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    shopping in Tampere: shopping in Tampere

    by mindcrime Written Sep 24, 2013

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    Hameenkatu is the main street in Tampere and also the main commercial street, just opposite the train station at Hameenkatu 4 is Stockmann (pic 1), the popular upscale department store in most finnish towns. Check also Anttila department store (Puutarhakatu 10) for lower prices and Kehrasaari (east of Laukontori square) for boutiques and handcrafts stores.

    We stayed two full days in Tampere so when we needed supplies we took advantage of Lidl super market near the train station, we noticed grocery stores at most department stores but also many other markets like K-market and Siwa (the one at Puutarhakatu 14 is open till midnight).

    One morning we visited Tammela square (pic 3) which is a typical market square, many stalls with vegetables, fruits but also some crafts, second hand items etc We had some lovely but extremely expensive cherries.

    On our way back from Kaleva church we walked along Itsenaisyydenkatu where we saw a store with second hand items (pic 4), it was full with locals that were buying clothes in extremely low prices. Women went crazy carring tons of clothes, I checked for a while some dvds and books but then I gave up and waited in the corner with some other husbands that were patiently were waiting at one of the tables (smart move of the owners to have those seats there)

    We also saw Swamp record store (pic 5) near orthodox church, at Tuomiokirkonkatu 32, expensive prices but I guess normal for Finland.

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    Pyynikintorin Liha: Pyynikintori's Meal Shop

    by akkipaa Updated Feb 17, 2013

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    Pyynikintorin Liha opened doors 1967 and served Tampere people with high quality meal and other local food stuff. Original owners run the business till September 2011 but new owners have not got the business to fly and the shop was closed in the beginning of November 2012.

    Rumors tell that thew shop will be opened at the end of February 2013.

    This is one of the most famous shops in Tampere and I hope all the best to the new owner and luck to business. Nice part of history, The original owner decided the name and he didn't change it even he had to pay of the neon shield on letter basis, there are 17 letters and the price of the shield was 4000Fim/1967. Cost of "Läski" (Fat) would have been only under one third of the price (that is the nickname of the shop in mouths of Tampere people).

    Pyynikintorin Liha moved to this current address 1988, the location was owned by Tuotanto (cooperative company, nowadays Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa), but the corporation faced huge financial troubles and had to sell property. In these 120 square meter was first self service food shop in Tampere and besides this place is still one of the oldest restaurants in Tampere, Tuoppi which is run by the same Osuuskauppa.


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    Blummari - Kukkakauppa (Flower Shop): Pyynikintori's Flower Shop

    by akkipaa Written Feb 17, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Flower shop Blummari is one of the traditional plinth shops (kivijalkakauppa) in Tampere and it's located in the Pyynikintori (Pyynikki Square). The square has other famous shops like Pyynikintorin Liha (Meal of Pyynikintorin) also. Meal has changed the ownership multiple times during last years and it's currently closed (rumors tell that will will be opened at the end of Feb 2013).

    Blummari is a special shop for flower binding and you can order or just visit the shop and get binded flowers from funerals to weddings. The shop changed ownership two years ago and new owners are eager to help with wedding invitations and there is a selection of interior decoration stuff every woman is interested in :)

    Teleflora system for delivery outside your area.

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    Boot Flea Market: Central Market place full of cars

    by akkipaa Updated Sep 2, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Twice a year Moro (weekly issue of local morning paper "Aamulehti" arranges Boot Flea Market in central market square. This year the days were 15th April and 2nd September. 2nd September is today, they have just started, so if you read this now take a trip to Tampere central and visit the place.

    There are some 400 cars selling "all the stuff you can find useless from you home" like clothes, sporting goods, books, CD's, housing equipment, just name it and you can find it. There can be found some specialties, on Autumn Tampere theatre sold old role dresses and now there is a bicycle area for those having no car.

    The income is donated to "Ruokanysse" which donates food to poor, old and persons facing other kind of crisis in their life. "Ruokanysse" is organized by Tampere congregation and part of the food is donated by grocery shops of Tampere.

    It is estimated that about 30 000 people visit the market and that make em so popular that there were about 2000 applicants and the selling places were raffled randomly.

    What to buy: As you can see, someone is selling old and blue SPINNING WHEE (in the middle of the photo in the roof of a car)!

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    Prisma: Everything to everyone

    by akkipaa Updated Jan 10, 2012

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Prismas are among of Tampere's most popular department stores, and even though the parking areas are large, those fill up quickly during rush hours.

    There are currently 4 Prismas in Tampere, facilities varies, but you might find also a hairdresser's, laundries (SOL), banks (S-Pankki), Alkos and Cafes from Prisma.

