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  • Things to Do
    by darkjedi
  • Things to Do
    by darkjedi
  • Cite de la Mer, definately something to do
    Cite de la Mer, definately something to...
    by Pavlik_NL

Cherbourg Things to Do

  • Cherbourg city park and botanical...

    Of course a town like Cherbourg has several parks and green zones. The most beautiful one however is at the foot of the fortress hill (rock) and houses a botanical part as well as mini zoo. The park is especially in summertime coloured by the many flowers. It is also a great place on a warm summerday to find shelter under the shadowy trees and let...

  • Enjoy the magnificent view from the...

    High on top of a rocky hill that is dominating over the city of Cherbourg, stands the fortress. The strategic position is well choosen and from the terraces of the fortress one can see over the whole town, as well as over the complete harbour and wide into the English Channel. Inside the fortress you can visit the liberation museum of Cherbourg....

  • Casino

    Within the Casino of Cherbourg you will find:49 slot Machines and Video Pokers1 Roulette TableBrewery the "Fifty's Dinner"The dancing club "Admiralty"? The banquet room and the bar.

  • Public Gardens

    Below the Montagne du Roule, where once stood the old hermitage, stands the first garden that provides a place to relax and to enjoy for the people of Cherbourg. First opened to the public in 1887, this garden with its statues, original layouts and greens, has kept the spirit and taste of those times. The low walls surrounding it are still closed...

  • Monument of Death

    In the public gardens under Fort Roulle is a large war memorial in pink granite from Fermaville. It was inaugerated in 1924. The statue is the work of Descatoire. Today it is adorned with a beautiful crown of grandiflora magnolias.

  • Statue of J.F. Millet

    In the public gardens under the shadow of Fort Roule lies this statue. Built in marble and bronze on its base of granite , it was the work of Chapu and Bouteiller. It was inaugurated in 1892 to the glory of the painter of the Hague.

  • Liberation Museum

    Towering above Cherbourg from the top of the “Montagne du Roule” there is a 19th century fort presenting a magnificent view on the harbour and city. The museum is housed in the military fort built between 1852 and 1857. It was completely renovated and enlarged for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the D-Day Landings. It now covers 800...

  • Theatre

    Constructed at the end of the nineteenth century and protected as an historical monument since 1984, the theatre of Cherbourg is one of the last surviving theatres built in the Italian style. Admire the beauty of the golden theatre, as it was nicknamed by the Cherbourgeois in 1882. The Cherbourg Theatre was built between 1880 and 1882 on the site...

  • Town Square

    Passing an hour in the town square outside the theatre at lunch time you can sit and watch the world go by. A good place to relax and people watch, and also a good place to orientate yourself as most of the main roads meet here. Maybe see a crazy French dog running around too trying to steal people's sandwiches. Most of the main roads on this side...


Cherbourg Hotels

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Cherbourg Restaurants

  • Golden Arches

    What you get here is pretty much what you would get anywhere. A standard McDonalds food restaurant with attached play area. The food will be slightly different in each country and there are suble difference from the UK version but pretty standard stuff if you can't find anywhere better or are in a hurry. Ice cream

  • Fabulous Views, French Cuisine &...

    This is a real find if you are exploring the Cotentin Peninsula. The Landemer is a hotel and restaurant about 20 km south of Cherbourg (Urville-Nacqueville).It is a one star hotel, but what a location, what great prices and great food! It faces the sea and is right on the (G R 223). The staff make you feel welcome, the food is fantastic and...

  • Le Caligny

    Well, we arrived in Cherbourg mid-afternoon and we were hungry. It was grey, drizzly and chilly, and we wanted some comfort food. Finding a car park just near our hotel, we decided to have lunch before we checked in, so perused the cafes/restaurants nearby.We opted for Le Caligny….not because it was the best looking option, but because it was the...

  • Fish & Seafood

    We stayed in Cherbourg on a Sunday night and many of the restaurants were closed. After a look at our remaining options, we decided that Le Cotentin looked like a good choice.Le Cotentin is located across the road from the port, and was conveniently close to our hotel. It has a ground floor bar and restaurant area, but we decided to dine in the...

  • Difference between french and ebglish...

    Any restaurant by the sea or the road is relevent here. Firstly, I found the distinction between Moules Marienere and Moules Normandie to be the reverse in Frace than it is in England. In france, Moules NOrmandie is the one that is served with the garlic and white wine sauce and in ENgland it is Moules Marienere (lit. "mussels from the sea, I...

  • What dish is the Normandie food?

    The full-course dinner (apple wine:Calvados, a homard shrimp, an oyster, a flounder, a steak, sherbet, Camembert de Normandie, other things) of the Normandie food completed my appetite. fresh oyster and sherbet


Cherbourg Transportation

  • Driving in France

    In June/July 2006 we had a 9 day driving holiday in France. We caught a car ferry from Dover to Calais, drove down through Normandy, popped into Brittany and then caught the ferry back to Dover from Boulogne-sur-Mer.We chose to take our own car over, as the cost of the ferry and petrol was significantly cheaper than flying from London and hiring a...

