Finland Off The Beaten Path

  • The fire station
    The fire station
    by Airpunk
  • The Sibelius Monument
    by gordonilla
  • Sibelius with flag
    Sibelius with flag
    by gordonilla

Finland Off The Beaten Path

  • The Sibelius Monument

    Helsinki Off The Beaten Path

    The image is taken from the inside of the monument, it was unusual as the wind was blowing through the tubes themselves. There are pipes of varying diameters, so they make an interesting collection - they have different edges and cuts so they have worn at different speeds and have reacted differently.

  • Vanhankaupunki (old city)

    Helsinki Off The Beaten Path

    The city of Helsinki is was founded by Gustavus Vasa, the king of Sweden, more than 450 years ago. He needed the city as a new trading post in southern Finland and a competitor to Tallinn in Estonia. People from Rauma, Ulvila, Porvoo and Tammisaari had to move to Helsinki on the king's request. The date on which this order was issued, 12.6.1550,...

  • Go to hunt Fish - Summer (Kesä)

    All you need is a rod with line and a hook. This combination gives you right to use all man rights and you are free to fish almost every place. If you add a reel you need permission from the owner. Our lakes are mostly owned by small Water Cooperatives, but if you go to some fish equipment store (or a gas station on the country side) you probably...

  • Annual seasons - Winter (Talvi)

    Winter is one of our temperate seasons, it follows Autumn and is before Spring. Most of us doesn't like winter because it's known from cold and darkness. Some of us suffer "seasonal affective disorder" called kaamosmasennus in Finnish during Winter and It has to have some influence behind we are like we are :) But, take it as it is and you can love...

  • Annual seasons - Autumn (Syksy)

    Autumn is one of our temperate seasons, it follows summer and is before winter. Most of us doesn't like autumn because it's known from rain and darkness. We don't have rain seasons, but if you ask, we answer: "Autumn". You might think that Equinox (about 22nd September) is in the middle of the season, but mentally autumn starts from 1st Sep and...

  • Annual seasons - Summer (Kesä)

    Summer is one of our four temperate season, it follows spring and is before autumn. Most of us say that the summer in The Season, everyone starts to live and all events happen in the summer. Even more, July is normally our hottest month and whole business life fade down and tourist events are on. You have to rush, everything happens here in a few...

  • Go to hunt Mushrooms - Autumn (Syksy)

    Mushroom hunting or mushrooming is one of Finns autumn hobbies. There are plenty of forests even besides cities and towns to pick up this delicious food. The mushrooms are categorized to 6 main classes +++,++,+,*,** and ***. + means cross and +++ is the most poisonous and *** the most delicious mushroom.We say: "get to know the mushrooms and pick...

  • Bird Watching

    There are about 338 000 square kilometers land in Finland and only some 18 inhabitants per square kilometer, so there is a lot of more or less wild nature. The amount of people decrease to the north, the best and wildest areas are here like UKK Nature Park (Urho Kaleva Kekkonen's park, our former president). All man rights give you a lot of...

  • Everyman's right

    This is a Nordic phenomenom, you can walk and roam quite freely in our nature. We all have certain rights, meaning to pick up berries and mushrooms from forests, trek in wildmark and spend overnight in a tent. Of course you are free to swim and boat in the lakes, but remember, no open fire! Only if you get permission from the owner and that is...

  • where construction turns into a bed of...

    walking around on my last rainy morning in helsinki, finland drowned by the actual physical rain and my stress of having to take the train back to new york within hours I got up at 7am that morning and while waiting for the supermarket in KAMPPI(mall, but unlike any mall you know, its massive) to open I decided to walk. to walk until I was soaked...

  • Finnish Housing Fairs

    The first housing fair was held in Tuusula in 1970. The housing fair means that that Finnish modern homes and interiors are on display for visitors. It's a good way to see the latest ideas in living.The housing fair is held every summer and it is open to the public for one month. It's a good event for the whole family. It has been said that in...

  • National park in Helsinki

    This nature loving country is sometimes very surprising. There is even National park near Helsinki.Most travelers come to Helsinki and if they want to see nature, they continue for example to Lapland. But you don't need to do that to feel relaxing city/nature trip.Nuuksio national park in Espoo is wonderful for one day trip or over night stay. I...

  • To the woods

    Go hiking to the Finnish national park and feel the mysteries of the deepest forest and clear blue lakes or ponds! There are free sites for tents and cooking places so you can have a really cheap holiday in the middle of our beautiful nature! The parks are signposted, so you won't get lost.

  • Kaunissaari Island - Beautiful Island

    Kaunissaari (literally Beautiful Island) Island is a traditional, small but still lively fisherman village on the sea outside the city of Kotka. Boats from Sapokka Harbour (in front of Maretarium Aquarium) about 2-3 times a day in summer. Tickets are sold on boats. For timetables see the link below, please.There may be quite windy on the sea (even...