    Prisma is a low-price but high-quality hypermarket. Besides food, you can buy products for the home and household, clothing, and sport and outdoor equipment. The department store has been extended a couple of times into a huge shopping area. You rarely find it crowded here. Whether you are looking for saucepans, coat hangers or stereo equipment, you will find everything under the same roof. Prices are able to compete and the service is warm and kind.

    Opening times are 9am-9pm Mon-Fri; 9am-6pm Sat; 12pm-6pm Sun. Closed on special holidays.

    Prisma Tampere is the oldest hypermarket in Tampere and among the first Prismas in Finland, the others are Koivistokylä, Lielahti and Linnainmaa.

    What to buy: Take your whole week foodstaff from here and cloth yourself while shopping. If your have S-card (it's green card valid in whole Finland) you can buy speciel offers in lower price and you can have rebate later which is calculated from your monthly purchases. The rebate can be up to 5%.

    What to pay: Take fresh bread from bakery, selected fish from fish stand (it's 20 meters long and serves fastly), especially cold smoked salmon takes your tongue within.

    Prisma Tampere
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    Tammelantori: Lively marketplace

    by Turska Written May 28, 2011

    Lively marketplace in Tampere, Tammela city part. What´s different from other markets (=tori is a markeplace in Finnish) is the flea market tables.
    It´s open:
    *from monday to saturday from 6 to 14 (2 p.m.)
    *Midsommer eve (Juhannusaatto, in friday witch happens to be between 19th to 25th): from 6 – 13
    *Christmas eve: from 6 to 12

    What to buy: kahvila, grillejä, palvilihaa, mustaamakkaraa, perunat ja juurekset, leivonnaisia, käsityötuotteita, kirpputori ja paljon paljon muuta.

    Market cafe goods, smoked ham and other meat, musta makkara (black sausage made from blood, terrible if you ask me, but people born here love it..), new potatos, vegetables, pastries, handgrafts, items from fleamarket tables..

    What to pay: Vegetables and other foods are more expensive than in supermarkets, but better.

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    Lähiruokapuoti Lempi: Orcanic- and local goods

    by Turska Written May 28, 2011

    We just found this, and found many delights in here. For example good gread, made by little family companys. All thhe goods are either from close towns of Tampere, or orcanic.

    What to buy: Bread, meat, cheese, vegetable oils, sweets..

    What to pay: Little more than in "normal" shops.

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    Heavenly circus: Gothic and glamrock-clothes

    by Turska Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    They make clothes themselves and also bring some from uproad.For example Finnish rock-band Negative has told to shop here sometimes,and Jan Wilde who´s maybe not so well known outside Finland.

    What to buy: They don´t exist at Tampere anymore.Web-shop is still open.Maybe a shop at Helsinki too,check out.

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    Vapaa valinta: Cheap clothes

    by Turska Updated Apr 4, 2011

    If you found yourself at Tampere in the middle of summer,without t-shirt because you thought it would snow,or without umbrella,go to nearets Vapaavalinta,those are really cheap.Also at winter,go to have some woolen clothes.
    I can´t promise the quality to be very best,but somtimes they aren´t so bad,as you might thought.I have even had some good ones there.
    Thís is also the palce to buy cheapest Iittala-dishes or Hackman-kettles,and some sweets to go.
    No "real"food any kind.

    What to buy: Clothes,sweets,anything to pets,cleaning-staff and so on..

    What to pay: Allmost the cheapest place to buy these things.

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    Swamp Musich: Probably Tampere's best music store

    by Airpunk Updated Sep 21, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you like rock and metal music, you should visit at least one record store in Finland. Probably the only country in the world where rock and metal are the most popular music styles, Finland has a huge selection of hard music styles with many big names in the music business. I went to Swamp Music, one of Tampere’s best known music stores. Swamp consist indeed of two stores. A main store with new CDs and a seocnd one with used ones which is just around the corner and only a little smaller than the main one. Prices are good, especially at the second hand store where you can get some good Finnish rock for a couple of euros.
    It is easy to spend half an hour or more in the main shop just by going through the CDs. However, if you are looking for a specific band, you should know exactly which style it belongs to. In case you are lost or can’t find your band, just contact the friendly staff. They may look like like Lordi’s little brother or sisters, but as almost every thing they are freindly, easy going people.

    What to buy: Get yourself soemthing from the Leningrad Cowboys, von Hertzen Brothers, SMG (Scandinavian Musicg Group), Lordi, HIM, Sunrise Avenue or any another Finnish Band you like.

