Aquitaine Off The Beaten Path

  • L'Eglise Notre Dame
    L'Eglise Notre Dame
    by Klod5
  • church Sainte Marie or Saint Mary
    church Sainte Marie or Saint Mary
    by gwened
  • arriving at Church Sainte Marie
    arriving at Church Sainte Marie
    by gwened

Aquitaine Off The Beaten Path

  • Church of St Vivien de Médoc

    driving thru the Médoc wine country we passed many beautiful buildings and this one caught our eyes, just found some photos of the Church of St Vivien.It has a back chever roman from the 12C with rare sculptures décorations. It was bombarded during the WWII period in 1945,and it was heavily damaged. Only the back romain style was saved and since...

  • church Saint Léon, St Leon sur Vézere

    This is a nice old architectural nice romanesque church of the 12C. The building is simple with one nave and a transept that has an abside where the altar is surrounded by two chapels . It has a belltower in two levels and four corners rooftop. The walls are surrounded by 5 arches with colonnades and sculpture chapters. It has frescos of several...

  • Church Saint André, Monflanquin

    Very nice old church in wonderful country of the Lot-et-Garonn in Aquitaine. As in many bastides you will find the northeast angle of the central square surrounded by corniéres or the cover roofs of the Guyenne.The remaining of the church built in 1250 -1290 are the wall base and the porch of Agenais gothic style. The church was renovated in 1715....

  • Church of Saint Christoly-Médoc

    The Church of Saint-Christoly-Médoc is a nice building in a little town deep in the Médoc past many wonderful vinyards. Nevertheless , the architecture of it made me stop for a picture, nice. Its on the road D2 thru the vinyards of world fame way up past St Estephe.Not much written on it but a nice romanesque Church from the 12C! Part of its Romain...

  • Chateau d'Andurain, Mauléon-Licharre

    a nice castle passing by with the road warrior; here is the take from the city site translated.Large rectangular residence confined of pavilions, the castle was built at the very end of the 16C by Pierre de Maytie, Member of an old mauleonaise family which, among other things, three bishops of Oloron. The architecture is still marked by the...

  • église Saint Jean Baptiste,...

    driving and passing by nice towns on the way of the road warrior, stopped at this town to marvel at its Church. The city page tell us, that it was decided to be built in 1877 and the first stone was put in 1879 the church finally done in 1885. It has a néo gothic style and was done with the old stones from the previous Church at Licharre. The plan...

  • église Notre Dame, interior, Oloron...

    It has a choir with a fresco and 25 tiles on the theme of the life of the Virgin. the crowning of the Virgin is on the axis of the abside. The chapel of Sacré-Cœur or Holy Heart is a fresque painted of 8 tiles ,and on the Chapel of Saint-Pierre there is a fresco painted.see the tip on the exterior for more.religious site in...

  • église Notre Dame,exterior, Oloron...

    this is a very nice Church often overlook by the Cathedral. It is by the Place has a crypt from the 19C where mass is still held today. The crypt has now a collection of sacred art. IN its four rooms you have a sacristy, and the crypt of the dead that welcome the families of the decease before their burials. A very serene quiet place...

  • Maison du Cigare, Navarrenx

    a unique lieu where you can see cigars been made and to purchase them. This is the only place where you can buy French cigar from Tobacco from France!tourist office here more from the dept tourist...

  • église Saint Barthélémy, Gan

    while wandering around the town of Gan after the jurançon wine tastings, we came upon this Church in city center.The Church is located at 3 rue J-d'Albret, GAN, 64290 and this is their religious site much is written on it on a quick look so have an article about things to see in Gan, the...

  • église Sainte Marie, Jurançon

    this is a town famous for its wine that is just attached to the South of Pau on your way to the mountains of the pyrénées and Spain.Passing by we stop by this Church, very nice and surrounded by a huge cementary in city center at 1, Rue de Borja and ave du Gén Leclerc.for info on the city of Jurançon itself this is the mayor's office have it in...