  • Juminkeko - Culture foundation of the...

    In the middle of Kainuu, in the town of Kuhmo is a very special building, where the foundation of Kalevala resides and which hosts many changing art expositions related to the very subject of Kalevala.Come and ask experts Markku and Sirpa all you want to know about the finnish epos.

  • Isolated lighthouse island.

    I hadnt done this, but will do some day for sure!Bengtskär`s lighthouse is one of the biggest and in best condition lighthouses in Finland.At winter-spring time you can get there by helicopter, spend a night there(there is a small reastaurant), enjoy your breakfast and fly back to mainland.Can you imagine to be on the small island, surrounded by...

  • Ear Mountain - Santa's home

    Finland is the home country of Santa Claus. Santa lives on a fell called Korvatunturi (Ear Mountain) in the municipality of Savukoski. Santa can't live on the North Pole because there isn't anything to eat for his reindeer there. But in Finnish Lapland a reindeer is a very common animal and it has a lot of food there. There are about 200 000...

  • Cruise from Mariehamn to Kapellskär in...

    Take a two hour cruise via M/S Rosella of Viking Line from Mariehamn to Kapellskär on the outskirts of Norrtälje just north of Stockholm in Sweden. Lots of things to do or see are available onboard the passenger cruise ship. You can do your tax-free shopping for perfumes, cosmetics, leather goods, clothings, chocolates, liquor, wines, beer and...

  • Grill at Mariehamn

    Take the opportunity to grill your fresh food when you are visiting Mariehamn on your vacation! Locations for grill are provided along the beach just outside the city center for the convenience of local and foreign picknickers and tourists. In some locations, firewoods are even provided complete with axes. Please do not litter the grill area after...

  • The most beautiful archipelago in the...

    The archipelago of Turku is said to be the most beautiful one in the whole world. The island group between the Finnish mainland and the Åland islands is the largest archipelago in the world. There are more islands and islets than people there! Groups could stay overnight in Herrankukkaro (Rymättylä, Turku archipelago). There you may sleep in a...

  • Everyman's rights - and free campfire...

    If you have read about Finland you may know about a thing called "everyman's right". It means that you are allowed to walk freely in the forest, pick wild berries and mushrooms (but not potatoes as in a joke about some Germans..), land with a canoe or boat, go swimming etc. as long as you are not very close to somebody's house or business area....

  • It's good to know

    Although Finnish language isn't very easy, I've learned some useful words while beeing there. It's good to know at least some words.Terve - Hello.Kiitos - Thank you.

  • Where can you find a sauna?

    Every hotel has sauna heated up for it´s customers daily. Usually open in the evening.If you spend your night in hostel or guesthouse, they don´t necessarily have own saunas.If you still are willing to go sauna, the answer is local swimming halls witch you can find in every city. Entrance fee few euros.

  • Lapland Area: Sevettijarvi

    This is a peaceful lake on the road towards Norway, the border is not too far from here. This is if you go eastwards from Inari, towards eastern Norway, or more specifically to get to Kirkenes via the E6 road. The more north you go, the more austere the landscape becomes, typical of the harsh Lapland, but it is still as beautiful as can be. Of...

  • Forest fruits and mushrooms.

    While in the forest during certain seasons, take a good look around you, there are many interesting forest fruits and mushrooms. They are all delicious to eat.

  • Sauna

    Experience the Finnish sauna with good company. I suggest that you shouls try to find a real sauna which is situated by a beautiful Finnish lake. Enjoy the heat and athmosphere!It has been estimated that there are 2 million saunas in Finland. The president and the prime minister have their own official saunas. You can find saunas almost everywhere...

  • Hiking / outdoor life in Kuusamo

    If you like outdoor life and are interested f ex in hiking / cross-country skiing / snowmobiling in Finland, you might want to check out Ruka's netpages in Kuusamo (FI). That link provides you both winter and summer activities in Kuusamo area in Finland.These links provides you all the needed information from how to get there, weather to planning...

  • Ulla's kiosk

    If you happen to be driving road 610 from Joutsa to Luhanka you might just as well stop here, at Ulla's kiosk. Here you'll get refreshments, a chance for a nice chat with Ulla, to see a goat, to step back in time and toy around for Ulla encourages children as well as adults to play and fool around every once in a while.So if you go there just say...

  • There are a lot of exotic...

    There are a lot of exotic events in Finland. One of them is the World Championship Ice Pool Swimming, which was arranged in Kajaani last February. It's a 25 meter swimming competition in ice cold water. Check my Oulu page for more information on this 'lovely' sport. I was 20th in the Finnish Championships and 13th in the World Championships. By now...

