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Inari Things to Do

  • Ijahis Idja

    The name "Ijahis Idja" is Sámi and means "nightless night," which is a good description of what the nights are like as we enter the season of the midnight sun. Placed in the beginning of summer, this is a Native festival which includes lots of joiking, speakers discussing Native music, and also the specially invited performers from other Native...

  • The river

    Where there is lake around there is always a river as well. This region is rich in water and lots of small streams as well as rivers. It is great for fishing and other river adventures.

  • Fishing in the lake

    The Inari Lake is a great one for fishing, you can try your luck with the simplest equipment but you will increase your chances with the pro stuff.

  • The Inari Lake

    The Inari Lake is often listed as one of the 1000 must see places on earth.It is wonderful place to be especially during the summer midnight sun hours. In practical, I could spend all my summer holiday by this lake, but my impatient and curiosity always takes me after few days away further north.

  • Go to the forest

    Inari like all of Lapland is about the forest and the water. There are few trails to walk around in the forest area around Inari. Remember to take the mosquito repellent with you ;-)

  • Snowmobile

    Snowmobile safaris.You can rent a snowmobile or participate in a safari organized by the program service companies. For a beginner, the safari is a good way to get acquainted with driving a snowmobile.


Inari Hotels

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Inari Restaurants

  • Hotel Inari coffee & bar

    At the Inari Hotel there is also coffee bar & restaurant. It is good to have this one as everywhere else everything is closed after 5 or 6 pm, so at list here you can get something to drink and eat, if you wish, I thankfully didn’t need to eat here.

  • Local cafe & store

    This coffee shop & store is located in the middle of the village, it is open during the daytime, you can eat here also some traditional local food. Pure Finnish coffee and dark rye bread salmon sandwich.

  • Cook your own food in the camping

    While camping by the lake we cooked our own food in the small kitchen the camping provide us and of course it was excellent.


Inari Nightlife

  • Gili_S's Profile Photo

    What a night

    by Gili_S Written Sep 19, 2008

    How come you can have nightlife here if the sun always shines? Well, that is exactly the case, we went by midnight to the lake to see the real midnight sun and to take this photo here.

    *But anyhow, to party during the night hours the Inari Hotel has its bar open.

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Inari Transportation

  • Fly, Drive or Train

    I have been visiting Lapland with a car and it took us about 10 hours only to get to Rovaniemi. From there is still some driving to do till Inari.The train do not get all the way here and you will have to do the rest of your journey by bus.

  • Rent a bike

    At the Inari info spot you can also rent a bike if you wish you cycle around. On a beautiful summer it is surely lovely to cycle around by the sunshine at night.

  • Air Taxi

    There is a local Air Taxi that will rip you off for a round trip of flying around the lake and the area, might be worth it if you are group of people.


Inari Shopping

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  • Souvenirs on the road

    There are many spots on the road, especially between Rovaniemi and Inari to buy souvenirs, some are better then others and the more you go north sometimes the cheaper it is.

  • Souvenirs store

    The coffee place is combined with s souvenirs store, it is very large and full of staff, if you already made it all the way here, better also to buy it here then in Rovaniemi.

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Inari Local Customs

  • Gili_S's Profile Photo

    The Laps of Lapland

    by Gili_S Updated Nov 28, 2007

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    Lapland has also its own population of the Laps.
    They are living in the north of Norway, Sweden & Finland.
    They have very unique way of dressing with very beautiful coloured clothes.
    Lately the most famous Laps in the world is the folk band Angelit which used to be called Girls of Angeli.


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Inari Warnings and Dangers

  • Reindeers

    The only danger I could think of is to be careful when driving on the roads as there are plenty of Reindeers around. Especially when going further north close to Inari

  • Mind the cool!!

    Take cotton underwear, not Damart. you need to wear several layers and also a pair of warm ski-pants will not come amiss when scootering ( cold knees) Believe me, I didn't want to wear them, but when I did, it was so much better.Also, socks: wool and : or cotton. 2 or 3 pairs, plus the special boots you get along with the overalls. Nothing is worse...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Inari Tourist Traps

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    by Joanne_192 Updated Jan 8, 2006

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    Avoid the so-called initiation to " beyond the arctic circle." This takes place at Hotel Kultahippu , and is just an insult to the Sami people and their way of life.

    Unique Suggestions: Tell the Hotel your opinion of this rubbish. There are other ways to make people feel welcome in a new area.

    Fun Alternatives: Learn to fish thru the ice! Have a typical local meal or drink ( vodka with cranberries or angelica ). Go cross-country skiing. Visit the gold-hunters' village (if open )

    No photos, as I do not wish to encourage this activity.

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Inari What to Pack

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    Items and few good links

    by Gili_S Updated Mar 25, 2004

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    Luggage and bags: If you planning hiking, not too heavy staff, it’s nice to feel light and you usually do not need to carry water with you.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Good shoes is a must, even in the summer you will need a good jacket as it getting very cold at night, it has happened that our toothpaste was just about freezing in the morning. Also recommending a thick leather jacket or so, that the mosquitoes cannot bite through because they will get through your normal cloths, jeans and wind jackets.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: In the local stores and gas station you can buy mosquitoes repellent etc. You will surely need it in the summer and just for the information, the mosquitoes here are twice the size of mosquitoes which are for instance in the southern Europe region.

    Photo Equipment: What ever you have, take with you. You will never regret it. Don’t plan to buy additional items in Finland, they cost more here, but films are rather cheap. Buy the films already in Helsinki or the south of Finland, it might cost you more in the north and surely will cost you more in the Norwegian side.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Good sleeping bags; we always go to camp on the higher mountains in the Tunturi region or in the Norwegian side. The mosquito’s doe’s not like the cold and then you can sleep batter at night and get back to the valleys & rivers in the daytime.

    Miscellaneous: Here are few Lapland links:

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    • Hiking and Walking

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Inari Off The Beaten Path

  • Kevo Canyon

    There are many nature reserves around, one very interesting is the Kevo Canyon nature reserve just north if Inari before the border with Norway

  • Go to the forest

    This is all Off the Beaten Path, Inari has very little to offer as a village, the things to do here are in the forest and by the lake.There are few marked trails here and this beautiful river we saw on our way.

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Inari Favorites

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  • Info

    This is the information point in Inari. Not only that here you can get some info about Inari and the region, you can also post your postcards from here (it’s the post office) and order vodka (it’s the alcohol mail order store)

  • Honesty

    There are no thieves in Lapland! You can leave things lying around, no one will take them. Avoid thieving yourselves ( I know it's a dreadful French habit....) The snow, the sauna, the forest and the night

  • Inari on-line

    Inari is a very small place, but it is a tourist attraction as it is the most famous tourist village in Lapland.Inari official site:www.inari.fiCheck also this following sites for more


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