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Karstula Things to Do

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    Bowling and"shine-bowling"

    by Turska Written Jul 13, 2010

    Wanhat wehkeet has come so much more than only a car-museum. Now you can also go bowling there! They even do have very popular "shine-bowling".
    The page is in English, but you can read the timetable like this:
    ma=moday ti= tuesday ke=wednesday to= thursday pe= friday la= saturday and su=sunday
    Price is 18e per alley per hour, and shinebowlinghours it´s 22e.

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    World´s highest log-made sight-seeing...

    by Turska Updated Jul 8, 2008

    Now it´s finally open!My dad and many other local Lions-club activists have been working for 2 years to build this tower.It is made by old plan from 1920´s!(When it never came true,but now it´s done).
    View from tower is beautyful,to the one of most "lake-ful"villages in Finland.I will put more photos of the view as soon as I get my new computer to work better.
    Me and my husband have our own log at this tower :) They collected money by selling logs,everyone who bought one,had their name on the wall.
    There is also a outside-church(too bad,that we are allready married,and can´t use it for our wedding anymore..) and "laavu",kind of roof to sit under,no walls.You can make a fire and put a sausage on fire-or a marshmellow if you prefer ;) You see the laavu on the front of picture.
    It´s allways open.

    The tower and With coins,you can see even more My parents at the gate of the path to tower
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    Karstula web-site to tourists

    by Turska Written May 18, 2008

    I know Karstula too well,so sometimes it´s hard to know what you should tell about this kind of places.So if you need more ifo-try this site:

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Karstula Restaurants

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    Nätti Jussi(="Pretty John"): Karaoke,food,little older people

    by Turska Updated May 26, 2008

    In Finland there´s a legend about"Nätti-Jussi,witch could be traslated as "pretty-John".Not handsome,-pretty,like usually used about women.He was (by legend)man who could do allmost anything,and all women was keen to him,he travelled a lot in Lapland,maybe killed raindeers or bears by bare hands and so on.But he was from Karstula.So of course:in Karstula is an restaurant called by his name.
    This place is maybe for those,who think that they are little too old to Blue lagoon.They have popluar Karaoke-nights,and some say they have good food-I can´t tell you,because I haven´t eaten there,but I just red some peoples comments,and they were saying that food is good.Pizza and a´la carte.
    They also rent a sauna,and arenge meetings and so on.I´m not sure,but I believe,that at the time of International shooting-contest,thay also have rooms to let,but you should check out is this info old,and that time all rooms might be taken early.Only week in Karstula as so..

    Favorite Dish: -

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Karstula Nightlife

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    Bar Agave/Harkko: Only nightclub in Karstula

    by Turska Updated Jul 13, 2010

    Most of my frieds still call this place Harkko,as it was for tens of years.I don´t like that everything must been in English.
    So if you want to go nightclub in Karstula-this is THE nightclub in Karstula.It is suprisingly full in fridays and saturdays,and in "Ampumaviikko"(shootingcontest) first week of July.I´m not sure is it open during weekdays.Same owners have a pub across the street.
    Music debends on who is the DJ.usually they might try to play,what you ask,if they have it.
    There´s a hotel in same building.

    Dress Code: This is s mall village-you can imagine,that all people age about 18 to 40 or more come here,so you can see all kinds of clothes!

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Karstula Shopping

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    Wanhan ajan sekatavarakauppa: Old and popular shop for fishermen

    by Turska Written Mar 19, 2010

    For some reason,this shop is really popular for camping-,fishing- and haunting-people.I´m not any of them,so I can´t tell you what so different there is in this shop,but I know that some people come her from hudreds of kilometers,just to shop here!So there musta be something special with it.
    It´s really old allready,in fact it is oldest still working shop in Karstula.They have just moved to the centre.They have nowe much bigger room,and they seem to sell also at internet.

    What to buy: Fishing-products are most famous.I guess they have a very good collection of them.They also do have equipments for haunting and hiking.And they do sell products of Finn-Savotta,a local factory making tents,backpacs and so on.Savotta-products are known for good quality,and also sold outside Finland.


    What to pay: You can see prices at their pages.

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    Kaikkea on!: What a funny store

    by Turska Written Dec 14, 2008

    The name of the shop means:Everything we have!It allmost seems so.When ever we go to Karstula(many times a year,because it´s my homevillage),my husband wants to go to Kaikkea on.It is funny in many ways.When I was a child,this place was small music-hall.It had old fashioned dance-evenings,but also rock-concerts and discos.It´s quite nostalgic place for me.Here I went to see many bands,and as a teenager danced under disco-ball(witch is still on the roof!!)It´s kind of sad,that we seemed to be the last active agegroup doing these.(We managed all ourselves,had club called Nuoret tuulet=Young winds),and after us those places"died".
    So now it is kind of combination of fleamarket,cheapshop and antique-shop.It is loaded with all kinds of staff.I´m heard,that Finnish film-makers come here sometimes,but I don´t know if it is true.We have bought cd:s,vinyls(yes,we still have old player also),nice bottles,lots of candles,treats for our dogs and so on..My husband once found Star Trek-figures at original boxes for 6 euros.Later he was sorry not to buy them and sell somewhere.

    What to buy: Everything?Not maybe trendy clothes,but allmost anything..Last time we bought seeds for birds and plastic sandals to use at own garden(ugly but cheap..)

    What to pay: Mostly very cheap staff.Unfortunally some nice old things I would love are expensive.Owners must know,that people collect everything old now.There´s even coffee-boxes from time I was a child and so on.

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