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Mulhouse Things to Do

  • The unique Bugatti 64 Coach of 1939

    This is the only existing real Bugatti 64 worldwide ! (while there was a replica of a Bugatti 64 Coupe was also built in California in 2012) Ettore Bugatti (*1881-1947) came from Italy and started to construct his cars in Molsheim/Alsace in 1907. He was also a sucessful driver in car-races and his company also produced engines for airplanes and...

  • Bugatti Royal Limousine Park-Ward 1929

    Only 6 cars of the type 41 / the "Royal" were built and only 3 of them could be sold before the war. This one is the one with Chassie 41.131 - Limousine Park-Ward of 1929, that is now in the posession of the Schlumpf-collection in Mulhouse.All of the Bugatti Royales were custom-made according to the wishes of the clients. This is one of the cars...

  • Bugatti Royal Coupe 1929

    Ettore Bugetti wanted to build a really luxury car for kings and wealthy persons. The engine was taken from an aircraft, the wheel distance was 4,3 meters ( half a meter longer than the biggest Rolls Royce) and the track width 1,6 meters. The price was 3 times as much as a Rolls Royce and due to the fact that economy was going down in the 1930s,...

  • Bugatti Royal Roadster Esders 1930 /...

    This Bugatti Royale in the museum of Mulhouse is a car that was rebuilt by original spareparts by Fritz Schlumpf in 1990.41 111 was the Chassie-number of the original Bugatti Royale Roadster Armand Esders of 1930. Armand Esders was a rich clothing manufacturer who had ordered the very first Bugatti Royale, that was sold to a customer. And it was...

  • Sports- & Racing-cars galore

    In the back of the museum you will see a seperate hall, and all of it is filled with the most famous racing-cars of history, and while some are shown there like they would wait for the start at an ordinary race, you will also some of them arranged like they were just about to start a race in Le Mans (see those in my last 2 Pictures ! at the start...

  • a Delahaye 135M of 1949

    This lovely car has an interesting history : This Delahaye left France in 1951 for a honeymoon-trip to the USA. The lady stayed with the car in the USA and gave this car as a donation to the museum in 1986. ...and she used the ticket for the shipping of the car, that she had bought already in 1951, but did not use, as she had stayed in the USA...

  • Mercedes Benz Cabriolet 500K of 1936

    Mercedes Benz was able to sell only 354 cars of this type - but when you considder the time of 1936 so shortly before WW II, it is fact quite a lot. The Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet 500K of 1936 is the white car in front of my picture. ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ------ Some technical details about this MERCEDES-BENZ 500K...

  • Arzens "La Baleine" 1938

    This car of french production is unique in style and size ( about 7 meters long) Paul Arzens (1903-1990) was a painter and designer and built this car for himself on the basis of a Buick Standart of 1928. About 1/3 of the total length was used as a place to store the canvases and painting materials of the artist. The car has the nickname "The Whale...

  • The town square

    Dont miss to walk over the townsquare as well in order to see some beautifull buildings of baroque and renaissance-times. That square is also a great place to relax in one of the many cosy garden-restaurants and cafes.On the townsquare you will also find the ornate townhall, dating back to the year 1431!

  • remains of the medieval townwall

    at some places in the towncentre you will be able to see some great remains of the medieval townwalls of Mulhouse.These walls date back to the year 1385.Nowadays Mulhouse has around 100.000 inhabitants.

  • Cité du Train

    To complement the success of the city's grand automobile museum, the Cité du Train was created. Here you will find a celebration of French rail travel through the ages, from the beginnings until the modern age. Don't expect to see any TGV or Eurostar trains here, though - I guess they think you can see those in the train station.The collection is...

  • Europa Tower

    Born in Mulhouse the architect François Spoerry designed the Tour de l'Europe for his hometown. It was a building of the future - conceived in the 1960s and completed in 1972, it signified the coming together of Europe in a clean, progressive, functional future. Each country has its coat-of-arms emblazoned on the tower, and the building has three...

  • Saint Etienne Church

    Unusually for a French city, the most central and prominent church in Mulhouse is Protestant - the Church of Saint Etienne. It was built fairly recently in the 19th century, but kept the magnificent stained glass windows from the 12th century church it replaced.

  • Old Town Hall

    Mulhouse's gaudy old town hall is quite spectacular in shocking gilded pink. Its ostentatious murals celebrate the Renaissance and the liberation of thinking and religion that would later lead to the Enlightenment.

  • Schweissdissi - The Welder

    An icon of modern Mulhouse, the new Schweissdissi sculpture is made from recycled automotive parts. In a twist on the original Schweissdissi in Tivoli Park, which was a tribute to the labours of the working class, this statue symbolises both the industry of the region and the unemployment its decline has brought; the original Schweissdissi...


Mulhouse Hotels

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  • Bristol

    I stayed for one night and it was very relaxing in the not too small room. The bathroom is BIG for...

  • Holiday Inn Mulhouse

    34 Rue Paul Cezanne, Mulhouse, 68058, France

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Best Western Hotel De La Bourse

    14 Rue De La Bourse, Mulhouse, Alsace, FR-68100, France

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

Mulhouse Restaurants

  • Alsace Regional Specialities

    We visited Auberge du Vieux Mulhouse on a Saturday night in mid May 2010 after making a reservation several days in advance knowing how popular it is. On the night, there was a constant stream of customers coming and going which added to the interest. I do like a little bit of theatre with my dine-out experience and having booked table number one...

