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  • Display knives by every mean. . .
    Display knives by every mean. . .
    by kokoryko
  • View of the entrance
    View of the entrance
    by kokoryko
  • Backside and bell tower
    Backside and bell tower
    by kokoryko

Thiers Things to Do

  • Le musée de la coutellerie

    The museum of cutlery is of course a must see in the city of Thiers; not only local production is displayed here but also from the whole world, and it tells about the history of knives.There are an incredible variety of knives, going from masterpieces with 36 elements (blades, scissors, etc. . . ), like on the first picture, to very simple but...

  • Museum; learn about knife making

    The museum displays also old tools in the basement, and a guide explains what they were for, and how they were used; we see how steel plates were cut, then shape given to the knives, assembling, sharpening. . . . . wood, horn, ivory, handle material, how they were chosen, used. . . . . and finally there is a demonstration of knife making by a...

  • Museum; vendetta knife, and other knives

    “The crime of passion knife”, this is the name of this unique piece on the first picture, and I like the idea of the person (not necessary a guy!) choosing a beautiful knife, an artwork, to kill (there must be a “good” reason!) the person he (she) loves! More common, in the Mediterranean area is the “vendetta knife” (picture 2), which looks better...

  • A water mill which still works

    Vallee des rouets: Valley of small wheels, valley of water mills; A few kilometres from Thiers the Durolle river cuts deep gorges in the Forez Mountains and the energy of the fast waters has long been used in the local steel and knife industry; most mills in the valley (picture one) have been used for shaping and sharpening the knives, mainly...

  • Vallée des Rouets

    After having visited the Lyonnet mill, you can enjoy nature and special archaeology walking along the Durolle river banks, back to the information centre where the bus from the museum left you when you arrived.Ruins of mills and steel wheels (first picture) give some charm to the walk along the running waters under the shade of willows, poplars,...

  • The dogs of the knife-makers!

    Shaping and sharpening the blades of knives was an incredibly hard job, and people who did this did not live very old and generally suffered the last years of their life bad rheumatisms. On the first picture is a board where the worker was laying above a turning wheel and was working like the worker here (picture 2) demonstrates in the museum. In...

  • Abbatial house

    Next to St Symphorien (on he other side of the street) is an abbatial house (Logis Abbatial du Moutier), which look quite impressive with its two towers; it is possible to visit this “house”, an old abbey, but only in July and August, in the afternoons; a pity, as a number of websites show interesting pictures from the gardens and interesting...

  • St Symphorien du Moutier

    Random walking in the small cities of central France, always brings interesting surprises, and this has been verified in Thiers, too; it may have changed since my last visit, but it really interesting to visit the small garden next to the church and to have a look at the ruins which are apparently under renovation (or demolition?) and find little...

  • St Genes church

    Genes was a local saint killed by barbars (or Roman) in the third century and a church had been erected on his grave in the 6th century; monks re-built a roman church in the 11th century, and the main building we visit today dates back to that time. The biggest cupola of Auvergne is in this church.As very often in Auvergne, different rock types...

  • Hole of hell

    Creux de l’enfer or hole of hell, it is the old industrial area of Thiers, where in the 19th century, the modern cutlery industry flourished; today it is still hell, but also because all is abandoned, the factories are closed, falling in ruins. . . . and I just can recommend a visit in the area, as it tells a lot about the recent past and it is...

  • Cutlery shops

    It is almost impossible not to step on a cutlery shop when walking in one of the main streets of Thiers; there are all types of items displayed and there are “generalist” shops and more or less specialized shops; just do some window shopping in several shops and then you may want to decide to enter one of them and enquire for the objects you are...

  • The man of the woods

    Next to the cutlery museum is this house. Before visiting the museum, have a look at that house, where the whole first level is wooden, with strange sculptures decorating the façade; the three first pictures show details of the façade, with the strange character on the left side: a sort of a “homme des bois”, a man of the woods. There are a lot of...

  • Look at the houses!

    Walking in the streets you will of course notice the houses, and some are quite interesting to look at, for the timber, the sculptures, the windows, the door frames. . . . All these details show that Thiers was a wealthy city in the past.On pictures 1 and 2, is the “Maison du Pirou”, an old house which has been well restored and is very well...

  • Walk in medieval and renaissance streets

    The narrow streets bordered by high houses are a characteristic of Thiers, and more characteristic are some “peddes” (houses crossing the street at first floor), like on the first picture; this one here is even a “Chambre d’hotes” (homestay), and I may be nice to stay here. Most of the streets of the old city are very narrow and steep, , in some,...

  • Arriving in Thiers

    When you arrive in Thiers coming from West, you approach the Forez mountains, and getting closer, the city will appear on the slopes of the mountains; Thiers is all steep narrow streets, and you must be prepared to walk in the shade of the narrow streets, if you want to discover a bit of the atmosphere of the city; before going up, it is worth to...


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    51 Route de Maringues, Pont de Dore, Thiers, 63920, France

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Couples

  • Le Relais Hotel de Marie

    13 avenue Edouard Vaillant, Thiers, 63290, France

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • De l'Aigle d'Or

    8, rue de Lyon, , Auvergne, 63300, France

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