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  • River Dronne
    River Dronne
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  • River Dronne as seen from the castle
    River Dronne as seen from the castle
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  • Bourdeilles
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Bourdeilles Things to Do

  • Strolling through the village

    Apart from the castle, which unfortunately was closed when we visited Bourdeilles, there are not many must-see sights in the village. Instead, what you should do is strolling through the village streets and taking in the atmosphere of Bourdeilles. I particularly liked the old stone bridge crossing the river Dronne and the park behind the castle...

  • Sports activities

    Bourdeilles has an abundance of sports facilities for all ages. The river Dronne, which ambles through the town has canoes for hire and fishing permits are readily available. Right by the river one can enjoy tennis and an open-air swimming pool. There is also a cycle hire facility in the town. Just a few minutes from Bourdeilles,is Paussac a well...

  • Bourdeilles Mill

    You can tell it's a sleepy little provincial town when a mill hits the "must see" list. However, the 17th century Bourdeilles mill is a beauty. . .now covered with vines and flowers. There a particularly nice view of it from the keep, but a walk across the town bridge also gives a different angle.

  • Bourdeilles Chateau Part II

    The chateau is particularly interesting because it has inherited several collections of antiques ~ each room and hallway is filled with furniture, statues and art. The labelling is minimal, but the pieces themselves are so decorative that they can be enjoyed without explanation.No photographs are allowed inside, so this is simply another shot from...

  • Bourdeilles Chateau

    The Renaissance Chateau found next to the fortress was built to impress Catherine de Medici, who was supposed to ~ but never did ~ visit Andre de Bourdeilles and his wife. The room that was intended to host the visiting Catherine de Medici, the Salon dore, was in fact left incomplete when news of the cancellation broke. It's still a stunning room...

  • Bourdeilles Keep

    You can enter and climb the octagonal keep up to a slanted rooftop, overlooking the chateau, church and town.One of the higher "floors" of the keep has been inhabited by a large number of pigeons and you must watch your step. . .and your head. . .as you cross to the staircase on the opposite side of the room.


Bourdeilles Hotels

Bourdeilles Restaurants

  • General Notes

    Partly because of the economic climate, the only time to guarantee that restaurants are open is during the summer. In the winter (October to March), most of the restaurants are either closed or working very restricted hours. Some examples:Les Tilleuls - CLOSED (September to Easter, most evenings during high season)Le Dolce Vita - OPEN evenings,...

  • A honeytrap... without the honey

    This restaurant is so bad, it's listed twice - once here and again in the "Tourist Traps" section. It dominates the Place de la Halle, and so is the most central restaurant reviewed in this section. Until about three years ago (2006), the owners made something of the advantageous location, serving acceptable food to a variety of tourists who would...

  • Expensive, but if you like that sort of...

    This is the restaurant adjoining the "Hostellerie Des Griffons", and as such should be a centre of gastronomic excellence, given its location and the cost of eating there. A succession of owners has led to a succession of chefs and kitchen staff, resulting in a pretentious and over-worked menu that is best avoided. Once the menu has been...

  • Life might be sweet...

    An entirely new and untried venture, this could be either a great success, or...In fact, this is one of three restaurants in Bourdeilles that is not in any way affiliated with a hotel. The new owners have gone to great lengths to convert this former tea and antique shop into a modern Italian eaterie, and this will be their first season. At the...

  • Excellent value home cooked fayre

    This is the only restaurant in Bourdeilles that is open for the whole of the year. Around 10 years ago, to make such a claim would not have been very special, but economically, times have been hard for the region as a whole and so a large number of restaurants have either gone out of business or open only at certain times in the year. The exception...

  • The "Resto Gourmand" of Bourdeilles

    The restaurant attached to the Hostellerie Le Donjon is the longest surviving in Bourdeilles. The challenge of providing something that resembles "haute cuisine" was admirably met by Etienne Thouvenin, who came back to the village following a time in Paris as a restaurateur and, bizarrely for a chef, a stint in corporate sales for Renault. The...


Bourdeilles Nightlife

  • A Winter Bar

    When, in winter, the only official nightspot in Bourdeilles is closed because there is a football match on the TV, Bobbi's bar (or Chez Robert) is there to take up the slack. Joined on to the "Tabac and Souvenir Shop", this is a curious spot that has remained virtually unchanged from the day it opened in the 1970s, as the souvenirs in the adjoining...

