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    The Scandal!
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  • Aamulehti 20th April 2013 after Tappara 3-2 win
    Aamulehti 20th April 2013 after Tappara...
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Finland Sports & Outdoors

  • Pesapallo (Finnish baseball)

    During our stay in Helsinki, we were fortunate enough to catch a game of "pesäpallo" (Finnish baseball) -- and even more fortunate to have friendly Finns sitting next to us and willing to explain the general rules of the game.Among the many differences from its American counterpart: pesapallo has no home runs (anywhere out of play is foul...

  • Go Downhill (Winter, Spring) - Ylläs

    Ylläs downhill center is build between two villages: Ylläsjärvi and Äkäslompolo, both sides have own slopes and there is a connection between on the top of the Ylläs fell. "Ylläs on ykkönen" slogan means "Ylläs is the one" and definitely it is, at least if you think about lenght of the longest slope. it is 4000 meters meaning 2,4 miles. The fell...

  • National Hiking Areas

    There are several hiking areas in Finland, which provide you many ways to enjoy outdoor recreation. These areas are also in very good shape and offer many-sided facilities that have been built in the hiking areas for the needs of the hiker. All hiking areas have marked trails, tent areas, lean-to shelters, nature trails and often also a visitor...

  • Northern Wilderness Areas

    It can be confusing with all these hiking areas, national parks and wilderness areas of Finland. All of them are anyways a tool to nature conservation and recreation and owned by state but managed by Metsähallitus.*Wilderness is a vast, uninhabitited and remote, usually forested area. For the Finns the wilderness has traditionally been the catching...

  • Skiing in Summer

    Ever wanted to ski in summer? It is possible on an indoor cross country ski trak even if outside temperature rises above 30 degrees celsius! The tunnel of Vuokatti is about 550 meters long.Opening hours:Mon – Sat 9.00- 19.00, Sun 9.00 – 16.00.Ticket 8 €/adult, 5 €/child under 12 yearsSeason card 250 €/adult, 130 €/child under 12 years Everything...

  • Snowboarding in Summer!

    Next to the cross country ski tunnel there is also an indoor halfpipe for snowboarders.As we didn't have enough time for snowboarding I tried a ride with a tube, it was fun anyway. Especially if on your feet you don't ware anything but open sandals (outside it was 32 degrees celsius)! :-) Everything available on the spot!

  • Interesting sport events in Finland

    There are many unique events in Finland: Wife Carrying World Championships in Sonkajärvi (the length of the official track is 235.5 meters and the track has two dry obstacles and one water obstacle), World Championship of Mosquito Killing in Pelkosenniemi, Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships in Savonlinna, Santa Claus Reindeer City Race in...

  • Golf Driving Range, Eckerö, Åland

    Eckerö Golf Driving Range is located just opposite Russell Guest House several kilometers from the ferry terminal in the town of Eckerö. It is an inexpensive way to pass your time even if you are not a keen golfer. There are of course professional as well as amateur golfers practising at the golf driving range! Eckerö has several excellent golf...

  • Beach volleyball

    Even if for a whole day we were working, sometimes in the evenings we went out to play volleyball together. This sport is very popular in Finland, you can find volleyball places almost everywhere. It is a good way to relax, to catch some sun and to get acquintained with some finnish guys ;-) You need only a ball and a net and a good company of...

  • Ice hockey

    Did you know that Finland is the only country in Europe where football (soccer) isn´t the number one sport. We prefer ice hockey here.Finnish championship league regular season is played from mid september to mid march. After that starts play off games.There are 14 teams around Finland in championship league.It shouldn´t be imbossible to get...

  • Winter sports!

    Lots of snow in Finland!!! If you come any time between November and March you are bound to find snow at least up North in Lappland! If you have your own... but then everyting you need can be bought or rented in Finland!

  • Finland's National Parks

    There are several national parks in Finland and my tip to you is to enjoy them. Even if you are visiting in Helsinki, take a day to wonder in Nuuksio National Park. You can easily reach it by public transportation.Nature protection is the primary function of national parks.The national parks are protected areas exemplifying the more valuable and...

