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    How to come in and out-Bordeaux

    by gwened Updated Jun 22, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    very easy city to come by car along the A10 interchanging with the N10 to avoid a bit of toll payment on the road after passing the bridge of Aquitaine. You come into the rocade or beltway that can take you into the city or out into the Medoc wine region. There are controlling areas in the city not to drive or pedestrian between cours Victor Hugo, rue Sainte Catherine, and the cours de l’Intendance and of Chapeau Rouge as well as along the quais (next to river). On Saturdays for market day around St Michel cars are not allowed either. There is also no driving in the center of town each first Sunday of each month from 10h to 19h in summer and from 10h to 18h in winter. This is a pdf file on areas not driving allow see the purple lines

    In the center parking is coded into two zones of payment A and B with A being the city center areas costing from 30min 1€ to 2h00 4,40€ etc etc
    My favorites parkings over the years have been Victor Hugo
    also Place des Grands Hommes
    and the Meriadeck shopping complex , Cité Mondiale, Allées de Tourny, and Pey Berland.
    above is parking info from the city of Bordeaux

    14 lines of tram and connections with buses, all over the city TBC from 5 AM!

    bus lines in the city under CUB, 13 main lines, working as same as the Trams, 6 Corols; lines that goes around the beltway without coming into the center of the city! ; 8 Citéis , lines that service the nearby communities, you can hook up with the above link TBC

    (updated)You have service from the airport(Mérignac) navette or bus, Jet'Bus into center in about 30-45 minutes, dependingo n traffic. Doing it every 60 minutes from the train station Gare Saint-Jean (hours between 6h and 23h- station stop in the cour Arrivée (arrivals court) ,and the airport leaving or arriving at Hall B between 7h45 to 22h45 .

    And the local bus line 1 from airport to Quinconces

    Buses in the Gironde department to reach nearby towns

    and of course a great train station at Saint-Jean at cours d'arrivée, Rue Charles Domecq, get here on tramway line C stop st jean. tel +33 05 56 91 64 70

    The airport at Bordeaux (actually town of Mérignac 10 kms from city of Bordeaux) has easy connection to many cities in France and abroad and easy connection to city center here

    Plenty of taxis outside here are the companies, and I can recommend, Allo taxi bordeaux and taxis girondins which I have taken in the past.
    TAXIS 33 :

    tramway by palais du justice pont d'Aquitaine
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    How to get in and out DAX

    by gwened Written Jun 18, 2014

    For the local bus system Couralin
    Line n°1 : Saint-Paul-lès-Dax (Barradeau) - Narrosse (Eglise)
    Line n°2 : Saint-Paul-lès-Dax (Bruyères) - Dax (HLM Piton)
    Line n°3 : Saint-Paul-lès-Dax (Christus) - Seyresse (Vieux Bourg)
    Line N°4 : Saint-Paul-lès-Dax (Loustaou) - Dax (Le Plateau)
    1 line, Sundays and Holidays during the winter : Saint-Paul-lès-Dax (Christus) - Dax (Saint-Pierre)
    The ticket is one euro only purchase in the bus or 10 for 5€ at the ticket office
    here you have pdf file for each line and the city center bus Vitenville

    For the department by bus use this site for itineraries

    For the train the station is at avenue de la Gare open Mondays to Fridays for office counter from 07h30-19h00, and Saturdays from 08h30-19h00,Sundays and Holidays 08h30-20h40
    the official SNCF site for station info in English is here
    for purchases online is at

    The closest airport is that of Pau
    and can use also that of Biarritz

    Taxis recommended by the tourist office
    Abeille Taxi
    Tél. : 06 08 01 17 10
    Allo Taxi Dax
    Tél. : 05 58 91 25 25
    Arnaud Taxi Dax - M. Depuydt Arnaud
    Tél. : 06 84 76 88 36
    Taxi Duhaa
    Tél. : 06 07 06 27 65
    Taxis Ibar
    Tél. : 06 87 40 18 44
    Taxi Nat
    Tél. : 06 80 32 55 32
    JLB Taxi
    Tél. : 06 78 77 23 65
    Transport Lubat Philippe
    Tél. : 05 58 90 25 17 - 06 81 67 75 44

    coming by car you can park near city center and shopping at
    Parkings des Berges, first hour free, then pay in scales but very cheap
    Parking Chanzy, same as above
    you can see a map for address.direction to the parkings just click on the map to make it bigger

    gare or train station Dax
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    How to get in and out Bayonne

    by gwened Updated Jun 18, 2014

    They take you to Biarritz
    A1 bus, just put the street or station you want after naming the cities in the box in French
    is all of dept 64 Landes. They provide free bus rides for the city center with small buses of 22 passengers.

