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Mont Saint Michel Things to Do

  • The Abbey

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Three letters that means a lot, even if with time the place is overrun with tourists, the meaning and the silent beauty of it remains. This is another run up the hill my family took at least the boys. see other entry tip on it here. It is huge , inmense ,with a great feeling of peace. All stone, not much decoration but the simplicity of the place...

  • Tidal Island

    walking into the MSM is done with a guide. the site tells you about the tides and this year we expecting the tide of the century by March 21. see photo already today come in now it will slowly change the welcome of visitors by...

  • La Grande Rue

    This is the name given to the main shopping and restaurant street at MSM. Located inside the Boulveard Gate, La Grande Rue conects the entrance to the town with the abbey. This is a delightful narrow street lined with all manner and means of shopping outlets, cafes, and snack type eateries etc. It is fairyland for someone like me who loves this...

  • Eglise Saint Pierre

    Church of St Peter is a nice small church in the main street at the bottom of the abbey and it is the parrish church of MSM. Masses are celebrated Sundays to Fridays at 11H Saturdays 18h and n July and August an additional mass at 17H on Sundays. The church has construction from the 11C but was renovated in the 15C and 16C. It has a roof covered...

  • The Cloister

    a wonderful garden area in the abbey , building done on top of the monastery. The cloister is my favorite part of the whole monastery.Cloisers are inspired by the atrium of a Roman villa and providing access to all the essential rooms. At MSM you have to the east, the refectory and the kitchens which no longer exist; to the south, one door led to...

  • Monastery

    Be prepared, to do not be disappointed: The "marvel" is not a visual superlative, as we could guess, but a fabulous architectural achievement. There are lots of more marvelous abbeys, even in France, but the way they managed the space, adapting the construction to the limits and characteristics of the space, without sacrificing its magnificence...


Mont Saint Michel Hotels

  • Hotel Formule Verte

    Route Du Mont Saint Michel BP8, Mont-St-Michel, 50170, France

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 2 out of 5 stars

  • Mercure

    Route du Mont Saint Michel, BP 8, Mont-St-Michel, Basse-Normandie, 50170, France

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Auberge Saint-Pierre

    BP 16 Grande Rue, Mont-St-Michel, 50170, France

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

Mont Saint Michel Restaurants

  • the must just to be there Poulard

    Ok its very touristic,and visited by many but if you are at the hill you have to be here at least once. We were too several years back,so again to be here be there.Its a hotel too, same condition. The restaurant we stopped and it was ok. There have openned since a new one call Café mére Poulard, just more chic with great...

  • a nice find at vieille auberge

    Trying to try different ones as we usually visit and then eat elsewhere or bring prepare picnic food here , this time we splurge with the family and try another property on the mount. The La Vielle Auberge is on the Grande Rue main street , and it is a two stars hotel as well.The place is very quaint, nice warm welcome and not too many when we got...

  • The user's guide to picknicking on the...

    By far the most flexible and cost effective eating option is to have a picnic, especially if you're travelling with children. However, be warned that there are no takeaway options on the Mont - except for ice cream - so if you want to avail yourself of this option, then you'll need to plan ahead and bring the picnic with you.The most convenient...


Mont Saint Michel Nightlife

  • o00o's Profile Photo

    Join the night walking tour of...

    by o00o Updated Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Join the night walking tour of Mont St Michel, you may need to get thous information from Tourist Information Center at Rennes Station or Left hand side right after coming into Mont St Michel.

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Mont Saint Michel Transportation

  • By Car

    Arriving on the mainland off St Michel Mount by car, there is plenty of parking. Take the Navette bus to the mount its free and runs every few minutes.The Navette bus has a drivers cab at each end so do not need to turn round. The Navette bus picks up at the car park and at the hotels stop on the mainland.

  • By Bus to Mount St Michel.

    From Dol de Bretagne there is bus 17A to Ponterson, then bus to the Mount. Also from the front of Dol de Bretagne rail station is a once a day bus direct to the Mount about 11am ,different times weekdays to sunday.

