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  • Korsholm church (Court of Appeal building)
    Korsholm church (Court of Appeal...
    by Micky8
  • Statue of Liberty, 1938
    Statue of Liberty, 1938
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  • Falanders
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Vasa Things to Do

  • St Maria Church in Old Vaasa

    Vasa was destroyed in a fire in 1852, after which it was decided to move the city to a new location on the coast. Sankta Maria Church in Old Vaasa burned to the ground in 1852. Court of Appeal building (built between 1776 and 1786) escaped the fire and was rebuilt into a church in the Old Vaasa, nowadays Korsholm church. The only stone house, which...

  • Brage Open Air Museum

    Brage Open Air Museum lies within walking distance of the centre of Vaasa. The museum consists of a complete 19th-century farm with interesting buildings and interiors from the Swedish-speaking part of Ostrobothnia. Permanent exhibits include the decorated Wedding Room, the Girls’ Clothing Loft and the Seal Hunting Museum. There is a model of a...

  • Hiking on the islands

    Outside of Vasa on the sea you will find many islands. That is the Kvarken Archipelago, which is set on the list of World Nature Heritages of the UNESCO. These island provide some opportunity to discover them on hiking trails. I think this is the best way to experience this great landscape.Have a look on my Björkön page, where I placed information...

  • Vaasa Church

    The Vaasa Church was planned by architect C.A. Setterberg and consecrated in 1869. The church built in an English neo-gothic style has a capacity of almost 900 people. The last restoration took place in the year 2000. The first Vaasa Church was destroyed by the Vaasa Fire in 1852, only the stone ruins are left today.

  • Kvarken Archipelago II

    Whilst visiting the archipelago one can admire the typical Finnish Summer Cottages, some displaying very unique styles of local architecture, as well as saunas and even one the most well preserved fishing villages in the area.

  • Kvarken Archipelago

    Northern Kvarken is a narrow region in the Gulf of Bothnia separating the Bothnian Bay from the Bothnian Sea. The distance between Swedish mainland and Finnish mainland is around 80 km and only 25 km between the outer most islands. In July 2006, the area of the Kvarken Archipelago was added as an extension to the World Heritage site of the High...


Vasa Hotels

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  • Hotel Vallonia Garden

    Keskustie 3, Mustasaari, 65610, Finland

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Hotel Astor

    Asemakatu 4, Vasa, 65100, fi

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Hotel Fenno

    Niemalantie, Vasa, 65170, fi

Vasa Restaurants

  • Good pizza

    My sister lives in Gerby, so we usually eat at their place. Her husband is a good chef, but since their home isn´t a restaurant, I can´t give you recommendation to go there ;) SO I have only eaten at Dallas pizza coupple of times. It´s close to my sisters home in Gerby.They do have good pizza and many toppings, icluding ox tenderloin!!Place is...

  • Eat delicious food surrounded by a nice...

    This is one of the best and most sophisticated restaurants in Vaasa.Gustav Wasa is an intimate cellar restaurant in the centre of Vaasa. This former century old coal cellar has been turned into an inviting restaurant filled with a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The food is made with love and is served with a smile:).Me, myself have actually been...

  • A great buffet

    Saigon City is a popular vietnamese restaurant. For 7 euros you can eat as much as you want from a buffet. The food is delicious. There's a lot to choose from: spring rolls, chicken, red meat, salmon. Most of the food is also gluten free. The spring rolls are my favorite.

  • Enjoy the sunset while eating at the...

    Shiprestaurant Faros is in the summer the heart of the sunny Vaasa. On the deck and terrace of the ship you can enjoy the sunset late in the night in the land of midnight sun or you can dance to local Finish and international music played by local bands.The ship has originally been built 1898 as a lighthouseship. The name comes from a lighthouse...

  • All you can eat

    The Golden RAX Pizzabuffet is a Finish restaurant chain that offers an "All you can eat menu" for 6,99 €. Here you get a rich buffet with pasta, pizza and salad as well as non-alcoholic drinks for free. This one is located near the centre. I don't remember the street name but the town is not so big - you will find it !

  • Amarillo is a nice restaurant...

    Amarillo is a nice restaurant that serves delicious Brasilian meat. It's located by the city square in the Rewell Center mall.Fransmanni is the restaurant of the biggest hotel in Vaasa. It's pretty expensive, though.Gustav Wasa is The Restaurant to visit if you fancy high class service. You may feel awkward if you visit this restaurant in a t-shirt...


Vasa Nightlife

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  • The thing to do

    Actually it has been so long since I was here, that even the name has changed. I belive it was Waskia (I prefer Finnish names at Finnish restaurants, so it was better!), but it is a place where most people take tourists for a drink at least. Why? Because of the terrace at the roof of the big biulding! Same building as Rewell centre shopping...

  • Irish pub

    My siter knew how much we love tasting new beers, so she guided us to go here. They have around 80 different beers. We eevn found some we hadn´t seen before.Place is quite typical Irish bar. Music was not so good anyway.. But luckily not so loud. Too "trendy" music for us.Photo is poor, but some places don´t like taking photos, so I took it without...