    SNCF train station info in English is here
    for purchases online is here

    The road leading to Bayonne
    Autoroute A 63 : Paris - Madrid
    Autoroute A 64 : Méditerranée, Toulouse
    RD 810 and RD 817
    the route planner that work best in France is
    the parking in city center are:
    ◾Parking de Gaulle in the hypermarket near the mairie or city hall and shops, has a free navette bus passing by, open from 8h30 -19h (1.20€/hr)
    ◾Parking Boufflers, located at allées Boufflers on the banks of river Adour,near city center and pedestrian Streets, also free navette and open from 8h30 -19h (1.20€ /hour)
    ◾Parking Pedros, also in a hypermarket near the city hall and shops, free navette that takes you to city center, open from 8h30 -19h (1.20€ /hour)
    ◾Parking Owen Roe, located near the river Nive,near the historic center, open from 8h30 -19h (1.20€ /hr)
    ◾Parking Porte d'Espagne, located in the ramparts of Vauban,near the historic center; serve by a free navette bus that takes you to city center. 1€ for the day.
    ◾Parking Lautrec, located in the old center, service by a navette bus for free to city center, 1€ for the day.
    ◾Parking des Glacis, located in the allées Paulmy, near city center and pedestrian sector, it is service by a free navette bus to take you to city center for 1€ for the day.
    ◾Parking Glain, located at allée de Glain, near city center and pedestrian sector. it is also service by a free navette bus to city center and 1€ for the day
    ◾Parking La Baignade, located at rue du Bastion Royal on the banks of river Nive,near city center and pedestrian sector. service by a free navette bus that takes you to city center for 1€ the day.

    bike rides for tourism all is here

    the closest airport is that of Biarritz

    for taxis in Bayonne and nearby this is it

    Conditions to help those with mobility impaired exist, just email for your specific needs here

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    How to get in and out of Pau

    by gwened Written Jun 3, 2014

    A wonderful town with gorgeous views of the Pyrénées, I used it for many years as my rest stop to go into Spain and the surrounding areas. here is the transport there;

    The third busiest train station in Aquitaine, Pau has theirs at Gare SNCF Avenue Jean Biray

    It has a good medium size airport with connections to
    •6 daily flights to Paris Orly, 3 daily flight to Paris Roissy CDG with AIR FRANCE
    •9 weekly flights to Marseille with TWINJET
    •3 daily flights to LYON with HOP!
    •1 weekly flight to BASTIA from June 28th to September 13th 2014 with HOP!
    •1 weekly flight to AJACCIO (via Bastia) from June 28th to September 13th 2014 with HOP

    the site with bus every hour to the city for 1€
    Navette bus to and from the city center/centre-ville at stop/arrêts « centre Bosquet » and « gare SNCF ») on line P20
    From the airport buses from 7h40 to 19h45,Mondays to Saturdays, and from the train station gare SNCF, every hour from 6h32 to 19h56,Mondays to Saturdays.

    you can come to some of the most scenic roads in France!
    Autoroute A64 « La Pyrénéenne » From Toulouse, Tarbes, Bayonne , and Spain.
    Autoroute A65 « De Gascogne » From Bordeaux
    Nationale 117 from Toulouse, Tarbes, Orthez, Bayonne, and Spain.
    Nationale 134 From Bordeaux, Oloron-Sainte-Marie, Somport,and the cross on the tunnel to Spain.
    In Pau there are areas in the center where the speed limit is at 30 KPH; you have these parking garages, underground
    Bosquet : 754 places
    Beaumont : 232 places
    Halles-République : 808 places
    Aragon : 418 places
    Clemenceau : 391 places
    and those above ground
    Place de Verdun : 1 470 places
    Stadium de la gare : 120 places ( (from 14h30 to 6h weekdays, from Fridays 14h30 to mondays at 6h as well as weekends and holidays)
    Usine des tramways : 217 places
    Those at Verdun/Halles-République,and Bosquets are the best in city center.You figure about 0,90cents per hour. and walking distance to the popular center Place Clemenceau. you have a number to call ahead for spaces, Service des parkings, Tel +33 (0) 5 59 27 24 57.