  • église Sainte Marie Madeleine, Saint...

    A very nice Church of many épisodes of survival. The first church of the town was that of Saint Paul in the middle ages, it was replaced by another church in 1524. At this time it held the Chancellery that gave justice to all in the region sort of like a tribunal. This was in turn replaced by the Sénéchal of Navarre a temple of reformist religion...

  • église Saint Pierre des Vallées, Théze

    Church of St Peter at Théze just coming to or from Pau on the road D834. The Church dates from the 13C. It is best known for its huge belltower and its renaissance porch.A town passing by where we stop to load up on groceries.the city page in French religious site in French with more is...

  • vieux pont d'Orthez

    built in the 13C to 15C allows to link the outskirts of the city with the city center of Orthez. This bridge survived two radical events in the cityAugust 1569,the huguenots of Montgommery,and February 1814,those of the duke of Wellington chasing the last troops of Napoléon in is by the rue du Pont Vieux.The bridge is 46 meters long over...

  • église Saint Pierre at Orthez

    the Church not sure how it was built over the years. We know it is from the 14C to 15C.The town was the site of the viscount of Béarn and this led to start the construction of the Church in the 13C. On August 15, 1569 the forces led by the count of Montgomery takes the town and massacre the inhabitants as well as confiscates the Church.In 1865,the...

  • église de Saint Michel, Montaner

    This is an old Church on our way to the château de montaner. It is a historical monument of France.The Church of Saint Michel is locally known as the painted Church having painted walls and ceilings from the 16CThe Church itself was built in 1370. The hours to see it are April,May, June,September and October ,every day at 17h30 except Tuesdays...

  • Palais épiscopal et Porte de...

    This is in ruins but impressive to imagine the size of it overlooking the city below, we came by the parking saint louis and climb a stair up a Stream passing undernearth very quaint and once on top this the ruins of what it was the Palais Episcopal with its gate or porte de l'esquirette still quite visible,a medieval gate built around the 13C.It...

  • Musée Art et Culture de Lescar

    This is the art and culture museum of Lescar with many antiquities items found right in the area. It is housed in the old cellars of the episcopal palace very nice.the admission is free!The tourist site in contact is in English with all needed current information. We stop by on our way back from seeing the Cathedral of the Kings of Navarre nearby....

  • Parc Majolan, Blanquefort

    a wonderful park with great caves and lakes right at the start of the Médoc wines of excellence region of Bordeaux. location entrance at Avenue du Général de Gaulle, 33290 Blanquefortyou get there by the bus stop/Arrêt Parc de Majolan (TBC line 29) or by car parking at rue François Ransinangue (caves side);directions on the beltway or rocade A630...

  • Church of Sainte Hélene, Hourtin

    nice Church in a beach and harbor town we go for several summers on the area.The church of Sainte Hélène dating from the 19C has a central nave of 5 transepts and two collateral sides. The Church was partially destroyed on bombing of August 28 1944 and restored including the stained glass in 1959-1960. The ones in the choir are dedicated to Sainte...

  • Lavoirs of Saint Emilion

    These are well preserved in a nice area of restaurants. the public pools built in the 19C are powered by the same source, that made that came out the legend of Saint Emilion in the 8C in the Hermitage. The women came there to washed where the water flush.The fountain of the King, the largest of two washhouses and the only covered at the time, was...

  • Casino at lacanau océan

    nice size casino but loaded, not far from the beach; Voie du Baganais, 33680 Lacanau Oceanit is open every day from 12h. You will find machines games, roulettes, black jack, and a cocktail bar as well as restaurant and a pool !!!. Entertainement is held on Fridays. more...