  • Ice Fishing

    It is obviously possible to fish in the winter as well. It is maybe not as fun as in the summer and you surely not going to see me trying fishing in the winter. Beside the winter gear and fishing equipment, you will need also the tool to dig the ice, which I have no idea how you call it, dave_21 and Herzog63 surely must know :-)

  • Downhill-skiing or snowboarding in...

    There are plenty of downhill ski slopes in Finland. See the attached webpage for more information. The best slopes are in Lapland and biggest of them being Ylläs and Levi. Compared to Alps, the resorts are cheaper, easier and less-crowded being perfect for newbies and family travel. As well, for snowboarders and -bladers, there are big parks, as...


    Finnish skiers had an idea of an extremely efficient and tough workout:They took a ball to the swamp field and started to play. The sport they invented was developed from traditional soccer but the rules have been modified to fit better to the "soft" ground.Except that it really was very hard, it also seemed to be very fun. Since 1998 Swamp Soccer...

  • Icehockey

    During the dark days of the long winter a good way to get warm, a bit blood pressure and excited is to go and play some Ice Hockey. There are many large and small Ice Halls all over the country but there are also outside rings where you can play just for fun. Even in remote places, the local authorities will have some kind of maintenance to keep it...

  • Winter fun part II

    Climb to the hill and off we go! You feel free just a sled or pulka under you. Everybody has right to be a child again. I love this winter fun and I'm so glad that you're never too old or broken to do it! Sled, pulka, piece of paper board or plastic bag. Yes, it is easy to enjoy.

  • Go fishing

    Fishing is very popular sport in Finland, many, from the age of 7 to 70 going fishing, and it is no matter if it is winter, spring, summer or fall, with the 200,000 lakes, lots or rivers and thousands km of long beaches, it is easy to find a good fishing spot. You must remember that for most kind of Fishing you need a licence. But if you use just...

  • Drinking coffee in spite!!

    There is little coffee place off the slope in Vuokatti. It really looked like a dolly house, and very usefull to get some heat. And if I remember well the coffe was not so expensive!

  • Paintball (survival game)

    This is rather common outdoor sports in Finland since there's planty of room for this kind of activity. The idea is rather simple. People are equipped with paintball guns and mask to protect the eyes. When you get shot you're out of the game. Shoot but don't get shot. Simple. Think that as war simulator. You should have quite a large group in order...

  • Snowboarding in Vuokatti

    As I am born in the Alps, I love winter sports since I can walk. I started with skiing and now I have been snowboarding for over 10 years. It has been my passion for so so long. So I have to admit I have been disappointed to snowboard in Finland, it is too flat for me and very expensive for what is it (I shouldn't compare I know!!).The top of...

  • noisless gliding in the water

    This is another form of discovering not so beaten paths in Finland.If you are fond of nature, not getting a nervous breakdown because of some spiders in the wilderness and enjoy luxury of independence then consider this: Why not hire a canoe/kayak and hit the enigmatic lake and river system of middle- and eastern Finland? Pack your stuff...

  • About Hosting World Championships

    This is a general info!As little may know Finland problably holds the world record in hosting world championships and in inventing more and more...Don't you believe? Well, here are some samples. And please! This is no joke. To be considered: People participating in these championships are not always taking it too seriously, yet they do participate...

  • Chopping some wood

    How about this for a starter?Yeah, that's alright. You wouldn't believe how much energy this takes. Just try it for fun's sake. But mind your swing. Unlike in golfing the swing comes directly over your head and cuts the piece of wood in two parts. Keep yor legs apart from each other and concentrate on your two-handed swing.Use enough force so you...

  • Sports crazy

    Finns are crazy about their sports: Ice hockey, Skijumping, Formula One, Rallye and Finnish baseball are really popular here. Not as popular as those sports is football. We went to the new Finnair stadium in Helsinki to see a match of Jokerit Helsinki and we couldn't understand that the spectators were so quiet and that they all cheered for the...

  • Walking

    The Finnish hike a lot and Finland is the perfect country to do so.For walking they often use special walking sticks, much like ski poles. It seems it makes walking easier, as you move your arms more, which is good for the breathing. Also you can sort of "pull" yourself forward and upward.At first it looks silly but when you know why this is, it...

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