    The main shop with the new CDs The second hand shop around the corner
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    Reino-kauppa: Really Finnish!

    by Turska Written Oct 17, 2009

    If you want to buy something old and traditional,and still (or again) very popular and very Finnish,you should buy "Reinos".Like buying clogs from Netherlands ;)
    Reinos are Finnish "home-shoes" witch I can remember my old grandfather using when I was a child,and one time at 80´s young people started to think those are"in".It was forgotten soon,and it came old mens shoes again,but maybe about 10 years ago or so,popular Finnish singer Juice Leskinen started to use these when singing.Then some others too,and biggest luck for the brand was,when HIM-singer Ville Valo told that he loves these.At Finland you might see him using these (I don´t think he uses them ubroad,but I´m not sure).For last years they have come very popular,and they are used also outdoors buy some people.They have started to make new desings but allways the same fabric.Some of them are different color,but brown is original.They also have these in pink for example!
    These are now used by any age-groups.And they say to be ecological made.
    Reino is old Finnish men name.They have a sister-shoe"Aino",witch is old Finnish womens name (now again very popular,in top 10 I think).Original Ainos are red and have little soft ball-shape tassel.AT the picture you will see original Reino hanging from the wall.Maybe little big one though..

    What to buy: Reinos and Ainos are made in Tampere,so it´s really local!They have also bags and other stuff today,also different shaped shoes,even"ballerinas".All made of same checked fabric.(tell you the truth,I hate that fabric..But I must admit,that even if I wouldn´t use these,I like them because they are so"homely",and remind me of my grandfather,who I lost when I was a little.They now have also baby-shoes.
    Check these photos:
    Sadly there´s no English at the page.

    What to pay: Original Reinos are right now 34,90e (autumn 2009)

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    K-Extra Kaleva: Best selection of imported beers?

    by Turska Updated Apr 13, 2009

    This is a small food-shop at Kaleva-part of Tampere.I just red from local newspaper,that it is believed that there is no more different kinds of imported beers in any shop in Finland!Can´t tell if it´s true,but they have allmost all available brands,so might be true.Even someone from Helsinki told to allways shop for beers here.

    What to buy: They sell all foods,and it is so small(in Finland this debends on the size of shop) that it can be open later than other shops.So it´s open from 6.30 to 23.00 witch isn´t normal in Finland.

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    Alko: Alcohol

    by Turska Updated Jan 4, 2009

    If you want buy Koskenkorva (they say in English,that it is vodka,but it really sin´t,but close to it.There is also Koskenkorva vodka,but it is different than Koskenkorva original.People call it"kossu")or wine or stronger beer,you can´t buy them in foodstores in Finland.We have a law,that spirits are sold only to adults(over 18years),and you will be asked to prove your age,if you look younger than 23(they have trainings to see who should be asked and they can have inspectors to check the staff asking the papers).
    So only place to buy wine,stronger beer and"kossu" is to go to Alko.There is Alko at many places in towns,and also at bigger villages.At towns there are lots of Alkos in departmentstores.You see the sign on the photo.

    What to buy: Alcohol..

    What to pay: Much more than in most European countries

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    Karkkimeri(ocean of candies): Do you want candy?

    by Turska Written Dec 4, 2008

    They have lots of different candies,you can pick them up tp paper(or plastic-) bag,and weight and pay,like at many other places,but we like their selection.It is popular place before going to cinema,because cinema-theatre Plevna is at the neighbourbuilding.

    What to buy: Candy..

    What to pay: About 2,50e for 100g if I remember it right-we don´t go too often

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    Radiokirppis: Most popular "fleamarket" in Tampere

    by Turska Written Oct 11, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is very popular place to hang out in weekends.It´s open every day,but weekends are busiest.It´s only about200m from Keskustori(Centralmarket-squere),so it´s maybe one reason of it´s popularity.
    We tend to go here on sundays,when we are lazy to do anything special.
    I put the map to photo 2.

    What to buy: I buy old travel-magazines,but they are in Finnish,so maybe they don´t interest tourists.There is clothes,dishes,cd:s,dvd:s(second hand mostly),books..There is also one table,where is lots of dogs toys,collars and that kinds of things-all brand new.
    At glas-closet you might find old Finnish"Kalevala"-jewellery.But they are not very-cheap,because they are very popular,and good value of silver/bronze or gold.

    What to pay: anything between 0,50e to 100e(they also sell used washing machines and some furniture etc)

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The most typical shopping places are Hämeenkatu (main steet), Kuninkaankatu (pedestrial street crossing Hämeenkatu) and Koskikeskus shopping centre. There are mostly chain shops at those streets...

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