  • Ferries

    Being a key port on the Channel, it's no surprise to find that the there are plenty of opportunities of getting to and from the town by ferry. From Cherbourg you can get ferries across to England, with departures for Poole and Portsmouth, but also longer journeys to Cork in Ireland. From Portsmouth there are three kinds of ferries available. On the...

  • Cherbourg Railway Station

    Cherbourg rail station is located in the center of town and about 15 minutes walk from Cite de la Mare, the main tourist destination. If you are coming off the ferry head for the harbour and find Carrefore supermarket, the rail station is located just beyond across a main road. Trains from here run along the Normandy line toward Paris, and Caen,...


Cherbourg Shopping

  • Bread and Cakes

    This small shop, one of a chain of many in Cherbourg and into Normandy will be one of the only places that open on Sunday. A good selection of cakes, buns and fllled rolls. Although English will find the food a little bland compared with home, ie a ham roll with just one thin slice of ham!

  • SciFi World

    This large shop would be the equivalent of the Forbidden Planet chain in the UK. Full of science fiction and fantasy toys, books and games, weapons and costumes. Figurines, painball and manga a specialty.

  • Everything in one place

    Carrefour, the biggest shop in Cherbourg. The place everyone went once, but a little quieter now. A vast store where you can buy most things of any kind. It has attendant restaurants and fast food outlets but be aware that the main store is closed on Sundays.


Cherbourg Local Customs

  • Pavlik_NL's Profile Photo

    Les parapluie de Cherbourg

    by Pavlik_NL Written Dec 5, 2007

    Parapluie de Cherbourg (Umbrella's from Cherbourg) is not just a local product, but a famous thing throughout the whole of France. Here in this often wet town, umbrella's are something that are very necessary in every day life. Yes, indeed, in Cherbourg a large factory produces these "parapluie de Cherbourg" already for a long long time. Some whispers even that it was here that the umbrella was invented (which the English will no doubt immediately counter). The famous umbrella's got an extra stimulance due to the film with lovely Catherine Deneuve: "Le parapluie de Cherbourg" (1964).

    Just a sign of these famous Cherbourg articles Poster of the film

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Cherbourg Tourist Traps

  • La Mere Poulard restaurant is a true...

    La Mere Poulard Restaurant (In Le Mont Saint Michel, France)What a terrible restaurant for a terribly high price and a horrible service; a true tourist trap. We had the remarkably stupid idea of having a light dinner on April 14, 2009. An omelet with about 2 tablespoons of lobster meat and 1 tablespoon of dry white rice for 48 EU !!!! 3 omelets...

  • La Mere PoulardThe most...

    La Mere PoulardThe most renowned restaurant in Mont St Michel, they are famous for their omelette Mere Poulard. They say the secret is in the preparation, cooked in a long handled pan over a wood burning fire.Inside the restaurant, it is nicely decorated and with a lot of dedicated photos of renowned people (Margaret Thatcher, Maurice Chevalier,...

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Cherbourg What to Pack

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    Packing List

    by SURFIN7TH Written Sep 12, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Wetsuits come in handy when the water's cold.

    Miscellaneous: Bring your surf board, I didn't bring mine and I had to borrow this one. I would have rather had a shorter board for these waves.

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Cherbourg Off The Beaten Path

  • Monument

    If you walk from Cherbourg center to the ferry port you will pass this monument/statue. I have no idea what it represents but it was really impressive and such an unusual design and belongs to the manufacturing plant next door. It has rusted over the years since its placement and now looks so shabby compared to when it was new andy shiny.

  • A tribute to Napoleon Bonaparte

    Although not many European countries are as enthusiastic about this conquering Frenchman, the French are crazy about their little general: Napoleon Bonaparte. Especially the people from Cherbourg honour him, as he was responsible for the start in building the largest deep water harbour in the world, thus making Cherbourg much more important in...

  • Some monuments in Cherbourg

    Cherbourg saw a fierce battle around and in town, when the Americans rushed in to conquer the harbour. It's importance became huge after the Mulberry port in the America sector got destroyed in an heavy storm, during the months after D-day and Cherbourg had the possibilities to secure a steady supply route for the advancing allied forces. Therefor...


Cherbourg Favorites

  • A date in Cherbourg?

    A date in Cherbourg? This is for my VT friend Mehmet, in Istanbul. Mehmet (Vt member 'Yakacik) and I became VT Friends through my Cherbourg Page. I have since visited him and his family in Istanbul.I'm well aware thatthe 'Sell by' date is well past, but friendships only get better with age!

  • Around Cherbourg

    Not really Cherbourg, but on the Eastern side of the peninsula is St Vaast La Hougue ( See my Normandy Page).

  • Visit the American Cemetary...

    Visit the American Cemetary and pay respects to the men who paid the ultimate price for freedom. Inside the cemetary there is a semi-circular memorial with a memorial garden and tablets of the missing to its rear. Facing west, the memorial overlooks a large reflecting pool, two flagpoles, from which the American Flag flies daily, the graves areas...


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