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  • Things to Do
    by christine.j
  • Things to Do
    by christine.j
  • Things to Do
    by christine.j

Taizé Things to Do

  • An African nativity scene

    When entering the community you can see a very interesting plate on the wall, showing a nativity scene. But instead of the usual ox or donkey, here you can see an elephant and a giraffe. The giraffe is looking very closely at the scene, the long neck can be seen in the background of the sheperds. There is another animal which I think looks like a...

  • Playgroups for children

    For young children the service can be boring, so their parents can take up the offer or a playgroup. The playgroup is run by some of the young people who spend some time in Taizé. My daughter once did it,she really liked it, but she met with some language problems. The common language in Taizé is English, but of course there are many small children...

  • The source of St Etienne

    When you walk past the barracks you come to the source of St Etienne. There is the source, two lakes and a small, open chapel for meditation.It's a complete silence area. To get down to it, you have pass two gates and then walk down a long, steep path. When it 's been raining, this path is slippery and muddy, so the gate down to the source stays...

  • Exploring

    The grounds of Taize itself are pleasant, with lots of trees and space, as well as the wooded area around St Stephen's Spring with its small lake.The village of Taize itself is pictureseque, with a small church that is open, stone buildings and lovely views over the valley as well.Its a short walk to some of nearest villages through pleasant...

  • Attend a workshop

    Most young people are in Taizé for one week, from Sunday to Sunday. In groups, they hear and discuss a great variety of subjects in daily workshops. But even when you are just there for one or two days, you can attend these workshops and participate in the discussions. The morning ones are more for the groups, but the afternoon ones are for...

  • Service in the big...

    Service in Taizé is different from the usual Sunday service.There is no sermon, no prayers spoken by everyone, just a short reading in at least four languages and of course music. The songs of Taizé are in many languages, they are short and they are repeated many times.The music is the main part of the service.In the front of the church there are...


Taizé Restaurants

  • christine.j's Profile Photo

    Sunday lunch: Taizé style

    by christine.j Updated Jul 29, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Usually you buy your meal tickets for the whole week when signing in. Taizé doesn't encourage staying only for a day, except for adults who just want to get a feeling of the place. On Sunday afternoon the buses come to take back the young people leaving, while late Sunday morning the new youths arrive. That's why you can buy meal tickets for Sunday lunch only, a very good idea. They are 2,50 Euro each. You have to get in line and get your lunch, then take it to some benches or walls, sit down and eat. Just hope it doesn't rain, as there is not too much shelter.The lines for vegetarians are to the very left.
    In true Taizé style you get your lunch in plastic dishes, and only a fork and a spoon, no knife (See packing tips).

    There is some shelter

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Taizé Nightlife

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    Well - not really...

    by polardabar Updated Jul 11, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There IS Oyak though! It 's a place where you can eat & drink pretty cheap. Everyone comes there with guitars & stuff & it often gets crazy... Oh, those days were fabulous...

    Dress Code: You have to have a guitar, some beer & a strong voice! Oh, & wear whatever you want! :)

    Kashina in Taiz��...
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Taizé Transportation

  • Check out bus companies

    The best way to come to Taizé is by car.Then you can also see a bit of the beautiful area around it.Take the autoroute A 6 towards Mâcon and leave at the exit for Tournus. There are signs showing the way to Taizé. But since many of the students there don't have one, there are bus companies to take them there. Many students from Eastern Europe spend...

  • Taizé at the palm of your hand

    Going around Taizé is pretty easy! You might feel a bit lost for the first couple of minutes - till you meat someone, that is. :) Btw., there's a welcome for everyone who comes, but if you're coming alone ('alone' as 'not in a group), you should contact them. (Meetings in Taizé > On-line Registration > ...). There's a map of the camp, but...

  • How to get there

    You can travel to Taizé by train & by bus. There are connections from Paris, Lyon, Geneva and Dijon to the nearest train stations to Taizé (I went to Mâcon), together with connecting buses. There are links with the SNCF (the French railways) you can check here: CDG to Taizé. If you're coming from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Taizé, there is a...


Taizé Shopping

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    Be prepared to spend some money

    by christine.j Updated Jun 28, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Since staying in Taizé is not expensive, a lot of money for upkeeping the community is made through their store. They sell books, CDs, stationary, art objects etc. Everything is made in Taizé and it's beautiful.
    Usually people manage to say for two days "I'm not going to buy this or that" and then on the third they start buying.
    A good thing to get is the Taizé bench, since there are no chairs in the church, people kneel on these benches. From a certain age on this is much more comfortable than sitting on the floor.

    The Exposition, the store of Taiz��
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Taizé Local Customs

  • Please cover up

    Next to the entrance of the church there are piles of large, white scarves. They are for people who come to the service wearing very short shorts or sleeveless T-shirts. It is only respectful to take one of the scarves and cover up.

  • Don't block the way

    Since most people sit on the floor during service, there is the necessity for some clear pathways between all these people, not just for coming and going during the service, but even more so in case of emergency. These pathways are marked by white lines and a matchstick man. Everybody should really try not to sit there. It's no fun when someone is...

  • Taizé Hotels

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Taizé Warnings and Dangers

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    Stricter Rules

    by christine.j Written Aug 9, 2006

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    When it was very late at your arrival in Taizé, you were able to sleep in your car and go to the welcome area the next morning. This is no longer allowed. My daughter and her friend wanted to do that, but they were sent away by security people in Taizé. The girls got quite a shock, when the men came to their car in the middle of the night. They were told they had to leave, so they drove to Cluny and spent the night there. In the car, since all hotels were fully booked.
    It seems that after the murder of Frère Roger last year all security rules are much more enforced now.

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Taizé What to Pack

  • What to pack and what NOT to pack

    You need a sleeping bag. That's no surprise. But you should also pack a butter knife, unless you like spreading the butter on your croissant with a spoon. There are no knives in Taizé. You will be given a plastic bowl to drink your tea, if you don't like that, pack a cup.Bring a torch/flashlight. If you want to go to the bathroom in the night, you...

  • What you DEFINITELY need!

    The weather can change drastically depending when you're there, but bring something warmer for the nights too. It can get extremely hot & extremely rainy & muddy! It just depends... :) Toilettes are cleaned regularly, but keep in mind it's a camp! :) There's also El Abiodh, where you can get medical help if needed. You can buy films & batteries...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Taizé Off The Beaten Path

  • Hidden Icons

    Walking through Taizé you'll see several Icons standing by themselves, with a board and a candle.Don't miss them, there are beautiful.

  • Around Taizé

    There's a great lake down a path! Ask anyone & go there & relax in the quietness... There's also a possibility to go to surrounding villages, which are very pretty. You can buy some more food, take a walk or something - whatever you want.

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Taizé Favorites

  • Taizé village

    Before Taizé became known as the community, it was and still is the name of the small village just below . The people in this village very much cherish their privacy and ask to be left alone. They don't like large crowds walking through their village, but when you are on your own or with a small,quiet group they don't mind, they also don't like...

  • Taizé in general

    Taizé is something like a youth camp that involves discussions about certain subjects, team work & had a kind of a religious touch. You don't have to believe in anything, as the matter of fact! It's a place where there are no prejudices, where people are totally open & up to anything. I'm telling you - that place changed my life! :) I'm constantly...

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