  • What to Do when the Sun Goes Down

    The only recognized nightlife in the village is the Café de La Halle, which is at the base of the fortified wall of the "old" Chateau. It is officially open from 7am until 1am the next morning (Winter) or 2am from May until the end of September. In practice, 7am is usually around lunchtime in the summer or 3-4pm at other times. Closing times also...

  • Bourdeilles Hotels

    2 Hotels in Bourdeilles

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Bourdeilles Transportation

  • Once you're there...

    Once you've arrived in Bourdeilles and found a good parking space, the best way to get around is on foot. All of the attractions (most notably the Chateaux, the old church, shops, water mill and the river Dronne) are just a short walk away from the centre of the village, which can be crossed on foot in a matter of minutes. Parking tends to be at a...

  • Getting There

    In order to get to the village and the surrounding area, a car or other vehicle is absolutely essential for all but the fittest of travellers who also have time on their hands. For the determined backpacker, there is about one daily bus from the closest major rail hub at Angoulême to the nearby small town of Brantôme which is about eight miles...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Bourdeilles Shopping

  • Chez Annick...

    Situated in the centre of the village, this is the main store for food, drink and other related items, including tobacco. The stock is limited, but the food is always fresh and the essentials for life are all here. One good point is that the selection of local wines is excellent and reasonably priced. Meat products are mainly locally sourced, as...

  • Souvenirs Extraordinaires!

    A general store, whose stock is anything but general, Chez Robert (the first Tabac on the high street) is a treasure trove of ancient and modern souvenirs, fishing tackle and other bits and pieces that you are unlikely to find elsewhere. For people who want to fish in the nearby river Dronne, this is the place to buy a permit that allows one to do...

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Bourdeilles Warnings and Dangers

  • Generally Safe

    by bengeo Updated Apr 15, 2009

    Bourdeilles is in a very safe part of the country. However, there is a slight risk that flooding may occur if, as on some occasions, the weather has been stormy or wet for an extended time. The flooding only affects the lower part of the village, which is built in the ancient river valley, but can sometimes divide the village into two halves for a brief period.

    Other than that, the only thing to watch for is the passage of lorries that can be somewhat of an annoyance during the working day. This has become more irksome since the discovery of satellite navigation by the hauliers who operate in the region. The best advice is to be careful when parking in or cycling along the main route through the village.

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Bourdeilles Tourist Traps

  • Les Tilleuls

    by bengeo Updated Apr 15, 2009

    A machine to turn frozen rubbish into money, disguised as a beguiling local restaurant. One of the best ways of determining the quality of a restaurant is to see how many local people actually eat there. A tour of the decked terrace (don't wear high heels for this!) reveals all.

    Unique Suggestions: Listen out for the arguments between the waitress/manager and the chef, floating out of the kitchen window on the summer breeze. Originally, a married couple ran this establishment, having formerly been florists. A couple of months into the first season, they went through a very public divorce, most of which took place in the same kitchen. If you must come here, drink a St. Thomas beer or a coffee outside. Expect to pay upwards of 3€ for the privilege.

    Fun Alternatives: Most survivors of the main course at this restaurant will have coffee and dessert either at the Donjon or at Les Mets du Chateau, both just across the road.

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Bourdeilles What to Pack

  • Prepare for all weathers!

    by bengeo Written Apr 15, 2009

    Luggage and bags: It's best to bring durable luggage and bags that offer some resistance to rain.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Even in high summer, the weather can sometimes become wet and colder than normal, so prepare by bringing some warmer clothes and waterproof coats/shoes/boots if you can.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: No special provisions need to be made.

    Photo Equipment: No special provisions need to be made. Digital photographers might like to bring a spare SD or other memory card, as these are hard to find except in larger communities.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Nearly everything that you may have forgotten for the campsite (gas for cooking, insect spray) can be found locally.

    Miscellaneous: If you are a family, bring a selection of books or other entertainment for everyone to enjoy in case the weather is worse than expected!

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Bourdeilles Favorites

  • Bourdeilles ~ The Town Part II

    A morning or an afternoon is the perfect amount of time to spend in Bourdeilles, taken at the slow pace that is a part of life in the Perigord region. The houses and streets look quite different at ground level, so it's nice to just wander aimlessly and explore the narrow alleys of the town. It's a good way to get a feel for the town, outside of...

  • Bourdeilles ~ The Town

    While centred on the chateau and fortress, the town of Bourdeilles still has a bit more to offer. A walk around the small town reveals some beautiful old houses and cottages, some still with the traditional "lauze" tiled rooves.

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