ilves Night Club

    Ilves, restaurant, bar & nite club Ilves is the biggest hotel in Tampere. A landmark with it's 20 floors, smack in the centre. Not the cheapest in town. The night club is very pop amongst the cream of...

  • 14. 101 Beers: Homely pub, closed now

    Sadly it is closed now :( New pub is soon open at same address, but I will tell you more when it is open. The name will be Brygga streetbar.As the name can...

  • 15. Fat Lady (Love Hotel before): If you like night-clubs/discos

    Actually,I haven´t been her,but in my occupation I meet so many people,that I can tell,that this is now very popular night-club in Tampere with yunger people....

  • 16. Inferno: Just like made for us hard rock-fans!

    SORRY TO SAY, THAT INFERNO IS ALSO CLOSED! EVEN IF IT WAS FULL AT WEEKENDS, IT WAS TOO QUIET AT WEEKDAYS.. We heavy metal fans are too old to go rocking at work...

  • 17. Laterna and Valo: Theme nights

    Laterna is also a dining place,but we have never eaten there.When we moved to Tampere,it was the best rock-club.Then it was renovated,and after that it has been...

  • 18. Rotwalli: Taste local drinks

    This is quite typical Finnish pub,but they are specailised in drink names in "Tampere language".Most famous is "Mansen tekila",witch is little like teguila(very...

  • 19. Pub Pikilinna: A pub with a heart

    Pub Pikilinna is an Irish type, cosy and friendly place with an excellent selection of beers. They also serve toasts. Often there's sports on the screen and...

  • 20. Partyhouse Kiva: It's disco time

    Partyhouse Kiva is my favorite discoteque in Tampere. Full of mainstream disco music and happy Finnish and international-minded people. Good DJ's. Location is...

  • 21. The Celtic House: A Scottish/Irish pub

    This very centrally located Irish/Scottish pub does not seems to attract as many guests as O’Connell’s, but is not bad at all. Perhaps its reputation comes from...

  • 22. Ale Pupi: Karaoke, cheap beer and locals

    This pub and karaoke bar is located in front of the central station and can be described as a tourist – free zone. OK, sometimes you will find the one or other...

  • 23. Panimoravintola Plevna: Beer and solid food

    “Plevna” was opened in 1994 in one of the former Finlayson mills. This brewery-restaurant is well-known for its huge selection of home-made beers and their menu...

  • 24. Jack the Rooster: Live music at the Tammerkoski

    If you are looking for a good band playing in an English-themed pub, this should be the place for you. Jack The Rooster has a band playing almost every night, a...

  • 25. Emma: What ever it is called the club in Hämeenkatu 26

    One of the most popular spots for years, this place has changed its name frequently, used to be Black Emanuel when I was first time here, then it was just...

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Tampere Nightlife

Turska's Profile Photo

Tampere has quite lively nighlife. There is big number of studenst on town, witch might be one reason.

Me and my husband are sort of beer hobbyists, and there is several pubs with great...

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