  • Wilderness / Logging cabins

    There are plenty of these types of accomodations for hikers in Finland. Wildnerness cabins in National parks are open for everybody. They are free of charge and you cannot reserve them. They are always open. The main rule is that you ought to leave the cabin as it was when you enterd it. If you use logs, you should always chop some more. There is...

  • Rivers and lakes around Parkano

    Rivers and lakes around Parkano are something just great to enjoy. You have so much water that even with -16 you just go outside and enjoy the noise of the water and the beautiful surounding landscapes. after a few minutes you get yourself pretty much freezed and go back to the car shaking in extreme cold like I did...

  • Perinnekylä Traditional Village of...

    This Park is located on the road after Virrat maybe just a few kms, direction Keuruu and Jyväskylä. Look for the Park with the name "Perinnekylä".Its on the right side coming from Virrat or Parkano.These are other of the building you can see on the village. It was combined here several old buildings from many places in the region and put them...

  • Horse Farm in Ala-Honkajoki

    This is the Horse Farm in Ala-Honkajoki. Its wonderful to see these animals in the snow. The red wood construction also gives a very nice ambiance along with the wqhite color of the snow. Ala-Honkajoki is located between Honkajoki and Kankaanpää on the road 44.

  • Bridge of Ala-Honkajoki

    This is located on the Road 2703 from Ala-Honkajoki to Siikainen. Joki mean river in Finnish so this should be the river from the town. Its wonderful the combinatoin of the snow, water and bridge together.

  • Cemiteries in Finland

    Cemiteries are often Off The Beaten Path while traveling as people get a bit scared of them and I somehow understand them. In Finland cemiteries are with black colour which gives a very nice and interesting conrast with the white snow of Winter.In many cemiteries you can find old iron crosses from the 1800´s.This picture was taken in the Old Church...

  • Inside the Church of The Holy Cross...

    For what I understood by many people, this church Pyhän Ristin is often close to public. It is only opened from May to September. I could get in due to some celebrations where people made this little procession on the streets of Old Rauma and went to church to sing. Inside the Church of The Holy Cross Rauma is indeed worth to be seen and for Arte...

  • Sun rising

    In Winter this is the really Off The Beaten Path thing. You dont see the sun rising that much as the weather doesnt allow you to. I was missing the sun very much already and I think this day was amazing.This picture was taken on the river before the city of Lappfjard 8km before Kristinenstad.

  • Forest near Noormarkku

    The Forest near Noormarkku gets kind of wild one I think. I mean in this time of year with all the snow looks pretty scary to me so...In this area you can see the Huge Lucky Stone and also the Lake and apreciate the view.Noormarkku is located a few km from Pori on the road 23 to Parkano.

  • Kaskinen Sea side

    Kaskinen Sea side is somehting that you will not expect. As iI got out of Kristiinankaupunki and headed North a few km in direction of Kaskö or Kaskinen, I only saw this huge Finn wood factories and thought that this would end up to be not a very special thing. I was wrong and t turn to be a nice surprise. Actually all this area is full of cottages...

  • Finnish countryside

    When visiting Finland, don't just go with the flow and go see all the tourist traps. If you have more time, go for example visit some real Finnish countryside! It's as most beautiful in summertime, when you can smell the woods, the trees, the grass and even the animals! You don't even need to go far from Helsinki; driving north from Helsinki...

  • Bothnia Bay

    This place at the very end of Bothnia Bay may seem nothing special. Just the sea and red granite rocks, the sound of waves and wind, and no human beings as far as the eye can see. But it made a lasting impression on me. I still can remember this feeling as if for a second this place belonged only to me.

  • Nuuksio - National Park

    Nuuksio is a the acclaimed National Park of the area of greater Helsinki.It's said that is the backyard of nearly one million people.Here Helsinkians come on weekends or even week-evenings to walk, wander or camp etc. for it is only less than a half an hours drive from the city centre of Helsinki away - west of Helsinki.

  • Naantali

    Naantali is a picturesque little port town. It has a nice marina with lots of cafes and restaurants, a unique old town with wooden architecture, but first of all it is famous for its Moomin World. It's full of characters known to both children and adults from the books by Tove Jansson.

  • Lahti

    Everybody must have heard of Lahti - the place of great skiing events. I have always imagined that it is situated among high mountains (forgive me my ignorance). I had to come to Finland to find out that there aren't any high mountains there. But the ski jumps are imposing (perhaps they don't look so in the picture). It was nice to stand at the...

  • Hollola

    Hollola is a picturesque little village with a beautiful church, one of the oldest in Finland. It comes from 15th century. This stone and brick church looks very nice with the green of grass and trees around. But it's the interior that is really worth seeing. You can admire there splendid star vaults, old frescos and sculptures from 15th century....


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