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  • swamp in Syöte nationalpark
    swamp in Syöte nationalpark
    by Kaarina
  • Ylpiätupa
    by Kaarina
  • Clean northern nature
    Clean northern nature
    by Kaarina

Oulu Things to Do

  • Oulu Cathedral

    Oulu Cathedral located in the city centre is about 200 years old and very beautiful one. This time in the heat of the summer I did not go in.Check the official link for history and details.

  • Huge park in the city

    After a long ride we stopped in Oulu and saw a huge park next to the parking lot. We went there and were quite surprised of its size. It seemed almost all inhabitants of the town were in the park walking, skating or cycling. Later at home I found out that this park belongs to the university and contains world's northernmost botanical garden. There...

  • Jungle in Oulu - the glass house

    In the park on Hupisaari you can have a look at the small glass house in which many different tropical plants are growing. The glass house is open until 17:00 and located just beside the cafe Tuomenkukka.


Oulu Hotels

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  • Radisson Blu Hotel, Oulu

    The Radisson SAS is perfect with its location in the centre just by the sea. However, service might...

  • Scandic Oulu

    Saaristonkatu 4, Oulu, 90100, Finland

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Sokos Hotel Arina

    I stayed in oulu sokos from Dec 18th 2010 to Dec 23rd 2010, 5 nights in total. My company booked the...


Oulu Restaurants

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  • Do it yourself ;)

    In many places around Finland you have the chance to use barbecue places somewhere in the woods or other nature areas. These places are for free and even fire wood is provided. Only your food you will have to bring with you. Sausage and steaks :)))

  • Suola-Aitta

    Yet another café bar in the market square, just behind Keltainen Aitta, this one called Suola-Aitta and seems to be as popular as well.

  • Café Keltainen Aitta

    This café bar is in the centre of the city in the market square. It is very popular during the summer sunny days for a meeting point to relax with a beer in the terrace.


Oulu Nightlife

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  • Sports and Music

    Nice bar / pub with showing sports on two huge projector 'screens'. Also live music is presented. See the webpage for events.

  • Irish Evening

    Nice pub in Irish style in which sometimes Irish live music is played. For their list of drinks (Juomat) check their webpage, which I have linked below.Opening hours: 14 - 02

  • Not understandable

    It is the first time that I write a negative tip, but I am really disappointed about this place. After being there several times with people from work and lot of our colleagues coming to Oulu stay in the Hotel connected to the Amarillo, I got rejected yesterday because of my shoes!!!??? This never ever happend to me in any place in Oulu, which I...


Oulu Transportation

  • Oulus bus traffic

    To get around Oulu there exists a great bus network. You find the timetable, the prices and theplaces where to buy tickets on the bus companies webpage. See the link below...

  • Biking in Oulu 2

    Another map showing Oulus bike lanes gives an even more impressive picture how well organized the bicycle network is. These are the lanes in the greater downtown are, but there are more lanes connecting the villages and cities around.

  • Citybussi - bus in the very center of...

    Beside the buscompany serving the Oulu region there is also the citybussi, which serves only the downtown area (keskusta in Finnish).See their webpage... (Finnish only).


Oulu Shopping

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  • Outdoor equipment - Cooker fuel

    Kärkäinen sells beside all different things (srews, home working tools) also some Outdoor equipment. Especially also fuel for liquid cookers. Ask for 'Marinol'.Opening hours:Mo - Fr 9-21Sa 9-18 Fuel for outdoor cooker.

  • Outdoor equipment

    In the supermarket chain Prisma you can find also outdoor equipment.Prisma Limingantulli (south of Oulu)Nuottasaarentie 190400 OULULinnanmaa(north of Oulu)Kauppalinnankuja 1-390570 Oulu They have sleeping bags, knifes, cooker, dishes for outdoor, small choice of dry meals.Only you will not find fuel for the liquid cooker, but gas.

  • Outdoor equipment

    If you are looking for outdoor equipment, like sleeping bags, cooker (and fuel for it), backpacks, then have a look at Partioaitta, which is located downtown. Outdoor equipment.


Oulu Local Customs

  • Ice fishing

    Well, it is not really only local, but I have seen the most here in Oulu area, so I place it here. During winter, when the ocean is frozen, you will notice black dots in the distance. These will pretty sure be some people doing icefishing. With a huge handdrilling mashine they make a whole into the ice and wait until an unfortune fish is doing his...

  • panOULU - free townwide WLAN internet

    Oulu is one of the few cities in Europe having a townwide free WLAN network. You can log in and just start surfing for free. Even inside public buildings like the Oulun Energia Areena (the stadion of Oulus Icehockey team) or on the ferries to Hailuoto there are access points.More information on the panOULU-webpage.

