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Ivalo Things to Do

  • Top of Kaunispaa

    We were taken here so that we could have a panoramic view of the area abd also to show us how close we were to the Russian border.

  • Hiking

    Ivalo itself is not really exciting place, but the region is fantastic for hiking, fishing and all sots of nature activities.

  • Skiing

    Saariselka hasn't got masses of mountains for skiing, it has a 'fell' which is smaller than a mountain but bigger than a hill. For a competent skier there's probaly not even half a days exciting skiing without getting bored but it's an excellent place to learn or brush up rusty skills. They offer lessons in boarding and skiing for all ages, and ski...

  • Santa!!!!!

    No trip to this part of the worl would be complete without a trip to see 'The Big Man Himself!'We were lucky enough to get a personal home visit, but he's often found resting in his cabin in the woods near Saariselka.I think the ear to ear grin shows how chuffed i was!

  • Huskys......

    If you get the chance to go husky sledge riding, DO IT!!!The dogs love to run and are fairly easy to control, if you'd prefer not to 'drive' then you can ride in the front and enjoy the scenery. It's such an amazing and unusual experience, to enjoy it to the full make sure you're properly wrapped up especially your face as the wind chill can be a...

  • Watch out for Reindeers!

    You should have plenty of opportunity to check out these magical creatures in this neck of the woods. Whether it's simply by the side of the road while driving along, or at one of the activity places where you'll get an opportunity to pet them, take photos and even ride in a sleigh pulled by one. A magic moment for both adults and children (please...


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Ivalo Restaurants

  • Anyone for a bit of Grilled Mousse!!!??

    No town is complete without their equivelent to a kebab shop!! The Grilli Moussi sells everything from Reindeer and Pineapple Pie, to Chips and Burgers.Lets face it, you have to have something to blame that ill feeling on in the morning, and it can't be the booze can it??!!! For about 7 Euros you can treat yourself t a burger with egg, salad,...

  • Huippu - 20 km views around

    Huippu has long history and very varying reputation for food. Some years they have had mainly gourmet menu, some years they are more concentrated to feed tourist buses.The main thing is not the food itself, but Huippu it is located at the top at Kaunispää mountain fell, which provides to you a suberb 360 degree view at Lapland.Huippu and Kaunispää...

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Ivalo Nightlife

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  • Kareoke in Saariselka.

    There's not much nightlife in Saariselka! The Guksi bar has a club upstairs only open at weekends, the music is your normal cheese, but never loud enough! Downstairs they offer kareoke (in finnish AND english) a small dancefloor, dart board, air hockey, pool table and a few arcade games.Tends to be very unpredictable as to when it will be busy,...

  • Northern light

    Northern light

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Ivalo Transportation

  • Gili_S's Profile Photo

    by Gili_S Updated Jul 20, 2003

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    I have been visiting Lapland with a car and it took us about 10 hours only to get to Rovaniemi. From there is still some driving to do till Ivalo.
    The train do not get all the way here and you will have to do the rest of your journey by bus.

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Ivalo Shopping

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  • Tuliaistupa souvenir shop

    A lot of the stuff is made locally. They were busy unpacking local juices when we were there. Nice place to wander around

  • Souvenirs

    In Ivalo and on the roads around it there will be many options for souvenirs shopping. If you find something you like buy it here, it will always stay as a nice memory from Lapland.

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Ivalo Local Customs

  • Sauna and Snow........?!

    A local tradition is to use the saunas, stay in them as long and you can bare and then make a quick dash for the back door to roll in the snow!! The idea of this is to do it all in the nude, crazy but fun and good for your skin!!

  • You dancin'? You askin'?!

    Apparently it's considered very rude to turn someone down if they ask you to dance, and i think it's polite to give them 2 dances. Not sure how offended they would be if turned down as i hid in the corner of the dancing bar like a scaredy cat!

  • Reindeer Slaugther

    There are about 180,000 reindeers in Lapland. The Sammi people own the reindeers and use their meet, horns and fur for many uses. If you visit reindeer farms so take in mind killing reindeers is part of the game. You can find chopped heads of reindeers in the back yard of the house. Killing animals is part of living in the far north. It is always...


