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  • Our rental - Ford Focus
    Our rental - Ford Focus
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    Gare De Beaune
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    1st Classe Train Car
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    How to come in and out of Chalon sur Saone

    by gwened Updated Dec 1, 2014

    The main roads here are the A6 autoroute at exit Chalon Nord and Chalon Sud, and the N80 nationale roads.
    There are parking relays to minimize driving in city center, at the South west side in the district of Saint-Cosme at the Sucrerie,another on northeast by the Colisée, and one more by the Saôneor Domaine Industriel Chalon Bourgogne ,and industrial park.
    City parking are run by Q-Park at Parking Banque ( Rue Virey) , Parking Colombière (108 Avenue Baucicaut) , Parking Gloriette(2 Rue Philibert Léon Couturier) , Parking Hôtel de Ville (Place de l'Hôtel de Ville) , and Parking Motte ( 4 Rue des Jacobines).
    the best route planner estimâtes you can have it at
    and for additional traffic info see

    there is a small business aviation airport at Champforgeuil at the cross over of D906 and A6
    the main airport is at Lyon

    The train is at the train station Chalon-sur-Saône on the line Paris - Lyon - Marseille and the TGV at 20 kms in the station at Gare du Creusot TGV.

    you can currently ride the dept bus for 1,50€ the network is call Buscéphale,with 20 regular bus lines. For 3,20€ you have connection to the train station TGV de Montchanin on lines 1 and 2 .The rest you can go to Autun, Tournus,Mâcon etc. see it at the dept site on the right column you have the pdf file of each line trajects

    the buszoom network takes you into the city and suburbs with 7 bus lines

    a great bike ride on a national level and here call the EuroVelo6 , see it here in English
    and for the city bike rides you have network Reflex

    one site for transports in all of Burgundy here in English,Mobigo

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    How to get in and out of Burgundy

    by gwened Written May 31, 2014

    I have criss cross the region by car and taken some trains in the past. So here is some general info to help you plan your trip.

    The roads are great here,and easy to get on and off. You have 7 autoroutes that bypass the region such as A6 from Paris ,and Lyon or Marseille crossing the Bourgogne from North ( dept of the Yonne) to the south(dept of Saône-et-Loire). You have the A31 from Luxembourg all the way to Beaune, the A77 passing by Nevers ,and the south of the area Nivernais, the A36 linking Besançon, Germany,and Switzerland with the rest of Bourgogne. Finally, you have the A39 that allows you to get to Dijon,then Dole or Bourg-en-Bresse. The region is ,also, cross by the great Nationales N6 and N7.
    The easiest travel planner is

    The train network is extensive, with the TGV network allows rapid access (Paris-Dijon: 1 h 40) and linking several cities of Burgundy (Dijon, Beaune, Montbard, Chalon-sur-saone, Montchanin-Le Creusot-montceau, Mâcon-Loché). All these stations offer connections with the main tourist resorts of the region.
    The regional service of Corail TEOZ Paris-Nevers-Clermont-Ferrand. Dijon has also direct TGV connections with Disneyland-Paris, Paris-Roissy and Lille Airport (connecting Eurostar to London and Thalys trains to Brussels).TGV also exist at the departure of Switzerland (Zurich, Bern, Lausanne, Geneva) and to the South of the France (Marseille/Montpellier-Dijon: 3 h).

    Learn all about your journeys in TER Bourgogne, use MOBIGO! :
    site for all your planning by rail here, or the national

    You have air connection that are very easy. The main Dijon-Bourgogne airport is located 6 km southeast of Dijon. Paris (Roissy Charles de Gaulle and Orly), Lyon (Saint-Exupéry), Geneva and Basel Mulhouse airports are close to Burgundy and connected by motorway or by train.
    To know all flights arriving and departing from Dijon airport you can dial these numbers
    Tel. +33 (0), fax +33 (0)

    The other airport ,smaller is the Dole-Jura:
    Tel +33 (0)3 84 72 18 53

    Some of the transport network in principals cities are
    Dijon - Divia 2 lines de Tram, 5 Lines above ground, 7j/7, from 5h30 to 0h15. 12 urban lines
    Beaune - Le Vingt 5 lines in the city center. More info
    Chalon-sur-Saone - Buscéphale 25 lines and 2 lines express serving the train station TGV to Creusot-Montchanin ,and linking the towns of Creusot and Montceau-les-Mines to Chalon-sur-Saône.
    Mâcon - TrémA' 7 lines urban and 10 lines interurban.
    Auxerre - Vivacité 6 lines, with 1 service of navettes to city center/centre-ville. Sens and surrounding areas - Intercom 15 lines .
    Nevers - Tanéo

    passing Dijon ville train station
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    By bike around the bourgogne

    by Myndo Written Oct 21, 2012

    The Bourgogne is an ideal place to get around by bike. Quite flat, nice ways ... also along the Canals - not too much traffic. And what traffic there is is very considerate of bikers.

    We rented bikes with our boat to be able to make small excursions.
    That turned out great.

    Also, when we were bored or needed some activity, we could just unload our bikes and drive right next to the Canal up to the next lock - where we would help with the boat. A perfect arrangement.

    Parts of the roads next to the canals are real bike lanes.

