Finland Favorites

  • Street sign in Helsinki
    Street sign in Helsinki
    by Airpunk
  • Residential house, central Helsinki
    Residential house, central Helsinki
    by Luckell
  • Helsinki Central Railwaystation
    Helsinki Central Railwaystation
    by Luckell

Finland Favorites

  • Architecture

    Tampere Favorites

    You won't find any masterpieces of architecture in the centre of Tampere. I would call it nice but rather dull. The cobbled main street Hameenkatu didn't impress me at all. In the picture the theatre of Tampere. In fact we paid more attention to this 'living statue' of Rembrandt.

  • The Streets of Tampere

    Tampere Favorites

    I was told that this was the area for wealthy locals. As you can see there are no block apartment buildings, everything is compact and nice, behind the buldings is a pine forest, one can't hear the hustle and bustle of the center, but the latter is very close.... Yes, absolutely no show off.....

  • Tampere in brief

    Tampere Favorites

    In the late afternoon I started to stroll down Hämeenpuisto and just generally walking around the area. Walking past Hämeenpuisto to the Pyynikin Kirkkopuisto, which is part garden, part cemetery. In front of the church there, there is a nice fountain and flower bed. After that I headed towards Eteläpuisto. A beautiful garden with sculptures,...

  • Tampere Churches

    Tampere Favorites

    Aleksanteri Church is situated near the Stockmann department store. It's called the New Church because it was originally built to replace the Old Church which was the most important place of worship in Tampere. The building is Neo-Gothic and the name comes from Tsar Alexander II. The church has gone two through two large restoration processes and...

  • They do not sell ready made sandwiches...

    If you're planning on having a little picnic or just fancy a sandwich as a snack please note: they do NOT sell ready made sandwiches in Finnish shops or supermarkets. For example in the UK you can get sandwiches in almost any shop including all of the major High Street non-food chains like Boots - in Finland they do not sell them even in food...

  • What we... Drink

    Beer lovers drink beer III (3) and that is the most common drinking habit here. Main reason is that beer up to 4,7% can be sold in almost everyplace, stores, kiosks and gasoline stations. We call max 4,7% as beer three (III beer, coming from tax class). Stronger beers (like 5.2% A-beer or IV (four) beer) are sold in special stores (Alko) who are...

  • What we... Eat (Log driver -...

    Koskenlaskija Original (Log driver)This product has taken a significant role in our life. It's quite normal emmental butter cheese, but it has been produced from 1933 with almost same receipt. I remember this from my childhood, it was so expensive that we got it seldom, but the days were waited. The producer is Valio, a cooperative of Finnish...

  • How we... Travel (Kicksled or Spark)

    This is probably the best invention to travel in hard snow or ice. It was very commonly used before urban times and I give the honor of this invitation to Swedes! Hope you other Nordics accept, but at least they were the first one to produce kicksled with flexible metal runners which are the most important: you can drive fast and you can just turn...

  • ATM machines

    Finnish ATM machines are called Otto. There is an info page about the Otto´s: you want to see where is the nearest Otto, go to "Missä Otto?" (Where is Otto?) and just write the place at last drop down line. It will show you list of Ottos, and when you click an address you will have it at the map. For some reason the...

  • The beautiful city of Turku in Finland

    Hi,I myself live in Turku,Finland. I've been in the countries you're going to travel. I think the capitals of these countries are much alike, except the fact that Vilnius is much cheaper. Helsinki atleast for me is'nt anything special, Porvoo which somebody already recommended is nice. I'm working myself in tourism business, and I think that Turku...


    I knew I was going to end up here, I just didn’t realise the rest of the story!I was looking for a flight from England to Tallinn, Estonia. I was new to the internet, but a ridiculously low price came up with a telephone number to ring of a travel agent. Not only was it really that price, but on Finnair as well! I could not believe my luck. I gave...

  • Auroras - Northern Lights in Finland

    Check when it's possible to see northern lights: can even book an auroral probability alert:

  • Hey Dude, where's my car?

    The Finnish seem to have some problems with the number 0. Otherwise, I do not have any explanation why they use an unusual counting of floors. If in your country, the street levelo floor would be 0, then you might have a problem when you find yurself in a Fnnish building. In Finland, 1 is usually street level, the first floor 2 and the first floor...

  • Best country in the world! (?!) magazine has ranked living conditions in 100 countries around the world. In the magazine’s analysis, Finland was judged to be the best.I think I can agree this most parts. But we jsut made fun of this with my customer, and talked about our...