    The bus system inter city is nice indeed, the following trajects are available
    Pau / Gourette – Col du Pourtalet
    Pau / Nay
    Pau / Lourdes
    Pau / Pontacq
    Pau / Lembeye
    Pau / Artix / Orthez
    Pau / Mourenx / Orthez
    Pau / Mourenx / Mauléon
    at this site

    buses in town are from IDELIS, at
    rate is 1€ per ticket. the carnet of 10 tickets is only 8,20€

    vélos or bikes are available in town at
    at plans de stations will tell you where the station are to get your bike. YOu need to put a deposit of 150€ for the bike and then first 30 mins free and charge from the first hour at 1€.

    You have the funiculaire or cable car from the train station to the parkings du Stadium and the Usine des tramways, and the city center. It works at all hours and good for mobility impaired persons as well as bikes on them. They leave every 3 minutes.Mondays to Saturdays from 6h45 to 21h40 , and the Sundays/Holidays from 13h30 to 20h50.It is FREE

    interesting modes of transports are the
    La Coxitis, a free navette bus with 19 stations,going around all the parkings of the city center. It functions from Mondays to Saturdays from 7h30 to 20h30, every 8 minutes. It can take you to the shopping centers centre commercial Bosquet by the rue Valéry Meunier and rue Foch as well.
    Ecofil this is a unique ecological vélo-taxi that takes anywhere in town from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 11h to 19h. You better reserve it calling +33 (0) 6 28 25 47 13 : 1 € for the drop off and then 1 € /person./km
    Les taxis palois, these are the taxis all 43 of them available 7/7 , 24h/24h. You can reserve in advance at +33 (0) 5 59 02 22 22 or online at

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    Low-cost flights from the UK

    by aaaarrgh Updated May 26, 2014

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Ryanair, the Irish cut-price airline, fly to south-west France from 'London' Stansted. There are daily flights to/from Biarritz.

    Unlike some of Ryanair's destinations, the airport at Biarritz is quite close to civilization, the nearest railway station is within walking distance while the town is accessible by bus. The airport is small and very easy to transit.

    In December 2004 regular flights also began from Amsterdam to Pau, with a 3-year enticement by the regional authority. Basiqair are another of those good value low-cost airlines, this time Dutch.

    Ryanair unfortunately (but not unexpectedly) withdrew their service to the lovely Pau airport circa 2012 when the local council refused to continue the airline's subsidy.

    Hello tourists, commerce and more greenhouse gases!!

    'Thankyou for travelling with...' Biarritz Airport
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    petit train de St Jean de Luz

    by gwened Written Nov 16, 2013

    right by the harborh overlookng the great mountains of the pyrénées precisely at Place des Croisières you get the main station of the petit train or little train, a tourist ride of the city if in a hurry, always the best way to see the city,any city.

    A photo for the memories out of my old vault. The train can do the commentaries in several languages;
    It is on from april to October every day
    high season July and August from 10h30 to 19h30
    low season the rest of the year from 10h30- 12h30 and 14h30 -18h30; the trip lasts about 1/2 an hour
    tarifs is 5,50€ adults

    Enjoy the ride

    petit train de St Jean de Luz
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    How to get in and out of St Jean de Luz

    by gwened Written Nov 16, 2013

    well it has connections by train, and a good local bus system, however, I have here each time by car::)

