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Saint-Émilion Things to Do

  • Saint-Emilion Monolithic Church

    Built from a limestone out-cropping, with much of the church underground, this is a fascinating church to visit. Lines were long on the day we visited, so, being impatient, we didn't thoroughly explore it.

  • Saint Emilion Wine Tour

    The St Emilion Wine Tour is bus tour with multi-language commentary through the vineyards and wineries surrounding the town. It is a relaxing way to see some of the famous vineyards without having to drive yourself on the narrow winding roads. You see some of the major vineyards like Petrus, Chateau Pavie and Cheval Blanc, plus many of the...

  • St. Emilion Wine's House

    Located next to the Cathedral and cloister, I couldn't figure out what this little wine museum and shop was all about. Apparently you can join a class ( I think there is a fee) to taste local wines with a local Free entrance, but the only thing of interest was an aroma table used to illustrate the various nuances of a wine's "nose". The price to...

  • Cloitre des Cordiliers

    This old cloister was part of a long abandoned monastery. It is a little gem in a town so focused on wine, that stumbling upon it is a nice break. There is a nice little, understated wine bar adjunct. The convent/monastery goes back at least to the 14th Century. The name if from the Franciscan monks, who dressed in coarse cloth of brown/blue tied...

  • Discover Saint-Émilion

    As Saint-Émilion is only a village, it can be easily discovered within a few hours. You might want to get some information beforehand at the somewhat oversized tourist information, but it is not exactly necessary. Nonetheless, the tourist information makes a good starting point. Directly opposite is a balcony overlooking the village. Those who want...

  • Collegiate Church and Cloistre

    One of the first buildings that faces you as you enter St. Emilion is the Collegiate Church and Cloistre.


Saint-Émilion Hotels

Saint-Émilion Restaurants

  • O 3 Fountaines - Wine Bar

    Not only is there a great selection of local wines by the glass, but the tables are made of old wine barrels. The setting is very open, with large beams, lots of air and space. The prices are very reasonable and you can get a very satisfying lunch and glass or two of wine. The wine by the glass menu was excellent, with a glass of wine from as low...

  • Les Cordeliers - Wine and light snacks

    Located in part of the 16th century Cloitre des Cordeliers is a wine/drink/light snack shop where you can take a break in the remains of the cloister of the old monastery. The attitude is light and friendly in an informal atmosphere. They serve a selection of modestly priced wines, red, rose, white and sparkling. My glass of sparkling white wine...

  • crowded but satisfiying

    Right in the central square of Saint Emilion, just 10 meters from the Tourist Office, this nice restaurant (and wine shop and library as well) offers a big interior gardens and a sharp services (waiters speak a funny French English but better than nothing). Dishes are typical of Aquitaine. Reservations is strongly raccomended.


Saint-Émilion Transportation

  • Walk, walk, walk

    Exploring St. Emilion is best by foot. There are narrow paved streets called tetres and small flights of steps called escalates which make it a bit hard to travel any other way. Bring some good walking shoes as St. Emilion is an elavate town and can only be reached by foot.

  • By Car

    As we had hired a car for the week we would be traveling around France, we were able to arrive and leave at our lesiure. We arrived by car by late morning and spent the whole afternoon visiting the town.

  • Meander in by car

    While we were staying in St Ferme we visited many of the local area towns including this one. Having rented a car in Den Haag this was our method of travel.Parking was not a problem although I believe we found the only free lot in town. We did have to park outside town and walk in and up. And up.


Saint-Émilion Shopping

  • Not so formal wine shops

    In addition to the more formal wine shops, with the bottles of wine and wine paraphenalia appropriately displayed, there are several wine shops where they stack the wine boxes with a handwritten price. Some of these prices seemed pretty good. A 2008 St. Emilion Grand Cru for less than 10 euro. Wine, specifically hmmmm? St. Emilion Merlot based...

  • Wine Shops

    There are numerous wine shops representing not only wines from the St. Emilion appellation, but all over the Bordeaux region. The shopkeepers are very knowledgable of their product. They also have the ability to ship to all corners of the world.

  • Vignobles & Chateaux

    They will give a wine lessons as well as wine tasting, depending on how much time you have. All the wines grown in Saint Emilion. Depending on how much wine you order or the quality of . They shipped wines all over the world. You pay shipping and Handling. You also have to pay tax when your order arrives in tha USA.