  • Useful phone numbers

    The most common European emergency number 112 (following Directive 2002/22/EC: Universal Service Directive) and also standard on GSM mobile phones. 112 is used in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania,...

  • Few words in Finnish

    Below few words in Finnish that you can use while visiting Finland.How do you do or Hello Hyvää päivää (literally: Good day) How are you? Mitä kuuluu? Hi Hei Welcome = Tervetuloa Nice to meet you = Hauska tavata Good morning = Hyvää huomenta Good evening = Hyvää iltaa Good night = Hyvää yötä Nice weather today = Kaunis ilma tänään Excuse me or...

  • The Town Center of Mariehamn, Åland

    Mariehamn is the capital of Åland. Its town center is compartively small consisting of just a few streets. Yan can wander around the town center in just a couple of hours. Nevertheless there are numerous shops, hotels and restaurants to do your shopping, resting or to chill out! Mariehamn has a population of just around 25,000 inhabitants. Although...

  • From Helsinki to Rovaniemi

    It seems that this is very often asked at the forum,so I´ll put this here,too.So,how to get to Rovaniemi from Helsinki,and what it costs?Here is the link to VR page.There should be allready picked one example to Rovaniemi: traincompany is VR.If the link didn´t work try...

  • Juhannus,Midsummer-day

    Last summer there was at newspaper interviews of tourists who have visited Finland.Some Italians had heard about our "Juhannus",and thought,that they want see it.So they came to Tampere in Juhannus,and were hoping for lots of party-people on the streets..Every Finn could tell,that it was very wrong idea..At Juhannus,the streets are as empty as is...

  • Clean and ecological hiking

    As nature in northern countries are very sensible due to the extrem climate, it is very important to take care of how you treat the nature. '', which is the official Finnish guide to nature and national parks, gives good hints how to hike without traces. A part of it is also the 'everyman's right', which sometimes is misinterpreted. So...

  • Finlands Flagdays

    Being in Finland you will notice that some days there are flags hanging around. These are for the memory of people and events important for Finnish culture or nationality. Like the first day this tipp is posted (April 9, the day Mikael Agricola or 'Day of Finnish language')...A copy of what can be found in Wikipedia (English page for 'Flag days in...

  • Forum pages for the living in Finland

    During my preparation periode before coming to Finland I fell over two forum-pages on the net about different aspects of staying in Finland. The first is dedicated to Germans who moved to Finland (language is German ... of course ;) ).-> Forum for Germans in Finland.The other forum is general for people living in Finland (English):->Forum...

  • Expat in Finland

    Are you going to be staying in Finland for a longer time, then this might give you some help. It is meant for Expats, so people sent to Finland from a homecompany on the base of a certain time, not permanent. As this involves a lot of uncertainties for the person, this page below could give some hints.-> Expat Finland - Info for the living in...

  • Prepaid cards for mobile phones

    There are different possible providers of prepaid cards for mobile phones in Finland.You can get them directly in the phone shops, which are quite frequent or at r-kioski, small shops which you can easily find by their color (see logo).Elisa (Finnish, English, Swedish).Sonera (Finnish, English, Swedish).r-kioski, little stores.

  • Map

    The changing of seasons. On 27 Dec in Oulu it was completely dark 23.5 hours with just a thin sliver of twilight long the southern horizon. I can remember requiring 12 hours of sleep during this time. By March, I watched in amazment at the changing of the season from winter into spring. The trees went from being bare twigs to fully leafed out in...

  • The world's strangest language

    My mother was second generation Finn and would talk in her native tongue to her siblings when she wanted to keep whatever from the kids. She wanted to teach me, but I resisted. I guess it really didn't matter, because outslde of about 4-5 million Finns, nobody can decipher what they are saying. I say this with due respect as anyone who can master...

  • 1000 Lakes

    Frequently Finland is called country of 1000 lakes, but in reality there are much more lakes. The amount differents depending on the calculation rules, meaning how big/small ponds are calculated as lakes. But without much lies the count is about 100 times higher.

  • Forests

    I really enjoyed Finnish forests. Sometimes it seems taht there are only pine-trees. So many of them! But you can find fir-trees, birches also. One day we drove for to see mooses at the forest, but it seems that they were afraid of us:) Maybe you'll be more lucky:)

  • Landscape

    Various and beautiful: meadows, lakes, forests, rocks. Especially I liked forests full of pine-trees! And lakes looks unique. I recomend you to go there by your own car for to explore the beauty of Finnish landscape.

  • get your money at OTTO.

