Finland Warnings and Dangers

  • Beware of Reindeer
    Beware of Reindeer
    by tini58de
  • The road belongs to us
    The road belongs to us
    by tini58de
  • Reindeer crossing
    Reindeer crossing
    by tini58de

Finland Warnings and Dangers

  • The Finnish drivers

    Helsinki Warnings and Dangers

    Having just returned from Helsinki I didn't realize cars driving extraordinarily fast, and I felt safe on pedestrian crossings. I really don't understand what the people below experienced. Only the bicycle lanes are a bit confusing sometimes and you might find yourself blocking them. Also quite frequently cyclists drive on the sidewalks. That was...

  • Be aware of slippery roads

    Wheather you are travelling with foot, bike or car in the winter, remember that ice, snow and darkness is a very difficult situation to handle. We know, we have born snow and ice under our feet but every Autumn when the first winter condition is on, newspapers write: "Snow and ice surprised travelers". It's not a surprise, snow comes every year.We...

  • Be aware of deers when on the road

    There are five different deer species in Finland and they occur in different areas of the country. Two of them you can forget (Finnish Forest Reindeer and Fallow deer), but think about figures, there are about:- 200 000 Reindeers,- 100 000 Moose and- 50 000 White-tailed deers in Finland.Reindeers are domestic animals, they cattle in the wild...

  • All I can think of them / part 2

    PEOPLEPeople walk in city streets 24 hours a day mainly with no problem.It is still wise to avoid some places in the cities after dark and late at night.If problems occur the most likely reason is an aggressive Finnish drunken man (or a small group). Aggressive drunken female is also not impossible.The actual drunkards usually make more noise than...

  • All I can think of them / part 1

    IN GENERALFinland can not be considered as very dangerous country in any way.You want be eaten by a lion. A deadly poisonous snake or spider won't bite you. No civil war or violent political riots exist.The last political murders were in the year 1904 when Russian general Governor Bobrikov (dictator of Finland by that time) was murdered and about...

  • Hiking the borders of Finland

    During your hikes it might be that you come close or across the borders of Finland as some trails and parks are close to them. In this case you have to follow some regulations of those countries you are entering. Check out the webpage of to know what to do before starting your trip.See the link below...

  • Weather Warnings

    To get competent information about the weather situation in Finland you can have a look at the webpage of the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) which provide beside the normal weather forcast also warnings for the different regions of Finland including the maritime areas.

  • Fake car trouble

    Sometimes, usually at summer you may see what looks like (typically) 2 east-european men having trouble with their car, trying to wave for you to stop and help them.If you stop, they start asking for money for gasoline, or trying to sell some fake jewelry.Also they can ask you to give them a ride to nearest gas station.Usually they don't make...

  • Do not drink and drive

    Be aware of Finland's very strict DUI laws. It is not uncommon for the locals to hang out until early in the morning. This prompts the law to set up stings along the roads in the middle of nowhere. I was stopped by two very stern officers on a two lane highway at around 9:00 AM and made to blow into a device to ensure that I was not drunk. If I...

  • Borreolosis

    Be careful of small animals when going to seaside! Those animals are mites (Ixodes ricinus). They spread a disease called borreolosis, which could be deathly dangerous without nursing. I had once a bite of that, and I don not recommend it to anybody.Mites are lying in the grass near seaside, maybe lakesides, too, and are waiting for jumping to...

  • The most dangerous wild animal ...

    The most dangerous wild animal in Finnish forrest --- is MOOSE/hirvi/Alces alcesThe averic statistic in one year in Finland (Source FIN Interior Ministry white pages)# about 1500 car incident with moose# about 10 people get killed every year# more than 300 people injureabout 4 million euro´s damagesWhat happened ? The moose run without any warning...

  • Violence!

    Unfortunately Finland is the most violent country in Western Europe. There isn’t that much robberies and things like that, but the manslaughter rate is highest in Western Europe - and by mile!Although I think tourists aren’t in danger

  • Finnish Food

    Traditional Finnish food is not too healthy. Finns love to eat meat and traditionally we have used lots of fat (butter etc) to make the meat to taste good :PAfter a trip to Finland, please don't check your cholesterol level in weeks ;)

  • Dangerous animals ?