  • Traditional wooden house

    This is a traditional wooden house, not exactly where people live in today but you can see few of those in the town square in the city centre.


Oulu Warnings and Dangers

  • Protecting birdlife!

    In some areas in and around Oulu you are not supposed to walk around as here birds are breading their eggs and will be disturbed by you. There are signs telling you which bird is breading there and where you should not walk around. Of course also the duration of this periode is mentioned. Oulu area is a birdlife paradise and many birds stay here...

  • Walking in winter

    Well, hopefully my last warning tip.When walking around in town, take care in winter. It is really slippery and you can easily fall. Streets are only cleaned from fresh snow, but always a little remains and this gets compressed over the time. So after a while the compressed snow turns to ice which tries to get you from your feet. Of course people...

  • Don't break in...

    Well, this might sound a little odd, but it is serious. Don't walk on the ice here in Oulu region unless you are not ABSOLUTELY sure, that it is thick enough to hold you! Remember, that the water in town is a river, and therefore the icelayer is much thinner than on the ocean. There might be the iceroad open between Kempele and Hailuoto, but the...


Oulu Tourist Traps

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    by Scandic Written Feb 27, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Pikisaari may be a tourist trap for someone, but it's anyway a wonderful small island with handicraft houses and artists. You can take a walk from downtown and walk aroun the island, it is so small. There are old houses among the new ones, which have builded in very clever way. They fit perfectly in atmosphere of island.

    Nowadays there goes a bridge from downtown to Pikisaari.

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Oulu What to Pack

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    Climate in Oulu

    by Leipzig Written Oct 26, 2003

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    Miscellaneous: There is no special rainy season

    Avg. Temp. in Spring: max.: -1 – 11°C ( 30 - 51°F ); min: -8 - 3°C ( 18 - 38°F )
    Avg. Temp. in Summer: max.: 16 – 19°C ( 60 - 66°F ); min: 7 - 12°C ( 45 - 53°F )
    Avg. Temp. in Autumn: max.: -1 – 10°C ( 30 - 50°F); min: -4 - 9°C ( 25 – 49°F )
    Avg. Temp. in Winter: max.: -7 – -4°C ( 19 - 14°F); min: -13 - -10°C ( 9 - 14°F )

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Oulu Off The Beaten Path

  • Nature in Oulus backyard

    You really do not need to drive far to be in a great nature scenery. It is just 10 km from very downtown and you can experience a diversity rich area. Pilpasuon Luontopolku, a trail of 7 km (it is well prepared, but sometimes pretty wet) brings you deep into a swamp area. You will follow a wooden track at the areas where otherwise nobody could walk...

  • Get policeman stamp...

    By leaving your postcard in the letterbox in the kauppahalli (Markethall), it will be stamped with the picture of the Oulu policeman.

  • Fish Stairs

    Thos are the famous Fish Stairs pf Oulu, they created for the Salmons or Trout fish that swim up the river stream to lay down their eggs. This is a must visit place in Oulu :)


Oulu Sports & Outdoors

  • Finnish Ice-Hockey Champion 2007 + 2008

    Like years before Oulu has been Finnish champion in 2007 with its team Oulun Kärpät. In a very close walking distance to inner downtown you can reach the stadion very easy. I think it is a must to watch a game if you have the chance (being there during the season).EDIT: YEAAAH, we managed it in 2008 again!!!! Of course you will need a ticket to...

  • Frisbee-Golfing in Toppila

    Well, people never stop learning in their life. Today I learned something special: There exists a sport called Frisbee-Golf. I was biking and saw some people throwing frisbees and then I realized that they were aiming at something. So I asked them if they play some sort of Golf and indeed that is what the sport is called.So it works the following...

  • Paradise for cyclists

    Oulu has become famous throughout Finland for its cycling network. It gained recognition for its network of tracks, which cross the mouth of the river, and the Finnish Traffic Association nominated them as Bicycle Path of the Year in autumn 1996. Oulu is part of the Finnish Cyclist Municipalities Network and the only Finnish city to be in the...


Oulu Favorites

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  • The Tourist Office

    A good start to discover Oulu is (beside VT ;) ) to pay a visit to the Tourist Office. They can provide you beside the sights in Oulu with a city map and a bus line map. This helps to find your way through town. But don't worry, you can't get lost here in downtown...Oulu City Tourist OfficeOpen: Mon-Fri 9.00-16.00Address: Uusikatu 26, P.O. Box 32...

  • Local news of Oulu in the net

    If you want to get some news about Oulu and the region, you can have a look at '65 degrees north' an internet newspaper from Oulu:->65 degrees north, An internet newspaper from Oulu

  • Info list for people moving to Oulu

    You plan to move to Oulu, have a look at this infopage, which can give you helpful tips. The page is provided by the town of Oulu:-> Official collection of infos for people moving to Oulu.


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