  • Live music, mostly rock

    This bar has been in Vaasa quite long. When I was just at the age of getting in to restaurants, I visited it with my sister, who lived in Vaasa. They had tables and chairs at the ceiling, now there is only one table and two chairs.They do have lots of live music in here. We went to see Finnish hard rock band Poisonblack.They do have these 2e...


Vasa Transportation

  • All the roads go to Vaasa....

    All the roads go to Vaasa. Well, at least it's easy to get there. You can take a flight from Helsinki or Stockholm, board a train from Helsinki or take the ferry from Umeå, Sweden. Regular bus tours are also arranged from anywhere around Finland.A friend of mine also arrived from Germany with his motorcycle. His eyes were shining when he told: '400...

  • Still wanna go? Well ok,...

    Still wanna go? Well ok, whatever: If you don't know Finnish click to get it in English.

  • Vasa Hotels

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Vasa Shopping

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  • Rock and gothic in Vaasa

    Why here isn´t just "clothes" to choose for as a type? There are clohes for women, men and also some rock-attitude kids. (Or should I say parents who want to buy these for their kids ;) )They had lots of rock-band t-shirts and hoodies. I think there is less womens clothes than in most this kind of shops.They also have t-shirts of Klamydia, local...

  • Small shopping centre

    Some other shops than Rewell centre, For example Seppälä, one of most popular clothes shops´s (a chain- store) sellinmg reasonable priced fashion. Clothes. Anttila is a supermarket also, so you can buy even food. Not so expensive shops, about average.

  • Biggest shopping centre of Vaasa

    There´s 60 stores at Rewll centre. If you don´t speak Finnish or Swedish, the page isn´t so good for you, but you can see the names of the shops in web page. Everything? Not the most expensive shops, but not only cheapest ones.


Vasa Local Customs

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    by MikeAtSea Written Aug 19, 2007

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    Even though one is in Finland – Swedish is a main language of the town of Vaasa. Hence all street signs and many shop signs are in both Swedish and Finnish.

    Vaasa Language
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Vasa Warnings and Dangers

  • by Toby_Swiss Written Aug 25, 2002

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    Are there actually any dangers in Finland? Dangers not, risks maybe, like following: Don't ever dare to sit outside on a public place with a lot of bottles of alcohol. It will definitly happen that a crowd of 10 drunken teenager girls come to you in order to get any drinks! Sure, it's funny for the first time, but it will be hard to get ride of them... *g*

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Vasa What to Pack

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    by Leipzig Written Jan 25, 2004

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    Miscellaneous: There is no special rainy season

    Avg. Temp. in Spring: max.: 0 – 11°C ( 32 - 51°F ); min: -8 - 3°C ( 18 - 38°F )
    Avg. Temp. in Summer: max.: 16 – 20°C ( 60 - 68°F ); min: 7 - 12°C ( 45 - 53°F )
    Avg. Temp. in Autumn: max.: 2 – 10°C ( 34 - 50°F); min: -4 - 9°C ( 25 – 49°F )
    Avg. Temp. in Winter: max.: -4 – -1°C ( 25 - 30°F); min: -7 - -4°C ( 19 - 25°F )

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Vasa Sports & Outdoors

  • Capricornus's Profile Photo

    by Capricornus Written Apr 11, 2005

    Well, I'm a cyclist so I've beaten nearly every road in Vaasa. The best thing about cycling in Vaasa is that you can easily get out of the downtown. Just five to ten kilometers and you're in totally different milieu. There are also many smaller roads to go so that you can build an exiting trip for a day. Roads are in good shape so you don't have to have a mountain bike to survive. :oD Sure it helps if you want go off-road for a true adventure!

    Equipment: I use a roadbike but that's not the best choice if you want to relax and be tender to your butt. :) I think that you should try a hybrid bike. It has more narrow tires than a mounain bike so it rolls better. I'm not sure if they rent bikes in Vaasa but I must find out.

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Vasa Favorites

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  • The longest bridge in Finland

    This bridge is located in Korsholm. Korsholm is a coastal community in the heart of Swedish-speaking Ostrobothnia. It is a place mixed with an unique archipelago as well as countryside. Here you will find historical sights and an interestingbuilding culture. Korsholm also has a very active musical and cultural life.Stundars, one of Finland's seven...

  • Mix up languages

    There lives 57 000 people in Vaasa and 72% of them are Finnish speaking and 27% Swedish speakin. Rest 3% has other mother language. Thats unique in Finland, where people usually speak Finnish or Swedish. But in the Vaasa's street, you can notice that it is very colorful place.

  • As a volley ball nut, my...

    As a volley ball nut, my favourite place on a beautiful summer day is at the beach of Tropiclandia. It has a few great beach volley ball courts and lots of friendly players. There's no ranking. Just go there, ask if you can play and join the game.Tropiclandia itself is a nice spa. So if the sun is not shining, it's a great idea to enjoy the...


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