    ATM's are everywhere in finland and you are fine just bringing a VISA or mastercard.when you want to withdraw money just look for a sign saying OTTO.OTTO in finland is not the guy who drives the school bus in the simpsons but an ATM :O)

  • Finland - but especially...

    Finland - but especially Helsinki is famous for architecture. Let's name the most famous architercts - Aalto brothers. This glas was designed by one of them.

  • Juhannas (Midsummer)

    The lakes are beautiful in Finland and I was lucky enough to stay with friends of my family at their summer cabin on the lake. During the time I was there, which was in June, we celebrated Juhannas, which is the longest day of the year. The tradition is to burn a bonfire at night and our friends had an old outhouse they weren't using anymore so...

  • Lapland and the Ski Jump

    I went to the Arctic Circle on the VR train on my 3 day rail pass and it was brilliant. I went to Santa Claus Village while I was up there. I also went to Lahti I went to the top of the Ski Jump and the view from up the top was out of this world. I miss the Midsummer and the very long evenings due to the midnight sun.

  • Mika Waltari

    Mika Waltari is a Finnish writer who is best-known for his work Sinuhe Egyptiläinen (The Egyptian; 1945). Waltari was first and foremost a writer of Helsinki. He spent his childhood in Helsinki and later lived, for example, on Tunturikatu in Töölö. "And there is no peace until death. Even sleep is too full of life."- Mika Waltari

  • Social talk

    It is a pity but we didn't met a lot of people and the people we met they didn't speak very much!!.It is the first time that we didn't have a social talk with the local people.So we do not know what people do, what they think ... it is a pity!! Unspoiled nature (the last of Europe I presume).MidsummerVery introvert people.Expensive.No bars or...

  • Tap water

    Is is totally safe and even recommend to drink a good tasty tap water in Finland. It is clean and tastes good. You definitely don't need to buy bottled water here. If you are doing hikes, especially in Northern Finland it also safe to drink water from the rapids. That is what I alwasy do when hiking. I fill my bottles in rapids. And I have never...

  • Lakes

    Finland is the place if you are looking for lakes. Shown here is a lake at Lappi - the Finnish part of Lapland.

  • Cruising

    If you are visiting Helsinki and you have day or two to spare, I would recommend taking a ferry across to Stockholm or Tallinn. It is very cheap and the ferry/cruise ships are very nice. You can also do these cruises other way around for example from Tallinn to Stockholm. Companies who offer these cruises are for example Tallink, Silja Line and...

  • Finns are not only hooked on...

    Finns are not only hooked on mobile phones. Anything technical goes. So if you have a technical gizmo that no-one really needs, just market it in Finland. People will be lining up to buy it.Alvar Gullichen realised this and made a series of weird technical machines for really no specific purpose.

  • Saunas, or lack thereof...

    If you are hoping to visit the main city -- try to avoid coming during the mid summer holiday as most Finns head to the country and the city is like a ghost town! We tried to find an open sauna, but to no avail. We thought we found one when we saw a sign outside an open shop saying "sauna". However, when I asked the friendly shopkeeper if we could...

  • Kaj Stenvall

    Kaj Stenvall started to be famous in Finland in 1989 with his paintings of a strange little duck, amazingly looking alike to another famous american duck. He painted him in different settings, the only Finnish flavour being a trace of melancholy in the landscape.Have a look at his work : favourite picture is the cup of...

  • Vapriikki - museums in Finland

    In Finland there are 162 museums under professional administration ( All in all there little less than 1000 museums all over the country which gather some 5 million visitors every year.Since Finland has roughly some 5 million inhabitants this means that there is one museum for each person living in...

  • The real Santa´s home

    Finland ( is the home country real Santa Claus (Weihnachtsmann, Papa Noel, Father Christmas, joulupukki). Santa can not live on the North Pole. There is nothing to eat for his reindeer there. So Santa lives on Korvatunturi (Ear Mountain, a fell, i.e. an arctic treeless mountain, in Finland. On...

  • Messy problem

    Finland is a very clean country. The 'messy' problem made by dogs has been solved in towns by providing special bins and bags. There are also ' dog's parks' surrounded by fence, in which our four-legged friends can run freely. I haven't seen any dogs in children's playgrounds, something which is a problem in my country.

  • Travelling by car

    If you travel in Finland by car, you will probably cover long distances, just as we did. But it's not a problem because the roads are very good, traffic is not big and there are lots of nice places to stop for a while and have a rest. You may choose a car park by a restaurant or a place like the one in the picture.


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