    The only animal that will pose a possibly serious and even lethal threat is moose - but only when you are driving ! The risk to collide with one is small but real. You should be especially careful at dawn and dusk. The worst time of year is early summer and autumn but accidents can happen anytime. However, this should not stop you from driving. I...

  • When Driving in Countryside, Beware of...

    This might sound ridiculous, but Finns take their driving seriously. Especially when encountering wildlife like moose, because of the unpredictable behaviour of the animal. Example: you are driving, you see a moose 200 m left ahead of you, and walking peacefully towards the forest. You start to slow down your speed, but before you know it, there...

  • Snakes!

    There are only two kinds of snakes in Finland.Rantakäärme (black) is harmless.The other is called Kyykäärmee (shortened Kyy) and it's poison. It has zig-zag pattern on its back. You can buy kyy-tablets from the drug store (kyytabletteja). The same tablets are good for bee stings. If you get bitten by a Kyy it's not very dangerous (except if you're...

  • Big fells!

    Finland is one of the countries in the world. But there are very big fells (arctic treeless mountains) in Lapland. So watch your step!

  • Prices

    Everytime I am off to Finland I hear the same stereotypes "But it's sooooo cold there" (no, it's not. In summer, anyway!) and "But it's soooooo expensive there". I can tell you, it's not that bad. With the Euro having increased the prices at home Finland doesn't feel too expensive anymore. Some things are still quite expensive: - Alcohol is still...

  • Midsummer emptiness

    When you are in Helsinki or another Finnish city for midsummer (Juhannus) let me warn ya about some bits:Midsummer Eve (the Friday between 20 and 26 June) shops close in the afternoon. Almost everybody living in the city seems to leave the country to go to a m?kki on the countryside. In the evening it'll be hard to find a restaurant or bar open....

  • One of the 'dangers' are...

    One of the 'dangers' are mosquitos in summer... But I think they aren't a real 'danger', use OFF (finnish mosquito repellent);)! If they bite, it isn't horrible! It only tickles for few days...

  • Similiarities to Hungarian language

    Am I in Hungary or Finland?!? Believe it or not, but I saw this Hungarian car in Helsinki. Also, you know there are still about 10 words in Finnish and Hungarian language that are about the same. Maybe it´s the same country?! ;-))No, that was a joke; I know that these two languages were coming a looong time ago from the East: one group was going up...

  • Reindeers

    As you know Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer lives in Finland and of course thousands of his species. Suddenly they appear on roadside and cross the road without watching to the right and left. Be always aware of this - it happend several times to me!

  • Ylamaa- don't fall off your bike...

    Don't take offence at this sign. I have no idea what the language is but I like it. Go to my homepage to see where I found it!

  • The language

    All I can say is learn as much as you can, if you go out of Helsinki not many people speak English, even in Helsinki its only a few, and then only the younger people. Its not as difficult to learn as it first appears, but it would make any trip more enjoyable.

  • Reindeers on the road!

    Although it usually is a very funny situation, because they don't move so easily once on the road, reindeers can become very dangerous while driving. Especially In the evening they come closer to the streets because they are still warm. When it becomes dark you can't see them unitl they jump on to the street. Even more dangerous are mooses, because...

  • Cold

    I was visiting the Petajavesi Old Church in winter and it was minus 38 C, the coldest I've ever experienced (it is VERY cold). I was wearing about three T-shirts and a sweater under my coat, had a warm hat and boots, but only nice little gloves that I normally wear when it's about zero outside. And, of course, I wanted to take good pictures, so I...

  • Snow in June

    Do not freak out, it is not common, but sometimes there can be SNOW in June. But it happens just once in decade and usually just in Lapland.I remember as a kid when I was about 4 or 5 years old, we went to Lapland visit my grandmom. It was warm in Helsinki when we left and it was snowing there when we arrived to Lapland.But it won't last long, I...

  • AIR

    WARNIGN! There's a high risk of getting fresh air sickness! In towns the risk is quite small, but in country side & wilderness it's very high!The tricky thing about this sickness is, that U don't know to been infected untill U get back to smoggy city. But if it feels good to breath in country side and U like it, it's a one sing... Symptoms when U...

  • The Finnish national spirit

    Being introduced to the market in 1953 Koskenkorva, the unflavoured 38° vodka, has been a best-seller in Finland ever since. There were fears about its future though because the state thought about privatising its distilling business. This threat lead to the formation of the "Pro Koskenkorva" action group. -That's what I call national spirit!Want...