  • Le P'tit Sot S'y Laisse

    Set at the corner of rue Schlumberger just off Place Franklin, this small restaurant has a very welcoming atmosphere, and a warm feel. The food is wonderful, with large servings for very reasonnable prices (44 euros for 2 people, entree included), and the dessert are to die for.The owner and other waiters are very personnable, and excel at what...

  • Don't miss their breakfast or lunch...

    This is the best place for coffee and pastry. Before 11:00am their breakfast specials are really special.They also serve lunches that are good but not luxurious. Expresso & pastry.


Mulhouse Transportation

  • A small road-train inside the museum

    Inside the museum there is a small road-train for the hasty visitors... To visit the museum and all of these beautiful cars, I think such a road-train is NOT really a great help, except for elderly and handicaped people. But to a certain extent, I think that the quite modern road-train itself is also one of the exhibits of the museum and maybe it...

  • Train

    Mulhouse is easily visited on a day trip by train from nearby Alsace cities, Colmar and Strasbourg. It's also just 15 minutes away by train from Basel - a Swiss city so close that many of its workers choose to live in Mulhouse and commute. Remember if you take a train south to Mulhouse from Strasbourg or Colmar, make sure to sit on the right side...

  • Trams

    Mulhouse is connected by a very modern, clean, cheap tram system based on three main lines. The car museum is on the red Line 1 and the Train Museum is on the black Line 3 (you can also take the tram-train that runs the same route). A day ticket costs 4 euros.


Mulhouse Shopping

  • The figure-head of the Bugatti Royal

    This is another interesting souvenir - BUT really very expensive !!This elephant, standing on the backfeet is always to be found as the figure-head on every Bugatti Royal and also on some other Bugatti-cars. This is certainly a very special collectors item, but who would actually spend 600 Euros for it ?? 600 Euros is quite a lot, even in case it...

  • a Bugatti Royal makes a perfect souvenir

    Just a few steps from the ticket-office you will see a big souvenir-shop with all sorts of car-models, books and Postcards etc. Some of these models of cars shown in the museum are hard to get anywhere else, so maybe you take a closer look and decide for yourself... The Bugatti Royal is just 14 Euros - and when you click on my picture, you will...

  • Mulhouse Hotels

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Mulhouse Local Customs

  • globetrott's Profile Photo

    French & german inscriptions

    by globetrott Written Jul 9, 2014

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    At many places you will find german and french inscriptions in Mulhouse. Alsace is the french expression for that region of France, Elsass was the german expression, dating back to the times, when this area was still part of Germany.
    After WW I it became part of France, then in 1940 it became german again and in 1945 it finally became part of France again.
    Most people here will speak both languages and they have a dialect that sounds like a funny mixture of both languages sometimes.

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Mulhouse Warnings and Dangers

  • antistar's Profile Photo

    Not scary at all

    by antistar Written Oct 23, 2013

    Mulhouse has a bit of a reputation for crime, but despite this it was not included in France's recent crackdown on the worst crime hotspots. Parts of other cities, like nearby Strasbourg, however were classed as Priority Security Zones. The reputation of Mulhouse stems partly from the city suffering major disturbances during the nationwide riots a few years ago, and cars continue to get set alight every year. But the violence, when it happens, is aimed almost exclusively at objects not people. Mulhouse and its environs has an average crime rate for France, and France has a low crime rate by both European and world standards. So don't let anyone scare you from coming!

    I traveled through, in or near some of the neighbourhoods most affected by the rioting and it wasn't a problem nor did it feel like it could be.

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Mulhouse Off The Beaten Path

  • Hotel de Ville - Old Town Hall

    The main reason for me to travel to Mulhouse is the excellent carmuseum and the Schlumpf-collection of more than 500 cars. Nevertheless the town of Mulhouse has a lot of other sights as well and the townhall is maybe the most beautifull house in town, so Dont miss to take a closer look at the townhall of Mulhouse as well: it shows various great...

  • when the Eiffel-tower was still under...

    These 2 cars of the 19th century date back to the time, when the Eiffel-tower was still under construction... ...and a giant and quite unique photo in the back shows us , what the tower looked like these days. Similar giant posters of events of the time, when the cars were built, will be shown all over the museum - in fact a really good idea !!

  • Le Soudeur / Schweissdissi by Yves...

    Schweissdissi is the local name of this sculpture made of all sorts of tools, automotive parts and working instruments, a great work of art. A "Schweisser" is a "welder "in english and "un soudeur" in french. take a look at the extra pictures as well in order to see more of its fine details.Yves Carrey made this sculpture - read more about him on...


Mulhouse Favorites

  • Fritz Schlumpf & car-racing

    Fritz Schlumpf took part in car-races , mostly with his blue Bugatti, shown on my main picture. Fritz and Hans Schlumpf lost the father rather early and were raised by their mother in Alsace, the home of the Bugatti-manufactory. 1st Picture: BUGATTI biplace 35B of 1929, the private racingcar of Fritz Schlumpf2nd Picture: FERRARI Monoplace F2 212 of...

  • The Schlumpf Collection of Cars

    While other car-collectors bought vintage-car by vintage-car, Fritz Schlumpf and his brother bought whole collections of cars and payed almost every price possible in order to get the most famous vintage-cars .In the Cité de l’Automobile – Musée National – Collection Schlumpf in Mulhouse you will find nowadays 550 cars and 87 of them are Bugattis...

  • Mulhouse 30 years ago

    It is a very good museum now, but When I was young I sometimes visited my aunt and uncle in Mulhouse and they was working for the Schlumpfs. Many month they did not get their paymentes but the Schlumpfs had only enough money to buy cars for the museum.


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