Saint-Émilion Local Customs

  • The wine of Saint Emilion does not...

    There is not a wine, but different kinds of wine.... This appellation produces a tremendously wide range of wines for the greater delight of consumers everywhere. Each has its own special personality, full of subtle nuances, from the most humble, but nevertheless delicious wines, to the most prestigious growths, which can age for decade.

  • Gift shops et all

    It is mandatory to buy souveniers here, because it is not a complete journey without one for friends..I bought some for close friends and associates. Most of the items depicts the wine traditions and culture.

  • Saint-Émilion Hotels

    10 Hotels in Saint-Émilion

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Saint-Émilion Warnings and Dangers

  • Steep Cobblestone Streets

    Near the top of the hill at St. Emilion are narrow, steep streets paved with cobblestones. You have to be very careful with your footing. Personally, I would not wear high heels. Interesting note about the cobblestones...... the area does not have natural cobblestones, however, in order for the ships from England to bring back the heavy casks of...

  • Vehicles On Rue GUADET

    Vehicles wider than 2 meters are to be parked outside the town limits. Also, there are not many parking places in St Emilion, so you must be careful where you park your car. There are charges for parking in the main street, rue Guadet. It is also instructive to note that these street is narrow, and it is not easy to make one's way because of the...

  • Visibility

    There is poor visibility in St Emilion because of the hight of the village. So ifyou are driving, you must be careful.


Saint-Émilion Tourist Traps

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    by ceswho Written Jan 10, 2004

    Be careful to get into buying wines.
    I suggets you know the different quality lables of wines before buying and most important know about wines.

    Unique Suggestions: Don't buy wines at the first shop you get into. There are more ahead.

    Fun Alternatives: Know your wines and the different quality labels.

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Saint-Émilion What to Pack

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    by Toyin Written Jan 7, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: It is suggested that one takes a sweater for visiting the cellars and underground monuments.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Ladies, try to avoid high heeled shoes as some of the streets are on a steep incline, paved with cobblestones.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: These are available in stores doted arround the village.

    Photo Equipment: Cameraa is a must, otherwise you have no business going there. But the weather is very misty so get a good digita camera.

    Miscellaneous: Vehicle wider than 2meters and with height more than 6 tons are not allowed to drive into the centre of St Emilion.

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Saint-Émilion Off The Beaten Path

  • Dogs

    Am not saying that this is a common occurence, but on this occassion we saw this "Lonely Dog" She seem to be missing, and seeking attention and peharps food, we played a bit, but she does not look very happy. So we left.

  • La Porte Brunet

    This gate i found when i took the outer road along the Cardinal?s Palace back to where i had parked my car. It belonged to the town?s defensive wall that was build in the 12th and 13th century. On the town side of the gate, the street was covered by arches which are gone mostly now but you can still see the wall and windows that belonged to this...

  • The Cardinal´s Palace

    On one side of the town of St-Emilion you can find the remnands of the old palace of the cardinal of St.Emilion. Although in ruins it is still one of the bigger buildings in St-Emilion so at a point in time it must have been a very important town religion wise..


Saint-Émilion Sports & Outdoors

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    by Toyin Written Jan 7, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It is possible to hire touring bikes at the tourist office all year round.
    10 euros per bike for half-day, 14
    Euros per bike for a full day, 11 euros per bike and per day, for more than 2 consecutive days.

    Equipment: All information could be obtained immediately you get to the tourist office.

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Saint-Émilion Favorites

  • The Trees of St. Emilion

    I'm not sure what the name of these trees are but I found them to be quite interesting. I love trees and at any chance will try to photograph them.The trees looks like they belong in a haunted story book with its nobby trunks and stick like branches. I've seen these particular trees in other areas of France as well as Germany.

  • Familiarize yourself with this compact...

    In my travels around these small towns I've noticed that many have these wonderful illustrated maps of the main attractions with some really good information of loactions, etc. It's a great way of just familiarize yourself before heading out to explore, even if you have a portable map.

  • Wine tasting

    During our visit we really wanted to do some wine tasting. We came across this particular Vintor and were surprised to know that although reservations were required, he would do a short demonstration for us. Interesting to see the passion that wine evokes in the gentlemen explaining the wine varies, the region, and everything about this particular...


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