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    The fire station
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  • akkipaa's Profile Photo

    Go to hunt Fish - Summer (Kesä)

    by akkipaa Updated Aug 21, 2013

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    All you need is a rod with line and a hook. This combination gives you right to use all man rights and you are free to fish almost every place. If you add a reel you need permission from the owner. Our lakes are mostly owned by small Water Cooperatives, but if you go to some fish equipment store (or a gas station on the country side) you probably can buy the permission (or they give you some guidance). First you need a government licence (week, month or annual), the annual price was 22:00€ year 2013. After that you need the licence from the owner. My fishing licence for lake Näsijärvi (unlimited rods) was 31,60€ for whole 2013. (The whole system is so complicated that it's impossible to describe, you almost need to be a layer. If you have Finnish friends they can help you, or ask from me, I can check your circumstances and most convenient solution.)

    If you have a boat, you increase the probability to get the big one.

    There are a lot of choices what to get. Bass and pike are the most common, but salmon and pike-perch the most wanted. I fish only salmon and pike-perch, but mostly I get pike :)

    PS. If you carefully inspect the boat photo, you can see from plotter that the is a fish school just below the boat :).

    Pike-perch 1650g
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    Annual seasons - Winter (Talvi)

    by akkipaa Written Dec 2, 2012

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Winter is one of our temperate seasons, it follows Autumn and is before Spring. Most of us doesn't like winter because it's known from cold and darkness. Some of us suffer "seasonal affective disorder" called kaamosmasennus in Finnish during Winter and It has to have some influence behind we are like we are :) But, take it as it is and you can love it!

    Mentally winter starts from 1st Dec and continues to 28th February. So, lucky us, every 4th year our winter is one day longer. Thermal terms are: starts when daily average temperature goes below 0 Celsius and stops (and winter starts) when it goes again up to + side of the meters.

    What it it when it's Winter
    - it's time of darkness and cold
    - it's time for everything been white or black (very difficult to find contrast to photos
    - it's time that nothing crows and the nature looks dead.
    - It's time for bears to sleep some months (and I'd like to join the gang)
    - At the solstice (21.12.2012) the day is shortest (about 5h 19mins "sunshine").

    It's time to go out and enjoy! The weather is really refreshing, just cloth yourself carefully and go to cross country ski, speed up with downhill, make some snow castle, take a walk or jog in the forest paths and you just love it!

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    Annual seasons - Autumn (Syksy)

    by akkipaa Updated Oct 9, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Autumn is one of our temperate seasons, it follows summer and is before winter. Most of us doesn't like autumn because it's known from rain and darkness. We don't have rain seasons, but if you ask, we answer: "Autumn".

    You might think that Equinox (about 22nd September) is in the middle of the season, but mentally autumn starts from 1st Sep and continues to 30th November. Thermal terms are: starts when daily average temperature goes below 10 Celsius and stops (and winter starts) when it goes below 0C.

    What it it when it's Autunm
    - it's harvesting time.
    - it's time for mushrooms (last one you can pick up late October).
    - it's "Ruska" time (leaves and trees change color from green to orange, yellow and red before leaves drop out).
    - It's time for bird migration.
    - After Equinox the night is again longer than day.

    It's time to go out and enjoy! It's not hot anymore, just cloth yourself carefully and go to pick up mushrooms, cranberries or lingonberries, take a walk or jog in the forest and you just love it!

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    Annual seasons - Summer (Kesä)

    by akkipaa Updated Oct 9, 2012

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Summer is one of our four temperate season, it follows spring and is before autumn. Most of us say that the summer in The Season, everyone starts to live and all events happen in the summer. Even more, July is normally our hottest month and whole business life fade down and tourist events are on. You have to rush, everything happens here in a few weeks. If you ask what is the best season, we, at least 99,99% answer: "Summer".

    You might think that Solstice (about 21st June) is in the middle of the season, but mentally summer starts from 1st June and continues to 31st August. Thermal terms are: starts when daily average temperature goes above 10 Celsius and stops (and autumn starts) when it goes below 10C. Solstice (Juhannus, after solstice) is quite common to start vacation.

    What it is when it's Summer:
    - Everything is green, blue and only clouds are white.
    - late summer is time for picking berries (strawberry first and blueberry follows)
    - it's time for everything to grow ().
    - It's time for birds to feed fledglings
    - In the moment of the Solstice the night is endless in the Polar circle (and up north)
    - It is time to swim, boat and fish in one of our 180 000 lakes.
    - It's a time to go to the summer cottages (mökki) and go to sauna (more than winter time :)

    It's time to go out and enjoy! It's now hot, just forget your clothes and go to summer theatre, wife carrying world championships, Linnanmäki, Särkänniemi, Lakes, take a walk or jog in the forest and you just love it!