Ivalo Warnings and Dangers

  • Don't hurt yourself!!

    As i unfortunatley found out, it takes appox half an hour for an ambulance to reach Saariselka from Ivalo! And then obviously half hour on top of that to get to the hospital. So if you must injury yourself, be careful you don't do anything too serious!!

  • Don't get lost!!!

    I found in Saariselka when it's snowing everywhere kind of looks the same, just snow, trees and a few cabins! And in temperatures like there are in the winter, its wise not to get lost! So keep your eyes open and try to take in little landmarks (a signpost, a tractor, a cabin being built) i got so used to walking around in the dark, i sometimes got...

  • Mosquitos at Lapland - and in Finland -...

    Not actual danger, but the mosquitos can be real annoyance in Lapland in summer. As a whole, there are more nuisance than dangerous. They just suck a little amount of blood from you, but do not spread illnesses like in Asia.There are basically two generations of mosquitos between June and August, depending how wet the early summer is. The first...


Ivalo What to Pack

  • Based on Saariselka in December.....

    Lots of socks, Balaclava,Hat which covers your ears, or hat and ear muffs,Sunnies (not coz you get any sun! but sometimes handy to keep wind chill off your eyes),Scarf,Good gloves,Thermals,Thermal oversuit or good sallapettes and ski jacket.Good non slip boots.Please note. Children will get colder easier and they will find it harder to warm up...

  • Packing List

    If you planning hiking, not too heavy staff, it’s nice to feel light and you usually do not need to carry water with you. Good shoes is a must, even in the summer you will need a good jacket as it getting very cold at night, it has happened that our toothpaste was just about freezing in the morning. Also recommending a thick leather jacket or so,...

  • Uncomplete packing list for Lapland at...

    It is varying very much what you need at Lapland in different seasons. This an incomplete 'must' pack list for summer first (I will cover later more about the list; just ask if you like):Backpack - 'rinkka' in Finnish (I personally prefer Haglöfs brand)- there is no much sense to drag luggages to the nature. Certainly you can bring your stuff in...


Ivalo Off The Beaten Path

  • Making a camp fire in Lapland with...

    Making a camp fire: If you plan trekking, skiing or motor sledging trip into Lapland ('Lappi' in Finnish), the fire is the best friend of you.In warmer countries, like in Borneo, the nature might surprise you with an occasional rain. You will just get a little bit wet and that is all. But in Lappi - and similar nature zones - you will be wet and...

  • PS. We also visitied the...

    PS. We also visitied the borderstone of three nations, Finland, Sweden and Norway on the same trip.PPS. And about Ivalo, there is a watercross race on the Ivalo-river, with snowmobiles, every July. Worth visiting!

  • The total amount of kilometers...

    The total amount of kilometers that week for me was 1500km, the longest day was 360km (10th of April). If you plan to visit Lapland by snowmobile, make sure you have enough gas, suitable clothes, permissions and some kind of phone (the GSM-net is quite weak in the 'outback'). Watch out for reindeer! The scenery is awesome, Kilpisjärvi region is...


Ivalo Favorites

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  • Colours in the sky by night........

    The Northern Lights. They are awesome, stunning, amazing. They're unpredictable, no good time to see them, sometimes they won't appear for days then they'll come 3 days in a row. Sometimes at 5pm, sometimes at 1am, sometimes when it's REALLY cold, sometimes when it's not so cold. You can't tell-although they say 'ideal conditions' are when it's...

  • The colours in the sky by day.

    I have seen some of the most amazing 'Sunrise' and 'Sunsets' in December in Saariselka. Although it's worth remembering that the Sun doesn't actually rise or set as it doesnt appear above the horizon after week or so into December- so it's not strictly called 'Sunrise/set.' The colours however are still incredible whatever you wish to call it!!

  • look around and use your eyes!...

    look around and use your eyes! The Nature is absolutely beautiful! And I wish that you´d talk to fellow citizens. They are extremely polite and ready to help! I like them very much! Even though Finns are known for not speaking much, these fellas are great! But first, you´ll have to get to know them better...


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