  • By Train

    By train from places like St Malo, Dol de Bretagne, Rennes, and Paris go to Ponterson/St Michel station. From here, at the front of the rail station , take bus number 1 to St Michel. This bus takes you right to the mount over the new bridge, no need for the Navette bus. Run roughly hourly. Before you leave Ponterson station look at the bus stop...


Mont Saint Michel Shopping

  • great shopping at Grande Rue

    This is the main artery of the mount and plenty to shop here, Grande Rue is the street.of course as well as restos ,eateries to boot. La Sirene is one, not in it but looks good.Les Lutins is a bazaar with plenty there to bring back as souvenir.many businesses and most on Grande Rue almost anything...

  • christmas ornaments

    I read the blog about the monk ornaments at Mont St Michele. Took everyone's advice and shopped on my way down.Saw the monks and Frenchmen ornaments at one of the first stores on my ascent. Purchased a monk and Frenchman. I would not have looked for them if I had not read the blog on this website.I told the store owner about the blog I read. If the...

  • My Mont St Michel Christmas monk

    I confess. I have a magnetic attraction towards high kitsch, and my Christmas tree ornaments reflect this dubious tendency!Everywhere we go, we try to collect an ornament for our 'travel tree', which is less of a festive design prop than a testament to our family and travel history. At Mont St Michel, I fell under the spell of this felt monk with...


Mont Saint Michel Local Customs

  • Agneau de pré-salé

    On the salt marshes around Mont Saint Michel they graze sheep which provides salt meadow lamb that has a really distinctive, subtle flavour. The marshes are covered in halophyte grasses with a high salinity and iodine content; this causes their meat to have the distinct taste that is considered a delicacy in the area. Look out for it on menus – it...

  • More then 1.000 years a pilgrimage place

    Le Mont Saint Michel has already been a pilgrimage place for a thousand years and no doubt still will be for many centuries more. Even though the mayority of the visitors now-a-days are here from touristic point of view. However, also pilgrims still enter the gates of Le Mont Saint Michel and are welcomed by the monchs that still live in the abbey...

  • The legend of Saint Michel

    It is said that on the 16th October 709 the Bishop of Avranches, Aubert, built a chapel on Mont Tombe after he was visited twice by the archangel Michael (Michel). After the first visit in his dream, he did not acted on the request of Michel, to built him a sanctuary on the small hill within the forest near Avranches. The second time Saint Michael...


Mont Saint Michel Warnings and Dangers

  • The Tide

    An extra show in Mont St. Michel is the tide. In that plane swamp the longitudinal amplitude of the tide is, sometimes, more than 6 kilometers. But even coming from so far, sometimes the water covers part of the parking area, forcing the cars to retreat. Instructions are posted in menaced areas, you only need to pay attention when parking, to stay...

  • Treat the sea with great respect.

    The most important thing to remember when thinking about safety at MSM is that the tides around the island rise and fall extremely rapidly. Many, many people have perished over the course of the centuries because they thought they knew better than those who would undoubtedly have advised them not to do it.It is possible to journey across the water...

  • Limited eating options other than in...

    As you might imagine, Mont St Michel offers a range of restaurants to cater for the ravenous tourist hoardes.I can't comment on the quality of any of these, as we didn't eat in any of them, but a cursory revue of the menus on display outside indicated a pretty standard range of tourist-focused and pris fixee menus. The prices were higher than we'd...


Mont Saint Michel Tourist Traps

  • CROWDED (yes, really)

    Due to the tourist nature of the Mont it can get very busy, especially in high summer: more than 3 Millions of visitors, so, more than 20,000 people per day during the summer vacations (only 1/3 of them are visiting the Abbey, according to our official guide).In fact, I think the human tide is really worst than the sea's tides... The problem is...

  • Mere Poulard

    This place is famous for omelets. They make a big show out of beating the eggs a special way. The dining room is, I'm sure, the most expensive place to eats within quite a few miles. The problem is, is that the omelets just aren't that good. If you have an omelet with a little apetizer which is about the cheapest thing on the menu and a glass of...

  • the streets on the foot of the hill.

    the narrow streets of the small village on the foot of the Mont can be literally a trap. They can get so so crowded that you can find yourself trapped by people in front, behind, at the sides, all over. When I saw what I had to go across, I escaped!