    Summer colors at 11:00PM in Rikkaranta Summer colors at 11:46PM in Rikkaranta Before rain and storm 22:53PM
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    Go to hunt Mushrooms - Autumn (Syksy)

    by akkipaa Updated Oct 7, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Mushroom hunting or mushrooming is one of Finns autumn hobbies. There are plenty of forests even besides cities and towns to pick up this delicious food. The mushrooms are categorized to 6 main classes +++,++,+,*,** and ***. + means cross and +++ is the most poisonous and *** the most delicious mushroom.

    We say: "get to know the mushrooms and pick up only those you know".

    Never eat mushroom you can't qualify to ** or ***. Some mushrooms, like brain mushroom (korvasieni) are +++ AND ***. You have to know how to process these and selling of these kind of mushrooms is prohibited here (I think).

    I hunt only two delicious mushrooms: chanterelle and funnel chanterelle (in photos). With these the process is simple, just take 2 liter of mushrooms, put to a pan and fry in low heat all water away, add 1-2 dl cream and spices and heat so far that the thickness is correct. Enjoy with potatoes, grilled fish or with what ever else you hunted from the forest :)

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  • akkipaa's Profile Photo

    Bird Watching

    by akkipaa Updated Sep 25, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are about 338 000 square kilometers land in Finland and only some 18 inhabitants per square kilometer, so there is a lot of more or less wild nature. The amount of people decrease to the north, the best and wildest areas are here like UKK Nature Park (Urho Kaleva Kekkonen's park, our former president). All man rights give you a lot of possibilities to walk, camp and wander around in our forests (but not open fire).

    But you don't need to go far. I have wandered thousands of kilometers, seen a lot of animals, but suddenly today I faced FIRST time ever Black Woodpecker! And I faced it in my yard and I live in fourth biggest town in Finland.

    I was so busy to search my camera, finally I found it from my car, I took the first (and only photo) through window and when I was tiptoeing closer, it of course escaped. So, sorry about poor quality, but I have an evidence!

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  • akkipaa's Profile Photo

    Everyman's right

    by akkipaa Written Aug 8, 2012

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a Nordic phenomenom, you can walk and roam quite freely in our nature. We all have certain rights, meaning to pick up berries and mushrooms from forests, trek in wildmark and spend overnight in a tent. Of course you are free to swim and boat in the lakes, but remember, no open fire! Only if you get permission from the owner and that is quite impossible, it's difficult to find she or he. And no fishing, you need permission to fishing also! (There is some all man rights in fishing, but the system is difficult to explain. Ask your finnish friends, they know when you are here). So, our waters are better protected than forests, it might have something to do with fishermen's enviness!

    But take photos, there are a lot of colorful things, at least in summer, on winter we have less colors!

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  • lochness_syndrome's Profile Photo

    where construction turns into a bed of flowers

    by lochness_syndrome Updated Apr 4, 2011

    walking around on my last rainy morning in helsinki, finland drowned by the actual physical rain and my stress of having to take the train back to new york within hours I got up at 7am that morning and while waiting for the supermarket in KAMPPI(mall, but unlike any mall you know, its massive) to open I decided to walk. to walk until I was soaked and freezing.. I also brought along my minolta to see if I could take some last pictures of this second home I had travelled to.

    And I did, when in doubt and your bored of all the usual cool touristy pics to take of a city you love.. walk behind all the dept stores and the apartment building museums cinemas and offices and you bet you'll find something damn worth taking a photo of and something that will bring some sort of enlightenment to your trip just when you need it.. this little trip did just that for me..

    I walked around from Kamppi past the post office and past the post office museum and the museum after that and decided to go where I saw no people ..So i walked behind everything to look for good skate spots for my next trip to helsinki.. I walked and walked till I found a path that took me to train crossroads and some constructed situated in a gorgeous flowery walkway..yes i just said flowery..well it was beautiful for me..I just stayed there and sat on the rail tracks listening for trains and took photos of all the beauty I was about to leave..

    I was glad that i walked away from the streets and went behind all the stores because I found my most worthwhile walk of the trip..hope you all find the chance to do it as well.

    let me walk til the tracks bring you here early morning bright lights
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  • Pomska's Profile Photo

    Finnish Housing Fairs

    by Pomska Updated Apr 4, 2011

    The first housing fair was held in Tuusula in 1970. The housing fair means that that Finnish modern homes and interiors are on display for visitors. It's a good way to see the latest ideas in living.

    The housing fair is held every summer and it is open to the public for one month. It's a good event for the whole family. It has been said that in recent years an average of 200 000 guests have visited the fair.

    The housing fair is a good way to spend your weekend.

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  • Scandic's Profile Photo

    National park in Helsinki

    by Scandic Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This nature loving country is sometimes very surprising. There is even National park near Helsinki.Most travelers come to Helsinki and if they want to see nature, they continue for example to Lapland. But you don't need to do that to feel relaxing city/nature trip.

    Nuuksio national park in Espoo is wonderful for one day trip or over night stay. I really love this park, it is 38 sq.km. full of lakes and forrests. You can easily reach it by bus or train from Helsinki and you don't believe that you are so near capital. The national park offers plenty of scope for informal hiking, skiing, berry and mushroom picking.
    There are sign-posted trails only on the park's eastern edge. Map and compass are necessary elsewhere.