  • No danger in helsinki

    Helsinki si very safe and you do not have to be afraid of anything!I used to walk back home at three four o clock in the morning in summertimes and wintertimes and there is no problem.if you lose something just try to remember where you left it and go back there it would certainly still be at the same place if not at the lost object services. My...

  • Only for men

    It is very easy to fall in love with a Finnish woman, Finnish women are fully independent, they are commonly blondes, and occasionally they are also extremely beautiful. The Finnish society is very equal, women treated here like men, they also think they can drink as much as men, and of course, they can drink more then any foreign man, so be aware...

  • Cold... be prepare!

    The winter in northern Finland last from October to May...considering my own experience. Of course, for Finns, when temperatures go up to 5°C it is not winter anymore. But it can go below -30°C and it is really unconfortable, but average is -20°C. Imagine that your freezer is a warm place compare to the outside!!! So all kind...

  • Animals crossing the road

    When travelling outside of population centres (by car) beware of mooses and animals like that since somtimes they can cross the roads. I think those warning sings aren't there just for fun.

  • Beware of the drunken Finn

    There are also (too many) of those, who like to drink all the alcohol they can get and then have a fight.Some Finns might be nice and joyful when drunked - and that's the way it should be, but still you might meet many of those Finns who have drunk that "bad booze".

  • Mosquitos

    During the summer time mosquitos can be nasty.You don't get malaria from Finnish mosquitos - just some itching, which might be annoying.The amount of mosquitos can vary a lot from summer to summer and from place to place - Lappland is kind of "famous" because of them. Mostly mosquitos like to spend their time away from the sunshine and in spruce...

  • Reindeer

    Warning because this wonderfull animal walks with liberty on the road. One time, a reindeer suddenly came out , we stayed on the car and it was a great fear.But when you look for the first time a reindeer with your big horns you think ..... it's impossible that exists a so unique animal!!!

  • When in the woods you may want...

    When in the woods you may want to be careful... As long as you're walking near houses and where you can sense people are living, it's okay. But don't get too far when walking as the woods are famous for the bears. Honestly!

  • did you remember to be a good...

    did you remember to be a good boy or a good girl during the year? if not, forget about the presents! you see, santa clause's (joulupukki) little helpers called 'tontut' are constantly observing behind the windows whether you are good or not ;)) when xmas comes, santa claus will fly from a fjeld in northern finland called 'korvatunturi' with his...

  • Watch out the cars,...

    Watch out the cars, pedestrians!!! Unfortunately Finland is the most dangerous country in scandinavia(maybe in europe) for pedestrians in the citys. If the traffic light is yellow for the vehicles, law says you have to get ready to stop. Well, in Finland it means(for a drivers) to put the pedal down and try to get over the crossroad to save few...

  • People in Finland are...

    People in Finland are mysterious. It can be very pleasant to get closer. But it's potential danger, too.

  • Healt warnings in Finland? :)...

    Healt warnings in Finland? :) None! Really, at least I can't think of any. And what comes to the corrupt officials - there was a world wide survey saying that Finland is one of the most anti-corrupt countries in the world!The only risk I can come up with is the pickpockets (at least here in Helsinki). I do think it's a problem everywhere but guess...

  • Finland outside of Helsinki...

    Finland outside of Helsinki isn't that geared for tourists. There are some tourist oriented things in lappland in the winter and the nice towns of Porvoo and Tammisaari in the south. But don't go into the countryside expecting nice pubs and good restaurants. Finns aren't in the habit of eating out so your choice will be rather limited. Also like it...

  • Mosquitos are a pest when you...

    Mosquitos are a pest when you leave the cities. We have two types of them:Hyttynen, a small mosquito that likes moisture and hates the sun. They sting you to suck your blood. The most annoying is their sound though. Especially when you want to sleep. Luckily you can fight these with Off.Of course we must also have a mosquito for sunny days. They...

  • In Finland there are 200.000...

    In Finland there are 200.000 lakes, don’t walk on the thin ice.and in the summer, you might just find yourself surrounded with water and no way to run.

  • Finnish is a bilingual coutry,...

    Finnish is a bilingual coutry, official languages being finnish and swedish. However, swedish is not spoken in many places. English is the choice for the language, especially younger people can speak it, however they may be rather shy.


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