Mont Saint Michel What to Pack

  • Pack a Sweater & Umbrella

    Only take small bags as I noticed that they have a back check at the entrence and it id not look like they could accomodate large bags. Most definitly I would suggest the following in your packing list... 1. A Sweater as it gets cold 2. a Rain jacket or umbrella as the weather turns quite quickly to rain. 3. Water proof shoes if you plan to wander...

  • I hate to restate the obvious, but...

    Don't bring backpacks and stuff like that if you're visiting in the warmer months of summer. You`ll be constantly bumped by other tourists and you may end up wishing you had left them in the car (the bags, not the tourists). :-) I suggest NOT wearing flip-flops, despite the sand and sea around the Mont. There are a lot of cobblestones and steps...

  • Mont Saint Michel Hotels

    16 Hotels in Mont Saint Michel

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Mont Saint Michel Off The Beaten Path

  • Historial home of Bertrand du Guesclin

    Demeure Historique du chevalier Bertrand du Guesclin or logis Tiphaine. this is the home of famous French military hero Bertrand du Guesclin and his wife Tiphaine de Raguenel, a famous astrologuer.The house is from the 14C showing period furniture, bridal chamber, medieval chastity belt armour worn by Bertrand du Guesclin, and Tiphaine de Raguenel...

  • ArcheOscope museum

    Another maybe not beaten path but since the main to see here is not museum will post here. This is great, with visual sound and light presentation on the tides with high technology showing both history, magic and religion. It is as if told by the archangel Michael himself;You see the MSM rises in the water, and the different sections of it with 3D...

  • Musée Historique Son et Lumiére, Cachots

    another museum perhaps not off beaten paths but since folks come here for another site, thought they would fit here better. This is the Historical museum, sound and light, dungeons.This one shows the 1000 + years history of MSM from the monks who built the Abbey, the prisons and the famous periscope to view the bay. You have a collection of old...


Mont Saint Michel Favorites

  • changes at MSM by 2015

    Ouch! It sounds like I could save a lot going there independently, solo is better but then never try tours...Enjoy MSM before 2015 changes are coming thereread all about it here walking at low tide to MSM awesome, need to do it...


    We drove to 'the Mont' via Courtils.Quite a distance away, I suddenly saw "it," I was so excited. As soon as we could find a place to pull off, I was out the Car and taking a photo.Now, we were miles away, and I found that there were plenty more opportunities a lot closer, and a much better photo. It was pretty hazy in the distance, but when...

  • Indicative fees-general...

    The village : Free - no specific restrictions1. Indicative fees (2009) for the AbbeyTickets available at the entrance of the abbey onlyRates : - individual : 8.50€; ; from 18 to 25 years old included from Ue : free (from UE) otherwise 5€; less than 18 years : free- group (20 persons) or tour operators: 6,50€; - audip-guide: 4.00€; Conducted tour:...


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Comments (3)

  • gwened's Profile Photo
    Feb 20, 2015 at 7:33 AM

    The bay of mont Saint-Michel, will have strong sea current and waves already Saturday it had 15 meters of the water level and we are expecting the wave of the century within a month. The passerelle bridge to the monastery was flooded with a coefficient of 116 on last Friday.

  • gwened's Profile Photo
    Jul 24, 2014 at 6:11 AM

    update, there is a new passarelle promenade open just now, you can walk all the way to the MSM without having to take a bus. You will see water and plants on both sides but will remain dry, there would be a middle road for the buses navettes to arrive and the horse wagons,
    from October 2014 the digue will begin to be phase out and soon by 2015 it will be an island that can be visited on foot yeararound. This digue route of 1 km long will join the passarelle on pylons for another 760 meters, and at the end the esplanade of arrival of the mont saint michel!!

  • pfsmalo's Profile Photo
    Jun 3, 2013 at 11:08 AM

    For information, as of the 3rd June 2013 the price of parking your car at the Mount is going up from 8.50€ to 12€, a rise of some 40%. On the good side you will not have to walk a km to catch the shuttle anymore.

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