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    Boat on the Channel

    by Myndo Written Oct 21, 2012

    It is the first time we rented a boat - and it was really hassle-free. For the channels of france you do not need an extra license. They show you how to drive it (and how to get through the locks), when you come to get it on the first day. It is quite easy, too.

    Our boat was a corvette - but there are lot's of others to choice from. We wanted one that was spacious, but not too big for us 3 and one that had a wheel on the outside as well as on the inside - so if the weather was good, we could drive from the upper deck.

    The boat has a cabin in the back and a slightly smaller one in the front, so Junior had his own room. In the middle is the living space: a bigger room with lost of windows, where you can eat at the table and a small kitchen - complete with fridge, 4 places to cook and an oven.

    There are two toilet/shower combinations - one in each cabin.
    The toilet is functional - but you have to pump by hand. And ... what was shocking for me - it all goes out right into the channel. So we decided to throw the toilet paper into bins - like in thailand.


    About the company where we rented our boat from:
    My compliments from them for their professionality. Everything was fine. The boat well tended for and clean. The people friendly and knowledgeable.
    One day we had a problem with our motor - it would be on, but we had no more propulsion. I had to phone them and one hour later they sent one to have a look at it - and repair it. It turned out a bigger thing ... it took them 1 day to repair - and they were really at it. Although the motor problem wasn't our fault I feared we would have to pay for it - plus we had lost an whole day (though we enjoyed the weather on the upper deck and made some games). But no, all is set and the also offered us to give the boat back later. Normally we had to give it back until 9 o'clock in the morning, but we could do it later that day ... or even the next day. An offer we took - at least for the later time, not the other day, since we had plans.
    Also after that episode they phoned all the lock-keepers ahead to get us through to Auxerre as fast as possible - which they did.

    Our boat: A corvette Inside: the back cabin view from the living space into the front cabin.

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    The Easy Way to See Burgundy Is By Car

    by hquittner Written Aug 26, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We flew to Paris and checked our car out at the Airport. Since jet-lag had not yet hit, and it was early morning we headed to the bedroom community of Ecouen, only 7 km away and visited the Chateau which contains the National Museum of the Renaissance. Still before lunch we headed South through Brie, stopping at an appealing restaurant en route to a small Inn in the Fontainebleau Forest. After two nights with our recovery in and around Fontainebleau (seeing it and Vaux-le-Vicomte) (See Our Many Tips), we were prepared to see as much of Burgundy as we could before heading back to Paris for a couple of days. We returned thhe car to the underground Parking beneath the Esplanade in front of the Invalides. We first delivered our luggage at our Hotel on the Avenue La Bourdonnais (Hotel of Same name, See our Tip) only a few blocks away. The car trip inside of Paris was direct, on modestly trafficked streets, that any mid-sized city driver could handle.(Be sure your rental company has a return there).

    A Comfortable Car By the Canal
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    Traveling By Barge

    by hquittner Written Aug 26, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are driving (which is the only sensible way to see Burgundy) in the northern part of the Cote d'Or department or in the adjacent part of Yonne, along D905 you will see winding and crossing the road, the Burgundy Canal in the segment from Tonnerre to Montbard and beyond. We stopped at one of the locks bearing the name of the nearby town of Rougemont. The beauty of the area struck us and we immediately started to fantasize a self-drive family vacation on a rented barge on the canal (it can be done). At the time it was not possible to integrate a nucleus of our adult children with boating knowledge and the skills required (too complex positions and children). It turned out that a tag-along car would be needed to visit most adjacent sites and to acquire provisions. On a short segment of the canal, a simpler attack could succeed if the emphasis is on the boat and the canal. We heartily recommend that you read the two Travelogs here under Bourgogne, in the pages of Pedroswift who gives a complete account of what to do and how. It deserves 5* but you cannot vote for Travelogs. While reading his account, I was reminded of an episode in the BBC comedy series "Keeping Up Appearances" wherein Mrs. Bucket committed all the sins of courtesy and operation possible when encountering a lock

    A View of the Canal from the Bridge Approach Lock-bridge Over Canal Lock Closed House of the Eclusier Lock Name & Distance in Each Direction
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    Car Rental

    by PierreZA Updated May 12, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It may be the best way to travel in Burgundy. It will take much more time if you want to use public transport. You can also drive on the lesser roads, which goes through the villages.
    Please wear seat-belts (passengers in the back included).
    Be careful when you approach a round-about, it is rather new in France.
    We found road users non-agressive and never ran into any trouble.
    Remember that many car-rental offices are closed on Sundays!
    Get a good map.

    Driving in Burgundy
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    by PierreZA Written May 12, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We used the TGV from Dijon to Paris.
    It is important to book seats a few days ahead. Tickets and directions to CDG Airport were included.
    The train ride is a great experience, it is fast, clean and safe.

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  • A great cycle route

    by reenby Updated Mar 26, 2007

    If you cycling in Burgundy, dont miss the Voie verte. This is a 117 kilometer cycle route through Burgundy.

    Its easy cycling as it largely follows an old railway - so if you need a break from the hills, take the easy way south.

    It also takes you through the Bois Clair tunnel, a great shortcut using a train tunnel through the hills. Wonderfully cool and traffic free. It closes in Autumn as the bats hibernate in it.

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