    Itzulia is the bus system for the metro area of the city and it has these lines trajects
    •Ligne 1 : Sainte Croix (Ciboure) ←→ Jalday Carrefour
    •Ligne 2 : Halte routière ←→ Alturan
    •Ligne 3 : Jalday Carrefour ←→ Campings ←→ Socoa
    •Ligne 3 express : Acotz ← 7 arrêts → Centre-ville Fonctionne
    for more see their webpage

    during the busy summer months there are an additional two lines of buses running
    line Chantaco (leaves every 30mn)
    départs from parking du gymnase de Chantaco
    arrives stop/ arrêt Ravel (facing the school lycée Maurice Ravel)
    and the line Pavillon bleu (leaves every 20 mn)
    départs from Parking du parc des sports
    arrives at stop/Arrêt Ravel (facing the school lycée Maurice Ravel)

    the train
    the gare or train station is right in city center ,and with the TGV that comes directly from Paris to city center in 5 hours. This TGV and the local TER trains link the city with others in France and Spain.Like for example:
    Saint-Jean-de-Luz / Bordeaux : 2h10
    Saint-Jean-de-Luz / Toulouse : 4h15
    Saint-Jean-de-Luz / Nantes : 7h30

    then you even have the airplane,
    the city is serve by two airports, located at less than 20 kms
    Aéroport du BABor Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne at 15 kms have flights from to Bruxelles, Dublin, Genève, Londres or French towns such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille, and Nice. see the webpage
    and the airport of Fontarrabie-Saint Sébastien located at 18km in the town of Fontarrabie,,Spain; it has connection to other Spanish towns such as Barcelone and Madrid.

    the bus, inter cities has regular lines from the city to Bayonne, Biarritz, Anglet, Hendaye or to the interior such as Sare, Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle, Cambo-les-bains, and Hasparren.
    webpages for the companies doing the run

    the bicycle is working on it with a parc Chantaco and the Vélodissée.

    and the route, by car
    it is very close to expressways and easy in and out of the city. the autoroute A63,a major axis between north and South of Europe into Spain. A connection to it is possible from Saint-Jean-de-Luz with taking the A64 ; a link west to east in the South of France. You can reach the city center on the exit or sortie n°3 " Saint-Jean-de-Luz - Nord " or the exit/sortie n°2 " Saint-Jean-de-Luz - Sud " located in the nearby town of Urrugne.
    for route planning here the best is

    gare Saint Jean de Luz train station
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    how to get there and out - Agen

    by gwened Updated Jul 11, 2013

    wonderful area of the greater Aquitaine, this is Agen in the dept of Lot-et-Garonne No 47.
    there is an airport nearby with flights to Paris Orly airport

    There is a train station at Place Rabelais, with bus connection to other parts of the city at 121 blvd Carnot bus terminal

    there is transport by TER Aquitaine now stopping by the Université stop in Agen, and buses

    and the agglo area info on public transport here is the bus system locally

    but also on the right column you will have all other forms of transport
    as well and email to contact for further info at

    train station at Agen the bus terminal next to train station
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    outside to Bordeaux by public transport

    by gwened Written Feb 5, 2013

    from Spain on the A62 you can easily go into Bordeaux with a car, done it zillion times, my summer vacation area here.

    alternatively you can stop at Cenon. Train station with parking

    bus and tram A takes you to central Bordeaux in 15 minutes,

    hope it helps

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  • nhcram's Profile Photo

    Small and friendly

    by nhcram Updated Jul 9, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We flew with FLYBE from Birmingham to Bergerac on our last trip and found this to be a good choice. Small planes and efficient staff make this a great alternaitve to the larger airlines who do not even use your name! Two hours and you are in Bergerac. Great! Would certainly use them again if the price is right.

    Prpellers and all!

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  • nhcram's Profile Photo

    Budget Flights

    by nhcram Written Apr 4, 2006

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Bergerac airport is not the most friendly places and it is slow. Two tin huts and a bar in between is the best way of describing it. Of course you have to get there early because they shut the check in on time every time!! After checking in there is only the bar and the cramped basic departure lounge which does not seem to have enough seating for a plane load of people.
    There are hoever in its defence three car hire companies which meet the flights if they are late.
    Flights from Stansted and Birmingham to name two.

    Departure lounge - Bergerac airport

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  • nhcram's Profile Photo

    Car required.

    by nhcram Written Sep 29, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Dordogne covers such a large area that you really need a car to be able to get around and appreciate the views and get to some of those out of the way villages. The train does run from Bordeaux through to Sarlat but the freedom of the car is such a bonus.

    2cv (Lovely old french car)

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