    The national park's character is vastly affected by broken bedrock crossed by innumerable faults. Thanks to the action of the Ice Age there are valleys and ravines, with infertile rocky hills rising to a maximum of 110 metres above sea level. These are clothed in lichen and a sparse growth of Scots pine. In many places splendid views can be had from the tops of crags. Among the birds nesting among the pines decorating the rocky outcrops are the endangered wood lark and nightjar.


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  • Hockeylady's Profile Photo

    To the woods

    by Hockeylady Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Go hiking to the Finnish national park and feel the mysteries of the deepest forest and clear blue lakes or ponds! There are free sites for tents and cooking places so you can have a really cheap holiday in the middle of our beautiful nature! The parks are signposted, so you won't get lost.

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  • finlandia's Profile Photo

    Kaunissaari Island - Beautiful Island

    by finlandia Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Kaunissaari (literally Beautiful Island) Island is a traditional, small but still lively fisherman village on the sea outside the city of Kotka. Boats from Sapokka Harbour (in front of Maretarium Aquarium) about 2-3 times a day in summer. Tickets are sold on boats. For timetables see the link below, please.

    There may be quite windy on the sea (even if a day may be warm). So take warm clothes with you. On the island you find a very small museum, a restaurant (good fish dishes) and accommodation. Remember to taste extremely delicious salmon pastries which are sold at a kiosk near the museum.

    Many tourists visit Kaunissaari during a day but only a few stays overnight there. It is quite an experience! Sit on sea rocks, have a campfire, sleep in your own tent or in a small b&b house...

    Other very interesting islands are Tammio (only one permanent inhabitant!), Ulkotammio and Haapasaari (10 permanent inhabitants, 25 kilometers from Kotka). For boat timetables see the link below, please.

    Kaunissaari Museum
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  • sinoda's Profile Photo

    Juminkeko - Culture foundation of the Kalevala

    by sinoda Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In the middle of Kainuu, in the town of Kuhmo is a very special building, where the foundation of Kalevala resides and which hosts many changing art expositions related to the very subject of Kalevala.

    Come and ask experts Markku and Sirpa all you want to know about the finnish epos.

    Juminkeko; Finland
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  • kimmo_v's Profile Photo

    Isolated lighthouse island.

    by kimmo_v Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I hadnt done this, but will do some day for sure!
    Bengtskär`s lighthouse is one of the biggest and in best condition lighthouses in Finland.
    At winter-spring time you can get there by helicopter, spend a night there(there is a small reastaurant), enjoy your breakfast and fly back to mainland.
    Can you imagine to be on the small island, surrounded by sea and ice, freezing breeze and some seagulls? Well, neither do i, so it has to be done.
    The price for this is 240-270 EUR.

    In the summertime, there are trips to Bengtskär arranged from Hanko and Kasnäs every day.

    Cruises every day 1.6-31.8.2003

    The cruise from KASNÄS departs every day with the following time-table: Start at 11.00 from Kasnäs, at 14.45 from Bengtskär and 16.45 from Rosala, arrival in Kasnäs at 17.15. The route includes a guided visit to the Rosala Viking Centre. This route is used also for over-night visitors; arrival at Bengtskär is 12.15 and departure the next day at 14.45.

    Booking: Bengtskär Ltd 02-4667227

    Price: 44 €, children 4-14 years 22 €. The price includes boat trip, lunch, entrance fees and guided tours.

    M/S Anna departs from HANKO every day 28.6-17.8 at 11.00 and M/S Summersea at 10.30 14.6-31.8 and twice a day 1.7-31.7, 10.30 and 14.00.

    Booking: M/S Anna 02-4692500, 044-5000500, M/S Summersea 0400-536930, 0400-675295.

    Prices: M/S Anna 44 €, M/S Summersea 44 €, half price for children 4-14 years. The price includes the boat trip with an archipelago guide, lunch on board and the entrance fee.

    copyright www.bengtskar.fi

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  • finlandia's Profile Photo

    Ear Mountain - Santa's home

    by finlandia Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Finland is the home country of Santa Claus. Santa lives on a fell called Korvatunturi (Ear Mountain) in the municipality of Savukoski. Santa can't live on the North Pole because there isn't anything to eat for his reindeer there. But in Finnish Lapland a reindeer is a very common animal and it has a lot of food there. There are about 200 000 reindeer in Finland. Eagles, foxes, swans and wood grouse are other common animals. The spruce is the most common tree in Lapland. Wild cloudberry and Arctic bramble are the two most highly valued berries of Lapland. Lapland is a paradise for all nature lovers!

    Ear Mountain is near the Russian border (border zone) and it isn´t possible to visit this Santa's secret cave, his real home. (You may meet him in Rovaniemi where Santa has his office.) However, you can visit Santa's home municipality Savukoski. It is a very small municipality with interesting nature (also nice safaris)...

    Trees in winter
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