  • la ferme exotique de Cadaujac

    This is a wonderful family petting ,ride ,actual working farm just south of Bordeaux in the town of Cadaujac. We go here by car and often, since my kids are now young men we go less; but for children say under 16 is wonderful.A62 sortie 1 from Bordeaux by car. Domaine de la Roussie, 1932 Chemin du Port de l'Esquillot, 33140 Cadaujac open 363 days...

  • lake lacanau Moutchie

    This is a huge lake about 2000 hectares with many nice places to relax, play and just family fun. You see it as you are arriving from Bordeaux into the town of Lacanau. Once the canal of lakes is passed you arrive at the lake in the village of Moutchic.You have a long beach covered with grass ,very nicely done. the swimming is with life guards, and...

  • Cathedral of Saint Caprais- Agen

    This is a wonderful church cathedral in city center walking distance from train station, and on a nice square. Pleasant and nice all around is activity.a bit of historyBuilt in the 12th century on the site of an Episcopal Basilica built in the 6th century, sacked by the Normans in 853 and then restored, it was originally a collegiate church. She...

  • Morlanne - fighting off the English

    12km north of the RN117, between Pau and Orthez, is the très jolie village of Morlanne. It is here, in the 14th century, that Gaston Fébus built a large castle to defend Béarn from the English.The castle fell into disrepair until it was bought by Raymond and Hélène Ritter in the 1940's. They lovingly restored the edifice to its original splendour....

  • Chateau de Lescours

    I had read something about this castle but hadn't given it much thought until i drove past it on my way to the menhir. On the road between St-Sulpice-de-Faleyrens and the menhir at Pierrefitte, you 'll find this place. I made a quick stop on my way back. The place isn't open for visits i guess or maybe when you go for wine tasting. Though i didn't...

  • The menhir of Saint-Sulpice-de Faleyrens

    This megalith is the biggest in south-west France and is about 5 meters high. It is the biggest attraction of this small village that is just a few kilometers away from St-Emilion. But still it isn't very easy to find. When i drove to St-Sulpice i just took the rule of thumb that in case it wasn't indicated otherwise i would need to go straight on....

  • Mussels hard as rock

    Ste -Croix-du-Mont is famous for the 'rock' it is build on. 25 million years this was the seabed and home to a vast colony of mussels. They stayed behind when the sea drew back. There is also a castle though you can't see much of the interior because it is in use. You can find the 'tourist office' there. And from the terrace in front of the castle...

  • Castelmoron d'Albret

    Castelmoron d'Albret is the smallest administrative community in France. And it is very picturesque as well. There live around 60 people (give or take a birth or death) so it doesn't take long to visit. Although if you head to the Marie they might be willing to show you the defense cellars and the old jails they have downstairs. And i did love to...

  • Arthez-de-Béarn – a view to French...

    I guess you could say Athez-de-Béarn is on the 'beaten track' because it lies on one of the pilgrimage routes to Santiago-de-Compostella. Arthez is a 5km detour north from the RN117, between Pau and Orthez. It is très agréeable and stretched 2km along a high ridge, overlooking the Pyrenees Mountains (when they are visible).The village has an...

  • Le Petit Train d'Artouste

    It may be the little train but, 2000 metres up in the Pyrenees mountains, it is the highest train in Europe. The train was built in the 1920's to take men to build the reservoir, which is at the 2000m point.Two small brightly coloured trains shuttle visitors backwards and forwards from one end of the 10km track to the other. The whole journey takes...

  • Mourenx - roundabout/circle town

    A few kilometres south of the main Pau to Orthez highway is Mourenx, a small, very modern town. It grew rapidly in the middle of the C20th to accommodate the workers for the local gas field.The gas company has thrown money at the place, compensation I guess for the inconvenience of living next door to a sulphurous industry!However, the money has...

  • Grapevines

    It is so lovely to drive in the countryside and see the grapevines full of beautiful plump grapes just waiting to be picked. Also in this area are Fig trees and walnut trees. How wonderful to stop by the roadside pick a fig, eat it and drive on??

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